Spiritual 2 X 4’s & the Power of Facebook

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Sometimes you just need to be hit with a freakin’ 2 x 4 to get these spiritual lessons!  A couple weeks ago I stepped on a bee, wasp, hornet or something (wasn’t looking too closely while I was hopping around yelling!) while Earthing outside in the backyard. Oooooo, that hurt!! I pulled out the stinger (or so I thought) & the pain subsided after 10 min.
Then I thought to myself, ” I need to go look up what Bee Medicine means, b/c obviously I need some.”
Yeah…..did I do that? Noooooo. Went about my merry way. 2 days later there’s a red line climbing up my leg.  I should’ve known better but was so busy with the sacred crystal biz & didn’t want to take time out. So I innocently ask on Facebook, hoping to hear differently

“Hey what do you think I should do about this red line climbing up my leg?”

Immediately, I had dozens of sweet souls responding, telling me to get to the doctor right away, it may be blood poisoning, call the Dr…..do something!  Durn! This is not what I wanted to hear. I reluctantly called my Dr. & she told me to get in STAT! Red lines are nothing to play around with. 

Turns out it was blood poisoning, probably b/c I didn’t get the entire stinger out. Sheesh! And my Facebook peeps saved the day b/c this stubborn Cappy wasn’t listening to the signs!!! Woooohooo for my FB Peeps!

Sooooo, after my treatment for that, I finally settled in & did some research on Wasp Medicine. Certain Native American Indian tribal myths coin the wasp as the creator of Mother Earth & also a symbol of order &  organization as well as productivity!

Whoa! HUGE message for me there at that time. I was spending way too much time doing many disjointed & unfocused projects (not like me at all) instead of focusing on the course download program for my Certified Crystal Healer Course.

But, did I listen? Not yet! I still kept working on so many disorganized patterns; purchasing inventory, special orders on crystals, Tucson Gem show itinerary stuff & just plain ole’ HUGE time wasters all over the place!!!

So Sunday morning I pull this GORGEOUS oracle card from my Earth Magic Deck that has a woman working with a crystal grid. Oohhhhh, perfection!

What that meant to me was to go pay attention to my Business & Career Path grid! Which I have been doing on a regular basis….& despite my disjointed work patterns (which is sort o uncharacteristic for me) has been working its magic quite nicely I must say!

But this was not enough & I think I missed the larger, more important message here: Invocation & Ceremony. I needed to do more to understand fully & I still hadn’t addressed the organization issue. I needed to STOP & refocus! Contemplate in ceremony & plan. Geeez! Talk about hard-headed.
THEN, I had recently listened to a recent podcast from Goddess Leonie about how physical pain finally stopped her & made her listen to the messages. I know all about that since I teach it for crying out loud & have experienced it myself several times! I thought to myself as I listened…”Oh, I hope that doesn’t happen to me anytime soon, I have so much to do right now.” Totally oblivious!

Then I even foresaw what the set back would be!!! I had envisioned it in several little flashes here & there. Instead of doing anything about it on an energetic level, I took those hints & I started doing my physical therapy prevention exercises.
“Paaah! Not gonna do it this time missy! You are being way too DENSE!”
Well, this Monday morning I awoke with a stiff neck…pretty bad, but I pressed on. Work to be done. (I am cracking up at myself in disbelief…how I missed all these signs…how totally oblivious I’ve been! I can see it so clearly when it comes to others…but for myself….?)

Each day its progressively gotten worse (instead of better as usual). I FINALLY GOT THE MESSAGE…Wednesday night as I lay in radiating neck & upper back pain, finally giving myself the attention I so so needed & craved all along. I meditated & listened…finally listened. I booked an accupucnture session, a sports massage (squeezed me in for tomorrow), an energy treatment & did my own crystal healing with red jasper & aventurine. Now the pain has finally crossed the threshold of peaking & is beginning to subside. Now, that the lesson has been taught.

I put my Etsy shop on Vacation mode & cleared out some scheduled events off my calendar.

I then set a clear & organized focus:

1. Crystal Healer Certification Program

2. Crystals & Our Sacred Spaces Free eBook

If it doesn’t directly tie into these 2 items then I am not working on it unless there’s nothing else I can do with those 2. Listen to the Bee!!! Yes, I’m finally listening to the bee. Do you also perhaps need a little Bee Medicine? 🙂

Have you had any 2 x 4’s lately? Please comment below & share.


Aventurine Abundance Ritual for 2012!

