What does it mean when your crystal cracks or breaks?

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I get asked this question all the time.

So let’s talk about this b/c it can be pretty distressing when a crystal cracks. (I’m excluding weak, easily broken or friable stones here…those obviously can crack or break very easily).

cracked crystal

What does it mean?

Sometimes it doesn’t mean anything at all. It could be just plain ole’ science & physics that did it like a heavy impact or thermal shock: extreme hot to cold or cold to hot.

But sometimes a stone or crystal just breaks…with no explanation.

So then we have to look at energy.

Think of it as the singer & wine glass shattering scenario. What causes that to happen?

The frequencies of the wine glass were perfectly pitched or perfectly oscillated with the sound frequency of the note that the singer was holding. This created a 3rd resonant field of greater energy & that cracks the wine glass.

The same scenario may be taking place when our crystal cracks. The vibrational frequency  of the crystal may be synchronizing with a frequency in its environment & BOOM! Crack.

Keep in mind…crystals do not die or stop working b/c they’ve cracked or broken. Please continue to work with them. They are still there for you.

What if this happens more than once with a particular crystal? Well, in that case, its work with  you may be done. Perhaps this is a sign to gift this piece on to whoever needs it more than you. Its work isn’t done, perhaps, it just needs to move on to someone else.

Now, the intense energy that caused the stone or crystal to crack, whether a physical impact or energetic impact was intense (especially if we’re talking about a quartz crystal)…& that my have temporarily altered the crystal’s normal vibrational frequency. So you’ll want to give that crystal a little break for a bit. A little spa vacation with a nice cleansing. But after about a month, it should be rarin’ to go again.

How do you do that? You can do a meditation with the cracked/broken crystal & thank it for the work it has been doing for/with you. Then since this a high amplitude energy that caused it to crack, you can do a good crystal re-tuning. Then, I recommend giving it a little rest or retreat for a month buried in Mother Earth. Ahhhh. Be sure to mark the spot well so you can find it again!

crystal crack

If the crystal has completely broken into 2 or more pieces then this may be a sign to you that a piece of it needs to go with someone else. Who do you know who would benefit from its energies?

So I hope that puts some of you at ease when a crystal cracks or breaks. If any of you have stories to share about this, we’d all love to hear. Please post them in the comments below!

Sparkles & Glittery Blessings!



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  1. Thank you for posting this as I get this question a lot as well. I wrote an article on it for one of our newsletters and while I was writing it I was given information on how the two halves could still be used. I was shown one piece is put in one area of a room and the other another area of the same room. I then saw a beautiful energy connection between the two, this kept them connected and whole but also spreading their energy in a wider way. When a crystal does break, sometimes the energy needs to be opened up in a bigger way.

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      1. My lapis lazuli broke because I accidentally dropped it. I’m afraid my sister will be angry because it was her gift to me. So can I heal it back together somehow? I may sound stupid but I’m desperate.

        1. I had a crystal fall from it’s setting while I was discussing someone who, it has been brought to my attention, is feeling a little threatened by me. I have no clue why she feels this way as I don’t even know her. Only been in her presence the one time. The crystal was an Opalite and it didn’t break, it slid under the fridge.

        2. My Hemetite diamond broke in half (perfectly in half) are used some gorilla glue and it’s like it never broke. It put it back together perfectly!!

      2. Thanks to all for the coments.
        I have an amber necklace I got from my ex mother inlaw. She is a wonderful woman and she gave it to me along time ago from Turkey. I recently got this strange rash which may be shingles but I am not sure as I am waiting on results. I have been stressed to the max with my recent divorce going on and life change so I am not surprised I got this rash that hurts a bit. Anyway I got the idea to wear my Amber necklace to help heal but realised it was broken in my jewlery box as the clasp broke last year so I decided to fix it. I asked the amber to please help me heal etc before I put it on. Then a few hours later when I was at the mall in the bathroom it broke in another spot only this time one of the beads broke right in half and almost catapulted off the necklace. It was so sttange. So I wonder do I still use the necklace or bury it or give half or all of it to my daughter maybe? I am not sure what to do? It kinda scared me. Any suggestions would be great…
        🙏 thanks…

      3. ok….so someone actually stole my broken lapiz…he was a criminal… so he was not living a good life but he did give me some sound advice i needed…I am mad and i lost al ot of money…help

    2. wow … after reading this i am no longer going to be so quick to share a broken crystal !! ( usually as i feel bad not sharing ) i gift much more than i sale 🙂 my favorite tourmaline snapped by accidental physical … :/ and well no i have … or had no desire to gift it … well i had a thought where to place it but that wasnt at my home … anyway ,,, it will now stay at my home !
      Oooo ps anyone with any idea on finding a lost crystal ?? or just let it go i normally do as hard as it is specially when you know it is in the general area … bu these got put down not dropped into the garden ( where many get lost here :/ ) 😀 hehehee… and yes i have buried stones before 😉 one in particular is not allowed back in the house and well i seem to not be able to part with it either !! argh anyway i have NO idea if this will post and if i will ever see this again or the reply … if any – i am not computer savy i do not know how i even got myself this far 😀 hehehe sending love and light xx

    3. Have had my largest (almost a foot,and very heavy&,very clear,with a kind of parallel rainbow delineation in the upper 1/2,it had a an slightly,uneven bottom, so found a low rounded,glass candleholder to balance it upright, and kept with a circle of other powerful large points, most bought from a dear gem faire seller from Tuscon(sierra trading)who gave me wholesale prices,because Im a bodyworker, and gift many crystals to clients.It was on tiled kitchen counter,I have a reckless housekeeper, that I never saw drop it, but because,it had become unbalanced when Im moving things,assumed it probably had fallen before, but no apparent chips, Anyway, it fell,and broke right along the line. I kept it in a seasalt bath, for a long time maybe 2 weeks, and did, meditating and healing work with it using other lemurian crystal wands, the pieces fit together perfectly, its back in its same hold,but is supported fr behind by a wooden shelf.It radiates as much light, as before, and is happy to be in a more stable envirement.could never use glue on a crystal.Have another story of a huge fused set of 2 double terminated crystals from arkansas, just disappear off my kitchen counter, in a circle of other large specimens, was heartsick, but have had another experience of a fav phantom disappearing and re appearing to same place a month later(call them my travellers)So prayed for their return.And 3 weeks later, back in same place]ce. I removed fr circle, and put in an elevated glass holder in middle. I have a very intuitive/clairvoyiant friend, I asked about while holding. She said It produced so much light, it had too go to another dimension, to sort of recalibrate, to bring a lower level of acceptable light.Using to increase my own light.

    4. Hi l have somebody who give me his stones l didn’t have it for a 1mn l when to watch it and break in to pieces what the mean

    5. i find this so true i found a broken one to day and my hole Mental state has flipped back to the positive not the negative and inter pice is there happy to share that as well take care god bless

  2. I have a twin or double crystal that’s been with me for many years, and I fancied it was a symbol or representation of me and my first love from high school, since I always felt he was a close soulmate, even though we hadn’t been in contact for a long time. Well, several years ago, those two crystals just fell apart in my hands as I was holding them. I was shocked and sooooo sad! To me, it was “crystal-clear” (pun intended!) that he had moved on, and I needed to also. So far, this is the only time I’ve had a crystal break or crack while with me, and it really left an impression. Definitely was a message.

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      1. Well, I still have the two of them resting in a little box with some other extra quartz points that I keep. I never really got a sense of what, if anything, I should be doing with them, so they live with those other crystals for now. Might you have any insights to offer? Thank you~ Sara

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          1. Thank you! That sounds just like what they need and it feels right, since I was kind of at a loss as to what to do with them. I’ll do it this weekend. 🙂

    2. I had the same reaction. My soulmate crystal I believed to be connected to my high school sweetheart. We hadn’t communicated for many years and suddenly he was back in my life after my husband past away at a very young age. We started to see each other and as a gift I gave him a rose quartz for a special day. He was traveling and lost the gift, and within days my soulmate crystal splite in two. I found out he was married. So much for soulmates. We remain friends but I feel the bound was definitely broken when my crystal split in two.
      I still have the crystal, but it rests in a stainglass container, packed in storage. I just recently retrieved the container.

    3. yes maybe it was telling u yall had yalls own life but they where still hole so the 2 can become one again loves still there if u fill it in your hart the tru love will not fade of go away maybe go dormant but not leave this is truth from my own experience

  3. I recently moved and, unfortunately, was not able to pack my own crystals. MANY were cracked or chipped- am SICK about it because I LOVE my crystals and have quite a large collection. LOL, I have pared down a LOT of stuff (old hippy pack-rat)but I WON’T give up any crystals! I feel badly for those cracked and chipped and would like to help them. I had a gorgeous, large rose quartz long wand that broke when someone dropped it. Clean break @ about the half point. This one crystal I cleansed, and then glued it back together; you can barely see the break line and it FEELS GREAT! My plan is to physically and energetically clean all these warriors, put them for a moon bath…possibly a full New to Full moon cycle. What do you think? I am also placing them on a large Selenite “platform” before moon bath. Is there something else/better I can do for them? Thanks! Connie

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    2. yes this is tru but thoth is real and so is forsight so u know whats to come with this love they self look in side for the light because it dark for the night now fill my life and walk the night

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    2. You should NOT use super glue if you still want healing properties . Remember that crystal amplifies energies. If chemicals from glue is in contact with crystal ,it will amplifies that chemical signature to itś surrounding.

  4. How amazing that you posted this today. I noticed my super 7 pendant, which I use while doing Reiki, has a serious gash in it…as well as my herkimer diamond that I also use during Reiki treatments. I have always carefully put these stones in special bags when not in use. Thanks for posting. I will give them my sincerest appreciation and a place to rest for a while.

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  5. I love the treasure map!!!!! Its really funny because I cant find a pretty big citrine that I buried in the garden,,, it keeps hiding from me 🙂 any advice on how I can locate the crystal without digging up all the flowers?????
    Thanks for a beautiful site!

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    2. Jedi, In my experience and having a crystal lost in earth, if you stop looking for it one day you will walk into your garden and it will be sitting there, like hello here I am! In my experience a crystal that needs to heal will remain hidden until it is ready to be worked and used again, and if the crystal no longer has energy for you it will sometimes seek another owner on its own.
      10 years ago i lost my favorite aquamarine, I always carried with me for years and one day when I got out of my car it dropped into flower garden next to parking spot, I searched for days and couldn’t find her, then something told me to stop searching so I did, about 6 months later I was going in my front door and there it was just sitting there on top of the dirt next to my front door, which I might add was quite a distance from where it was dropped. Also had been cleansing and energizing my stones in the moonlight one evening and gathered them up the next morning, couldn’t find one of my favorite wands, months later I was picking plumes in my yard and there was my wand all sparky and ready to heal again. I feel that sometimes stones need the earth to heal and rejuvenate and there fore will hide themselves to do so on there own if you are unable to feel their need. Best wishes in reuniting with your stone. <3

    3. I recently had this problem. I had buried a clear quartz in my backyard for feng shui purposes and needed to locate it. I knew the general area it was in but after digging for 20 minutes in the HOT sun – the thought came to me to go and grab my dowsing rods. VOILA! I found it in under 5 minutes.

    4. ** years later reply … hey did you find the citrine 😀 if they disapear this is meaning they no longer serve you and have ‘moved’ on ?? has happened to me … the saddest was my dad gave me garnet he collected then had cabbed for me to have made into earrings … was taking photo ,., and well one fell.. into the dirt 🙁 it has to be the saddest crystal i have lost ! there ase also a few lost opals in my garden heheheee… but thats ok 🙂 someone will find them one day … pretty fresh opal too .. when and if its ever found the next person will be the 6th person to touch it since it was mined … amazing gift – they will not realise ,,, hopefully they will not dig up the entire garden thinking they are on a gold mine of opal hehehee,,, but will spin them out and confuse them on the ‘variety’ hehehe – that is if they dont take off and move on … 😛 xxx

  6. I have a largish chunk of rough celestite which I used to my shamanic journeys with a lot and a few years ago tiny crystals started dislodging from the matrix, perfect little sparklies! So I started handing them out to students and friends to spread the magic. After a time it stopped ‘dislodging’.

    @Linda, I have had the impression of an arc between two pieces as well 🙂

    @Connie I have found that placing a blue kyanite on the cracked crystal helps it realign and heal.

    @Jedi I don’t bury a crystal if I want it back ~ the elementals tend to claim them, at least in my case, heh. If you choose to bury them rather use a planter pot or similar.

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      Hi Stella!! Celesite is a softer stone & a bit friable so that could also be the reason but what you’ve been doing with the crystals sounds so perfectly right. Seems that was how is was meant to be used. ♥

  7. Wow, just today i placed a watermelon crystal on my heart chakra for the very first time as i am feeling quite closed. I had it on for just a few secs when i picked it up to answer the telephone. well to my horror it broke into 3 pieces right in my hand!!!!!!!!! I am mortified as it was really expensive and yet i have no idea what it all means now. any ideas what i should do?

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      Kalpa, sounds like it did some very powerful healing. Are there 2 other people you may know who also need healing from this tourmaline? If so, follow my instructions above to cleanse then gift the other 2 pieces to them. ♥

  8. by the way i have no idea where that twitter link came from as i do not use twitter :):). oh the amasing thing is that all 3 pieces fit back together perfectly like a puzzle .

  9. Dear Stella thanx for the response! I think you are probably right.. I live on a farm and there is definitely plenty of elemental energy 🙂 Well I guess they also need a gorgeous citrine to cheer them up! I was hoping to find a way to tune in to the crystal’s energy, but I suspect it is quite happy being lost!!!!

  10. I’ve always understood that hemitite rings or necklaces will break when they have finished their work with you or absorbed a huge amount of negative energies from their environ. If a crystal cracks while I’m working with another, I feel it’s appropriate to gift a portion of it to the one receiving the healing. If by myself, I feel blessed to now have 2 (or more) beautiful pieces instead of one.

