Giving You Permission to Hate My Guts!

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You may not like me… and that’s OK.

certification standard

As long as you learned something valuable from me, I’m totally OK with you not liking me… or even hating my guts!

I got used to that as a classroom science teacher. In fact, I’d sometimes hear a pissed off student call me a flurry of colorful names after refusing to change a grade. Then I’d pretend I didn’t hear it (to avoid having to discipline them in yet another way) and have to hide my face behind my grade book while I was snickering and praying they didn’t catch me in the act. Not snicker in an evil cackle-ish kind of way but in my hard-to-stifle immature sort of way that I have… that part of me that commiserates with a teenager’s angst over her or his “STUPID-ASS SCIENCE TEACHER”! I would totally vibe with them and get it.


Students hating me (at first) because they thought I was “too hard” but then later actually thanking me because I pushed them harder and they rose to the challenge… were better for it when they went on to higher grade levels, took those dang-fangled standardized tests (don’t get me started!) and truly understood the science… all because I made it clear they were not going to just coast with me. I was here to challenge them. I think for the most part my students had a totally different outlook by the end of the year. Many even say I was their favorite teacher ever. I’m NOT saying all this to brag but instead to prove a very important point.

certification standard

Through the rigorous process of becoming a Nationally Board Certified Science Teacher, I learned the importance and value of student critical thinking and assessment of content knowledge. I’ve never given out grades like the “popular” teachers did. And I’m not about to start now with Crystal Healing Certifications just to make my life easier. I’ve seen many do it, but that just goes against every grain in my being.

Some of those science students of mine even went on to change their interests and or pursue scientific careers and majors in college because of how I was able to take them into the deep end of the pool with science… at first kicking and screaming and then later they were joyfully splashing around.  ❤️

And I notice the same thing now with some of my adult crystal healing students. I suppose it’s my signature teaching style.

So, I’ve got this demanding reputation and I’m proud of it!

It’s all about the Energy

And now with my Certified Crystal Healer students, I’m just as uncompromising, especially on certain aspects.

certification standard

For instance, I require that our CCH students be mindful of the energy they bring into a transaction of any sort.

Meaning that they are mindful of:

  • how they carry themselves
  • how they transact energy of any sort (including money)
  • their boundaries
  • things that say and do

As that’s all energy you know.  Of course, I’m not looking for perfection, but as HMCA students and alumni, they’re held to a higher standard. Yes, we keep an eye on that; holding them accountable. I feel strongly as an educator and a certifying body and academy that it’s our responsibility to do that before allowing someone to go out into the world certified by us to facilitate energy work with others.

It’s not a Given

Unlike with some other institutions, not everybody gets to graduate as a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer just because they paid the tuition. Since the beginning, I’ve held to this standard and have been saying it since the inception of my academy in 2011: you pay for the education, but you must EARN the certification. I feel this should hold true for any sort of school, but that’s another convo for another day!

Just as in a university with integrity (and a lot of them are losing that these days); if you don’t uphold the values, standards, and principles of that institution, or you don’t get the required grades OR show poor behavior, poor character; you’re not going to get to graduate from there. And rightly so!

Because what sort of integrity would that institution have if they let shit like that slide? How would that seem fair to all those who’ve graduated, met requirements and earned degrees from there? The prestige of that school would go out the window!

I’ve baked these non-wavering principles and integrity into the HMCA culture. Because I’ve done that and have refused to waiver from the beginning, our alumni and our community see the value and accomplishment in graduating as a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer. It’s appreciated, well-earned, respected and admired.

Nope, I may not be your cup o’ tea.

I’d rather be someone’s double shot of Crystal Gem Elixir anyway. 😉

What to Expect

So maybe an easier “pay-and-get-your-instant-certificate-with-no-accountability-nor-assessment” deal is more your style. Because, you know, some places do it like that and if that’s what you’re looking for, no judgment at all!  But let me tell you now if that’s how you roll; HMCA is not for you. Better we know now, right?

(Hey now, please bear in mind that we do offer an “Audit” level for those looking to get the sparkly info for their own personal use. In that level, you’re not required to do any assignments, assessment nor any grad requirements).

Yeah, I could make it easy for all involved, both on our end and the student’s end) and go that EASY route. Then there would be tons more people certified as “Hibiscus Moon CCHs,” and we’d be registering scads more people.

certification standard

But that goes against my very essence.

Running a course that requires no effort or demonstration of mastery to earn your credentials is certainly not what I was put here on Mama Earth for.


Yeah, I could just slap together a course where you pay the fee, you get the content and maybe even a fancy-schmancy certificate to hang on your wall, and what you do with the info or don’t do with it is your business. I may never check on you again, nor hold you to any standards or code of ethics, and just throw a certificate and some initials at you, because you paid for it.