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Today we have a guest post from Stella Seaspirit, who is such a sweet sparkly & gorgeous  soul! I love this little ritual for the New Year! Enjoy.
The more abundant we become, the more we are able to uplift, support and nurture fellow humankind. Seed 2012 with this potent magical missile, then allow all manner of abundance to flow toward you.
First gather some dried bay leaves, coarsely ground cinnamon and dried sage (harvesting from your spice rack is totally acceptable!) Crush the bay and sage so they match the cinnamon.

Next, create a link between you and the herbal powder by holding the container in both hands. Close your eyes and concentrate on it. Visualise it permeated with diamond light.

Then draw your attention to what symbolises abundance for you and how abundance feels to you. Hold this energy not only in your mind’s eye, but radiate it into the herbs from your body.

Repeat the above process with a cleansed piece of green aventurine to awaken its purpose to you.








Take the piece of aventurine and place it on a surface where you can scatter some of the herbal powder in a circle around it.








Imagine a shimmering green mist strewn with golden sparkles wafting around you, emanating from the ether.
FEEL the fullness of infinite abundance in every part of your being.
Affirm (either out loud or in your mind):

“I release the limiting thoughts that block my prosperity.

I open my mind, heart and being to the unlimited abundance of the universe.

Abundance flows around me and through me always.

I enrich the lives of others when I flourish.

It is done.”

Throw the herbal powder outside into the wind.

If it is small, carry the crystal in your purse or wallet or place it somewhere in your home or office where it will serve as a reminder of all the abundance that surrounds you ~ just look at all the green in Nature!

Go on, give it a whirl, then come back and tell us what transpires…

Stella Seaspirit writes about merging the daily grind with magical finesse, a practise which she refers to as Source-ry. Find her blog and a cackle of free offerings here: http://stellaseaspirit.co.za/blog.  You can also find her on Twitter @StellaSeaspirit and Facebook.




Yes, please tell us how you do with this ritual or if you do something similar. We all LOVE to hear about what works for everyone!!

Happy Brilliant Shining New Year!!!

Winter Solstice Crystal Love

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Its almost time for Winter Solstice, falling on Dec. 22 this year. For the last four years I’ve been doing an annual Winter Solstice Meditation using garnet as my focus-friend. Garnet is THE gem stone to have in your sacred space for Winter Solstice; specifically, Almandine Garnet. Here it is in all its red-delicious glory:

And here’s a vid on did on LUSCIOUS garnet not too long ago. Yum, yum. yum…:

Why garnet? Garnet has a sumptuous-smoldering inner fire (mmmmm) that rebels against even the most bitter cold winter days & seasonal melancholy (should you have any this time of year in the Northern Hemi.), especially for those of us who may suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder…brought on by the diminished sunlight. ((HUGS))

Almandine garnet’s gorgeous deep red color reminds me of the sacred Yule berry; holly! How perfect! Its known to bring courage & sweet vitality during dark winter months. Its also great for spiritual devotion.

So my Winter Solstice Meditation goes like this. I go into my sacred space, light a few candles, hold a piece of garnet & work on going into alpha brainwaves with deep breathing & counting backwards. Then I stare at my garnet until my eyes go out of focus. I go into the garnet in my mind’s eye….it sure is GORGEOUS in there! I have the most amazing meditations when I do this. TRY IT! You won’t be disappointed. 🙂
Now, I used to be a bartender back in the day. Paid my way through college…great job! So, of course, I have a Winter Solstice Gem Elixir Cocktail!! Here’s my personal recipe. Makes one cocktail:

  • 1 1/2 oz. of Crystal Head vodka (do you know about this vodka? Whoa, Baby…let me tell you about it…made of deep glacial aquifer water, quadruple-distilled then filtered over 500-million year-old Herkimer diamonds with NO additives at all, making this the ultimate in gem elixrs! Excited yet?
  • 1/2 oz. orange-flavored liqueur, such as Cointreau
  • 1/2 oz. freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • Ice cubes made of Garnet Gem Elixir!!! Now, this is gettin’ good!
  • splash of chilled club soda
  • splash of cranberry juice
  • 1 raspberry, for garnish

And now its time for the Famous WPIX Yule Log (used to be looped on Christmas Eve & Day on WPIX in the NY-metro broadcast area back in the 80’s! Cozy.) This is so much fun!:

I don’t follow any religion, but Winter Solstice; is a time of ceremony for me, a time when the night is the longest, giving me plenty of time for contemplation. Besides being a time of giving to others, this is a time of inner reflection for me & of thinking up new goals to focus on for the coming year. That’s always good stuff, right there.

