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This is a really practical question I received recently about cleansing pyrite specifically & think its a great 1 to share:


What’s the best method to cleanse pyrite?  I wouldn’t want to do a salt bath on it, so I’m supposing sound?


 pyrite chunks



You don’t want to go with water on any iron-containing stones (like pyrite) b/c you’ll cause them to rust. No bueno.

So, yep, I’d say sound. In fact, this is my favorite method for re-tuning crystals now & the most practical, IMHO.

Check it out!

Crystal Energy Cleansing using Sound: How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Crystal Blessings Lima Bean!


Comments 9

  1. Cool. I love watching your videos, thanks for sharing so much 🙂

    I use some Tibetan Prayer Chimes that I bought from my local UK crystal shop, to cleanse my crystals – and yes, I love the ‘ease’ with which I can cleanse them.

    I’d asked the shop owner to look out for some chimes for me after using some in her workshop and then one of her cats found a set for me, in a box in the storeroom 🙂 They seem to work well and I have used them to clear other energy in the home too 🙂 I use Reiki too.

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  3. Hi Hibiscus Moon,
    I love your videos, and website, very informative, also love your voice. ~I am Wondering if the tuning forks are standard? Also you used your 3rd eye crystal bowl, is that the one to use for all clearing? I have wanted to add a Crystal Bowl to my studio for a long time. can you also comment on what chimes are the best for clearing? Thank you and Namaste

  4. … And don’t leave Pyrite out in the sun for too long, I had one melt on me (the edges melted a bit) I like the idea of using sound. Beautiful. Another one: leave it laying on soil underneath a leafy plant.

  5. The idea of working with crystals is new to me so I have a lot to learn… My question is where does the negative energy go or what happens to it when the crystal absorbs it and then when the crystal is cleansed in saltwater or sound?

  6. Can we use videos online and cleanse with speakers on over crystals or it has to be offline only?

    ALSO CAN USE MOONLIGHT for pyrite?

  7. I accidently put my pyrite and hematite in water with PetalTone Clear2Light for around 10 minutes. Now I am a bit worried they will go dull and rusty over time from the oxidization.

    Would just 10mins of exposure be enough to worry about?

    I have a DJ mixer that has a loud noise effect on it, a bit like a singing bowl noise that rises.

    would something like this at a loud volume work to reset things?

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