Are You Ready for a Crystal Challenge?

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Join the Crystal Hottie Challenge!

Those of you subbed to my YouTube Crystal Channel know that last week I committed to pulling a crystal oracle card each day & working with a related crystal for that day.

7 Day Crystal Oracle Reading Series – Day 1

…& I did it for 7 days consecutively & posted each day on YouTube just like I said I would…surprised myself there! Commitment, Baby!

But what I really gained was totally unexpected. I got such insight into various energetic changes & emotions + a deeper relationship with those crystals that I chose to work with.

I got extra meditation time in & extra-special soul healing occurred…all b/c I took the time & committed to doing this.

crystal challenge

I gained such gorgeous insights + revelations that I want to share this experience with all of you. I want you to experience it for yourselves. As a teacher, I know there is NOTHING better than experiential learning; the process of making meaning from direct experience.

And you will experience such DEEP MEANING from this. Trust moi.

So, you ready for this challenge, Crystal Hottie? Hmmmm?

crystal challenge

Today, I challenge you to do your own 7 Day Crystal Reading Challenge. OK?

The Challenge:

I challenge you to pull an oracle card or crystal from a bag each morning upon waking, no matter how rushed you are, not matter what sort of mood you’re in. Just do it. It will help make things seem brighter. It did for me. Do you have the power to change your day? Yes, you doooos. Do it!

I want you to have a positive morning, Sweet Pea. If its not one already, you can make it so. Pull a card or a crystal. Simple enough, right?

If you get the message right away great. If not, you may need to read into a bit more. You may need that message to sink in a bit deeper and ask for the meaning again later in the day. That’s OK, grab your corresponding crystal & start working with it.

You can start with a mini meditation right away or simply put the crystal in your pocket to take along. You’ll be aligning with it all day, be open to the messages & remember to touch it from time to time to get the little reminders it will be sending you.

Simple, right? Sounds easy. BUT…don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got!

As you do this for a few days, it may get a bit more difficult. You’ll start to realize that it’s about proving to yourself that you can start something & you can stick with it, Chick Pea. I learned a totally different lesson that I had not expected to get….a lesson in COMMITMENT. Wow. I can do this & so can you.

Here are a few tips to help you along that worked for me:

  • Put a post-it note on your alarm clock or morning mirror
  • Place your oracle cards or crystal bag RIGHT NEXT to your bed so its the 1st thing you see in the morning
  • Keep yourself accountable. For every morning that I skip my crystal reading, I’ll make a $5 Kiva loan to help end poverty. Or what else can you dream up?
  • How about a crystal hottie buddy? Can we buddy up below in the comments? CALLING ALL CRYSTAL HOTTIES!! Rallying the troops! Keep each other accountable.
  • I’ll tell you what. Declaring it on YT in my video (as I did above) made me SUPER accountable. Do it! Or blog it or Facebook it, whatever. Just declare & watch the magic happen!
  • How about a sparkly reward? I’m still thinking about my reward for doing this. How about a new glittery crystal, or a class or workshop or a nice relaxing spa treatment?

So, you ready?! Declare below in the comments that you commit to the Crystal Hottie Challenge! I’m so excited to hear about your revelations. Please come back & post about the treasure you unearth from within YOURSELF.




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  1. Hello Hibiscus Moon, am I ready for a challenge? YOU BET! Taking this on baby! I need a lesson in Commitment too, this sounds like the PUUUURRRRFECT thing to get me started! Stay tuned, I’m pumped for this! ♥ ♥ ♥
    I wanted to start yesterday, but somehow the timing didn’t work. And then BAM! Today, you post this! Perfect, flawless, divine timing 🙂

    xox ♥

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  2. Hi, count me in for his challenge this sounds like a great idea. I will go 2 days and pull a card, then it could be a week before I pull another and so on. This will be good for me with a lesson in commitment.
    Love and Blessings

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  3. This could not have come at a better time! I soooooo need this…it’s like a personal trainer for my crystal time! I’m ALL in! I’m off to pick a crystal right now and I’ll check back in! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Quick question, what is under the love grid in the photo above?

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  4. I willingly accept this challenge! 😀
    Sounds like tons of fun, I was very inspired by your 7 day readings so I look forward to this.
    Here’s a video I made the day of Sandy’s arrival to the east coast ~
    I’ll be uploading a daily video on this channel with my results for the week 🙂
    Blessings of Light and Love to all my cohorts!

