Spiritual Adventures!

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Hey Crystal Hotties! Guess what? The Monster Gem Elixir eKit is THIS CLOSE to being released!! I know you’re just gonna love it.
In the meantime, this is the last of the footage from Arizona this year…I promise!! Just thought you might like to see some gorgeous sites, some rock stacking, some dowsing and some medicine wheel. Enjoy!

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How To Have Fun with Crystal Healing!

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Here’s a classic video of me playing & creating crystal healing tools…just a tiny smidgen of some of the GLORIOUSLY SOUL-FULFILLING  things you’ll learn if you join us to become a Certified Crystal Healer. 😀

In this video I work on adding crystals to or creating my:

  • Healing rattle
  • Crystal Healing Chakra Wand
  • Smudge Fan

Oh, if you feel any of these tools would be helpful to someone else, please do share this with others who may just need some love & energy boosting.

My BIG DREAM is to get everyone using crystals to help make positive change + to heal. We CAN do this!

Crystals are just our tools, but they sure are the PRETTIEST & FUNNEST tools in anyone’s tool box!!

Sparkling Crystal Blessings!



P.S. If this resonates with you, joining in on the Crystal Healer Certification Program is powerfully transformative! I hear it over & over again.

All the techniques & suggested homework (ohm-work!) allows you to heal & your spirituality grow + bloom in beautiful & fulfilling ways. You’ll be learning how to use crystals while also learning the science behind crystal healing. you’ll also be a Certified & Accredited Crystal Healer earning GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE or adding to your existing income!
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Azurite & Malachite Crystal Healing

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Hey All! This is an auto blog post while I’m gallivanting around the deserts of Arizona looking for the most gorgeous sparkly crystals to bring back for my Crystal Hotties!
Are you needing to speak your truth, are you being misunderstood or possibly not being heard at all, Sweet Pea? That’s all about your throat chakra.
If you’re looking for some throat chakra crystal healing azurite & malachite is the combo for you! Yes, you can get both stones in 1 piece! 2 SUPERSTAR stones in 1!! Azurite commonly morphs into malachite, geologists call this a pseudomorph; when the original mineral is replaced by another!

So, this Powerful Speak-Easy Combo allows you to bust through blocked or congested areas. Coupled with Malachite, Azurite continues to break through stagnant energy & move it in a fluid & gentle way.

These 2 together  also calm any anxiety that may be present, giving you the courage to say what needs to be said.

Enjoy some video & photos of this Awesome Duo!

[caption id="attachment_1957" align="aligncenter" width="570" caption="Azurite Malachite Pseudomorph"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_1958" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Gemmy azurite sprinkled on rock matrix"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_1959" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Rough malachite"][/caption] [caption id="attachment_1960" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Smoothed & polished malachite"][/caption]

So get to working with this Power Couple & Just Say What Needs to Be Said. 🙂

Crystal Blessings of Courageous Speak!!

Anxiety Busting with Crystals!

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OK, Crystal Hotties, today we have a guest post by Gina Rafkind on one of the final pit stops on her Anxiety Busting Blog Tour! I’m so honored! Gina’s mission is to share awareness tips & tools in order to help other creative women who suffer with anxiety to wake up to their life so they can confidently unleash & share their gifts with the world. Gina says it’s time to stop being gripped by fear & hiding out, & time to create more freedom, love & connection!
Welcome to the Anxiety Busting Blog Tour!

Crystal Healing

~ how to use crystals to bust through anxiety
What I Love About Crystals
Crystals shine, shimmer, and vibrate with such high energy. Crystals are an amazing manifestation of the mineral kingdom. I’ve gathered quite a collection of them over the past few years and use them daily for many different issues. One of the main issues that I first started using them for was to help relieve anxiety.

There are many excellent crystals to use to help relieve anxiety and many ways that they can be used. I’m going to list my favorite crystals for anxiety relief and share with you how I’ve used them. Crystals are truly a gift from the earth – once you start to use them yourself, you’ll begin to see why.
Crystals to Help Relieve Anxiety
Smoky Quartz:  helps to calm the emotions

Rutilated Quartz:  helps to soothe somber moods and helps relieve fear, anxiety and phobias

Lepidolite:  helps with insomnia and soothes emotional stress

Kunzite: helps to lift your spirits and aids in healing emotional problems

Amethyst:  helps to heal anger, anxiety and fear, sadness and grief & helps assist healing addictive behaviors

Rose Quartz: a powerful stone of love and has a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy and healing

Lithium Quartz:  helps relieve stress and anxiety and great for cleansing the chakras
How To Use These Crystals For Anxiety Relief
 Under your Pillow:  You can place a small crystal under your pillow to help you relax and sleep better.

Jewelry:  You can wear pieces of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets and/or earrings that  are made with your crystal(s) of choice.

In your Pocket:  You can put the crystal in your pocket if you don’t have crystal jewelry and it’s also easy to take out and hold any time you need it.

Meditation:  This is a wonderful way to use the crystals for anxiety relief. Hold the crystal in your hand when you meditate.

Place on your Chakras:  You can lie down and place a crystal on one of your chakras. For instance, you can place amethyst on your third eye chakra which is located between your eyebrows, or you can place rose quartz on your heart chakra which is located at the center of your chest. Take some deep belly breaths and relax as the crystals do their healing.

Massage the Soles of your Feet:  You can use a smooth crystal to gently massage the soles of your feet. Massaging the feet is very relaxing and soothing to the entire body and adding the energy of crystals takes the relaxation and anxiety busting up a notch. This is great to do right before you go to sleep.

Intention Setters:  You can use a crystal to set an intention. For instance, you can set the intention that anytime you hold this crystal, it will send you calming energy and anxiety relief. Crystals carry information and have the ability to hold, receive and transmit energy. This is why your intention when using crystals is really important – remember, they can hold and transmit energy – and what are our thoughts…..energy of course!
Some Crystal Tips
It’s a good idea to cleanse your crystal when you first get it to rid it of any unwanted or negative energy that it may have picked up on its way to you. You can do this by wiping it with a drop of essential oil on a cotton or silk cloth, bathing them in the sun (kunzite can fade in the sun just so you know), or by holding them in your hand and imagining a waterfall cleansing them of all unwanted and negative energy.

I hope these tips have motivated you to try some crystal healing for anxiety busting.
What crystals are you drawn to? How will you choose to use it to help heal anxiety?
If you’d like to learn more on how to heal anxiety, I have a complimentary, content-rich teleclass I can send you where you will learn:

~ One of the MAIN, KEY factors that causes anxiety and how to break free from it. This key factor I will be talking about is a main player that most people with anxiety experience and bringing awareness to it will release the grip of anxiety and bring more freedom and spaciousness to your life.

~ During  this call I also give you a preview of my new anxiety busting program that starts on January 23, 2012 (the day of the first new moon of 2012….a wonderful time for new beginnings :).

Click the link below to learn more about this new program and to register to receive the free recording of this teleclass – scroll all the way down and fill out the sign up box at the very bottom.


inhale ~ enjoy ~ exhale,


Gina Rafkind, CPC

Holistic Anxiety Coach

Gina is a Certified Professional Coach, Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Level 3 Practitioner & Licensed Cosmetologist. She founded VedaSun to help women bust through anxiety so they can wake up to their life and achieve their dreams. Gina does this by sharing the knowledge and wisdom she has discovered throughout her evolving journey of healing anxiety. Her passion is to share these discoveries with you so you, too, can open the channel of awareness and by ‘waking up’, live a happier and healthier life.