Well, the HMCA way, it’s not only harder for our students but for us on our end too. Yes, ask the Sparkle Team. The way I insist on doing things makes all our jobs much more complicated and incurs quite the expense in time, energy and money.  And even with these processes in place, I’m so very proud of the fact that we have over 1,400 graduates from over 40 countries around the globe.

Oh, and another thing… if you’re looking for a course that simply spews out crystal properties for you to memorize then this is not the course for you. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that but there are other courses out there if that’s more of what you resonate with.

Our method teaches you to really get to know your crystals & we take a more personal approach to that.

Have I scared you off yet?

What, am I crazy?

Am I trying to deliberately scare you off?

Absolutely not.

I just want to convey exactly the kind of institution that we are and to make sure that we both know what to expect from each other. I want it to be clear that you will be required to do the work. We will hold you to clearly defined standards while supporting you all the way. This way there are no surprises. It’s not that hard really. You just need to do the work and you have a full year to get it all done and we’ve built in more support then you’ll probably ever need just to over-deliver.

Why Do it the Hard Way?

When I set out to do this, I knew that graduating from Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy needed to mean something–it needed to be admired, respected and have merit. That’s how our graduates and our Academy have earned the reputation we currently now have.

certification standard

See, I’m super-passionate about what I do and I feel there is no greater joy than to see the delight or get an excited testimonial from a student who suddenly comprehends a certain concept or is now inspired to take it much deeper than they ever thought they wanted to go. NOTHING supersedes that. And working through the hard stuff, not relenting and not “making it easy”… that’s the only way to get there. So I’m willing to slog through the “hard stuff” to get YOU there. Then you’ll see how rewarding it is too!

It’s critical to me that when you register with us you:

  • are committed to learning
  • want to build a strong foundation through critical thinking and assessment
  • will profoundly develop your crystal practice, confidence and skills before sharing it out with clients
  • will come to recognize crystals as powerful energetic tools and have adequate training to use them in an effective, yet secure, safe & sensible manner

I want to continue to make sure that we attract the right kind of student here at the HMCA.

OK, now that we’ve covered who it’s for and who it’s not for, if you’re still here reading this you may be happy to learn that our Spring 2018 registration will be opening very soon! Get on our Wait List here for first notice and some pretty juicy perks.

As I said, I’ve given you permission to hate my guts. It’s really OK by me. Just as long as I’ve prodded you to challenge yourself, I’m totally down with it.

Now, as long as the conversation stays thoughtful, respectful and civil, I invite you to comment below … what do you think about our certification standards?

Crystal Blessings!


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  1. I worked damn hard to earn my CCH and am working even harder finishing up my ACM. I’m proud of what I accomplished and the confidence it gave me to share my sparkle with the world. This course changed me in profound and amazing ways and I am eternally grateful to Hibiscus Moon, her team and my crystal cohorts for their support and tough love.

  2. Integrity is very important to me , I just finished a two year shaman practioner course and the last day we had to work with the public, but because of the class time and work I put into the studies, I was certified and the participants on their reviews said I was patient, gentle, understanding, and very knowledgeable about explained everything very thoroughly. I am excited to begin this class

  3. The more blogs posts and videos you put up, the more (over) excited I become for the spring CCH course! I am so ready to learn more, work hard and have a teacher who will challenge her students to aim high! Thanks again! Much love! <3 I can hardly wait!!

  4. I am so excited for your course! I need a challenge! I need the knowledge to use my myriad of crystals for the good of all !!!!

  5. Hi Hibiscus, how could anyone hate you? No! However, since you’re apparently asking for criticism, the main thing that still gets in my way with all of this is the appeal to the “scientific” backing of it. I think the issue is that we have limited vocabulary to use when discussing interactions with stones and crystals, which I have personally had some considerable experience of. But this is not “western science” type science. The energy we may talk about is not electrical or atomic energy. So people call it woo woo. What’s wrong with that? Let’s dive into the woo, and learn the Art, and stop trying to apologize for it or make it sound legit with appeals to “science.” Did Picasso apologize for his work? Do glassblowers apologize for making far-out bongs? (Try strolling through Illuzion Glass Gallery in Denver sometime.) Did Osho apologize for his Zen Tarot? Of course not. Well, I think you get the idea of what I’m attempting to express here. Best regards and carry on!

  6. As always, totally refreshing content with a side of honesty in blunt form. Much love for all that you do ( lol honestly your energy is astoundingly awesome), I am really looking forward to joining everyone soon in the HMCA.

  7. Hello, Hibiscus

    Honesty is so important and if it scares some people off- it’s only for the good, as otherwise they would have stick with you on the wrong reasons.

    When it comes to hard work and high-level course- it’s exactly what I need!
    I took a level I crystal therapy course in my home country and to be honest- I felt how it was all built on making money. As you may guess, I didn’t take any upper levels with that teacher. I felt it was kinda empty and very shallow.

