Can Crystal Color Determine it’s Meaning? & Who made up the BUNK that crystal energy can be based on color!?

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This question came in & I think it is so funny how this is worded:

Who made up the BUNK that crystal energy can be based on color?

Ha! Here’s the vid…

Yeah! So where’d this bunk come from?

All right, so I don’t know that it’s necessarily a “who made it up” type a’ thing.

Actually, this whole concept of color & crystals aligning with different energy centers throughout our bodies & resonating with different organs & glands has been around for thousands & thousands of years & is a common thread through many different cultures. It goes back to ancient teachings.

And it’s actually something that we can scientifically back up & even measure in some instances (I get much deeper into that in my Certified Crystal Healer Course).

Rather than someone “making it up” I feel it’s actually a case of many different cultures tapping in at the same time to a particular teaching or Universal Knowing…a collective tapping in of collective consciousness (or unconsciousness) & all coming up with the idea at the same time. This has been known to happen with scientists , inventors, discoverers, etc.; actually where 2 different scientists in different parts of the world will all of a sudden make identical discoveries…like this vibrational wave comes through and then they will both tap into the same discovery or invention at the same time! Then there’ll be these accusations flying around that someone stole it from someone else. But back in the days when the only way to share information was via a letter on a ship, that was most likely not the case at all, but instead, that they tapped in vibrationally at the same time to the same collective idea. Pretty cool, right? (Biologist, Rupert Sheldrake has based his theory of the Morphogenic Field on this concept.)

…or perhaps “others” brought that knowledge here to Earth at one time. (If you’re interested in that look into the teachings of  Zecharia Sitchin)

Back to the Crystal Bunk

So, about different crystals & mineral energy being based on their color: for instance, the teachings that say all blue crystals are for gentle calming, all pink crystals are for love, etc.

I don’t feel that is always 100% the way that it goes every single time.

I feel that not every single green-hued crystal is going to exude the same exact sort of energy. However, due to specific light frequencies of the green wavelength many of your green crystals will be aligned to heart chakra energy to prosperity, to health, to vitality. Not every single green crystal (due to many other variables), but many will generally fall into those general categories.

In addition,  keep in mind that not every single person is going to get the same “feeling” from an emerald due to individual varying vibrational frequencies of the person.

emerald crystal color meaning

See, I feel that around 85% of the people will tap into the same vibrational frequency, but I’ve said it time & time again we all have a different vibrational frequency slightly different on average to each other. That’s going to not allow everybody to neatly fit into “the rigid box” of everyone picking up the same exact energy from a green emerald in the same way. Get what I mean?

What is Crystal Color?

In order answer this question we need to understand what color is.

Color is a visual representation what we are able to visually perceive of electro-magnetic frequency (light). We cannot see all light on the electro-magnetic spectrum. We’re only able to see a very narrow band on that spectrum. And we call that band visible light.


Now, I feel that some people can see a little bit more into the infrared, some people can see a little bit more into ultraviolet & beyond (we know some animals can do this, crystals pick up others parts of the spectrum)…the see’ers! But most of us can see the visible light band & that’s it.

So, there’s all of this stuff over here outside the band that are “colors” that we can’t see.

So as I said, when you see green that is a very specific light frequency. So it’s a very specific wavelength of energy that you are able to see, but it doesn’t just manifest as visible light. It has different octaves that repeat themselves & can be felt & represented in different ways.


What you’re seeing and we talk about “color” is a very specific vibrational frequency.

Now, here’s the kicker!

So, that crystal that looks “green” to you isn’t actually green. In fact, it’s every other color BUT green. What I mean is that it looks green to you b/c it’s absorbing every other light frequency except the green one & reflecting the green. It’s bouncing off the green wavelength.

So, that’s the specific frequency that it’s bouncing off! It’s the green frequency that if you’re able to pick up or perceive in whatever way you tend to do that, with your eyes, with your hands…or you enter the electromagnetic field of that crystal & that’s the energy you’re going to interact with: green energy, Baby!


It makes sense that other stones that are within the same color vicinity will have similar but slightly different energies.

And there you go…hope that explains in a general, but scientific way where this bunk comes from. 😉

Do you feel that all crystals of a color all affect us in the same way? Do you have experiences or stories to share on this topic? Please post in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings,

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      1. Hello Hibiscus,
        I love your name. I used to stay in Hawaii a lot. Your name gives me happy memories of the smells and colors beauty. I was wondering about shapes. I am new to this and have found a fondness for the egg shape because I like the way it feels when I hold it. Are there better shapes for different outcomes.