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  11. My husband was sent to Italy for work for 10 days. I sent a bag of stones set for various protection and such, as well as a Hematite ring. While he was in Rome, his passport, driver’s license, and credit card were all stolen. A week or two after he got home, I happened to remember that I gave him my Hematite ring, and I asked him about it. He said that it actually broke in two while he was in Italy, but he thought I’d be upset. I took that as a sign that something was going to happen. I just wish he’d told me so I could’ve warned him!

  12. For 25 yrs I’ve had a Amethyst decorative rock, and unfortunately it break by an accident. What can I do with the rock now? my heart is broken also.

  13. I found this interesting as I have a water clear lazar ST point that to look at it has almost no personality at all. There is one tiny 1mm inclusion that looks like a splinter near one of the sides, but that’s it. There is a Buddhist (I think) quote that relates perfection as seeming artificial. This was very much the case, even though it worked beautifully to cleans beautifully and charge stones with Reiki. I got the idea to polish the stone with my dremmel and polish and long story short, ended up cracking it near the tip. Not enough to render it unusable, but enough to give it character. I now hold it up and it reflects light beautifully, as well as the sides, which were dull as dishwater before! Where there was nothing it is ‘delvic’ and rainbows abound! Plus it was strategically placed at the tip as to make it extra pretty. The universe certainly knew what it was doing in this case.

  14. My husband has food issues. He craves sweets and caffeine all the time. He is trying to eat healthy but often does not. He would like to lose weight. I gave him an apatite stone to carry with him one day and when he returned and I opened his bag is was broken in 3 pieces. He was shocked and said he didn’t do anything to cause it to break. Could it have exerted itself trying to stop him from getting a vinte whole milk latte and the cranberry scone he ate??? I’m really not kidding.

  15. I was happy to find this tonight. Earlier today I was wearing my favorite celestite druzy ring which has been with me every day since last April (2012). I got home tonight and found that the crystal completely came off and is now gone. I’m really sad about it and cannot remember having been so attached to a material item in a long time. I’m not sure if I will see it again, but I am so thankful for it being with me and working with me for so long.

  16. I have this laser quartz crystal pendant that I was given as a gift last fall. Within a few months, I noticed there was a crack inside the crystal that is maybe 2-3 mm long.
    Should I still keep it or gift it to someone else? This was my first quartz pendant and one time meditating with it, I asked the crystal it’s name and it said “Malchizedek” whom I knew nothing about until I Googled it.

    1. Your crystal is fine. Meditate with it like you’ve done and ask it what it wants to do. More then likely, since it gave you it’s name, it will want to stay with you as a friend.

  17. I had a small chunk of Galena burst into 2 pieces while it was placed on my closed eyelid! It took about 5 seconds from the time I placed it there to shatter. Quite honestly, I was a little freaked out by it because I’d never had it happen to me before. I was such a beginner back then! Lol!

  18. Many years ago I had a really large black tormaline that I loved…it was at least 5 inches in diameter and prob 7 inches long. One day someone picked it up…who had very negative energy at the time, and it just burst in two! At the time I was like…stay away from my rocks! but most definately he could have benefitted from having half, if he would have believed such a thing.

    1. I touch crystals I have never used before in perfect shape and the crack…. Why my energies are so high, its hard to explain but I still use them…

    2. Many times when a crystal cracks when someone touches it it’s because that person may have a vibration that is too high for the crystal to handle. In a friend of mine’s case, they absorb negative energies from everyone around them and when they would pick up a crystal, any crystal, it would shatter. What he needed was a strong crystal that could handle his energies and all the negative energies he absorbed. I gave him an Auralite 23 and for the first time the crystal didn’t shatter on him. He meditated with the crystal for an hour and felt better then he had in a long time.

      1. Recently I bought a red jasper ring, as I’ve felt anxious lately, so I figured it would really help center me. I hadn’t had it for more then a week when it fell off my finger. I was actually using the bathroom at the time. It broke right down the middle in half. I was so sad. What could this have meant? The same thing happened with my orange carnelian bracelet. It fell off my wrist yesterday and the beads went flying everywhere. Luckily, I collected all the beads and can get another string to put it back together. Why is this happening? It really hurt my heart.

  19. I had a rose quartz point (cut not natural) that was on a necklace I made but one day it fell off my dresser and got caught on something and broke right in half, I was upset but a friend fixed it for me with what she called stone glue and wrapped it in jewelry wire to give it extra security. Will the energies be ok?

    1. Cracks do not really change a crystals energies and repairing them will not alter them in any way. I’ve done this several times and my crystals remain fine, a few are even stronger in pieces as a result. For example, I had a Fluorite donut pendant that broke into four pieces so I cleansed them then put each piece at the four corners of my apartment, creating kind of an energy bubble surrounding my area. They’ve made me feel a whole lot better since I placed them around my place.

  20. Hi, sort of new to this community. Anyway, thank you for posting this. U gave ab ivsuduab skull that I treasure above all things that I own, because it came to me in a very special way. I use it for insight. I wrap it up in an old bandana and put it away everytime I am done using it. Otherwise, it goes on a shelf away from everything else. My life sort of exploded and i didn’t like the atmosphere I was in. Even though obsidian is very fragile, after giving it a vacation I opened it up and it was cracked in three places. I think that was it saying that it didn’t like the atmosphere. I hear it too, so after asking it, it said that he knew I was going through something i needed to go through and that i should put him away… well his voice is deep… away for a while. It said it would still be there when I was ready. I moved a few months later, putting it in my dresser wrapped in that bandana. Someone moved my dresser before I had the chance to take it out. I immediately started to cry and remembered that I could telepathically check on it. At least I believe i can. i have not credentials but my own, so if you think I’m nuts you are entitled. anyway, I did and it said it would be fine. Sure enough, the cracks shrank and the crystal was just fine, even though the drawers got turned sideways. What do you think happened?

    1. I think it was agreeing with you on not liking the negative atmosphere. Crystals are from the earth and they are ever changing. Have you ever noticed a new spot or small fissure that wasn’t there before? That’s because your crystal is still changing, the most noticeable crystal to change is Snowflake Obsidian, the snowflakes continue to grow and are more noticeable in tumbled form. Your crystal more then likely healed itself after it was removed from the negative environment. This doesn’t happen too often but it can happen depending on how badly the crystal is damaged.

  21. I once had a snowflake obsidian keychain, very sturdy stone…. Without warning it broke in half, and the free piece flew about 3 feet away from me….. There was no reason for it to break like that. I’m pretty sure it had just about enough of absorbing my negative energies at the time, because I had been very depressed/stressed. I’m fine nowadays though :). It’s known to reveal sources of negativity within oneself, and mirror ones feelings for self-reflection…. I think I was too much for it 😛

    1. This is true a lot of the time. When a crystal absorbs so much negative energy they can crack and/or break under the pressure. This is why you need to cleanse your crystals all the time, smudging with white sage, leaving it out under a full moon or soaking it in salt water is good. But please note, not all crystals can be washed in water, Selenite will dissolve and Calcite, Carnelian, Halite, Hematite, Labradorite/Spectrolite, Lepidolite, Lodestone (Magnetite), Mica, Moldavite, Opal, Turquoise, Ulexite shouldn’t be put into water at all. However, the tumbled versions of these stones are fine for an overnight soaking, all except for the Selenite. Also stones set in silver jewelry should not be soaked in salt water (corrodes the silver) and silver cleaners should not be used on the gemstone’s because this could destroy the gemstone’s finish.

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  22. Thanks! I did actually cleanse it all the time. I knew there were stones that could not soak in salt water. I wish I knew how to re-tune it with sound.

    1. Singing bowls are the easiest way to re-tune a crystal. You can find singing bowls everywhere nowadays. I found mine in a small Tibetan shop and my sister found hers in a third world imports shop.

  23. Thanks! Does the bowl have to be a certain size for a certain frequency. I do know a little about singing bowls and always wanted one. Just whatever one you like?

    1. I went with whatever sounded the sweetest to me. I noticed certain pitches with each bowl and I picked the one that sounded the nicest to me. So it’s entirely up to you. 🙂

  24. Hi, I wear a crystal around my neck. I just recently put it on an enclosed chain. I noticed when I got it back from the jewelery that it had chipped at the end but I attributed it to them bumping it or something but then just a few his ago I noticed that it was broken in half. I have no idea whet the other half is out when it broke although out was sometime within the last 24 hours . I’m very saddened by this. I’m not sure how it happened since it didn’t hit anything and reading about the energies from everyone may be what it is, however I don’t understand why. I just cleansed out maybe a week ago. 🙁 I feel like the crystal is done for me though but i also feel like the other half is also done for people in general.

  25. I ordered a crystal bowl to help energize my stones. The 1st bowl was in 2 pieces when I got it. I told the place I ordered it from & they sent another small crystal bowl. When I got the next bowl I opened it,,it was wrapped in plastic & right when I took the plastic off it cracked into 2 pieces right in my hand. I couldn’t believe it! 2 crystals bowls both cracked. I was thinking is the universe trying to tell me something??? I really didn’t know what to think.

  26. Sodalite is a crystal that in the past did not seem to want to work with me. My chap bought me a sodalite heart necklace, it disappeared at home one day so he replaced it but that one also vanished into thin air at home. Both have never been seen since and was just so strange that they just vanished. I also then had two incidents of sodalite crystals snapping in half :-/ for no reason, they weren’t dropped or mishandled, just snapped as I picked them up.

    I bought a sodalite pendant last year which thankfully hasn’t been lost or broken so it seems sodalite is my friend again.

  27. Shannon, Maybe the crystal that the bowls are made out of isn’t your personal crystal. What were they made out of. If they are just clear quartz maybe not. That usually works with most. I hope you figure it out.

  28. There is only one crystal so far that breaks on/with me which is black tourmaline. I feel it is almost for no reason…. When I opened a black tourmaline wand one time, as I took off the plastic: CRACK! I was like, “WHAT?!”

    It was really disturbing at first…. I’m just sort of used to it now, but I’ll think to myself, “Jeez… Another one!” As jewelry, though, black tourmaline has not broken on me [yet], but truly I don’t feel it will.

  29. So a very good friend got me a black crystal chakra necklace. She then broke it into two pieces before I was able to get it around my neck. (she literally gave it to me and 20mins later broke it) What do you think I should do ? Cleanse it and give it a vacation and than give her the other half, or simple burry it. I’m new with crystals and really want to do the right thing.

  30. When I was separating and divorcing my partner of 23-ish years, the twin crystals clusters that I had would separate into two pieces in my hands. I believe that they were letting me know that twins can be a singular one. I kept the separated pieces because they came from the same part but are now individuals. Beautiful and full of rainbows.
    My crystals also leave me when their job is done only to return when I am in need of thier energies. I love my “rocks”!

  31. Peace and blessings , I have just learning about crystals . I taken in 2 crystals the Amethyst cluster and the clear crystal quartz. They are lovely I still and learning much from them and how to care for them. Its only been a few days and my Amethyst is getting lighter in color and the clear quartz seems to have some lines or cracks and a little fog if that is a good description. Now, the cluster was very dark when brought hoe the cluster didn’t seem to look at all like this now. I have been sleeping with them under my pillow embracing them with love and kisses. Not sure what to do or what they are doing for me ? Thank You

  32. A patient(crystal collector and geologist) once gave me a chunk of amethyist (a beautiful dark purple striated specimen) he told me amethyist is used for protection and that I should always keep it on me, which I did did not think much of it but it was a beautiful stone a yr or so later We were in an automobile accident the passenger side of the car where I was sitting landed under the other vehicle (rammed in) I walked away with a bump on my head, a sclera tear (eye) and a broken amethyst in my pocket nothing else. According to the police officer that assisted at the scene of the accident I should have been dead by the damage on the car?? Was it that amethyst or my angel that kept me alive……. But it was not my time yet. This accident made me aware of crystals and their powers of healing and protection I have become a” stone collector” some call to you and others just visit whilst others just dont want to be with you

  33. I’ve heard that a crystal can crack from taking a psychic “hit” directed at the owner. Hibiscus Moon, what are your thoughts on that? Thanks!

  34. Thank you Wanda and others for the helpful information. Look forward to hear what Hibiscus Moon has to say . Glad to hear its more likely for my benefit. I also experience them coming to my mind through the day. I will go and visit with them when it happens. This is such a fabulous new experience. <3
    Thanx again 1(one)love in Christ ..

  35. When i just started out with crystls, I purchased two very beautiful ose quarts wands…. Had them just a few days and the morning i picked up the one wand it snapped in two in my hand….I was shocked and freaked out…… Still don’t know why it just broke like that…..
    Then recently I visited another city…and the chain with my citrine just vanished….. I’ve had the chain for more than 24 years and the citrine for 2 years….. I used to sleep with the chain, shower with the chain, the chain was on my person all the time….. What is the universe trying to tell me…..

  36. I also am just starting out and bought tumbled stones such a blue clear aqua and aura. I also bought amyastith sorry about spelling. I also can see auras, is there any other stones or crystals that I need for more energy to see more auras and colors.

    Also do you do anything about auras like a video or a book, or as I mentioned above stones and crystals. I know you have a store is it here because I can’t find one.

  37. I had something strange happen with crystals and essential oils.
    I make custom essential oil blends and I have some small crystal pieces that I wire wrap and tie to the bottle neck of the essential oil blend. I was preparing 4 blends for a client and tied the crystals around the neck of the bottles and lined them up in a row and put them in a cabinet. I walked away and few minutes later had to go back into the cabinet and one of the bottles was pushed away from the rest of the bottles in the row. I thought it was strange but just put it back in place. A few minutes later out of curiousity I checked on the bottles and saw that they were all out of place, not in the straight row I placed them in. I freaked out, but calmly put them back in a row and closed the cabinet and opened to find them again out of place, but so perfectly out of place, for example one was forward the second was back and the third was forward and the fourth was back, very symmetrical. I’ve never seen that happen with the eo’s alone, so I untied the crystals from the bottle necks and placed the crystals away from the bottles, closed the cabinet then opened the cabinet to check on them and the bottles remained in the straight row, they did not move once the crystals were removed from around the necks of the bottles.
    Is this vibrational energy of the quartz crystal combined with essential oils that were making them move? Was it too much energy?