Crystals & stones help me to focus on my goals while also helping me resonate with Mother Earth’s seasonal frequencies as they ebb & flow. Crystals can be such blessings at this time of year whether you celebrate the Solstice, Kwanza, Ramadan, Christmas, Chanukah, or any other winter holidays I haven’t thought of yet!  

I luv to make a Solstice Sachet chockfull of solstice goodness. I take an evergreen colored organza bag & toss in a mix of Winter Solstice dried organic herbs; comfrey, mistletoe, whole cloves (the last 2 are not pictured) & frankincense resin chips. Then I infuse the herbs & resin with organic Scotch Pine & Fir Needle essential oils. And of course, I include 2 large tumbled Garnet gem stones along with 3 quartz crystal points to pump up the garnet-energy.  

So what do you do with a mojo bag such as this one? I do several different things with it depending on what strikes me at the moment.

I may first charge it on my sacred meditation altar to help imbue the correct energetic frequencies.   I’ll leave it there for a day or two & then I may meditate with it (the crystals & aroma put me in the perfect Winter Solstice meditative state…gets me right where I need to be). I may choose to  lay it by my bedside or sleep with it under my pillow. I usually end up carrying it around with me in my purse, holding & sniffing it whenever I need a Solstice Pick Me Up. Teeeeeheeeee. My little Holiday Secret.
And lastly, a video clip from my last year’s winter solstice complete with mischevious Topaz-Kitty!:


This year, I’m really going to focus on my intentions for the new year…I have some big dreams coming to fruition just around the corner! Do I just make a resolution? Ppp-shaw! Noooo, I do a crystal grid of course! Should you feel called to do one yourself or if you’re looking for last minute instant gift ideas, you may be called to take a look at my Crystal Grids Template Package.

Please share your Solstice/Holiday rituals & crystally goodness. I love hearing what others do!

Solstice Blessings! Mwaaaaah!


Sacred Native Studies for Healing

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I’ve been enthralled with Native American (all of the Americas) studies for quite some time now & have sought out teachings of all sorts; college classes, Peruvian Shaman Ceremonies, books, lectures &, most recently, a local Native American Spiritual teacher who teaches us many tools (both physical & non-physical) to assist us in awakening while encourage self healing & spiritual growth. My bestie & I have held circles incorporating these teachings, Goddess Gatherings, fun shops…& its all so soul-healing & fullfilling.
Now, for whatever reason, we instinctively drew inward &  my BFF, Cathy, holds these events less frequently & for just a small group of us. This feels right & comfortable this way & verrrrry nurturing.
I’ve done lots of spiritual growth through all these exercises & its even expanded my relationships & understandings of the crystals (Stone People). Gotta luv that!  But there’s still so, so much to learn!
I’ve participated in powerful drum circles & experienced as well as witnessed the drum being used as medicine as it does its healing.

I reeeeeally want to incorporate the drum healing with crystals. Seems so natural to me! Wouldn’t that be great!?
I’ve been to lectures on ancestors crossing over & how various Native American tribes interpret this. Oh! I did a guest post over @ AnEmpoweredLife regarding Crystals to Help with Grieving.
I’ve learned the lessons of dreamtime from the weaving of a dream catcher & weaving select crystals & feathers from my very own birds into it:

And all about the power 0f energetic space clearing, healing & calling the spirits with my own handmade rattle (yup, made by me):

Now, I’ve recently made my own healing drum from elk skin (this was so empowering):




[caption id="attachment_819" align="alignnone" width="712" caption="The completed project"][/caption]

 All this work has deepened my connection with Mother Earth & the Nature Kingdoms, has allowed healing & so much learning to better commune with plants, stones, trees, herbs & animal helpers!
I am so grateful to have always, somehow, been surrounded by these teachings. I have learned so very much & look forward to learning so so much more.
OK, changing topic gear…
I just wanted to give a quickee heads up that the newly revamped Crystal Grid Template Package will be out verrry soon. Many of you have asked where the old one went since I took her down. She’s been getting a bit of a makeover & its almost time for the reveal!!!! Weeee.

The new grids package will be out before the waning Moon, of course. Like any good farmer, I mind when to plant the crops. 😉

So, have you dabbled in Sacred Native studies or have more to teach us all? Please share!

Stone People Blessings to you,