How I Cleanse My Crystals

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Sometimes my crystals come covered in Mama Earth Dust…like this one:

This covering of hematite or clay doesn’t deter me in the least, b/c often times, after cleaning the specimens, gorgeous treasures are discovered!! In this video I explain exactly how I do that:

Ooodles of Glittery Crystal Blessings, 



How To Flow Energy Using a Crystal

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Hey Crystal Pea Pods!!

Let’s talk about energy & chakra flow today.

There are many ways to direct energy with a crystal but I’m going to focus on a 2-way flow in this post…specifically using a double-terminated quartz crystal.

[caption id="attachment_3845" align="aligncenter" width="300"] The marked areas on this crystal are pointing out enhydro bubbles of water within the double-terminated point. This was a SWEET piece![/caption]

Double terminated clear quartz points come in really handy for getting stuck energy to flow on through your chakras. “Double-terminated” means that the crystal has reached a terminated point on each end. That means that they’ve grown pretty much unrestricted & not connected to a rock matrix.

If you have 2 of these babies, try holding one in each hand, closing your eyes…make note of how they immediately  calm you down.

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If you’re a well-grounded individual, you can also place 1 on your third eye & the other on your crown chakra to enhance intuition (third eye chakra) & your spiritual connection (crown chakra) during a meditation.

My favorite use for double-terms is to place them between 2 chakras on the body to clear out energy blocks.  Each terminated point allows for a 2 way street of energy flow. 🙂 Here’s a video I did with my hunko-husbo Frankie a while back demonstrating this (he’s very sweet & is always willing to be my model for these demos…heeheee):

So, what have we learned today?

Double Terminated Clear Quartz = Chakra Energy Plumber!

That’s just 1 way to flow the enregy. There are so many ways to do this & learn about many in our Certified Crystal Healer Course. So give this a try…see how you like it.

Here’s to Free-Flowin’ Chakras!!



P.S. Please tell us if you have another way to flow energy using crystals. We’d love for you to share below in the comments.

Crystal Cleansing with Energy, Baby!

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I was inspired to do this video on re-tuning our crystals using sound acoustic energy by frequent questions I get about this. If you’re involved in crystal healing then you do need to “cleanse” or re-tune your crystals from time to time.

However, re-tuning or “cleansing” your crystals doesn’t have to be difficult, inconvenient or some long drawn out affair, Jelly Bean!

This method is good no matter how soft or water soluble  your crystal is. Its quick + easy too. And if you’re a professional crystal healer, this is a great way to do a quick re-tune between clients!

It just doesn’t get any easier than this.

CAUTION: Geek-Speak ahead.
Crystal Cleansing with Energy

So, what do you think? Please let me know your opinions in the comments below. 🙂

Mwaaah! Oceans of of sparkles showering down upon you,

How Often Should You Cleanse Your Crystals?

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OK, Crystal Hotties, I know there are very many varying opinions on this topic. Books will tell you this, that & the other. In the end, I feel very strongly that:

You must do what resonates with you most.

And this will be different for each of us.

I will tell you what I feel about this topic & then please let me know how you feel about it in the comments below. We don’t all have to agree. What’s so great is that we can all connect & share ideas & even respectfully debate about it if necessary. I love a mature debate!
What I do:

  • I re-tune (that’ my term for “cleansing” b/c I feel it more accurately describes what I’m doing…resetting the base resonant frequency of the crystal) my crystals when I first receive them. Not b/c I think they all necessarily need this, but more as a back-up measure. I have no idea what the the crystals have been through recently before they made it to me, so if they’re crystals I will be keeping for myself, they get a re-tune since it can’t possibly hurt them.
  • I will also re-tune if the crystal has been subjected to some high amplitude energy; its been dropped & cracked or broken, its been in an environment with a lot of high frequency energy (good or bad), or its been used like a workhorse for healing purposes or an intense crystal grid, etc.
  • If a rare celestial event (an eclipse, planet transit, etc.) is happening or I just feel a particular Full Moon bath would be beneficial, then I may utilize those energies. Why not? Again, it can’t hurt! But I am not a freak about NEVER missing a Full Moon. Not to imply that you are a FREAK if you do this. Hey! Actually, I adore FREAKS & use the term as a compliment!

As you can see, I don’t spend a whole of time worrying about cleansing my crystals. I don’t feel they need it as much as everyone seems to think they do. It may sound like something fun to do for most & it gives us all an excuse to work with our crystals a little more closely, so hey, GO FOR IT! Its not going to hurt them in any way. If you enjoy it, keep on truckin’!!

My video below gets into my WHY I feel this way (which I teach about more in depth in my course). See, there are several authors out there that state that some stones don’t need to be cleansed at all ever. That might be very true…for them. You’ll often hear many others simply parroting this advice without working it out for themselves. If you’ve physically experimented with this & find it to be true for you then I fully respect that is how it works for you, but if you’re simply following this as dogma without testing it out for yourself, then I don’t go for it at all, Jelly Bean. Here’s my opinion on that:

My New Fav. Cleansing Method:

So please let us all know how you feel, what have you tried, what do you think, what have you heard, what have you read…comment below. I’d love to share ideas!!

May You Have Squeaky Clean & Sparkly Crystals ALWAYS!



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