    I was specially suprised to have the “certificate” as a printable file on my email after!!! I’ve been to tons of different workshops, courses etc and never-ever have I received a printable file to prove my participation!

    So there you have it. Whether you wanna just go through sth really simple, which won’t get you anywhere or you wanna hit the sky. I’ve chosen the second one.

    See you in March! ✌

  8. Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you for all you do and for re-confirming your promise to “us” – your alumni. I studied both the CCH and ACM courses with you and absolutely loved the classes. I learned so much. In taking the courses, I initially never intended offer sessions; it was more about following the wave of curiosity. It was when I had to do my practice sessions in order to graduate that I realized how much I enjoy offering this energetic support. While I still only offer sessions to friends, I feel solid in the foundation of knowledge you have shared with me. I am also grateful that it is not a “fluffy” course. For example, as part of my ACM graduation options, I chose the exercise where I had to identify the stones. It was tough but so much fun! So, thank you for sharing your knowledge and also for maintaining the integrity of this program.
    Kristina E. Turner – an alumna representing you in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

  9. Hi dear Hibiscus moon: we can’t hate bad people, how we can hate our great teacher..?
    Thank you for every thing you do for us.
    Your sincere:ALI JNAIDI.

  10. Thank you so much for your integrity! Although I cannot join you this spring for financial reasons, I’ll be there someday, especially knowing now that students need to earn their way to certification, not just pay their way. Wishing you all lots of sparkly success!

  11. I absolutely love this Hibiscus Moon and you for expressing it! Thank you for all you do and this definite confirmation for where I am in my leadership right now. Bright and sparkly blessings to all!

  12. Well HM I must say that I find this topic particularly funny simply because I’m not really that into crystals at all… I follow all of your stuff just because I LIKE YOU! LOL. Of course, I learn stuff about crystals a long the way and I have a great appreciation for them but its your passion and personality that I find the most interesting and you inspire me to be dedicated to my own passions. I just think you are a cool person! Lots of love from a huge HM fan <3

  13. It only makes sense though. Hibiscus is a science teacher and a scientist. If she can view crystal healing through a lens of empiricism and an understanding of geological science in a coherant way, why wouldn’t she present that perspective to her students?

  14. This blog only inspires me more to become a Hibiscus Moon CCH… As I’ve walked this journey, talking with people about the training I’d like to do, I’ve been asked a few times, “Why Hibiscus Moon?”, why not some other crystal course… My response was because of the overall content, metaphysics & science, and the credibility of the Academy. All of this raises my own confidence while incorporating crystals into my range of Energy Healing modalities I work with. I will be confident I know what I’m doing! I’ve had similar discussion with my closest colleague in regards to the $15 Online Reiki Certfications… What?!?! I suppose it’s ok for those who want to go that route, but for me, if I’m going to have a title, such as “Reiki Master/Teacher”, I want full out training & experience to honour what that means to me. It’s important to feel aligned with the image it portrays and the message it conveys! My clients deserve that assurance & confidence, as well as quality treatment from a knowledgeable & experience practitioner. I can’t see that I would confidently market or provide paid services under any less of conditions… I want to ‘know my stuff’ and for my clients to be certain, I know my stuff! For me, it’s absolutely necessary to fly with integrity, merit, and respect. Love you to pieces for being who you are and laying things on-the-line. I’m pretty sure all-in-all most of your students are forever grateful for the way you taught and pushed them. To me, why bother if you’re not actually learning something, or if your ‘recognition’ isn’t for work well done! Keep up the fantabulous work you do! Thank you for being such a ‘go-getter’, hard-worker, and “True Teacher” that cares enough to ensure that her Students are receiving the best of her teaching abilities. I look forward to learning from you, and will be more than proud of earning my certification with you and your Sparkle Team! Xoxo <3 <3 <3

  15. I am so very thankful for the integrity that you hold for this kind of work, as well as the content of both of your courses! As an ACM Emerald graduate, all of the information we delved into has been life changing and gratifying. I’ve seen other courses that are similar to what you mention, No testing really required etc and it worries me a bit. People getting “certified” with the lack of really proving to be worthy of such a title! Im proud to be CCH And ACM certified by Hibiscus Moon! Thank you for all that you do, yo are an inspiration and a breathe of fresh air.

  16. Looking forward to learning about crystals and why I am so darn attracted to them! Thank you for your high level of integrity and support!

  17. As I read the opening paragraphs, I had a big grin on my face as I chuckled. I had a similar experience when I was teaching (Social Studies) because I was the same way. Thank you for reminding of that fond memory.

    Sadly, I can’t take your CCH course as my husband is being laid off in a few days and I’m unemployed. Perhaps next year.

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