  38. Thank you Hibiscus Moon for directing me here! I have gained greater insight into this traumatic event! Thank you all for sharing your experiences and wisdom! I feel for you and understand what you’re going through. But everything does happen for a reason! Through this blog and your sharing I have gained greater insights as to why and how my beautiful crystal egg broke from you and also the lovely sharing people here that have kindly posted. Thank you peps! 🙂
    I’m currently studying CCH course with Hibiscus Moon and as part of our Ohhhm-work I was to get to know some crystals and how they resonate to and for me. My first attempts failed as I forgot I shouldn’t wear other crystals as it interferes with true understanding and connections with the crystal I’m working with. My 2nd attempt was an EPIC FAIL!!! Or a really powerful blessing and message!!!!
    So I’ll share the story so far…..
    I just finished doing some study, learning from HB’s Utube vids, posted a very happy song and message on facebook, uploaded some new jewellery and crystal treasures I made for my site and was ready to cook a lovely dinner and spend time with my hubby…. I was super elated, joyous, proud and excited to spend time with my hubby……I got up, forgot my study buddy crystal was in my lap then heard and felt a strangely loud smash!!!!! I didn’t know what it was until I looked on the ground….I dropped my favourite Celestite geode egg crystal and she shattered!!! :’) She was in a zillion pieces!!!! Aaargh!! EPIC FAIL!!!!! I WAS ABSOLUTELY SHATTERED!!!!! (pardon the pun!) But it’s the way I felt! :’( Perhaps I had too much energy!
    She was a 100mm beautiful geode with so many spectacularly large crystal points and now she’s in pieces….I cluster about 60mm, 6 small druse pieces (perhaps for crystal grid and healing work or to give away to 6 friends?) and a large bowls of tiny pieces maybe to use in various sacred spaces! I was just trying to think of the positives, as she was my super favourite and powerful girl I used to connect with my angels and for connecting with my Mum! I cried soooo much! I didn’t realise how much I loved her and how attached I was to her! Made me realise I relied on her and perhaps should’ve seen her as a tool not a fix! Other thoughts came out and flowed onto my facebook page as I shared my grief! I was mourning a great loss of a very special friend!
    Yes upon deeper reflection and meditation I have actually acquired a great deal of information about my beautiful Celestite, myself and the incident itself!!! A friend suggested that I don’t need her anymore! That did not resonate at all!!!!! If anything I believe she was telling me that I need her more than ever but in different ways! So I thought…….Maybe in a way I think she’s trying to say telling me that she’s multifaceted and showing me she has hidden powers within that I can use for a variety of different purposes and people! I think she’s also taught me to let go…. to accept the flow of life events….to solely have faith, belief and guidance in just 1 thing/person…. to trust n believe that even though things may seem to be falling apart, they’re actually falling into place! Also I feel she may have mirrored my deep beliefs and fears….. that I am broken, that I won’t get better and I have to accept this is me…… however, I now see she’s shown me to stay positive despite the devastating events that arise….to look for positives no matter what as there is no good or bad, there just is…. and that even if she seems broken physically she can still be truly powerful and magical but in ways alternative to what I had pictured! Very much reflective of me and my current issues of recovering from a severe accident where I ruptured 3 discs in my neck and slipped 5 in my thoracic, had 4 operations, a multitude of medication etc etc now diagnosed as “permanently disabled” with Fibromyalgia etc etc Some days I can’t even more I’m in so much agony! But I always look on the bright side and offer gratitude for what I have and can do! 🙂 I realise the beauty, magic and power is within!!!!! Even more so, I remembered that when we were studying CCH01 there was a question about breaking crystals and I didn’t pay attention as I’ve never had a crystal break! I kinda judged those people as I couldn’t understand how that would happen! How horrible and naive was I?!?!?! This was a harsh lesson that I needed to learn to truly feel empathetic towards people that have had crystals break. A strong reminder to never judge anyone for anything, anytime! So Yeah….I’ve been reflecting….I guess my ohhhm-work is done, in a way perhaps I didn’t need to do the task explicitly as suggested as maybe I was already attuned to my beautiful baby crystal! Maybe we already had a strong connection! Oooh deep! Yaaay for meeeeeee!
    I then thought I would check to see what the texts say…..she taught me basically everything the texts said!!! Ohhmazing!!! 🙂
    As my beautiful mentor Hibiscus Moon suggested that I should continue with the Ohhm-work! Great! I still felt the desire the retune her and thought she needed a big stone vacation! So after my task I will give her a great holiday after such a traumatic event! Hence, I felt she needed retuning, love and assistance so I’ve been playing the “Cleanse your space with sound acoustics” MP3. She feels much brighter and happier, as do I when I’m with her! Thank you Hibiscus Moon you are made of magic and I’m deeply grateful the universe connected us! Anymore suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you & Namaste beloveds! xoxox

    May the blessings of love, light & rainbows filled with joy and glitter rain down on you so you sparkle ‘n’ shine!!!! Luv Tinkerbelle

  39. I was given a rosé quartz Ganesha by My lovely yoga teacher. To help with obstacle she said. Sadly I dropped it in the kitchen and his trunk cracked off. Now the crazy… Yea crazy bit is the i could not find the trunk anywhere. Then one night and I give a little shake with sea salt in a container, and here’s the trunk ? I attached it but no glue or anything . I apologized to it and uhm. Do I keep it? Do I glue the trunk ? I was almost i years and then freaked out because here i find the trunk? Maybe I’m off topic. Some input would be so appreciated.

  40. Thank you for posting this. I follow you on facebook and love reading what you put up there. I had a really nice piece of tri-colored fluorite that cracked in half shortly before my father[s funeral. I put one half in his casket as a way of keeping a connection. I do not know if it was the right thing to do, but it felt right at the time.

  41. Hello Andi,

    I am so heart broken at the moment. A month ago I purchased a beautiful zincite wand, about 5 inches. I felt its power the moment I first held the stone. I felt a connection to it instantly and spent quite a bit on it. I just came home tonight and my boyfriend knocked it off from where it was placed, on accident and it broke in three pieces. I almost cried. What do I do now? Do I glue it? Can I? I feel like glueing it would interrupt the vibration flow through the wand (with unnatural glue). Just doesn’t seem right. Do I wire-wrap it back together? Should I cleanse it again before doing anything? Does an accidental break mean I should give a piece away too? I hope you can answer all my questions and please add whatever else you can. Sad about this one. It was/is my most powerful/special piece.

    1. I feel like these things tend to want to repel if we invest too much dependence in them per say? I had a piece I was so drawn to like no other stone or piece of jewelry I’ve had before and it broke in three pieces after having I had it mailed back from another state and gluing it back together once. I think breaking in three holds a significant message and I personally feel wrong for having glued something back together that I had manifested so much emotion and energy into. I don’t think you should either. But do what you feel is right:)

  42. i had a tigerseye that my ex bought me, funny but after our break up, my tigerseye broke in two, i have never had this happen before, i think the message was loud and clear, as we still have unresolved issues, i think ill keep one part for me and the other part ill program to help heal the hurts still between us,

  43. I was carelessly over protective with my surdonyx (I apologize if I spelt it wrong) last night. It broke it two. I have to put it back together, but I don’t know what type of glue to use. It needs to be as permanent as possible and to look as if it didn’t happen if possible. Any suggestions? I don’t care about price but I would prefer being able to find in store not net with S&H.
    Thank you so much,

  44. I love to work with crystals…but recently I’ve noticed that the ones that are of the quartz variety are cracking/fracturing. It isn’t a break; just..well, on some, it’s as if some is scratching them. My cousin recommended having them near me, rather than holding them…or touching them, while working with them. I have noticed that there are times when the crystals are incredibly warm- hot even- after using them. Any advice would be appreciated. I lerv my crystals!

  45. I just had an amethyst pendulum break in two, around 1/3 towards the tip. I can see that it is following a natural crack in the amethyst, and probably shouldn’t have been carved that way. I had set it on my desk and it had just fallen apart. I hope glue works.

  46. Tourmaline broke in my pocket during a time that I was very upset over a situation at work. The built up was extremely upsetting for me. Once i noticed it broke I knew it didn’t mean something good. I think I will give one piece away after the spa. But can I really burry it in a pot I instead of earth? And Achieve same result.

    1. Post
  47. Hi! What about if it turns mostly black? I have been wearing an amethyst crystal point for months. I just realized that it turned 75% pitch black! I wore one before it and it fell of the chain while I was putting it on & broke almost perfectly in half (I was heartbroken!) I am a Reiki Master. I had been feeling ill for months and have been doing a lot of healing on myself along with crystals. I just recently healed myself and feel great. Everything is wonderful at moment. I’ve cleanse and charge her with the full moon and Reiki every month. Should I stop wearing the pendant and give her a rest? Thanks in advance for your response.

  48. My Crystal Story is different then everyone else’s so I need some guidance please urgently. Just now I was walking with one of my Crystal Singing Bowls, the biggest size one, it was 30 minutes ago which would have happened around 3am. It was dark and I was loading the car to get ready to leave when I walked into one of the concrete slabs that are around the parking area of the apartments and the crystal broke into lots of pieces. I suffered a small cut on my wrist and one big chunk of the crystal I thought had gone through my chest but luckily it didn’t. The sound was loud when it broke and I was sure other people would have awoken to see what had happened but oddly no one did. Anyways I’ve been told that 3am is the witching hour so if it happened around that time do you think this is some type of supernatural thing that has happened or is it just my stupidity for walking with a big crystal bowl in the dark not paying attention where I was going and means I shouldn’t move things in the dark lol. I decided to think something positive like the crystal was giving its energy to me as when I look at my arms right now I have tons of crystal dust glistening all over them. Anyways would love to hear some other thoughts from you all. Thanks & Happy New Year!

  49. Update…btw I wear a silver cross that belonged to my Mom who died a few years ago. The cross dangles down in the centre of my chest alongside one of my Moms rings which is where the crystal stabbed me. I am thinking maybe that is what kept the crystal from penetrating?? Its all so surreal to me, just don’t know what to think…

  50. I have smoky quartz bracelet. There are 14-18 beads of smoky quartz. The bracelet is kind of very lost to me. I was wearing it on my arm and I was playing Wii tennis. I tried to throw tennis with my full force. Without realizing it that smoky quartz bracelet is loose.
    The bracelet fell on the tiles ground and two of the beads are little damaged. One of the bead is just chipped a little and other is also chipped just a little.
    What shall I do? Online some places it says that I have to throw the crystal and get a new one. Some say that you can wear it.

    What would you suggest me ?

  51. I kept my himalaya quartz crystal wand on my heart chakra while lying down. I forgot and just got up. It fell down and the wands point broke just little bit. So sad for being so careless. But still i can feel the pulse sensation in hand while holding. After my crystal got break. The light kept unused at home in corner also got broked automatacly . So dont knoe what happnd. Same day i ordered for himalaya quarrtz crystal sphere. I think for this my crystsl got break. Feeling very sad and hate myyself

  52. I just got some Black tourmaline for my 6 year old son. I put it in his back pack like I did with his other crystals and I opened up his back pack and it was broken! I have no clue what to do since I do not know how it broke =(

  53. I received my clear crystal pendulumin the mail today. I put it in my bra as we were having to leave to run an errand for the evening. When I came back home I changed to get ready for bed & completely forgot about my pendulum and it fell on a tile floor. This caused the tip of my pendulum to break off. I have not even had a chance to use it. Is that a sign or was it just carelessness? Can I still use my pendulum?

  54. i have a clear quartz pyramid and i dropped it 2 times the first time it cracked and the second time the little corner that cracked broke off yesterday and i read some things that i should do to either burry it glue it or give it to someone who needs it what would be the best to? i feel like i still need it but if i dropped it more than once that should be a sign that its work with me has done its part.

  55. I have this light green beautiful single point big Quartz amulet/pendant that I usuaully use for either scrying, divination, guidance, or just general positive energy.
    I’m not much of a crystal user in my works, but I find myself very drawn to them.
    I had bought it in this occult store I randomly walked into, cause I felt I was so strongly drawn to it.
    Anyways, I usually keep it in this box where I keep a “Qur’an” book which I rarely open really. I opened it up today to take out the crystal and found that it split in two different pieces near the point of the crystal… I’m really sad because I hardly used this crystal but I loved it so much for some weird reason.
    Does anybody have any thoughts about this? I really don’t know what to do about it considering as I mentioned earlier, I’m not much of a crystal person… but I’m feeling very strongly about it. Suggestions/advice and/or explanations?

    1. I say Leave it and accept it’s time is done! I don’t get into crystals too much either but I had one once I loved dearly and was unexplainable drawn to it and that thing constantly was falling off chains for no reason and kept breaking. The 3rd time leaving me AND breaking into 3 pieces finally sent me the message. It made me very sad :/

    2. Hello Shane,

      I find your experience interesting. I wonder why it broke. I would hate to think that the Quran is negative energy, perhaps it was just too much energy. However, here is my experience with a Christian cross. My dad gave me a penny with a crucifix carved out of the middle of the penny. I put it in a bowl of tumbled hematite to recharge my stones. I also put a Christian cross and prayer cards by my stones when recharging. They have never broken or cracked yet. Maybe you should consider placing them near my items if you don’t want to break them. Just a thought. Trying to be helpful. God bless you.

  56. I gave my daughter a quartz crystal , golden healer , rose quartz when was so sick and in the hospital , she put all her pain into holding on to that quartz crystal for 3 days and nights .That it completely filled and cracked going totally white … I believe the crystals took on her stuff ….what a wonderful stone ….. too the cleaning lady or nurse that took the golden healer , im sure you needed it more than her

  57. I was just wondering if it’s possible to have too many crystals?
    I feel like I’m holding onto them like a hoarder, but I don’t use them often, they are just there on my healing shelf (temporary substitute for an altar).
    I have crystal bracelets, though, and they seem to bust open when they’re done. I keep them to commemorate them and sometimes keep them in a pouch.

