NEW Masterclass: 3 Secrets to Effectively Tap into Crystal Energy

How to tap into crystals EFFECTIVELY without total overwhelm or momentum-crushing endless crystal studying…avoiding endless collecting but never actually getting any results

My masterclass: 3 Secrets to Effectively Tap into Crystal Energy has ended but registration is still open, for my Certified Crystal Practitioner™ Course!

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This Masterclass is for you if you feel:

– that you lack crystal-confidence
– excited about efficiently tapping into crystal energy
– intrigued by successfully + reliably empowering yourself + others via crystal work

PLUS, you’ll learn:

– why you should forget the books for TRUE crystal connection
– the MOST effective method for tapping into crystal energy

A Personal Invitation from Hibiscus Moon…

As a former science teacher and department head, I absolutely adore working with and teaching about crystals and merging it with my serious obsession and love for science. I also stumbled upon the fact that when you can back up crystal work with the science behind it, the skeptics take it seriously!

One of my favorite things to do is to share my knowledge and passion with my crystal healing students. I wrote the first book ever on Crystal Grids over a decade ago… and over 2000 successful GRADUATES of my Certified Crystal Practitioner Course later — I’ve discovered the exact ingredients and step-by-step method that gets my students from casual crystal collectors to CONFIDENT go-to crystal expert!

This brand new, FRESH for Fall 2020 masterclass is a culmination of my best tips for getting effective crystal results.

2020 is an interesting year to say the least! Is this your time to:

  • become empowered + crystal-confident?
  • follow your crystal passion?
  • be of service to others?

If you’re committed and READY, I can’t wait to share my tips with you.

Choose the time that works best for you.

See you there!

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