Ten Tips for Good Vibrations

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Today I have a guest post by two very lovely friends of mine, known collectively as the Luna Sol Girls! ENJOY this Yumminess! Yippeeeee!

Many of us are already aware that everything, including ourselves, is made up of energy. This energy makes up every single particle of who and what we are, and vibrates at different rates of speed. That is what we are: beings of energy and light. When our energy vibrates at a higher, faster frequency, we feel “light”, joyful, and radiant. We feel as if we could conquer any problem or issue that arises because we truly are in alignment with our “higher self”.

When our energies are vibrating at lower, more dense frequencies, we actually feel low and dense because we are low and dense. Make sense? We are our vibrational frequency.

We have all experienced moments when we are happy and joyful for no apparent reason. Likewise, we have all had times of heaviness and negativity when on the surface, things are fine. These positive and negative feelings we have are a direct result of our vibrational frequency, and our vibrational frequency is a direct result of our thoughts. Sometimes we are unaware that thoughts, either present or even from the past, are affecting the way we feel. When we raise our thoughts, thereby raising our vibration, we instantly feel better.

          It’s so empowering when we understand that we can raise our own frequencies and energetic vibes to allow alignment with the best version of ourselves. Anytime we begin to feel less that awesome, we can follow a few simple tips to get back on track. Here are a few of Luna Sol Girls’ favorites!

Raising Your Vibes
1. Nurture with Nature. Mother nature is incredibly healing. When you are feeling down, go outside and get your bare hands and feet into the grass or soil. Imagine all the negative dense feelings pouring out of your hands and feet, going deep into the earth for our Mother to recycle. Offer thanks as you do this.

2. Close your eyes and face the sun, imagining that you can see the bright glow in your mind’s eye (brow 3rd chakra). As you do this, breathe deeply and slowly, imaging the air filling your lungs and sending vital life force to every part of your body. After a few moments, visualize the white rays of the sun streaming into you through your crown, and flowing back out through your root chakra or feet. Allow this cycle for at least eight times. Offer thanks to the sun for this healing.

3. Tap on your heart chakra (at the center of your chest) and say this affirmation, “I am allowing myself to heal completely.” Repeat this nine times, in sets of three. Then hold your hand open open the heart chakra and say, “I am now aligning with heart center. I am loved.” Repeat this nine times, in sets of three. Finish with three deep breaths and offer thanks.

4. Go on a walk. Sometimes the hardest part of taking in fresh air and exercise is getting yourself out the door. Don’t make it a daunting task- make no promises or commitments about how long you will walk or how far you will go before heading back home. That’s no the point here. The main thing to focus on is just changing your scenery and feeling the elements; earth beneath your feet, air against your face and in your hair, the flow of water as you ease into the rhythmic pattern of walking and breathing, and fire in the heat your body will generate as your heart rate speeds gently. Notice the nature around you and listen for messages in the wind, trees, or flowers.

5. Hug a tree. I know- only lazy people do that, right? Wrong. Trees have been used for centuries for their medicinal value- we even derive aspirin from the bark and leaves of willow trees. Trees have the most wonderful, loving, restoring vibrational qualities, and they share this with anyone open enough to receive. Try it at least once before you pass judgement… You just might find yourself looking for the next tree to wrap your arms around!

6. Meditate. Any form of meditation is helpful to raise your vibration. April and I love guided meditations, but simply quieting your mind for 2-5 minutes by focusing on your breathing will do wonders for your state of being.

7. Dance. Sometimes raising your frequency is as easy as turning on a favorite song and just letting your body move as it wants to. This is a great de-stresser for moms who have young kids- it’s a fun activity that will wear them out:) When we move freely, as in dancing or walking, we are physically manipulating our energy frequencies to move at a faster rate. Feel thanks in your heart that you are able to move and dance when there are many who don’t have that luxury. Gratitude greatly raises vibes.

8. Keep a journal of gratitude. This is the single thing that has made the biggest impact on my life to date. Just two months after writing only five things I felt thankful for each morning, my entire world shifted. I was changed. That was six years ago. Even now, if I begin to feel consistently low, I keep a journal of gratitude for a few days or weeks. Amazing and so easy!!

9. Play with crystals and rocks. Making a rock formation (stacking stones) is a great way to still your mind and change your frequency. Rocks have a very grounding energy about them. Crystals are not only gorgeous, but they also offer tons of pure light and energy! Crystals are an easy way to lift the spirits.

10. Eat high vibe food! Fresh fruits and veggies are a wonderful way to feel on top of the world. These foods are loaded with high frequencies and can cleanse your body of dense or negative energy that may be trapped in your organs and tissues. Sometimes the act of holding, chopping, and handling fresh foods alone is enough to raise your vibration.

The Luna Sol Girls are April Ruffner and Jacque Watene. Both are certified Reiki Masters, trained in healing modalities such as: The Emotion Code, Bach Flower Essences, Reiki Drumming, and BodyTalk. Their primary goal is to allow the bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical) to be in a state of joy and balance by focusing on love, abundance, empowerment, intuition, creativity,  while connecting to the Earth’s elements and to the Higher Self.  To learn more about the Luna Sol Girls, go to : lunasolgirls.blogspot.com

Hibiscus here: Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!!! Let us know if you’ve tried any of these techniques below. 🙂

Mwaaaah! Crystal Blessings,