    Can I be too attached to my crystals? They sometimes run away from me!!

  58. I bought a long peice of blue indicolite turmoline on a necklace one time on a trip to visit a close family member having troubles in life. and I was just obsessed with it for some reason I wore it constantly and used it to help calm myself but on the way to the airport to leave I noticed the chain broken and stuck in the zipper of my suit case but no crystal. I called the hotel and they found it in my room and mailed it back, well one day I was just standing not doing anything and the crystal suddenly fell off the new chain I had put it on and broke in two pieces. I had it put back together with epoxy which considering the jagged surface of this stone should have stayed, and one day it fell off the chain again and broke into 3 peices, this time I decided to bury it. I make jewelry and there’s just no physical explanation as to why it kept falling off the chain, it was perfectly secured. I always got the feeling that the crystal hated me or repelled me or something I know crystals don’t have emotions so it doesn’t make sense to feel so sensitive about it, but it irked me badly and I haven’t bought any crystals for healing or comforting intentions sense. I would be interested in anybody’s insight on this please

  59. thats exactly what i felt when my crystals break… sometimes the reasoning or person to give it to seems obvious but sometimes its not! this one time i was just showing my beautiful black tourmaline and boom it just broke right in half i wasnt even doing anything to it, so i felt it was a sign. then i happened to met one of their friends who happened to be going through a meltdown and we went to visit her in a crisis center. she wanted to commit suicide. it was my first time meeting her. i gave her a tarot reading – which really helped. and then a lightbulb went off. the crystal was for her!! so i gave some to her, along with a few other crystals. and when we had left she was smiling and laughing again, i think it really helped!..

  60. I once bought this selenite wand. It was my first piece. About 9 inches long.
    When I bought it, a friend of mine who can see the entities living inside the crystal told me that the entity on the selenite actually has a crush on me. (Maybe that’s why I was so attracted to that specific piece even if there are others on the store).

    I was still at college during that time, so I leave my crystals at home. I had my selenite with me for just 4 days when my selenite broke in half. I tried to communicate with my selenite as to why it broke into two. It told me that it was getting jealous of me because I don’t get to bring “her” with me to school or wherever I go. I got frustrated but now, I think she has a point. I can now bring her other half to me anywhere together with my tarot cards. The other half is beside my bed on a crystal grid.

    Crystals crack/break for a purpose. My selenite justified that point for me.

  61. Hello, A friend of mine just brought me quite a collection of stones as a gift. Which i cleansed and keep in my window. With the exception of two, an amethyst and a small fluorite wand, which i kept in my pockets because they resonated with me. Yesterday, they both fell out of my pocket in my driveway and today i noticed some dings and racks in them. Then if that wasn’t enough, i accidentally got lotion all over the fluorite wand and when i tried to clean it off it broke in my hand almost immediately.
    This does sound to me like it was merely a physical accident but guess i was compelled to search for more meaning. Also i am a new reiki student. Today is the 22nd day after my attunement which marks the first day that I’m able to perform healing on another person. So i thought that seemed “coincidental” haha.
    Anyway! Do you have any recommendations on what i should do with the new pieces? Im definitely going to give my stones a spa day soon. The hard thing is that i live in Massachusetts so during the winter my stones stay inside on the windowsill.

  62. I just received a Fluorite Crystal Skull which I ordered from China and it came with 4 cracks and what looks like a point of impact (damage). All four cracks flow from this point. I’m working with the seller to resolve the problem but I wondered if this should alert me to anything specific?

    To me it looks as if someone deliberately threw this skull to the ground to damage it, at least that’s the strong feeling I’m getting from it. I’m happy it’s away from that seller and at home here with me. Is it possible that the skull could have cracked itself once it left China? (The packaging was perfect and not disturbed in any way.)

    How should I go about healing these cracks and the point of impact?

    Thanks for you help…I’ve not run across anything like this before……

  63. I have a beautiful large standing clear quartz and during a healing energy session the crystal acquired a large internal crack that caused a beautiful considerably large rainbow within. I gave the crystal salt water cleansings and several years break. Recently I put it out again, and it is the crystal that people are drawn to hold. They mention feeling truly amazing when holding it. I wonder if the changes within it made it an even better healer. It is one of the few crystals I have kept, and it has always been one that helps facilitate healing for others visiting or passing through. 🙂

  64. Hiya, I have two Amethyst crystals, one is a square shape the size of my palm and the other is smaller, ive had them for about 20 years i think (since the 90s) I love them but recently noticed flowers growing inside some of them and a few have gone through the actual crystal and are poking out (they feel quite sharp like needles) and look like black mini branches but the crystal has not broke, its really strange? I mean when they get a bit dusty , I soak them in the sink with some water… so is this normal? plus i dont want my crystals to crack I want to keep them with me till the end! 🙂

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  66. I was drawn to put a Herkimer diamond on my throat chakra – I have a thyroid issue and felt it may help.
    Within minutes it was broken, separated in two parts. This freaked me out for a few seconds, until I realized that maybe it worked too hard at drawing out so much negativity.
    Ok, I admit it… I’m still mildly freaked out… 🙂

  67. hello there, i’ve got a meteorite as a present not so long ago. it has totally tuned in into my envoirement, and i always carry it with me . yesterday when i came home i took the stone out of my pocket and it was perfectly broken in 2with no other smaller parts. when i put them together it still looks like it looked before. i found this strange because i didn’t did anything that could make an impact into my pocket .

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  69. Law of attraction had brought Rose Quartz into my life. I had been experiencing difficulties in my marriage. My husband was in between jobs and would leave ALL of the time. I noticed this because he was home, had he not been in between jobs I would have never become suspicious. He would come up with any excuse to leave and would never want me or our children to come with him. It was hurting me badly, the stress would hurt my heart. My children are young and he would even miss their important events and family activities where he clearly should have been. I have heart issues so I would beg him not to leave. One day, I was so distraught. .. he left after my begging and I lay on my couch in tears having a nervouse breakdown. My heart hurt so bad and I thought I should go to the emergency room. Suddenly I felt empowered and thought, “Crystals” then I said out loud I will not be defeated. I began researching crystals which I had no real prior knowledge about and was drawn to rose quartz for its healing properties. Ironically my husband bought a pendant for me later for my birthday. The stone had been carved into a rose by its previous owner who had heart issues and was healed from the crystal. I received it early for my 30th birthday. It was a pendant and was meant to hang by my heart. We were going camping for my birthday and the night prior to our scheduled departure my husband insists I take a bath, brought me relaxing tea, gave me a book. He said he was loading up the truck which I thought was strange because in the middle of the night someone could steal our camping supplies being that they would be in the bed of the truck. When questioned he assured me it would be fine. Initially while in the bath I took the rose quartz off not wanting it to get wet. I had it by me. I decided to put it back on because I wasnt fully submerged in the water. I was thinking that he had me set up to be in the bath for a long while making me all cozy like that. The moment I put the rose quartz on I had a surge of energy come over me and heard, “get out of the bath, go now… GO Go if you dont go now you will miss it” I immediately got out of the bath and grabbed my robe. I went out front to the truck just intime to find my husband putting a needle in his arm. He had been using heroin behind my back. While he was in detox, I had met a wonderful woman who is a mystic. She gave me Rhodonite beads and I had a surreal experience while having both the rhodonite and rose quartz around my neck. Later I decided to make a necklace combining the two together since they complimented each other so well. I made the necklace two weeks ago and a couple of days ago I was taking it off to hang it up while showering and it fell to the floor. The rose quartz broke into half. I’m upset about it, that stone is irreplaceable. I dont know if I should give one half to my husband to carry with him. If I should glue it, if I should place it in two different places in the house, or if I should wire wrap it to try and keep it together so I can still wear it by my heart. My first instinct was to give the other half to my husband before even finding this forum. I contacted my mystic friend about the quartz breaking and also since this incident my wedding ring burns me and leaves a red blistered ring around my finger. Ive had to take it off and leave it off waiting for my finger to heal several times. She thinks I’m subconsciously putting off a harsh energy because of the pain of what he has done, prior to the drug abuse we were healing from his infidelity. Maybe the quartz filled with too much negative energy and could not handle it? Maybe the wedding ring burning my finger and the quartz breaking are signs?

  70. I had an obsidian arrowhead that a friend wrapped in a necklace for me, and wore it very often, cleansed it very often. I am a capricorn (sag rising) and felt a deep connection to it. I took a spill at my job, in which I slammed my head to the ground immediately, and the crystal punctured my eyebrow (close to my eye) and there was quite a bit of blood, and had a black eye for about two weeks. The crystal broke from the metal wrapping and split in two. This was very alarming! I know this is probably a limited amount of information on myself, why it could have happened, but I am curious of your thoughts. I don’t fall often, but interestingly enough how I got into crystals was taking a spill down my girlfriend’s stoop. I have been working a lot on self-love since the obsidian breaking, which I has had a great impact on my life. Maybe I do have a sense of why this happened, but I’m not sure what to do with the two pieces or if I should replace it as well?

  71. Sometimes when a crystal cracks, it can be glued back together and it will look like nothing ever happened to it, I had a friend who accidentally dropped a fluorite wand and it cracked in two, I glued it back together since it was my favorite wand and added fluorite cabochons and tumbled stones to it, and it is a very powerful energy healing wand now instead of a massage wand.

  72. I had a rose quart heart it falls out of my drawer and break in two that was 2 weeks after my loviest aunt death. I didn’t found the one peace but take it back to the shop to put a new heart. Reacently I lost the one earing and found it. I was not aware that I could talk to them.

  73. My hubby and I took my daughter 22yrs old and our son 13 yrs old to watch the horror movie “Deliver Us From Evil” on Saturday 7/19/14. It was very spooky to say the least but the next day, Sunday we went to Natural Bridge Caverns in Garden Ridge, Texas (we’re from San Antonio). We’ve frequently go there for family fun including a rock, crystal, & fossil shop and even gem mining. My son saw and loved a hematite cross necklace that was about 2″ inches long, so I put it very gently in the empty (hand held) basket and when he picked it up gently to show it to his sister, the cross broke completely in half horizontally. I was watching him closely so he could not damage it and I saw literally saw it sever in half. What’s more odd is that the staff tried to look for the broken half and they were very puzzled that they could not find it any where, almost as if it disappeared! Is there possibly any meaning to this? Does anyone have any idea? This cross did not break from temperature change because the shop was nice and cold to begin with and was not subjected to any type of heat. Please help because this left me shaken.

  74. I’ve given you my email address, but I currently cannot access it because of computer problems. However, I still wanted to ask you about a malachite obelisk I’ve had for several years. There’s a store that my girlfriend & I used to visit all the time because of their crystals, books, etc. One day on our way there, I told my friend that I knew there was a malachite obelisk waiting for me to buy it at the store. She didn’t really know what to think, but said ok. When we got there, sure enough, in the display case was my obelisk. Malachite is one of my favorite stones. Well, the minute I saw it, I knew I had to buy it no matter what the cost. I had the obelisk (& still do) for quite a few years & one day while dusting furniture, I set it on the floor & ended up knocking it over & it broke in half. Luckily it was a clean break of 2 pieces. Does this mean I should give one half to someone I think might need it? Or should I keep the pieces together & keep it as I’ve been doing all these years? Thank you so much for your time. 🙂

  75. I bought two rose quartz pieces that were sort of stuck together in December because of the power of love. I am/was in love with a man, long distance. Have known him many years and we had a connection from the beginning almost 20 years ago. I kept them in a little bag. We hit a bumpy road in February and I started carrying one piece of it with me in my purse, and the other piece in my bra, close to my heart. Several times I’d forget it was in my bra and it would fall and luckily not break that I could see. In March I gave him one half and he kept it with him and took it to work and other places. In may, our bumpy road got bumpier and I kept dropping the crystal. It may have had a crack. Recently the bumpy road was just rutted and I put it away, until two days ago, where I slipped it in my shelf top and went to bed and had pleasant dreams of him for the first time in a long time. Whenever I have it in me, I feel better.

    This morning I forgot it was in my top and it fell hard onto the tile floor and a piece chipped off. I do not want to even think that this represents our relationship being chipped away, though it may. It has given me such positivity for so many months that even during the bumpy road times I’d feel better holding it.

    Can I cleanse it? Will it lose the positive powers it had? I am not ready to move in from him just yet and since it gave me positive vibes this week, I don’t think it’s ready for me to gift it elsewhere…or is it?

  76. I have a Crystal Quartz Usui Reiki Healing Wand. This morning when putting on my bathrobe, the crystal flew out of my robe’s pocket, went about 8 feet and fell on the floor where it broken in two almost equal halves. What’s strange is that the room where it happened is carpeted and the only place where the wand could have broke was on the marble flooring around my fireplace, where it in fact did land and broke. What can be the possible meaning of this?

  77. I received my first pyrite this week, and took it out of its little bag for the first time this morning. I instantly felt that it was powerful as soon as I held it in my hands.

    I’m travelling this weekend, so I used a pendulum to choose crystals to put in a mojo bag. The pyrite was selected along with citrine, carnelian and Quartz. Four hours later, I took a little peek at my pals in their pouch, and the pyrite has broken into three bits! I’m gutted!

    Could it be the inclusion with the other three stones in the bag has caused it to crack?

  78. Man i just dropped Crystal and it broke in two. I feel bad because a very good man gifted me that bad boy, haha. I shouldn’t take it so hard and it just reminds me how rough it is down here. Its still all good, much love. Irie.

  79. Hey, i have a rose quartz pendant that i love. I did the cleansing one day ago and today i was cleaning it while it slipped from my hand and broke up in 5 pieces. I am really sad because i wanted to wear it. Ok, shit happens! I was not careful but the strange thing is that while i was thinking to wear it, it just fell. These last days i really didn’t feel well, the truth is..i didn’t feel being love by anybody. I almost broke up with my boyfriend and it really affected me and now i have doubt about his love for me. On this sad day, my quartz was with me so i squeezed into my hand and asked it to help me- to give me strength, patience, love, to think straight and to make us be still together.So all these bad feelings came after my almost break up, even so we are still together i still have these feelings…so now i dont know if i asked to much from my crystal or that my negative feelings broke it up. I really hope that you can help me to clear it up.

