Crystals for the Color of the Year: Greenery ~ 2017~ Sphene + Peridot

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Crystals for the Color of the Year

It’s that time of year again to talk about the Color of the Year and the Crystals that I have chosen to go along with it.

Pantone chooses a color of the year every year, and…you may or may not know, I’ve done this crystal video to go along with the color of the year for a few years running now:

This year, for 2017, Pantone chose a color called Greenery.

Now, I was excited to find out what the color was and I was really excited to see it!

The first thing I thought of was “nature + freshness + vibrancy”.

And then I saw the color getting some flak from people, people saying they didn’t like the color at all…this specific color green, that it looked like pea soup. Hey, what’s wrong with pea soup?  Well, that wasn’t my first instinct when I saw it.

I thought,

“Perfect. I know exactly what crystals I’m going to go to that reflect ‘greenery’.”

So…here’s how Pantone describes the color:

  • refreshing
  • revitalizing shade
  • symbolic of new beginnings

How perfect!  I mean, it’s a new year, let’s start fresh, we can bring in all of the vibrancy that we want to manifest, especially when working with crystals of this color.

I really like working with color b/c color is light and light is basically information, very specific information, a very specific light frequency or vibrational frequency on the electromagnetic spectrum.

I know you hear me talking about this all the time, but it’s just something that excites me to no end, especially when you get very specific with the color, like this one here.

This is kind of like a green with a lot of yellow in it. It’s not an emerald green with a lot of blue. I like to look at colors as to where they align with us in our own electromagnetic field; I look to the chakras for that correspondance. “Greenery” aligns with the heart chakra, but kind of bordering towards the solar plexus because of that yellow tone that it has in it.


The 2 crystals I chose to go along with “greenery” are Sphene (one that you probably haven’t heard much about) and Peridot.


I have a very tiny piece of Sphene that I showed you in my above video.

Sphene specimen.By Carles Millan ( [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

But the color I’m focusing on here is the green, obviously.

It’s also known as “Titanite” due to the element titanium in its chemical makeup.

Although it’s often brown and comes in other colors, you can get Sphene the specific color that we’re talking about today, greenery. It’s a more expensive color variation and may be hard to find so your best bet is going to a gem show and asking if anybody has Titanite or Sphene, or checking out eBay. But be prepared that a little tiny piece, could cost about $75 or so. They are used as gemstones when they are high quality and more transparent. And this color is considered more aesthetically pleasing, so it is more rare, hence the expense—basic supply and demand economics.

This is a good crystal to work with for any kind of physical healing, but one of my favorite crystal healing authors, Phillip Permutt, mentions in his book The Crystal Healer, (which I highly recommend);  that this is a great crystal to work with if you are an astrologer or an astronomer…or may be studying either of those subjects. I thought that was really interesting. I haven’t tried that yet, and I’m not an astrologer, but if you are, give this one a go & please share your experience in the comments below!


The other crystal that naturally aligned with “greenery” was Peridot.  I’ve talked about Peridot a lot. I have a blog post all about Peridot over here. But just to give you a basic overview: Peridot is a beautiful olive to yellow-green color due to the iron content in it and it’s vibration helps with  increasing anything.

This pendant of mine has a peridot gemstone stop an ocean jasper cabochon below.

If you’re looking to increase:

  • the number of friends you have
  • increase the amount of business you have
  • increase the amount of abundance, prosperity, boost your vitality and your health, Peridot is great for that.

Peridot has a lot of masculine solar energy to it, so again, it works very well with the solar plexus, as well as the heart chakra. It was often used in ancient Egypt. It symbolized the sun…so that really great masculine energy.

Peridot is a really great stone that allows you to receive as well. Sometimes we put up these blocks and we sabotage ourselves and Peridot allows us to receive that abundance and prosperity and vitality that may be coming to us.

I hope you enjoyed my crystal picks for alignment with Pantone’s Color of the Year: Greenery!

Please share you experience with these crystals below and if you can think of any others that would also align well with “greenery”, please mention them in the comments below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings! 

Hibiscus Moon

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  1. I loved this video and the color Greenery! I wanted to share, that it is also a 1 year in Numerology, so the theme of renewal is perfectly suited for this beginning of a new 9-year cycle.

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  2. I like both of those things!
    Greenery and the number 1 as the beginning of a new era!

    I, personally, could use a new beginning! Last year was pretty rough!

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  3. I love peridot! New beginnings too!
    Green is my favorite color.
    My eyes are the same color as the titanite in the above photo, no kidding! ♡♡♡
    I may have to get a piece of both stones. Just beautiful!

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  4. I love the color “greenery”! It is so similar to the green we painted our living room (by Behr paints called “Mother Earth”).
    It feels like a sanctuary in there now! <3
    Also, I think Wavelite is fairly close to the color as well. what do you think?

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  5. I love it! I’m a peridot girl! Yes it’s my birthstone but I’ve been drawn to it constantly! I have to look into getting myself a piece of Sphene it would be a beautiful addition to my collection! Thank you for sharing these!

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  6. Greenery, love it! Also, not a “pea soup” color try Chartreuse. Great Choice Peridot is a favorite of mine although Emerald is my birthstone. I enjoyed your video in which you where gathering Peridot. I was so envious! I would probably still be there lol. I’ve enjoyed watching, learning from your newsletter & videos. I’m on your wait list to become certified. I can hardly wait! Tamie

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  7. What about Serpentine? My serpentine is exactly this color. It’s good for energy flow, creativity, and emotional support.
    I love my peridot, too, so I will be working a bit more consciously with these special stones throughout the year.

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  8. Beautiful picks! I was wondering when the “Greenery” video was coming. 🙂
    I’m happy to hear about Sphene. What a lovely crystal. Another one I was thinking of is Diopside. It can come in that yellowish green color too. I really enjoy learning from you and watching your videos. Stay sparkly!

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  9. I have a demantoid garnet that is a perfect example of Greenery! Sometimes it can lean towards the bluer end of the green spectrum. This one hovers on the yellow end, with enough blue to make it a soothing, peaceful green. This is one of my favorite colors and one of my favorite stones.

  10. The color ‘greenery’ made me think of lemon-lime color. The color of avocado-guacamole, lettuce baby leaves, granny smith apples, and such. Gemstones that may come in similar shade of green are dark lemon quartz, greenish smokey citrine, green-yellow apatite and heliodor, vesuvianite-idocrase, chrysoberyl. I also think of green calcite, serpentine, green opal (pistachio opal), unakite and epidote. Some stones of jadeite and chrysoprase have that greenish hue, bowenite, prehnite… natural green zircon… Lots of beauty comes from earth in shade of ‘greenery’!

  11. Gaspeite…but maybe as hard to get a sphene. I have serpentine in that color as well. What one of those jewelry calls Límone Quartz is that yellow green. Also I have seen Jade at the gemstone shows in olivey green. But White Jade is dyed so much it’s hard to say if it actually comes that shade of green naturally. But if it’s for fashion purposes, I have found most don’t care

  12. I love Peridot…but it like Amethyst & Chrysocola runs away from me, as in it falls out of any setting I may have it in be it a ring or a pendant, sometimes I’m lucky enough to actually feel it fall out & can pick it up & put it away

  13. I thought of two things that both have that beautiful Greenery color, and both can be found here in the USA.
    Wavellite, found in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and other places.
    One of my all time favorites The MONTANA SAPPHIRE! You normally think sapphire =blue, but look up Montana sapphires and they come in every color you can think of. I am looking at some beautiful Greenery colored ones right now. I wish I could show you a picture 🙁

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