Crystal Barre Enchantment

This is your invite to drop into a deeply nourishing journey of self-love and self-care with a blissful Crystal Barre Enchantment class.

Experience a totally NEW and interactive way to connect + deepen your relationship with your crystals! If you’re not familiar with it, Crystal Barre is the practice of blending authentic barre moves (the kind ballet dancers use to warm up) developed by Lotte Berk, the originator, and founder of barre, with crystal meditation plus crystal therapy. In this multi-faceted and very interactive class elective, you’ll access higher levels of consciousness while opening energetic channels through intentional, mindful movement, connecting mind, body, and spirit.

This class is more of a WORKSHOP because we’re going to get in there and DO some essential energetic hygiene together. Through a unique combo of carefully selected barre exercises (Hibiscus Moon is a great lover of barre, having done it consistently for eight years now) and crystals, this class will allow you to increase your:

  • strength
  • flexibility
  • ability to tap into the deep recesses of your own body-mind-spirit connection

Crystal Barre Enchantment is a complete energetic experience to reset the mind, body, and spirit. Although this class elective has been developed with beginners in mind, all levels are welcome. 🙂

Our Crystal Barre Enchantment combines:

  • A barre class geared to beginners but can be modified for all levels (with crystals!!) Of course, the class will be recorded and you’ll have Lifetime Access to it

  • authentic + highly effective barre exercises developed by Lotte Berk over 60 years ago

  • barre exercises designed to improve the length + strength of your muscles

  • blissfully relaxing crystal meditations

  • enchanting music to work out to (lots of Stevie Nicks)

  • A 30-minute Gem Elixir Tea-time Q+A video 

You’ll experience one Crystal Barre Class while learning what crystals work best to enhance these specific barre exercises along with exactly how to work with them! Why barre? Hibiscus got into barre because it not only strengthens and stretches but also tones your muscles without making you bulky. (Hibiscus Moon’s lower back pain completely disappeared once she started doing barre!) It also improves your posture while boosting your cardiovascular endurance + metabolism. And regular workouts can also increase your bone density, helping to prevent bone issues like osteopenia + osteoporosis.

By the way — the combo of Lotte Berk’s barre movements + crystals is the ultimate stress reliever.


💪 BONUS mini-class combining crystals with an upper body workout

🩰 BONUS intro to interesting barre history and technique

🧘🏽 Extended closing crystal meditation (which will also be provided to you in an audio mp3 format) Listen again and again at your convenience!

💎 PLUS, Jennifer’s sharing several of her favorite Gem Elixir recipes to complement + motivate your Crystal Barre practice AND a recipe to create your own Energy-Boosting room spray, crystal-infused of course!  This bonus will be sent to you as an instant download upon registration so you can start mixing up and enjoying the gem elixir recipes immediately!

Finally, you’ll get instructions to brew your own Gem Elixir Tea which you can sip during the Gem Elixir Teatime Q+A video

Sometimes we just need that little nudge to get some much-needed self-care squeezed in. You’ll be supported by crystals for this entire interactive experience! With this class elective, you’ll get some vital self-care checked off while engaging in a fun and energetic crystal barre class. And have lifetime access to it to take the class again and again.

No prerequisites

There are no prerequisites to this class elective. It’s open to anyone, specially designed for beginners. All fitness levels are welcome. If you’re a beginner, this is actually a great intro to barre. It’s also perfect for those brand new to crystal energy and therapy. No, you don’t need to be a certified barre instructor, nor a Certified Crystal Practitioner to take this class.

The class can be modified to your level and you can return to the barre class to practice again anytime you like!

The curriculum is designed so it won’t matter if you’ve taken my certification course previously or not.

What You’ll Do/Learn

OK, wait for this!!! We’re thrilled to be presenting the most PERFECT instructor for this class!!!

It’s being taught by our beloved and fabulous Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master, Certified Master Barre Instructor, and Certified Personal Trainer, Jennifer Henshall. You’ll be in UBER-qualified hands, privy to her years of crystal and barre expertise and best practices developed from experience while also benefiting from a beautiful crystal practice as you participate in this highly interactive class.

Meet Jennifer>>>

“I’ve always been attracted to the intentional, mindful movements of Lotte Berk’s original barre exercises. Not only do her exercises make me feel strong and empowered, but after a workout, they also leave me with these magical feelings of euphoria and accomplishment. While studying for my Hibiscus Moon Crystal Practitioner Certification, I was inspired to incorporate crystals into my personal barre practice and found that they further enhanced my awareness, provided increased strength and endurance, enabled a quicker recovery between workouts, and equipped me with the ability to focus more deeply on my body-mind-spirit connection. When I finished my ACM training, I knew that I wanted to design a Crystal Barre class combining two of my greatest passions. Sharing this unique fitness class with the HMCA community is a dream come true and I can’t wait for you to experience the enchantment right along with me!”


