Citrine Meanings, Healing Properties and Correspondences


Today we’re going to talk to you about Citrine meanings, healing properties, and correspondences so you can learn how to efficiently and effectively work with this popular and powerful crystal. (One stone that’s always on the top of my list is Citrine. By the way — if you want to check out my Top 10 Must-Have Crystal List, head over here.)

Question of the Day:

Is citrine part of your personal crystal collection?

Just type in Yes or No in the comments at the bottom of this page. I’m curious how many of us have Citrine. I know Rose Quartz is always a definite YES if you love crystals. Usually Amethyst is a definite YES, but I’m wondering how popular Citrine is with all of you.

I believe that Amethyst is number one. I’ve checked my sources on this and Amethyst is the number one collector’s crystal, and after that, it’s a toss-up between Rose Quartz, (because see Rose Quartz is popular with the metaphysical crystal collectors but with the rock hounds not so much because Rose Quartz doesn’t grow in that … Read More

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Want to Manifest Money, Prosperity & Abundance? There’s a Crystal (or 3) for that!

Prosperity & Abundance FI

Want to be a magnet for money…or anything else for that matter?

While there are many crystals we can work with for bringing about prosperity & abundance, today I’m going to focus on 3 that are really POTENT for this purpose.

The 3 crystals I’m going to talk about are Pyrite, Peridot & Citrine.

1. Pyrite

Pyrite is a beautiful brassy metallic mineral…also known as Fool’s Gold.

…b/c it’s been known to fool people who are digging or mining for gold.  When they would come across this…and get all excited…and think that they had found gold…but in actuality they were fooled b/c they had found pyrite, which is very different from gold.

pyrite crystals prosperity abundance

It does look similar, but not quite as yellow. And on an elemental level, it’s completely different; it’s an iron sulfide & it comes in many different formations.

Sometimes it grows in sprays or little pebbles, but if it’s allowed to grow in the right environment it can grow in its crystal form, which can form perfect beautiful cubes: expressing its inherent sacred geometric … Read More

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Is Your Citrine Real or Fake Citrine + Does it Matter?

Crystals are remarkable and glorious gifts from Mother Earth. Aren’t they? Well, what does fake citrine have to do with all of this?

And we all love citrine. Right? But do you know if your citrine is real or fake citrine…

and should you care?

Some crystal peeps prefer their crystals to be all-natural; as they were found in Mother Nature, in the raw.

citrine real fake, fake citrineOthers may be drawn to the beauty of crystals that have been enhanced in some way but they may be totally unaware that they have been artificially altered. Maybe the crystals have been molecularly bonded, irradiated, tumbled, cut, polished, or even heat-treated in a lab. Now, I’m saying “lab” in this post for ease & flow but often times the heating we’re talking about here isn’t done in a lab at all. It’s usually done in a dusty warehouse by the miners themselves; no lab coats or anything. Just keepin’ it real for ya. 😉

Lab-heated citrine seems to be a sore spot with many. So much so that over the years as I received many questions about it I’ve created a few … Read More

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