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    2. Jen I LOVED your video! Thank you so much for posting that and sharing all that knowledge 🙂 Your Oracle deck is a must have for me! Will be ordering very soon. Thanks again!

  5. This is awesome! I hope people feel more inspired by you every single day! I am definitely going to remember these methods if I have the urge to slip up during my own series. 😉

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  6. All right everyone, I finally made it too!!! Phew, was scared the day would pass me by and I wouldn’t get to upload this baby!!

    ::: Crystal Challenge Day 1:::

    Card Deck Used: The Crystal Ally Cards by Naisha Ahsian
    Card Drawn today: Joy & Gratitude
    Crystals for today: Kunzite and Hiddenite
    Colors for today: Pink and Green
    Chakra to work with: Heart

    So go ahead, lovely ones, show some joy and gratitude today, shine forth, appreciate every moment of your divine being’s existence!

    Affirmation: “I give thanks joyfully for the gifts I receive.”

    Mwah ♥

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      1. Thank you Hibiscus Moon! I have 2 messages coming today, and one of them STRONGLY resonates with what Miach just posted, this is sooooo exciting for me! Uploading now!

        Mwah ♥

  7. Yes!! I actually started pulling out a card every morning (totally inspired by your series) & so stoked that for the momentum I got from Tara from Such Different Skies continuing with her 7 day reading. 🙂 I’ll post my cards somewhere (instagram or something).. Exciting – and definitely has increased my awareness too. Wow!

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  8. Well if this isn’t exactly what I need at exactly this moment! No coincidences, huh? I’ll be starting this on Friday, because I need to collect my crystals to pick from (they’re scattered all over the house!) and I’m too beat to do it tonight. I really need a lesson in proving to myself that I can keep a commitment, so this is just the thing. Thanks!

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        1. Whoohooo Pamela!! I JUST received that deck through the mail today, so exciting, I can’t wait! IJUST finished uploading my vid for YT to tell me it was TOO long so they removed it! This is proving to be a technological challenge more than anything!! Arghh! RE-uploading now. Can’t wait to see yours! 🙂

  9. How cool to see you using your crystals with the I AM Love Mandala that we created. I love using our mandalas with crystals as individually they are both very powerful and together the energy is activated and amplified to a whole new level! Thank you so much for posting a picture of our work!

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  10. I’m ready for the challenge. Today is Friday (and I’ve just seen this post) so I’ll start tomorrow morning. Should be fun!
    And I’ll have to think about what to treat myself to after the seven days… 🙂

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    1. Love it Miach! Keep them coming, I’m hooked! I just did my Day 2 here, of which Message 1 was Prosperity, highly synched with your message, and as SOON as i finished filming, phone rang, and it was the mail lady saying i received a parcel: 3 NEW Spanking Tarot Decks!!! Yay! Yours is wonderful too, it reminds me a bit of ShadowScapes 🙂

  11. Hey everyone, sorry for the delay in bringing up Video 2. I uploaded to YouTube only to be greeted after 2 hours with a wonderful “Removal due to video being “too long””. In the process of re-uploading, please stay tuned, it’s coming!! 🙂 Mwah, thank you for your patience! *shakes an angry fist at Merc Retro*

    1. This is a phenom that’s spreading like WILDFIRE now!! Do you see what you Crystal Hotties have done? All with LOVE in your hearts. ♥

  12. Oh My Gods! I finally made it, it’s another miracle!! After MANY YouTube upload glitches, the Vid for Day 2 is here! Enjoy sparkly ones, there’s not one, but TWO messages for you in here!! Love and light, much prosperity and momentum to move forward for all of us! Mwah ♥ Mwah ♥ Mwah ♥

    PS. Can you see the lightplay? ♥

  13. Hi, it’s the morning of the 10th here (North Queensland, Australia) and I have drawn from Naisha Ahsian deck, and I have drawn for the second day Higher Self Selenite.
    On the 8th I drew the element Wind and was guided to use Selenite that day, (in fact I went and got myself a new piece of Selenite which I love). So I am being guided to listen to my higher self. I have been having dreams over the last few weeks, I think due to watching the damage of Sandy, which brings back memories of 2011 for me of Cyclone Yasi. I stock up every wet sesson even if we don’t have a cyclone the big wet every year cuts us off, but I have been having a feeling that I need to do more this year. We are going to get a new generator, 3 weeks with no power after Yasi was no fun. My husband and I have also been talking about moving to higher ground, which I have been fighting with that idea we live 100m from the water. For me I have to listen to my higher self, but I think I am fighting with my higher self at the moment (I am good at that), will see what the rest of the week brings for me. xx PS, anyone else good at fighting with their higher self

