Its still officially “the holidays” for just a bit & I have a little something I want to write about just before its over.

Although I donate to many charities close to my heart throughout the year, I feel it’s so important to remember what the holidays are truly about; giving — giving to others, to causes, to those in need. It’s about being grateful for all we have & then finding what we can give to others.

AND…if you give before midnight on Dec. 31 you can take it as a tax deduction!…just in case that sort of left-brained practical stuffs motivates you. 😉

…our Christmas tree is still up & will remain up until at least Jan. 11 so I declare we’re still officially in the “holidays” until then. I’m trying to show you my clear quartz crystal ornaments here…can you see?

crystal healer

The act of “giving” is not just about helping someone else;  it’s about kindness, plus it’s good for your spirit & soul.  There have been scientific studies done which discovered  that just the thought of being charitable activates a part of the brain associated with pleasure! And you know we’re all about the science ’round here…so thumbs up to that!

Remember, when we’re charitable, abundance of ALL KINDS is attracted to us like a magnet! There’s a clear correlation between being charitable + becoming even MORE prosperous when we LOVINGLY give. Its not the only reason to do it, but it is a GOOD reason. 🙂

I know not everyone is in a position to give monetarily but you can also give of your time by volunteering or by sharing information with others, (to Facebook, twitter, email, etc.)  helping to create awareness. Perhaps, even donating items that may be needed by the specific charity.

If you’re subbed to my weekly newsletter, you know I have a special spot there where I feature 1 of my favorite charities just to get them some exposure, sharing & hey…a little donation is great too. The charities I choose to give to may not be as well known as some of the big giants, but they do such great work — & have good reputations too. I’ve personally chosen them over the years & have added to my list b/c they were recommended by someone I trust — in some cases, from someone who is a volunteer who works directly with the organization or I’ve worked with them.  Of course, you should do your research before sending money to any charity. 

So, today I’d like to introduce you to my current fav. charities. Is there 1 that might tickle your fancy?:

  1. Kiva – Would you like to join my the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Hotties Kiva Team? Kiva is a different kind of charity, lending to alleviate poverty. You can lend $25, loan it to a family, they pay it back & you can now donate that same $25 to another family. That same $25 can go on & on to help + empower + creating opportunities for soooo many people all over the world!! I love this idea.
  2. National Wildlife Federation – I love supporting their efforts b/c they inspire us all to protect our wildlife for the future of other generations. You can donate any amount here (they give nice donation gifts too). And if you have kids, please consider “adopting” an animal….so FUN!
  3. Cats Exclusive – This is a very small no-kill non-profit, 501(c)3 organization, dedicated to helping our community – both people & felines alike. They’ve helped over 6000 cats get adopted & over 10,000 get spayed & neutered. You can make a donation of ANY AMOUNT (even $1) here. They also have a wish list of items you can easily send them from Amazon here.
  4. Sea Turtle Restoration Project – The sea turtle is my totem animal…very near + dear to me. This organization works so hard to protect these endangered creatures & to educate the public. To donate any amount to them, click hereIf you can’t donate, please help by connecting & sharing about them on FB here.
  5. Women in Distress of Broward County– their mission is to stop domestic violence abuse for everyone (not just women any longer) through intervention, education + advocacy. They offer a 24-Hour Crisis Hotline & emergency shelter, as well as counseling + support for victims + their children.
  6. Raise Hope for Congo – I am very passionate about educating people about Conflict Minerals & donating to Raise Hope for Congo. They advocate for the human rights of all Congolese citizens while working towards ending the ongoing conflict in eastern Congo.There are soooo many ways to help!

There are SO MANY OTHERS & too many worthwhile causes to mention. These are just a few to pique your interest & show some love to.

Many Crystal Blessings to you for taking a look-see & sharing about, you Glowing Glittery Love Generator! Mwaaaaah.