  1. Love it sooooo much HM, this is what I always explain to my Thai friends who ask me about crystals. And yes I learned it from your class, I had so much fun. Funny that I am always excited to learn something about this. I feel like I meet a superstar hollywood lol. Thank you so much for doing this VDO.

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  2. Our bodies are shifting and integrating different frequencies all the time (especially now!). For me and my clients, I gravitate to whatever crystal is calling to me that day. I will use color as a guide sometimes, but what calls to me is the surge of energy, or calmness or shift of consciousness that the crystal gives me. It is like a crystal bowl, a specific note is meant for a specific chakra but more often than not, that energy is felt elsewhere on the body or etheric field. It goes where it is needed!!!

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    2. Years ago when I was just starting my collection of stones and balls (what I call finding my marbles) I knew very little of what others had experienced and learned. I treated each stone as an individual and I’d “get into the zone” of alpha meditation, describe what I needed and who I needed it for and wait for a volunteer. I had a 500mm ball of brown agate that I thought might like to work with an animal but instead it practically yelled at me that it wanted to go help my niece get grounded after a whole lot of trauma. It’s still with her 10yrs. later and she cares for it like a pet. That’s only one of many examples and experiences. I know what you mean when you describe this – it’s the same for me.

      1. I LOVE that you call it finding my marbles! How true that is for so many of us who found a whole new way of thinking and living when the “marbles” found us 🙂

  3. This is SOOOOO interesting! Thank you for sharing this information! I am very into color as therapy. Question: does it make sense to think that if I have an amethyst and the color is an intense purple will that amethyst project a stronger energy than that of a light purple amethyst? (this comparing apple to apple) instead of different stones that are in the same general color (green) but are different types of crystals or stones. Aventurine tends to be lighter and a different kind of green than say malachite or emerald. So I would think that the vibrational energy that the type of crystal itself gives off is slightly different in terms of what it does. Oh dear I hope I made my question clear. Anyhoo, I did want to add that I was going through a book by Deepak Chopra and he explained that in ayurvedic medicine it was important to include in our diets all the colors available in foods because the color indicates the vitamins and minerals the vegetable contains that are needed for a balanced diet. Yay for colors!!!! And crystals, of course! Thanks again Hibiscus Moon!

    1. Just as Chopra mentions that different colors in vegetables are determined by their chemistry the same is true of minerals/crystals/stones. Avernturine gets it’s green color from chromium and it’s sparkle from mica inclusions so of course that alone makes it very different from Dioptase which gets it’s color from copper and it’s texture as a silicate like quartz which gives us those nice 90 degree angles in crystal. That’s a whole lot of geology that fascinates geeks like me but really isn’t important to memorize for healing and energy purposes. Not only is chemistry the source of color but the refractive index makes a difference in how that color and and all other energy is given off. If the stone tends for form three sided crystals that’s going to make it different from one that has 8 sides etc. I love all this stuff.

      1. Thank you, Jim! Your reply helps me confirm my appreciation and application of these vibrational frequencies in my life. I am happy that Hibiscus brings us all together with this fascinating subject. I love this stuff, too! Yay!

  4. I’ve been ordering a lot of crystals, especially points, and especially fluorite, for my shop lately, so have been doing quite a bit of reading preparatory to listing them.
    It appears that different colors of fluorite are considered to have somewhat different properties, though they all seem to be in the “brain” ballpark.

    I’m having an amazing time just holding the crystals and feeling and listening to them as they arrive. There are some Lemurians and quite a few of my new favorite, green ghost “pyramid” crystals, whose structure fascinates me (and they sing to me too).
    SO my next chore is getting most of the fluorite and some other pieces listed, but next research is to see what I can learn about the green ghosts!

    No class for me this year — too much else happening. But I’m hoping to be able to make the spring session. Thanks for keeping me on the list–I’m learning a lot and enjoying it!

  5. thank you my crystal guru for the enlightened words in your video! matching crystal colors with chakras not always works for me, though some healing properties in certain crystals correspond very well with balancing characteristics on chakras with the same colors. i apply them according with the patient’s needs. i love your classes, thank you for your Darshan <3

  6. OMG this was SO helpful! I am a big believer in crystal energy but I have a few friends and family members that always try to challenge me on it, and I get tripped up over the science of it all and never feel like I can hold my own in a conversation with them about it. So THANK YOU!! I loved this.

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