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I know you may automatically think of a gypsy-type psychic with her crystal ball in a dark room. However, not everyone who uses a crystal ball is a gypsy or psychic. Some just like to appreciate its beauty as a display piece in the home or garden. Some prefer them to just diffuse their energy into a space. Others, however, do like to use them for divination.

Not too long ago, a very good customer of mine asked if the manmade lead crystal balls were any less effective for divination than a natural clear quartz crystal ball. As far as the leaded crystal balls go, they aren’t “bad”, just not nearly as powerful as a pure quartz crystal ball created by the Earth. However, a pure quartz crystal ball is usually quite expensive, but well worth the price if put to good use and used properly. They’re priceless and very powerful objects, unmatched by a leaded crystal ball.

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  1. Fantastic info! Instinctively, I would have said pure quartz, but I've always been curious about the more decorative ones that are often sold. Thanks!

  2. That, aside from my inexperience (!) would explain why my crystal ball goes untouched by the hands of other worlds. *^_^* Thanks for the info! Your posts and work are helpful to me, as I have yet to work with the race of Earth elementals (Gnomes.) Your growing librarian wealth of knowledge helps me plan things out properly!

  3. wise words…. man unfortunately can attempt to duplicate what the world has forged yet never quite get it….

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