  14. Here is my Crystal Hottie Challenge – Day 3 –
    which actually started with not a crystal in sight… then tonight…

    Herkimer Diamonds Within

    Sitting with my beautiful Herkimer Diamonds as a result of my earlier reading today. Big visualisation exercises are afoot. Imagining the diamonds within, around and as my heart…. beautiful faceted light swirling around my heart and bringing infinite joy of abundance. I can see it, feel it, imagine it and I therefore know it is there, just waiting for receiving!

    Wonderful Herkimer Diamonds, the ability to love and experience.

    Love n sparkly blessings to all, especially those taking up the challenge… Mwahhh!!!

  15. Sheeeesh! Everyone seems to be having a crazy day here today with the techie stuff, and I’m happy I’m not the only one (somehow even managed to get locked out from FB, imagine that!) !!! Here is my Video for Day 3! Some powerful messages, please take a lookie! ♥

    Enjoy sweetlings! ♥ ♥ ♥

    1. Krista, I’ve had a very deep, significant message today here too. Just about ready to finish off the post and put it on my blog. I’ve been waiting for 5 hours for YouTube to finish processing my video, and this Twice. I’m sorry for the delay, I’m so bummed out right now, I really wish I could share with everyone “on time”. As soon as it is processed by YT, I will post the link here, and by then my blog will have all the details of today’s revelation too. Thanks for following, those of you that are. All of us doing the challenge, and perhaps some of you watching and reading, can see that we are in for quite some strong messages and revelations! 🙂

  16. TECHNOLOGICAL BREAKTHROUGH!!! My Vid for today finally made it ! So sorry about the delays, YT has NOT been my friend today!

    Here it is folks:

    Blog post coming up soon too @ –
    I have some absolutely GORGEOUS piccies of a Forgiveness Grid I’ve been working with today. WISH I could have shared this with you all sooner!! ♥ ♥

      1. Thank you so much Jill! I’m so happy to be part of this and share with you all! Thank you for following, and for giving me some feedback, it means the world to me! ♥ ♥

    1. Whooohoo Krista, you made it! 🙂 It’s 11:01 here on 11/11 lol.:P Waiting for 11:11 on 11/11 to do a quick meditation. AM just doesn’t do it for me teehheeh. Mwah! Love and light, let’s keep on sharing our insights!

      1. Thanks Andy! I did a meditation at 11PM that lasted trough the 11/11 11:11PM! This has been fun and I love the fact you and I are hanging on doing this together! This morning has been interesting in so many ways…hopefully I’ll get my post on earlier! Thanks for hanging with me! 🙂

  17. Just keep forgetting I can post my Challenge stuffs here…. Hehe!! Here is my Day 5 Challenge, although feeling sombre watching the Remembrance Sunday program on tv yesterday, my heart goes out to my friend who recently lost a dear female friend in the conflicts in Afghanistan… Silence within helped me get through yesterday along with my “Power Bowl” of blue crystals (inspired by Tara Bliss from ) … The message is here… I graciously thank you for watching… Love n blessings x

  18. Day 4 is nearly at an end so we’re just over half way through and I’m checking in with my update. It’s been an amazing journey. I’ve been choosing cards at night for the following day, and I find that I wake up with the card and its message in mind… Very exciting.
    One thing I’ve started to do, if I’m not sure what the message may mean, is to wear something featured in the card’s image (colour or object) to honour the message and to carry its energy with me throughout the day.
    And I’m pretty sure I won’t be stopping after the 7 days. This is WAY too much fun and insightful. 🙂

    1. Post

      I am sooo impressed by all that you’re doing & sharing. WOWZERS!! As for YT taking a long time to upload videos…I feel your pain. HD takes a ridiculously LONG time to load so if possible upload non-HD videos….takes 1/4 the time or less!

