Chrysocolla; Our Guide through Fear, Paranoia, Uncertainty & Anger

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Today we have another guest blog post by Shellee Moon LaCombe, CCH, one of our very own Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers!!

Take it away Shellee!

Beautiful Chrysocolla

Like many souls on this Earth plane at this time of 2012, most of us are experiencing drastic changes in our lives. For a lot of us, life feels like a whirlwind, as we are realizing we have out grown our old patterns of belief, yet are fearful and anxious about what the future holds. Though it is sometimes through life’s many storms that we grow, it’s hard to imagine at times the rainbow that waits in its wake.

Through all the fear, paranoia, uncertainty and anger we are experiencing at this time, there is Chrysocolla.

Chrysocolla came into my life two years ago and told me she would help me find the courage inside to brave the storm.  The qualities she told me she possessed are:

  • She is a feminine energy, but balances both male and female
  • Soothes the heart chakra when it is “on fire” with fear, stress and conflict
  • Calms panic attacks brought on by the adversities in life
  • Helps you to understand the role YOU play on your journey, understanding your patterns of behavior
  • Calms the seas of emotions

She also wants you to remember how important it is to be gentle with yourself, that sometimes it’s OK to withdraw from the world in a healthy way from people, places and events so that the healing may occur, and to forgive yourself for doing so. She may be placed on the throat chakra so you may express exactly what needs to be said, yet she’ll let you know when silence is golden.


She may be placed on the heart chakra for soothing heart ache and reducing blood pressure, and on the solar plexus to calm the adrenaline glands and to “pull out” others energies, as well as heal stomach aches and ulcers. Chrysocolla may also be placed on the root chakra for when fears of safety and security arise.

I have passed on the knowledge I learned about Chrysocolla to others that are in crisis, who seemed to benefit from her gentle energy as well.  My personal storm has calmed, and my life is going in directions I only dreamed of. Beautiful Chrysocolla is one of many crystals that I have to thank for that. She is a dear friend that you can count on, and if you haven’t worked with her before, and you or your clients are experiencing life changing events, I strongly recommend her.

Working with crystals is all about trust. I trust what the stones are telling me, and this is just my personal experience with Chrysocolla.

Take from this information what resonates with you, but please enjoy your own experiences with crystals. Some of the information I receive I am able to verify in books, some I am not. Please don’t get discouraged if you can’t validate your experience in a book.

Trust what the stones are telling YOU!

Shellee’s Bio:

As a small child I knew there was more to this world than meets the eye. There were always Angels and spirits communicating with me, and I knew from a young age my purpose in this life was to help them and those of us in this world communicate with each other. For the past 12 years I have professionally assisted clients in receiving guidance from the Angels, Guides, deceased loved ones and crystal spirits. My goal is to unite our realms and form a beautiful relationship that empowers, as well as brings about a sense of spiritual healing, peace, love and joy. Shellee is a Psychic Medium, Certified Crystal Healer and Doreen Virtue Certified Medium, 248.909.6713.

Thank you Sweet Shellee!! Thank you for always sharing your gifts with us all.

Namaste + Sparkly Blessings of Abundance,



P.S. If you’re also interested in becoming a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer, hop on over & take a look, enrollment will be opening up again in September.

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  1. What a beautiful stone.. I’ve not come across it before. It’s encouraging to know that the change I am experiencing this year isn’t isolated, it’s cosmic, bigger than all of us and somehow that in itself calms me.

    1. Post
    2. Hello Charis, you hit the nail on the head! It is way bigger than we as humans can imagine. That is part of the reason I believe creator put these beautiful gifts (crystals) on the planet. When we hold a stone such as chrysocolla in our hands and feel the healing energy resonating from them, they help us realize that there is something so much greater out there, and we can have faith in that. May you have peace as you walk your path. Blessings~ Shellee Moon LaCombe

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