This class will

  • provide you with a new way to connect with your crystals

  • enable you to start or expand upon an at-home crystal barre practice

  • perform the ORIGINAL and authentic barre moves developed by Lotte Berk in London over 60 years ago

  • guide you through 1 blissful Crystal Barre class; this is so unique! Perhaps the first time it’s EVER been done anywhere

  • further ignite your body-mind-spirit connection through the use of intentional exercise, crystals and meditation

  • provide you with a unique opportunity to combine crystals with an at-home barre practice and dive into some REAL self-care

  • allow you to increase your strength, flexibility, and ability to tap into the deep recesses of your own body-mind-spirit connection while working with crystals

What You’ll Receive

  • 2 Class Videos (approx 1.5 hours total) – including an introduction video to components and concepts plus 1 Crystal Barre Class — Crystal Barre Enchantment. The class videos have been pre-recorded for your convenience.

  • BONUS Video – combining crystals with an upper body workout!

  • Gem Elixir Recipes — three gem essence recipes to try before, during and after your workout!

  • Motivational Room Spray Recipe — spritz this gem-infused spray around your space before barre class begins!

  • Teatime Crystal Tea Recipe — a special gem-infused tea for you to enjoy during the Q+A!

  • 2 BONUS mp3 recordings of interactive exercises – this includes an extended version so you can tap back into the energy any time you like

  • Mp3 audio lessons – so you can listen to the class content on the go wherever/whenever you like!

  • Transcript pdfs – great if you prefer to read the content — you can choose to print this out, highlight and take notes

  • 30-Minute Gem Elixir Teatime  Q+A Video – where Jennifer answers questions and shares a bit about the history of barre! 

  • Class Resources pdf – including links, recommended reading, optional but highly recommended tools, supplies and resources to enrich and deepen your experience

  • Lifetime Access to all class materials

  • ACM NOTE: If you’re working towards earning credits for my Advanced Crystal Master Certification, this class earns you 2 credits!

We’re offering this experiential class elective for just $97!

Only $97

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Supplies to Have Handy

In order to get the most out of this experience, you’ll want to be prepared beforehand with these supplies (all supplies are optional and not required – bring what you can, forget the rest):

For both the Full Barre Class and the 10-Minute Upper Body Workout:

  • 4 tumbled or raw stones – any combination of rose quartz, fluorite, tiger’s eye, carnelian

  • One clear quartz

  • Yoga mat

  • Sturdy support surface (i.e. a chair, barre, couch, countertop, or bar stool)

  • Grippy/barre socks

  • Water and a towel

  • Mini Fitness Ball (if you have lower back or any osteo issues)

Bonus Video Optional Supplies: Note that the tools you will choose will depend on your fitness level for these classes, Beginner or Intermediate.

  • You’ll want to have a total of two stones. We recommend any combination of Rose Quartz, Fluorite, Tiger’s Eye, and Carnelian, but two stones total.
  • Stones and Weights:
    • Beginner level – For a light/beginner workout, you can use either tumbled stones or up to 1 pound weights/dumbbells.
    • Intermediate level – For a moderate/intermediate workout, you can use two small or medium crystal spheres around 8 ounces each or 2-3 pound weights/dumbbells.
Student Testimonial
Student Testimonial
"What a great class! I am sore today! Hope Jennifer comes back with a 1/2 hr class. Loved the infused water & tea after." - Kathryn Kay

Frequently Asked Questions

“Is there a prerequisite for taking this class elective?” Nope. None at all. It’s ideal for any experience level but specially developed for beginners. If you’ve been neglecting your energetic body or you’re a total beginner then this workshop is for you!

“Will this class teach me how to teach my own crystal barre classes?” No. You need a barre certification to do that. This class will invite you to start (or expand upon an existing) Crystal Barre home practice.

“What do you mean by ‘class elective’?” Advanced Crystal Master Certification is our next-level offering for the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner® Course.

ACM Certification, first, involves successful Hibiscus Moon CCP graduation, after which you get to choose a series of elective classes so that you can personalize your ACM journey with a specific area of concentration. THIS is one of those electives you can choose to take to eventually complete ACM. 

“How many credits does this class earn towards ACM?” With the idea of encouraging you to maintain regular energetic hygiene, this class elective will provide you with 2 credits towards your Advanced Crystal Master Certification.

“Can I do a payment plan?” No, I’m sorry. There are no payment plans for this class. You can choose to pay via PayPal or credit card. In addition, if you’re in the US, you may wish to take advantage of PayPal Credit where you get to make payments over six months.

“Will I need any supplies?” Yes. Please see the above list of optional supplies.

Have further questions? Just send an email to

We’re offering this experiential, packed-with-useful-crystal-info class elective for just $97!

Only $97

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Learn and get connected at your own pace, in your own time, on your favorite device.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital product. In order to make this product as accessible and easily affordable as possible, this is a non-refundable purchase. Please understand that when you invest in yourself today, this purchase is final.