  80. I have noticed recently that my star quartz point has developed dark little spots most on the inside but a few outside–also, a citrine crystal that i carry often has again developed something odd–there are threads or spikes of a dark blood red color on one end in a circle around the inside of the crystal. I clean them often, as they do get work for me a lot. But i am puzzled about this. Could you give me your thoughts?

  81. namaste,
    I have a rose quartz pyramid that was placed in my bedroom and while cleaning the room it fell accidentally and the tip of the pyramid broke.its a very tiny piece thats broken but i don’t want to throw the pyramid..or should i??the sound healing sounds great since i have a singing bowl i use..please advice:)

  82. Hello

    I googled about pendulums cracking because I purchased a beautiful clear crystal pendulum yesterday and it has the 7 chakras on the chain. It is a bracelet as such but doesn’t fit my wrist, that wasn’t the purpose of me buying it, that is for it to be a bracelet but I did notice a bleamish, almost like it hit the floor and it appears like a crack on the crystal, today I have been questioning as to whether it was owned by someone else previously is it just part of the clear crystal pendulum itself that it has this bleamish? Thank you, also wondering which is the best method of cleansing the pendulum, I have researched a site that gave me many options which is quite interesting. <3

  83. My daughter had a blue agate slice, so it fell and broke perfectly in the middle making 2 half slices. I was thinking I will glue it for her as it was her first ever crystal piece she brought. I decided to just leave it amongst her crystal collection. A few days ago while helping her clean her room she grabbed one half of the agate slice and says “here mum, one for me and one for you, now we are connected with this crystal”…. I loved the idea and thanked the Universe that I did not throw it out or glue it together. That piece is more special now to me as it has a higher value. In my opinion when it breaks the pieces need to be shared. If someone is in your life at that time and you feel the need to give them something, give them a piece of that broken crystal. It will mean so much to them. Crystals are never negative, they spread vibrational love and protection.

  84. I have a rutilated crystal double pointed pendant that I wear on a sterling chain with some other ‘charms’ I like, a Goddess, a sterling and copper saturn, a sterling quarter moon, a small 4 cm tiger eye bead pendant and a small sterling star pendant with a pink crystal inside it. Each of these charms ‘found me’. I was drawn to each one when passing the case they were in. I started with the rutilated quartz pendant. They all ended up on my sterling chain necklace one at a time. I separated them with 6cm ball sterling spacers. I love my necklace. I’ve worn it every day for at least 20 plus years. I cleanse it occasionally in the sun and also occasionally charge it in the moonlight. About 4 or 5 years ago, it slid out of silver ‘hanger’ that suspended it from my chain while I was in the shower. This had happened before, but this time, it broke in two. I was heartbroken…a day or two later, I applied a drop of ‘crazy glue’ on the surface of the absolutely clean break and it bonded. I have worn it every day since without the bond breaking.
    My question is, should I have bonded it? Prior to the repair, it felt like an extension of my being which flowed into the other charms and returned to me (it rests just over my heart). Now I am still sentimentally attached but it’s not the same. Should I give it a rest in the ground to recharge it? or have I ruined it’s vibration by bonding it in an effort to make it whole again. Did I do the wrong thing by repairing it? I need some guidance on this, would you be able to advise me? thank you,

  85. Sorry I put this question in the wrong section
    My question is what if you drop a crystal and it breaks in to pieces
    I had an 8 sided flourite bought as a gift 5yrs ago and have cleansed and kept in a dish until I decide whether to bury in my garden or is there other methods you would recommend. Very upset!

  86. Ok… So what if you accidentally drop a crystal
    I recently dropped an 8 sided flourite Crystal
    I have cleansed it and am now thinking of
    Burying it in my garden.. It was a gift so am
    Really upset. Are there other methods you
    Could recommend?


  87. I have some green/purple fluorite beads and they have cracks running through them. I acquired them from a friend so I’m not sure if they should have the cracks in them or not. I have been reading a little bit about fluorite and have found out that it cracks easily. But should my beads ( large, oval shaped) be cracked? Thank you!

  88. I just discovered you through your youtube videos. Thank you for what you do. They are very informative answering questions I’ve had for a while. I’d be curious what you think. I just read your article on what it means when your crystal cracks or breaks. I have had a 2.1/2 inch polished clear phantom quartz crystal that is dear to me. When I first got it there was 1 phantom at the base of the crystal and a diagonal crack along 1 side of the phantom pyramid. Over time another phantom pyramid grew above it below the points. I noticed over time the crack seemed to become more prominent in the phantom though not on the outside. Some time after that I discovered a crack near the top phantom. I had this crystal where I meditated and in the first few years I met the guide I channel. I hadn’t worked with it since Dec 2012. When I looked at it today I’m seeing blotches of red around the top phantom. Only the first phantom and crack were present in the crystal when I first acquired it. I have felt like I’ve been cracked open repeatedly over the last several years and had thought what is happening to my crystal mirrors what’s been happening to me spiritually and emotionally. Any thoughts are helpful.

  89. i have a twin smokey quarts that had just a few blades of Aegerine included. The cat got up on my shelf and knocked it over, causing the tips to break off- mostly where the inclusions pierced through the Quartz. I continued to use it to send distance reiki as well as use it on myself. You probably won’t believe this but over the course of one year, one tip is growing back, both a small point of Quartz and the Aegerine! If I could post pictures here I would. It’s one of the most amazing crystal-related things I’ve ever witnessed.

  90. I think when I accidentally fell back onto my bed and landed on my bag with my birthstone and angel pendants, and one of the pointy tips broken off! Can, I super glue the tip back on? Will that effect the energy through the crystal?

  91. Love this! I’ve been thinking about this for years now! Four february’s ago I was given an orgonite pyramid while in Hawaii. It made the whole trip home IN MY HAND because I was worried it would break. I walked into my house and within five minutes, dropped it. The point on top chipped and it’s been bothering me since! You should start a crystal trade where people can send in their broken crystals (or crystals no longer needed) and instead of sending them a different cracked gem, maybe have a list online for people who need healing 😉 Maybe the crystals sent to you should come with the postage to send them out again, ha.

  92. I am new to crystals, I suddenly decided that I want to start collecting them. So I got myself a selenite, fire opal and an angellite. For some reason I keep dropping them :/ yesterday the angellite fell into my boot somehow. Since I didn’t know it was the crystal, I shaked the boot and it fell again. Only this time a little piece that you can barely see fell out. There are also some lines now…

  93. I have a nice polished large malachite heart crystal. It was somewhat pricey. It is relatively new in my collection. When I received this crystal it concerned me that the tip of the heart was quite sharp and pointy. I’ve used this crystal mainly for “that time of the month” cramps and pain, back pain, and headaches. I cleanse this crystal mostly with incense smoke, never submerged it in water, never buried in salt. Today I was putting together a few crystals to help me with first signs of cold. Out of nowhere I got horrible scratchy sore throat yesterday and it seems getting worse. This malachite crystal heart was one of the crystals I wanted to heal with. I guess, the tip of the heart dinged over another stone, and a small chip broke off. I got so upset I even started feeling this weird chest pain. But maybe it’s just a cold virus, not sure… Anyways, I tried to distract myself from this, but ended up reading all these horror stories online. Like it necessarily means something bad is going to happen if your crystal breaks. Plus malachite heart-shaped crystal is so symbolic in every manner. I scotched taped a broken chip back to the heart and put it in its velvet pouch. But now it got me thinking what should I really do with this malachite heart, and whether my heart would be broken or hurt in some way. But then again the tip of the heart was shaped so – just waiting to break off, and it was a total accident, actual physical contact with other stones. Hmmm…

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  95. Hello,

    If one or more of your crystals disappear, first consider if one of your pets (if you have any) hid it somewhere, such as under the couch. The next thing I would consider would be Faeries/deva spirits. They loooooove crystals and often run off with them; the best thing to do is leave an offering for them such as milk and honey or their own Crystal set or grid, and then politely ask that they return your crystals. I apologize if you (or anyone else) don’t believe in the Fae/Deva spirits- this is just my experience and opinion and it may be taken or dismissed. However, in my experience, this has helped my crystals return (they especially love pyrite….). ☺️
    Brightest Blessings!

  96. What if the tip of the crystal cracked off and now has slightly sharp jagged edges? What should I do with the crystal in this case?

  97. I gave my daughter a rock of Rose Quartz. She took it to bed with her (as she finds different gems/rocks will give her dreams). She awoke the next morning and could not find it. To this day she has still not found it. It’s been months.

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  99. Hello I’m new to crystals and I have a few questions that I hope you can help me with. I bought a rose quartz pendant that I lost at the beach. I was very upset and I saw it as a sign that the stone was not meant for me. The day before I’d bought a blue goldstone and thought that I should just be wearing that pendant instead. Later that week I went to my local crystal store and I found another piece of rose quartz that I was very compelled to. I told the shop keeper about losing the previous one and my doubts about buying another. She told me that there are many reasons why that stone needed to be released but that I should get the new one if I felt drawn to it. I bought it and I have not worn it yet. I was taking it out of my purse and dropped it on the tile. Its a teardrop shape and the point chipped a bit. I don’t know what this means; having lost the first and breaking this new one. I don’t know if I should cleanse it and gift it or put it in sage for a few weeks and then continue to use it. What would you recommend? Thank you!

  100. My daughter went to sleep with a rose quartz (she found different stones produced different types of dreams). Well, needless to say, when she awoke in the morning, the stone was nowhere to be found and to this day she still has not found it. How can it just disappear from her bed?

    1. Sorry, just noticed I already asked lol….well I guess I’m really needing an answer as to what you think may have happened to it?

  101. I got a peach moonstone for stress. It is eerie how well it has worked for me.
    Well, I’m in the hospital with my husband who has cancer. He had surgery a couple days ago, and I’ve had the stone with me at all times. I have been surprisingly calm, and then he had a bad night last night…. This morning I noticed my stone cracked! I mean like REALLY badly! I put so much of my stressful energy into the stone that it busted!
    I can’t bury it and get a new one yet, but I will! And I’ll give this one a rest (and some gratitude).

  102. Does it mean anything/What does it mean when the string of a crystal bracelet snaps suddenly and all the little crystals fall and scatter everywhere but don’t break?

  103. i placed my rose quartz on my chest tonight trying to relax and heal etc anyway when i looked down i saw a small bit in shape of a triagnle/heart had somehow chipped of,

    was this all the bad energy i had inside causing it to crack ?

  104. Can anyone tell me how to open a crystal so as to be able to do CRYSTAL READINGS?
    I had a male crystal which I could read and see the future for many months and I helped so many persons with their health problems because of this magnificent gift, but I since lost this male crystal and although I now have a BALL I cannot read it as I need to be able to OPEN it properly which I cannot do by myself. Please help here as I can be of assistance to so many persons once this crystal ball can be read. Blessings to you all for your beautiful bodies of light. Love you all. Edward (mmmmmwhah!)

  105. Hello! I’m very grateful to Hibiscus! My crystal hasn’t broken into pieces but I’d like to know why a transparent quartz can turn whitish and even get a samll sort of caramel-coloured -spot? I have it in my reiki box with the other quartz and it is this one which is placed in the centre of the box that underwent this change. I’m very new at all this knowledge but I thought it could be so because it may be too much work fot the poor crystal… so it cleansed it into salty water and then put it in the sunshine for 15 minutes but it still hasn’t turned into its original transparency. Is it possible to do that? In advance, thank you very much for your answer. 🙂

  106. hi,
    I had a rose quartz which I used to charge with Reiki to help me with my issues. It slipped from my hand broke into 3 pieces. Is it a bad omen? What do I do with it? Can I reuse it? Could you please help? I am really worried!!

  107. Good Morning from N.Y.. Hi my name is Jamie and I was doing a healing yesterday on a client that I’ve been working on for the past two weeks. Before I went to the healing I programmed a quartz crystal healing wand to assist me in my healings. I brought it with me to the healing and after I had used it on the DIS_EASED part of his body I gently laid it on that area and proceded to move to the next area and poof the crystal wand exploded and fell onto the cushioned table he was lying on. What do you think happened. Last week I also placed a very small quartz crystal which I always use and it flew off his body onto the floor. It did not break? that was a very intense healing because after that happened my hand was hurting me with energy and it was hard for me to shake it off. Also what should I do with this crystal wand now. Should I give to him or bury it ? Waiting to hear from you-Thank you so much-Jamie

  108. Hi, I really need to be enlightened right now. Please help me. I saw a crystal quartz cluster online which I fell in love with at first sight. I met up with the online seller last Thursday, and to my dismay, he forgot to bring that crystal cluster! I bought some tumbled stones from him instead, and he promised me that he will send me the crystal cluster via door-to-door delivery. The package arrived today and there were broken pieces! It’s still a big cluster but part of it broke into small chunks. The seller offered to refund or replace the item. But I’m not really sure what I should do. I’m so sad about the piece. I still love it. What is it trying to say? The seller told me that maybe it’s not meant for me. I decided to cleanse it under the rain, and as I was bringing it out (just now), I felt it’s energy. I feel bad. I’m still shaken. I’m now in a bad mood. Please help.

  109. I have a beautiful phantom quartz that I’ve been fascinated and in love with since I saw it in my local metaphysical shop. Just recently I started to utilize it and my others more and my collection has grown to approximately 60 different crystals and stones. I ended up having to buy a lined box to put them in to keep them from breaking or getting scratched or anything like that. Somehow, one way or another, it was broken. It’s not a fragile crystal, it’s actually one of my sturdier ones. But I put it all in the box, making sure everything was down and wouldn’t be pressed on by the lid. Later, when I opened it up to show someone, I was broken basically in half. It’s such a clean break, I’ve considered using a tiny bit of superglue to put it back together. I’m not ready to give it up and it’s one of my favorites and, while I was sad when it happened, I realized I still have two beautiful pieces, one completely clear, the other with three phantom crystals inside. Am I wrong in wanting to repair and keep it? I’ve given away crystals before, but it was always spontaneous and they were ones that I had never quite connected with, but felt I should hold on to. Would it cause any kind of negative effects? I haven’t done anything different with it and it still feels right. I’ve just never run into this and I’ve been wondering for a while.


