Chakra Cleansing and Energy

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Thanks to the wonderful article that SunTiger wrote, Easy Chakra Rehab, I was inspired to do some further practice with my amethyst pendulum.

I have worked with my pendulum for years after first hearing about it in ’92 from Deepok Chopra. I have never gotten further than practicing swinging it with my mind and asking it yes or no questions. I’ve always known that it was capable of so much more and after reading Sun Tiger’s article I grabbed DH and we followed the article to the letter.

Initially, to warm up I did some energy work by visualizing a powerful energy ball between my hands. I often do this before or after meditating. I have only ever used the energy ball with myself. This time I centered the energy ball over DH’s navel and he felt the energy ball pressing on his abdomen every time that I pushed it down. In turn, I felt the pressure pushing back on me from his breathing! This was so motivating.

I then proceeded with the Easy Chakra Rehab that SunTiger detailed. I discovered that he had a blockage in his root chakra which made sense to me. We followed the article’s instructions and I was successful at removing the blockage. I re-checked all the chakras again and they were all cleansed. I was so excited that this worked. I hope DH is open to trying this on me. I want to be cleansed too. We’ll see. I will be trying this out on my friends next. So excited. 🙂 Thanks SunTiger.

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  1. I feel so honored by your blog entry and to know you tried it (while I know it works — it’s always good to read a wonderful success story like yours).

    Interestingly, I was teaching my pendulum class in Tacoma tonight and a gal/student showed up feeling all twitter-pated and distracted. She lovingly agreed to be my “demonstration” and I got to show the class how this technique is done. (Most of my pendulum class surrounds divination and psychic readings but I was glad for the opportunity to focus on health.)

    Glad you are as excited about the results as I have always been. May it continue to bless you and all you know.

    Richest blessings,

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