  19. I point and shoot… Yep I could edit till I’m blue in the face, but I’d still not be happy… Haha! Then I upload from my phone and it takes so little time… I love that there are others though that have taken the time to make their vids so appealing… Spielberg’s got many contenders when he decides to hang up his boots… 🙂 x x x

    1. hah, Sue, I know what you mean! I’m not sure if my face is blue yet teeheeh, but it’s starting to have some Blue Lace Agate hues 😛 *hugs*

      1. I am using my iPad and it only takes four or five minutes to upload. I’m not sure if it is because of my wifi connection or because of the lack of HD video. I’m just glad I’m not fussing over editing or else I’d never have them posted at all. It’s bad enough when I make random comments and have to start my video all over again. 😉

  20. Day 5 is live!

    I forgot to post yesterday’s video link here but clicking above will get you in the right direction. It’s difficult to believe that I’m already on day 5 and the challenge is almost finished. I have learned so much from everyone’s videos and am thankful to have had such amazing people doing this challenge at the same time as myself.

    1. I love your videos and looking forward to hear what crystal people think would be good with that card meaning. Fantastic the way you put your card up like that! Genus 🙂

      1. Thank you so much! I am also intrigued by people’s suggestions. I’m going to have to do a lot of meditating on this card because I am a little bit stumped by how it fits in with the rest that I have drawn. Very interesting to say the least!

    2. Likewise Miach!! I am very thankful to have met you, and it’s SOOOO funny, cause today my card is “Journey”!! Thank you so much for being with me on this journey, it has taught me a LOT!!!!!

  21. I had just challenged myself to 30 days of making videos to help me really find my voice and then I came across your 7 days of readings challenge…cosmic energies at work I think : )

    1. I think 30 days is an awesome personal challenge. It is easier to start with a small goal like 7 days, though if you’re like the rest of us you may have so much fun that you’ll never want to stop. Technical issues aside, of course. 😉

      Please post a link to your videos so that we can follow you!

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      1. Awww, my last card for today is “Journey”! ♥ How wonderful this journey has been! Thank you for the challenge Hibiscus Moon, it has taught me sooo much! ♥ ♥ ♥

    2. Great Miach! Will take a look in a little bit, yesterday I fell a bit behind teehehh. lolol, looks like I had much to release ;P

      Hugs, will check your video and comment this eve, I’m off to Zumba for now while mine uploads!!

  22. Hi, well this week has been great. Real lessons for me in relation to listening to my higherself, but learning what is fear (for me that was the up & coming summer) or knowing what was really coming from my higherself. Just got home from the beach I just seen the full eclipse I live just south of Cairns, then came home a drew the card bloodstone which means courage to me, believe in myself, and fear will stop my growth. This week stop fighting with what I know to be true and push fear away, this has been my lesson. Thankyou for the challenge xx

  23. Hi Crystal Peeps…. here is my Day 7 (Awwww!!! It’s the last day!) Crystal Hottie Challenge… it’s been amazing… I’m still trying to catch up with watching all your beautiful entries, and I will… Thank you for walking this sparkly path with me over the past 7 days… it’s been awesome!!! Love n blessings x x x

  24. Day 7 – but I’m not going to stop now! I’ve just developed a new habit, and it’s been VERY interesting and insightful. Having a focus for the day as soon as I wake up just seems to pull it all together for me.
    Thank you for a wonderful challenge. 🙂

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  25. I am so incredibly excited about all of the challenges, I am very new to the crystal world as far as actively seeking and learning , mostly getting my nudge from a desire to help my cats both health wise with crystals, natural foods etc and also learning to communicate.(subconsciously I think I’ve been being pulled for years, so glad I finally started to listen to myself for a change) and loving it ! I just recently doubled my card collection after finding a book consignment shop loaded with half price paranormal,metaphysical,mystical treasure trove of goodies! I am very careful to clear any lingering doggie bag leftovers from previous workers) so I will prob be using several different decks perhaps throughout the week? or do you think it would be better to stick with 1? I don’t have any crystal oracle cards yet but I have a lot of specimens that I could draw from I love pendulums the best they’re my favorite and that is what I’m working to expand most as my treat myself gifts, but I think the Deck I’ll be using is called, Art through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle, or perhaps the ones called the enchanted map Oracle I love them too! well heck I actually love them all Lol thank you so much for all you do and look forward to learning more and I’m always praying to be able to save enough money to go to the Academy to lea
    rn correctly the crystal healing course, provided of course my own major health issues hold up but that’s the purpose for all of this

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  26. Hi Hun I can’t believe the strong message I received from you when you pulled the first day card on the 7 day card pull, the tigereye one! It hit exactly on things that I need and that I’m going through! Love your work! Would love to talk to you some time!

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