  110. I received a Selenite in the mail that was broken in half, and when I meditated with it and used my pendulum, I was led to keep half and send the other half to my sister. The energy is just as strong in both halves. We’ll see if one or both halves ends up being a self-healer. In two other instances, one crystal point broke off its base and another one had a piece broken when it arrived in the mail. When I meditated with them, I had the sense they wanted to be glued back together, which I did (after the glue dried I buried them in dirt for about 2 weeks), and months later the crystals are still intact. So I always ask the crystal whether its intent is to remain apart or to be pieced together again.

  111. I just read Katie’s post. I tried Gorilla glue with my Brandenburg (point that broke off its base) and the Indigo Aura Quartz that arrived in the mail with a piece broken off. The Gorilla Glue did not stabilize the Brandenburg, but worked well with the Indigo Aura Quartz. I then used a hot glue gun with the Brandenburg, and that worked like a charm. I recently read about another type of glue or goop that some people use but I can’t remember what that’s called and I haven’t tried that yet. Hope this helps.

  112. I have a clear crystal Quartz that I carry around with me.
    About a week or two ago I noticed that it had a small insistion like crack in it and it looked like fresh blood I’m side. Had no idea how if could have got blood or anything like that in it like that. But my first thought on the matter was, oh that can’t be a good sign.
    A week later I was in the hospital for gallbladder surgery.
    Might be nothing, but it was some very interesting timing if not.

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  114. I would like your insight on the following. I had an energy worker who had been gifted a Rose Quartz crystal about the size of a medium adult fist and had ben using it successfully for decades, place it on my heart chakra during my recovery from a traumatic brain injury from an auto accident. She left me alone on the table and returned after about 15 minutes. To our surprise there was a pile of rose quartz sand on my chest. I felt horrible. I felt like I had destroyed her talisman as she almost broke down emotionally. What do you intuit about this situation?

  115. Andi, do you have a website, you sound quite knowledgeable, especially on singing bowls, I’m so interested and reading your comments has fired up my enthusiasm ???

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  117. I bought my daughter who’s 25 a clear quartz and rose quartz bracelet, we kept finding teeny specks of what looked like glass, and couldn’t find where it was coming from. I meant to say that the bracelet was brand new and she had only been wearing it for about half hour, when she put the bracelet on she said how cold it felt. So we were looking for the source when she looked at her bracelet and she commented it felt hot, then with no warning one of the clear quartz beads just exploded! The other crystals went everywhere ! She said you must have bout a plastic one…I did not !! I have never seen anything like it before! It really freaked me out, what could have happened ? Any help would be really appreciated x

  118. I was meditating with two pieces of tourmaline in my hand and I felt a strong pulse so i focused on it for a sec, then it went away and I opened my hand up and one of them broke clean in half. I tried breaking the other one to see if they were flimsy or something and I couldn’t even break it. First time it’s ever happened I was astonished

  119. My Helper has broken, smashed, and hammered all my Crystals that I have. I was wondering why she would do something like this. When I asked her if she broke one particular one, her answer was maybe. I have subsequently told her to leave and only after she left did I look closely and see that they have all been severely damaged. Some have had the points broken off and others have been shattered inside.

  120. What does it mean when a stone gets a hairline crack when accidentily dropped onto the floor and that crack turns into a brownish reddish line, almost looks dirty but it’s not. Two stones I own had that happened, a blue lace agate and a chevron amethyst. The color change which was immediate disturbed me more than the crack itself. Any ideas?

  121. For as long as i can remember its been very hard for me to wear any type of crystals of any kind for any length of time they seem to crack in half or multiple pieces the last one I had was an amethyst I had it on for maybe 3 days I went to work out it was a hard workout with a personal trainer she was yelling at me I did get angry back and it like exploded but that was just the last time I had others where I’ve had crystals that I picked up from Mount Lemmon and have made them into necklaces I can keep them in my pocket cleanse them and things like that and they seem to be ok I just can’t wear them around my neck

  122. My clear rock VOGEL crystal was cracked when I woke up.
    (I sleep with various crystals)

    In my other hand, was the rose quartz VOGEL crystal I also usually sleep with…it was fine…

    I am kinda heartbroken here…not only was it my fave “amping” crystal, but, I cannot afford to replace it.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

  123. I recently had my opal crystal pendant break. I’ve had such an interesting story with it that I can’t completely understand why it broke, although I have a sense.
    I purchased it about 6-7 months ago after feeling it out among others, while out with my best friend. It looks like a bullet, with the long, large opal piece sticking out from a metal holder. For a couple of months, the chain would sporadically fall off despite making sure I clasped it right. I ended up changing the chain to one that my mother had given me and it still kept falling off. Not to long after, I thought I lost it outside, and I ended up finding it again. Then a week or two later, I took it off to shower and get ready for a date. My date came over, we sat around the general area of where the opal was as I had not put it back on yet. It disappeared that night and despite searching, it was nowhere to be found in my room. I was crushed.
    I ended up finding it in a bag with my clothing months later. I was so happy! I wore it every day and only took it off to shower, except for one time, which caused the finish on the part that held the opal to go bronze. Still, it stayed on and in it’s last month, received a lot of attention anytime it would peek out from my shirt or had my hair up. A few people would reach out and touch it before I could do anything about it and it always left me a bit uncomfortable but I would clasp my hand over it and try to soothe both it and myself.
    Anyway, I went through an intense realization recently that my 12+years best friend has developed feelings and it’s put me in a terrible emotional state as I needed to figure out my own feelings. I can’t see myself with someone who I consider family and I can’t shake the pain I can see coming from having a conversation that won’t go well. On top of that, I feel my friend has caught on in an intangible level and we are both sort of at opposite ends. I realized what I’m putting my opal through as well and would apologize to it, as well as calling on support and strength.
    Days after this realization happened, I was getting ready as my date (who I’ve been dating for also about 6-7 months) was coming over. I clasped the necklace on and walked into the bathroom to shake out my damp hair. That’s when I felt it slide off and I heard the sound as it hit the floor. It broke from the base of where the metal was holding it. There’s still a piece inside, but the majority broke clean off. What still stuns me about that moment is that I felt calm when I looked down at the broken pendant. It was sad but it didn’t hurt me like when I lost it.
    My mind has been going over everything, from what’s happening with my friend, to my developing relationship, to my history with the opal.
    I can see it is trying to tell me something, that much is clear. I just feel so muddled, I’m afraid of reading the signs wrong. And I’m not sure what to do with the two pieces I have now, but I’m still carrying the broken pendant on my neck. I placed the broken opal with some stones I picked from a lake while on vacation.

  124. Hi! I have a chakra wand that broke in three places. The breaks are very clean, no shards. I am wondering what this means?

  125. Re: gluing a crystal or stone back together: I’ve had 2 Fluorite generators break in two, no chips, easily fitted back together. I forget exactly which glue I used, but it does dry and simply becomes a bond. I avoided the center of the piece, putting small amounts of glue on the four corners and not in the middle, where the most energy is concentrated. I then put them in what I call a “nursery”, where other stones can surround and heal them (they don’t just heal us, they heal each other! ?) I totally would have gifted them or ended our relationship , but they were communicating they had come all this way, the mining, distribution, cutting, polishing, and mailing are all so traumatic for them…they really did want to be whole again, and their energies are very positive and possibly even stronger than before they arrived. 🙂 I think Hibiscus’ info is spot-on: listening and intuiting with our Stone People is so important. ?❤️?

  126. I keep a chakra markabas set and other crystals under my pillow. I just woke up and realize my amethyst fantom merkaba is chipped in one side and broken in another… I’m so down. I just had what I think is a premonitory dream about my narcissistic X. I don’t really know if I finally reconnecting and opening my third eye again…
    About 3 weeks ago, one of my fav pendants, a beautiful moon stone I got in Jordan, came out of her frame hit the floor and break in two peaces, I’m still reluctant to let her go… I was speechless and paralyzed I immediately start cleaning and cleansing all my crystals… But know I’m clueless. Should I clean and cleanse again? Are they changing vibrations? Is it me?
    Thank you so much for your post, it really helps!

  127. I had been going through a lot in my life for several years now to the point where my health is in jeopardy. I went with my friends to a gathering last year, we were seated in rows of chairs with other people when two little black beads just flew from the air (no kidding) on the seat next to me where I put my folder and papers. Feeling confused on what I just saw, I tried to pick them up and they seem like the magnetized hematite, because as soon as I held both of them, they stuck together. I tried to ask the person in front of me if they belonged to her, but she said she’s never saw them before and neither did the others who are sitting close to her. I read somewhere that magnetized hematite are synthetic and called hematine, while the real ones from the earth are not magnetic. I’m new to crystals so I still don’t understand what happened but I kept those beads. Does anybody have an idea how such a phenomenon could just happen?

  128. Hoping for some guideance…
    I was drawn to my first piece of selenite walking past a shop one day, like guiding forces where leading me straight to the chunks of selenite on the shelf. I picked a piece up, turned it around in my hands as I inspected it – I saw volts of electricity running through it.. like 4 or 6 sparks running along the lines inside the crystal.. I gasped, cupped it in my hands, paid for it and left with my first piece of selenite.
    I’ve had some strong psychic experiences since owning this, but have not seen the electricity again, nor can I find anything online about seeing electrcity in selenite..
    Does anyone out there know something about this??
    TIA X

  129. Hi! My cat was very sick today and so I rushed her to the vet…I grabbed my 2 small Angel shaped crystals…one a clear Quartz and the other a Rose Quartz… I had them in the chest pocket of my scrub shirt…
    Once we were home (so happy she could come home with me!), I bent over to get her out of the crate and forgot the crystals were in my pocket! They fell out onto my tile floor and broke!! The clear one broken in two at the Angels wait…the wing tips broke off of the Rose one!!

    I read the blog…thank you!…but am still confused on what to do in this situation!! I am very new at this and these are my 1st two purchases…and my only crystals!!! I feel like I’ve done a terrible thing to them!!!

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  131. Hello, I’ve been searching the Internet for information on broken graditide rocks. I’ve had one that I personally invisioned and picked up at a beach5 years ago. It’s small and brown but has five natural occurring spots on it that I touch each day and give thanks and say what I’m thankful for. The spots oddly enough represent myself, husband and three kids. Last night at dinner I got something out of my purse and placed the gratitude rock on my chest, when u went to move it feel on the floor breaking off a piece which was the corner area where one of the spots were, in addition to a small other piece. The are that fell off what one spot that represented my husband and a small piece of mine. I was able to find all the small pieces (yes I was on the floor looking) as I’ve put a lot of energy into this rock over the years. I out it back together but my mind keeps wondering or trying to figure out why it broke there and don’t want to think it’s an omen. I can’t find anything in the web and was wondering if know what if anything this means. Any help and/or comment is appreciated.

  132. I really enjoyed both the blog and the comments. What a wealth of info and experience!
    On a recent mining experience in Arkansas, I was gifted a particular crystal with a hairline fracture. The giver explained about it having been broken more, and the self healing it had demonstrated. They had felt led to gift it to me. This particular quartz crystal point has been very helpful to me in healing after the recent loss of my grandfather and another traumatic event. One thing that I have loved, is the intuition that people use when they DO gift. Or using the wisdom given to us.
    Great stuff!

  133. My experience with the cracking, breaking, or crumbling of crystals is *what I am led to believe by what some sort of higher power tells/shows me* is that I am drawing out the “bad” energy that is stuck in that part of my body..or chakra… I’m a pretty quiet person who sometimes finds it hard to communicate with others, getting flustered and tongue tied often. I had a sodalite crystal one day, and knowing it could maybe help with mentioned issues. I placed the crystal between my collar bones on my throat. My throat chakra. Almost rather noticeable relief was felt upon that area. But as gentle as I was holding the stone with very light pressure applied. It started to crumble! Little chunks here and there fell off the stone (about a 30min time span) (rough/raw stone)! I could feel certian spots that were..tainted where I had to go in a little deeper.. While pushing in, it would crumble larger pieces in areas of the stone that wernt touching my skin! I’d pull the crystal away from my throat and say “freaky” cause it’s like, I knew what I was doing, and knew what was happening, but I have had no previous knowledge of what I was doing/didn’t know what I was doing.. but listening to my…inner guidance? Crazy stuff man! I’d love to talk more about my crazy experiences..especially with crystals.. Sometimes I wish people knew what I’ve seen!

  134. Hi! I bought a few days ago a white quartz to improve my love life. It broke 2 days later. What does it mean? Thank you 🙂

  135. Is it a good idea (as i have seen some tutorials) to try and glue a snapped crystal back togethere (my crystal wand snapped of physical causes and i have some strong glue but am slightly worried about trying it)
    Reply if you can

  136. I know this is about crystals cracking in real life, but I’m searching for answers and can’t find them. A few months ago a Super 7 crystal pendant found its way into my life. I never had any real interest in crystals and was not searching for any. This was my first crystal ever. I love it and it has opened me up to so many things. I wear it daily and keep it by my bed at night. I had a dream last night that this crystal broke into 3 pieces while I was wearing it. One piece stayed firmly attached to the string around my neck and the other 2 pieces fell to the bed I was standing next to. I was distraught. I know dreams can have a different meaning for each individual, but I would love any insight into this that I can find. I have only found one passage on the meaning of crystals cracking in your dreams and it said that it was a sign of impending doom or looming danger. Any insights are greatly welcomed. Thank you.
    Love, Light, and Truth

    1. Thank you for posting this story. I find this interesting that you talk about the “Star of David” in your dream in the form of a Crystal breaking while one is attached to your necklace while the other two pieces fell to the floor. I think this is a good sign and not a bad omen as you may think of it. Have you tried reading the Bible on the Birth of Jesus Christ? Do you go to a Non-Denominational Church? I think that is what your Crystal is trying to tell you by it breaking into 3 pieces is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I think that it is trying to cleanse you and your life of anything that could be a bad sign such as if you’re in a relationship with more than one person who needs to break up with them both and dedicate your life to going to church seeking Retribution and Forgiveness and Reconciliation for having indecent relationships in your life that God didn’t consider to be Holy. That he would want you to seek out a person of nature who was of like-minded in this same regard who “builds people up in Christ and Sends people out for Christ trying to invite people to do volunteer work with them or to go to church with them.”

      Sometimes God blesses people in different ways to be “Blessed to be a Blessing”. What I mean by this statement is that sometimes someone will sneeze around me and I will say “Bless You” due to emotional distress of other people not knowing how to prevent the spread of diseases by covering their face in their shirt or hands or arms and to go wash their hands to prevent the spread of Germs or by having kleenex on them as well as Hand Sanitizer so that other people don’t get sick as well. I’m one of those people who is a Caretaker/Caregiver/Gate Keeper of my Social Media Accounts while I also too believe in a Higher Power. I don’t mean to intrude on your post so my apologies if you take offense to my thoughts on your post. I’m sorry if you take my comments the wrong way I just thought I would reply to this as one of many that I found interesting to post after posting my own. I do find it very peculiar about the date of your post though and I’m interested in learning more about where you might be leading towards with this type of dream of yours to learn more about self-actualization (Maslow Pyramid in meeting the most basic human needs), spirituality (Religion vs God, the Bible, and going to Church), Relationships are important and a must have in life but so is Trust, Honesty, Love to the right person who doesn’t chase people for money but for friendship and to maintain stability in a world where I believe in Preventive Health Care, as well as Economical Renewable Energy Power Resources such as Sustainable Living with Power Water Mills/Wind Mills as well as Solar Power. I hope you have a good day today.
      Blessings and Peace,
      Dinah JochebedPi

  137. I have been having a hard month so I went to a zen/healing shop and purchased two black strength bracelets, one for me and one for my wife. Yesterday my dog jumped up on my and the bracelet being kept together by elastic broke. I relied heavily on it for positive energy and was very upset so my wife told me to take her strength. Today, the very next day I got home from a day out and my dog greeted me and again broke this bracelet. What could this mean?

  138. Decades ago now, I’d tried a sort of love magic spell, using a clear quartz crystal point.
    Looking back, it was Not the best idea, even love magic spell wise, lol, as I did not do the recommended “send someone who will be good for me, me them..” I’d been lately worried by my own wild choices, So I asked for a specific, very involved with family & strict Cath church goer guy. My polar opposite. He’d never even sooke to me. The next day after my spell, he called to ask me to a party. I did not “do” parties, but I went. We did a kinda disasterous 2 years together, both pretty miserable by our differences. I finally summoned nerve to get out of it, which took a lot, as those around me were so relieved by the “establishment” guy I finally was with, thought I’d come to my senses. I managed to escape. I came across the crystal I’d used, to in effect, bend someones will. I picked it up. It exploded, explosion sound and all, into near dust in my hands. It was previously a small thin near inch crystal point. “Yep. Sorry bout ble, tho that.” I laughed to the universe.
    My now, buddy went on to marry his total soulmate, and move far away from my area.

  139. Hi!

    Loved the article!
    I just experienced this: I bought a sunstone necklace to help me go through the winter. I felt its energy was too strong for me today, I took it off and it accidentally slipped from my pocket, to the carpet and then I accidentally rolled on my chair on it! the poor thing cracked completely, all the stone “chips” broke and spread around. I collected it all but I wonder what does it mean 🙁 and what should I do next?

    Thank you!

  140. Thank you so much for this article. I’m so happy to know that my Herkimer just needs a little rest. But I’m still unsure what happened to it. I took a little purse of crystals to a music festival. I left the purse in the pocket of my tent and after two days at the festival I noticed that my Herkimer Diamond had a slither chipped off. I’m wondering whether it was purely the change in temperature from very hot days to cool nights, or whether it was the vibration of 20,000 people in various states of consciousness that cracked my Herkimer. And if it was vibrations is that a good thing or a bad thing? Anyone have any thoughts on this?

    Thank you <3

  141. Hi,
    I had a curious thing happen while my Hubby & I were using vacation time to look at homes with property in another state to purchase. I often keep stones tucked into my bra– keep in mind I wear a 40J or sometimes a 40I.
    At a particularly lovely house and property, I was taking pictures in the 3 car, detached garage. We’d already toured the house, Amish style-built, little cabin, and the root cellar, along with some limited property walking (snow was on the ground). While I was taking the pictures in the garage (I’d been taking pictures all along), I felt one of my stones moving–sliding down– and I thought, “I should catch the stone before it falls,” (but there were other people around, and I figured it would be able to get below the underwire portion, which sits snuggly against my skin), but I didn’t do it. To my mild surprise, the gemstone did make it out of my huge bra, somehow(?) and landed on the cement floor of the garage. I bent down to pick it up, and saw it was one of my ametrines (I only wear one of them at a time). As I twirled it in my fingers, I saw that a rather large piece had actually chipped off, do my disappointment and dismay. At the time, I immediately thought to myself, “This might be some sort of sign.” I searched and searched for the chipped piece, and one of the other people also tried to help me find it– but, neither of us could do so.
    Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I’ve had stones fall out of my bra before, typically when I’ve put them too close to the edge– this was different, because I could actually feel it work it’s way out! Might this mean something? Might this be a sign that I need to pay attention to? There’s more involved things happening, surrounding the setting & situation and whatnot– I want to avoid going into those, so as to not give any bias or prejudice as people evaluate what this might mean, if anything.
    Thank you in advance for ideas to assist me in making sure I pay attention and search for truth and meaning.

  142. Last night I was dedicating a malachite stone to heal my back pain as I was dedicating it for this purpose I felt it’s energies and it wanted to give me more of what it is cabable of I just thought wow I picked a powerful stone for my back pain yay! And this morning it broke into two pieces. I knew … but wanted to be sure… that the stone felt my energies and knew it needed to be one for my back and one for deep emotional healing. I looked up on your blog here to actually see if this is truly what the stone is doing
    And I believe it is 🙂

  143. I bought a string of rose quartz, I wore it for about a week. When I got up from sleeping, I noticed that the string had broken, some of the beads were on the string, others were on the couch and around my living room. I cleared and charged it by the sun and the moon. (along with other items I purchased at the same place). I also know that my energy can be challenging. At my old job I got a brand new computer that failed to work 2x, the tech person told me that either it would get used to my energy or not. I also know I have no luck with amber, as much as I like it, it always falls off of me. Rose Quartz is pretty sturdy, never thought I would have issues with that. A friend told me that when jade breaks, the stone took a hit for the wearer. Is that what is happening with this necklace? I decided to restring it, using some different materials, when I got to the end, the loop at the end of the necklace “disappeared”? Did it want the original parts? Did not want to be restrung? Did it break for a reason? I’m used to weird things happening around me, but for some reason this is weirder than usual. Any insight would be helpful

  144. My mother Marcia died of cancer in 1991, followed by 3 of my other relatives, my grandmother, Aunt & Uncle. These deaths caused me immense Bereavement Grief, Depression and as as I did not inherit $ I became more financially anxious, worried & scared for my $ future & as I was unemployed. The grief that I still have, caused me an immense mental ‘black hole”, void of a deep period of creativity stagnation & blockage, numbness, of being uncreative & uninspired. My mother was a pianist & I tried to learn to play piano, as I inherited my Mum’s piano, that only is left disintegrating needing $3,000+ of refurbishment; so I bought a Roland Juno synthesiser to play & that broke! Then I bought another keyboard mini synthesiser & that broke too! I felt so sad & excluded left out that I couldn’t learn & play piano & music like my Mother.The grief had me constantly pessimistically depressed, I felt uncreative, numb and I couldn’t find a boyfriend to love either. Every man I liked was married & too finicky they’d bully/pick on me & complain about me all the time. There were other teen traumas I had that caused me $disadvantage I still haven’t been able to rebuild my life from. Then if they all weren’t enough blows from life, my Dad bandoned me & left me to live in Croatia his birthplace, I was left barely affording his rent, but just made it, it no $ for bills & food. I had a psychotic episode panic attack ( over $ where to find it!) & ended up in psychiatric hospital. Anyway to cut a long story short, I still have intense grief & depression. My creativity is getting better, by using Amethyst & drinking Amethyst em elixir I make, & wearing a snowflake obsidian pendant. I bought a cluster of 2 seperate long point smoky quartz crystals that I thought would help alleviate my depression, but the 2 seperate smoky points in a cluster broke from each other! I felt that healing didn’t work! What does that mean? I still have the 2 pieces. I was still intensely depressed. I read about Morion Smoky Quartz rarely found & from Scotland fascinated me as an intriguing crystal piece as I felt I wanted an interesting unusual special but intensely therapeutic Crystal I could always keep & carry with me for a ‘pick me up’ when I need it. So as it was intensely therapeutic I bought a beautiful Morion sphere, that I’m using & just in awe of. The Morion ball is so uplifting to my Depression & bursting into tears it’s like a bath plug stopper I instantly feel less Depressed when I hold it or place it in front of me. It’s so helpful, & consoling. I just bought a double terminated black obsidian point wand, I thought it was fascinating black volcanic glass specimen. I was attracted to it not knowing what it’s for or it’s properties. When I later found out that it was for healing intense grief & mourning I was surprised & delighted! I tried using my double terminated black obsidian point wand I bought, it brought up in me more truthful things I was depressed & frustrated about, I got more depressed again thinking of those things. I grabbed my Morion ball & like a bath plug my Depression just went away! My depression comes & goes. Then just last night I carried my double terminated black obsidian point wand & my Morion ball in my pocket and later found my double terminated black obsidian point wand had chipped on one of its point ends! Oh no! I was dismayed 😩 & so sad I chipped it. What does it’s chipping mean? I did by another double terminated black obsidian point wand that’s I will just keep at home – its so beautiful an interesting piece. For the last 3 years I have been studying an art degree part-time, so my creativity is restoring & improving. I completed 2 Bachelor of business degrees graduating from both before that art degree. I’ve done a short course on Crystal Healing with the Reiki Centre of Venice, Florida online $25.00.

    1. Thank you for posting this story about your Crystal. I’m really sorry to hear about the death of your mom dying from Cancer. My biological dad died in 1992. My estranged grandmother died from Cancer and Diabetes in April 2015, and several other people as well. I find this interesting to your story about dealing with learning about what it means to be an Empath, Spirituality, while also having disbelief in religion, God, and the Bible, and interconnected/interpersonal Relationships with just one person. You have done a lot of research and education but why make fun of someone’s else own same education and life goals as well when they suffer from people and animals dying in one’s own life as well? Death surrounds people every day. Death surrounds other people more than others. It is just about knowing to having the opportunity to make better choices the next time around. Not everybody gets second chances at life. Not everybody can do everything on their own so they need help in getting it that doesn’t make them wrong, selfish, or bad. It just means they know how to access resources and they should be praised for it and not beaten up for it and made fun of being a resourceful person.

      I’m sorry if you take offense to this, it is not intended to be offensive but someone once asked me “Why I didn’t stand up to them?” opposed to someone else. Well, it’s simple I knew where they took a job but they lied to me about taking the job even though they told about taking it. Their lies about taking the job kept me homeless when I tried to have empathy and compassion for them that my energy has now all been spent on caring about everyone else and now nobody cares about me because people constantly just want to make fun of someone else’s sense of spirituality. I become agnostic and I become atheistic in my views about religion, God, reading the Bible, and going to Church, and having 1 relationship with my 1 true soulmate all because they make fun of me and everything I do and they nit-pick at everything I do. They end up becoming a frenemy (a friend who hates their twin or soulmate or best friend) all because the IT Girl gets locked out of her 50 Shades of Gray Account that her 50 Shades of Gray also leaves as well because they were both violated by Justin Milne. By 2 people who enjoy reading 50 Shades of Gray and then being locked out because of Justin Milne abusing both of them then they are both then isolated from each other and the others and feeling connected and constantly disconnected with the weather patterns changes because people abuse each other for being Christians and for being Mandatory Reporters.
      Both of their 50 Shades of Gray are being brought on by other people being selfish towards two other people who are selfless towards each other for being Christians. I hope you have a good day today.
      Blessings and Peace,
      Dinah JochebedPi

  145. Hi, I just found your site because I was shopping in San Francisco on vacation and I came across this crystal pyramid. I bought for two reasons, I liked it but it was also reduced because it had a chunk of the corner broken. I don’t feel much energy from it but I’m hoping to charge it afternoon cleansing. Is it bad that I bought a broken crystal? You can’t tell (they taped it up). ANy suggestions???

  146. In the case of people filled with negative energy causing crystals to break, I would suggest that instead of trying different crystals, have them go outside barefoot and really ground themselves with the Earth as a whole. Then their energies will be cleaner and crystals can do their work from that point on.

  147. I just got a very special citrine sphere to take over scrying duties. I have put it will all my other crystals, the 2 I have for divination and all the rest. The energy was beautiful!! But, as soon I placed the sphere on its stand and turned it forward, a huge scratch appeared in the surface!!!! I felt like my heart had been cut. I started crying. Especially since it’s the Taurus full moon and very important ceremony time for us. I don’t know how to interpret this positively or what I’m being told??? I just don’t understand. Any thoughts on how to buff this scratch out of my citrine shere?? I’m I missing a message? I thought this was a night it would want to be showing itself off and connect with me and my family… Please help…Starchild a bit heart broken and scratched

  148. Hello good evening my name is Rhodora from Philippines just wanna ask what is ur opinion.Whe never I buy something for my mom like a cooking ware the civer cracked or broke by itself .Yesterday they deliver the steamer that I ordered online and I was out that timemWheb I get home my mom was nervous and upset and she told me that she almost had heart attack while she was watching TV the cover of the steamer broke or cracked just like that.Is it a paranormal activity?Thank you

  149. I had a friend whom I knew needed a clear quartz I didn’t have a spare one to gift her. That night we went to bed & the next morning my crystal had broke in to two pieces. I thanked it and gifted her one.

  150. Nothing bad can not and will not come out of good. Whether crystals are broken or shattered , it is reminder to concentrate on yourself . Love thyself ! Realigning with your Godself ! To consider your choices carefully . At the end of the day , your free will is the decision maker !

  151. A reminder not to worry about little things . Live for the moment ! Appreciate what you have and abundance would follow ! Look around you . It is all your creation ! Be thankful ..

  152. Yes , you have not lost your crystal. You have misplaced it . Yes , you can very well use what you have . It does have the same effect ! Do not worship your crystals . Understand their roles and make them help you in your journeys !

  153. What makes you think it is your birth right to inherit ? You do have the same abundance as your parents or as any living creature . You are waiting from someone to get your abundance . Your abundance is within . Close your eyes for a second . What happens if you don’t have anything when you open your eyes ? Nothing ! You are just panicking .. Gold is everywhere . It is up to you to locate it . Appreciate and be thankful for the air you are breathing and the daily bread you are consuming . Be thankful because you are walking and able to see another day. When you are thankful , you will start receiving your abundance . You do have to appreciate what you have before asking for more . That is how spiritual world works . Just be thankful !

  154. Hi, I had ordered online a Tigers Eye and my Husband did as well but his was in good condition. When I had opened mine , it had a small crack. It’s shiny on one side and sometimes changes to light and sometimes a dark color, and on the other side it is rough with the crack. Does that mean something?

  155. Intense energy is needed to break Quartz huh? Let’s say one puts up a shield around their apartment meant to uninvite negative energy. But it also doesn’t allow negative energy to pass through it. So, a Smokey Quartz which absorbs negative would have sucked it all in since it had no where else to go, is that a safe assumption? Which would have put it pass max capacity and caused it to break in half and possibly, make the two pieces move apart from each other about 3 feet?

  156. Hello I received an amethyst scrying pendulum from my aunt who said that it was my great great grandmother so then a family for a while don’t really know if anyone in the family use it or really even knew what it was except for probably my great-great-grandmother but I never met anyway my boyfriend was moving it one day it hits a mirror and the tip broke off. He glued it back on was it the right thing to do or should I left it broke into don’t really completely understand how their energy work

  157. I just got a herkimer diamond and the lower negative cracked off as soon as i touched it. Is this an omen to be weary of. I noticed when i looked into it, it had peered back into me and i had an influx of spirtual energy from beneath my fingers skin. With this the peice didn’t fall off in my hands, it came lose after i had placed it back into the rock baggy that it had come out of. I did try to use the smaller broken piece (the size of a crumb) to scry with but it almost seemed to be lifeless wading in the pool of water but luckily the larger piece was still energetic but seemed sadened by its loss.

  158. Thank you for posting this story. It really helped me learn how to dispose of a bad energy source that was stored in a Ben-Was-Heart. I shattered it into half-dozen pieces and I buried it in the Mother’ Earth with other rocks. I hope that the shattered heart of the person who gave it to me will find a new energy source to give to someone else who wants to be abused by him whereas I do not believe in abusing people. I deal with my own emotions and I dealt with it with him by following your advice. Thank you again so much. I hope you have a good day and keep sharing the good advice about how to manage good and bad energy sources in Crystal Stones. I used to have a Crystal Stone that was given to me by someone very close to me, I will have to find one that will be my very own Crystal Stone Power Energy Source in Remembrance of my Foster Dad and to never let anyone ever touch it again because of the Ben-Was-Heart was filled with BadJuju.
    Blessings and Peace,

  159. A piece of jet found me. I needed it for my new job. The vibes were terrible. After 10 weeks the vibes are so much better and my crystal has cracked and I feel so totally tired I know we have made a difference I see lots of smiles every day At work and I have thanked the crystal and put it away for a well deserved rest.

  160. My boyfriend broke in two his cracked amathis crystal.
    I was using it and it means I lot to me.
    Guide me to clean it energizes and reuse

  161. About 20 years ago my favourite quartz phantom crystal crumbled in my hand.
    I was trying to get comfort from it as I was anxious and angry about being locked out of my house (I was 22 and a different person).
    I could feel it working in reverse and I think I was mehatively charging it until it just crumbled into small chunks and powder gravel.
    I’ve always wondered what on earth I’d done.
    So many helpful tips! Lovely forum 🙂

  162. Hi i just have a question so i bought my first pendulum on 5/13/18 and it/s 5/15/18 now and i was holding it up right and the red part of my pendulum just fell fright off it was the tip and my pendulum is rainbow, i just wanted to know what you think i should do about this Should i take it back to the crystal store i bought it from and talk to the people that work there? If it is of any help, I was on ft with my boyfriend explaining what a pendulum is and what it does he doesn’t believe in these kinds of things but wanted to know more

    1. im also a spirit empath and im 15 almost 16 ive been told by many different people in my life that i have this ability and i have to be careful because im venerable to other peoples emotions and what they feel and have learned to see peoples oras and stay away form people that have not good intentions

  163. Hi, I bought a clear quartz crystal and amethyst cluster 3-4 weeks ago. Recently I had a dream of broken cluster & crystal that I have. Does it mean bad?

  164. thanks for this, i was watching a youtube vid and then the crystal broke into 2 pieces, i didnt know what happened and then watched another vid where the hosts crystal broke into 2 pieces, she said that she read it was something to do with overworking it or something and energy being used too much. i just checked and this helped. thx 🙂

  165. Hi So Basically My mother gave me a hematite Jesus cross and she had it for over 10 years. I wore it everyday and I’m also a songwriter and ever since i started wearing it my song writer improve. i just recently finish a project and it a piece broke off and i super glue it back together. Since it broke i been going thru writers block so should i be worry ?

  166. I bought popcorn crystal beads (crackled crystal) and made a bracelet out of them for myself. They were extremely fragile! Well, after wearing them for a couple weeks, they are now whole again! I guess it’s ENERGY?! Wish I could post a pic to show you!

  167. I was playing my 12″ Crystals Singing Bowl (Crown Chakra, note B) as a I usually do. I have been having a rough couple of days and they always bring me around. IT was playing beautifully and really loudly and out of NOWHERE it exploded from the inside out. LITERALLY EXPLODED! It seemed like it happened in slow motion. It’s like it took my Mojo and what was going on inside of me and cracked it wide open. It shocked me and less than an hour later I am stick quaking inside. I contacted two healing friends and one said she had heard of it happening before. I have NEVER hear of it! Have YOU??

  168. Hello

    many years ago, I had an Amethyst Crystal “wand” (one of those long pieces with a point on the end) but one day I dropped it and it broke in two, I lost the bigger piece but still have the smaller one, I think it’s still good and can’t bring myself to get rid of it, I hope that’s ok!

    I also have a river rock with the words “Healing” on it in Gold lettering…one day that fell and broke too, I glued it together again, but it’s still missing a piece, however, just like the Amethyst, I can’t bring myself to just throw it away after all the wonderful work it’s done for me(despite the fact that I can get them for a dollar), I hope that’s ok too.

    ..I also have a Selinite Pendant, it’s contained in a silver coloured wire, but just today, I noticed it was breaking into three pieces (but the wire is still holding it in place), I hope that’s not a bad thing =(

    One question I have is that is there a way I can ritually “Transfer” all the times the stone has helped me from one stone to another? I know this is a very strange question, but it is one I would like answered, is there even a “ritual” for that? Or am I just being silly or crazy?

    Thanks ♥

  169. Hey. I’m probably going to sound a little crazy here but I have an amazonite pendulum and I’m not sure what happened to it. It didnt like the energy of where i live and i cant blame my friend I dont either. So we left the apartment everyday for a few months and talked somewhere else. Well yesterday I noticed that it does have a crack in it. So I’ve left it at home since but I’m worried itll get worse. I was wondering if there is a recommended way to cleanse it? Or a way to help this situation.

  170. A friend I work with mentioned to me that her boyfriend wears a black tourmaline on a chain around his neck. He’s gone through at least 4 of them,
    because they break into many pieces after being worn. He takes it off after he gets home. Is it too much negative energy or is there another reason for this to happen?

  171. I have a rainbow fluorite pendant that I purchased and only had it for literally a couple of days before it slipped off of my chain and broke in half. My question(s) is/are….is there a certain meaning to this and what should I do with the broken pieces? Thank you in advance if anyone has the answer!

  172. Hello,
    A few months ago I bought an amethyst necklace and I was noticing it cracking. But I also was storing it in my bathroom (not sure if that’s enough hot to cold from showering to crack it) but it also seems the more I wear it, the more cracks appear. Any advise?

  173. Hey there,

    So this happened just a few minutes ago when I was sound asleep and suddenly heard the biggest noise in the hallway by the front door. I wondered what it was when my partner told me as I jumped out of bed that my Brazilian black tourmaline 5″x 3″ had suddenly fallen off its stand by the door and completely smashed to pieces. Ever since I had this stone nothing has had ever happened to it, it never moved, never fell, had a large stand and literally just could’ve never fall on it’s own. But my partner said it apparently jumped at him…… Not so sure what to do now….. if anyone could help.


  174. Hello! I was wondering if a crystal breaks into 2 or 3 pieces, are their energies still connected? like if i give one piece to a friend and keep the other would i feel their vibrations in my part of the crystal? (the crystal that “Might” have broke is a clear quartz. im not sure if it actually was broken because the crystal i have looks as if it had been. but if it was then there is still parts of it out there and if someone had the other part(s) would i feel their vibrations through my piece?

  175. Hi, I was wearing garnet from back 5 days and I just noticed it got cracked,.. didn’t fall didn’t hit the light.. no idea also I can C few brown spots inside.. what to do is it just not suiting me or it happens I m a capri

  176. I need some guidance please !!
    I have a beautiful selenite wand, a big boy. I don’t use it often but it have it in my living room and allow my other crystals to surround it for its cleansing energy. The other night I went into a bad migraine, and whilst being in bed my daughter came to me and aid my crystal broke in half, she didn’t pick it up or drop it but merely touched it she said… and I believe her. I need to know how this massive crystal could break in half like this! I’ve had some odd negative occupancies as of late but nothing I want to feed energy into… any guidance is greatly needed and appreciated. Love and light

  177. I recently got my first elestial super seven quartz from China. My close friend lived in China for many years. She shares a birthday with my fiance. This and a euphoralite happen to both be delivered on their birthdays. Every time my friend would fly in from China something bad would happen to me. Than another friend had a dream she killed the two of us in her sleep with a knife. Eventually my friend from China and I had a falling out. I’ve been having nightmares that her and her family resent me for how things transpired. The elestial quartz is also shaped like the state of NJ, where we are all from. The little nib at the bottom of the state broke off and cut me in 3 places with blood. Mind you my “spirit guide” guided me to purchase this crystal. I got scared and def believe this was a 3rd energetic mixture. Thankyou for clarifying cause I was super paranoid and thought my spirit guides were trying to hurt me. But under the assumption that crystals only act in your best interest I’ll assume some healing was going on. Though it spooked me for sure.

    1. I recently got my first elestial super seven quartz from China. My close friend lived in China for many years. She shares a birthday with my fiance. This and a euphoralite happen to both be delivered on their birthdays. Every time my friend would fly in from China something bad would happen to me. Than another friend had a dream she killed the two of us in her sleep with a knife. Eventually my friend from China and I had a falling out. I’ve been having nightmares that her and her family resent me for how things transpired. The elestial quartz is also shaped like the state of NJ, where we are all from. The little nib at the bottom of the state broke off and cut me in 3 places with blood. Mind you my “spirit guide” guided me to purchase this crystal. I got scared and def believe this was a 3rd energetic mixture. Thankyou for clarifying cause I was super paranoid and thought my spirit guides were trying to hurt me. But under the assumption that crystals only act in your best interest I’ll assume some healing was going on. Though it spooked me for sure. There were also like 6 or 7 in sync things that occurred but don’t want to belabor all the details.

  178. Hi! Thank you so much for your site and all you do. Love it!
    So, I was given an ammonite fossil, put it in my pocket until i got to my table. I then put it on the edge of the table. when i went to pick it up( no more than about 5 mins later )it fell out my hand onto the ground and broke in half. well, With all this talk about passing it on, I wonder in this case, since “I” dropped it, should i keep it or let it move on? And if i keep it, can i glue it back together since its a fossil?
    Thanks! 🙂

  179. I accidentally dropped my amethyst. I was so happy to see that you had the information that I needed. I say that because I’m a recipient of your newsletter. I trust your judgement. That is to say I’ve felt very comfortable with the first newsletter I read. Unlike other people who made me uncomfortable. Thank you so much.

  180. Is it ok to buy a crystal that looks like this?


    They say it has a few chips. I had ordered a smaller one from this site, but unfortunately it was not in stock as someone just bought it on ebay a couple of minutes before me. So, they sent me a mail saying they would like to offer this much larger one at the same cost. Its just that this one has a few chips.

  181. Hello!!
    Thank you for this very informative post!
    I got a moonstone pendant from a friend who no longer had a purpose for it…..
    I helped her set up a “meditation den” in her room……so I thought it was a fair trade?
    Her room was dark when she gave it to me, and i didn’t notice the GIANT CRACK running down the middle!!!!
    Should i keep this broken stone? Or is the moonstone broken-broken?,(the crack goes straight thrugh)
    Has the stone served its purpose?
    Time to bury it?
    I don’t know what to do with it now!!! Please help!!!
    Thank you 🙂
    Sama Stitti

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  184. Great information for us students. Thank you. If a crystal broke, I would probably think that I mishandled it. But it is good to pass it on.

  185. My partner got a crystal from his house after moving out from his abusive, pagan ex. It’s a very large amethyst piece. I picked it up and felt it absolutely brimming with energy, some really vibrant, angry stuff, like wasps buzzing. I held it and grounded and meditated with it for a minute, connecting to earth until it seemed quieted. I opened my eyes when I heard a small crack and I located a small point that had broken clean as cut glass.
    Poor thing feels exhausted but at least less stressed
    I think it’s like a little thank-you gift for a quick-cleanse

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