9 Easy Ways to Raise the Vibes in Your Home or Work Place

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Ever walk into a space & have it just




Have it feel yuck & stuck?

I know I have. That feeling is a very real thing!
It’s the vibrational frequencies of the space interacting with your electromagnetic field.
We naturally crave an environment that feels energetically welcoming.

A home or work space that’s vibing with feel-good energy is one that you feel at home in, that you feel positive in, that inspires creativity & good conversation.

It’s a place you enjoy doing your favorite things in or allows you to relax, meditate, read…and on and on.

Since a good-feeling space is not a vibrational match to negative feeling frequencies, you’ll be less likely to have arguments, sadness or even uneasy feelings in a space that’s been energetically-tended-to.

The good news is there are some vibrational things you can do (some involving crystals) to help make your space more inviting and even create a sacred space of your own. So let’s get into those:

9 Easy Ways to Raise the Vibration in your Home or Work Place
1. Clear the clutter & do some physical cleaning – I know this one doesn’t feel like much fun & not even very metaphysical, but it’s a must-do before you do anything else!

A space that’s filled with clutter or dust is energetically clogged & not allowing the energy to flow, not allowing the stagnant negative feeling vibes to clear out. So, get to de-cluttering first & then dust, vacuum & just make the space sparkle.

You’ll feel the change right away!

2.  Use essential oils – 100% pure essential oils (organic fair-trade & sustainably harvested preferred!) are high vib’ing. You can add them to your space in a couple of ways. You can actually use them to help clean in the above step.

Here’s a great video with more on how you can use them for cleaning your space:

Then once the cleaning is done, keep the vibes high in your space by using the oils in an oil burner or a diffuser.

NOTE: If you’re doing this in your work space be sure to get permission from those around you! B/c the oil scents may not agree with everyone & I’d like to keep you outta the trouble zone.

3.  Salt Lamps – these are great for inducing negative ions into your environment & for restructuring the energy of our environment. Plus they shine a soft beautiful & comforting light that does wonders for our energetic state. 

I have a full-on blog post all about salt lamps & their benefits here.

And these days you don’t even have to go to a specialty metaphysical shop to get them! You can find them in any home-ey type store. I found these in Bed, Bath & Beyond…

4.  Crystal Placement – simply place crystals throughout your space intuitively; wherever you think they feel or look best.

Just having the crystals in your space will entrain the energy around you. Whenever you enter the space, you’ll feel the difference from a space that isn’t as vibrationally aligned.

5. Crystal Grids – creating a crystal grid is a way to organize or structure the energy from your crystals towards a specific intention. So it’s more advanced than just placing a crystal in the space.

I have a blog post here and a best-selling book here that I wrote all about how to do a crystal grid. It’s kinda my thang. 🙂

Something I really like to do to restructure the energy of the space is to grid the entire room.
You can grid a room by simply taking 4 clear quartz points and putting one in each corner facing inwards towards the center of the room. Then just let them communicate with each other.
6. Sage Smudge –  Pick up a smudge stick, or loose sage (usually white sage is used for the purposes of clearing out) and burn it slowly (after you light it blow out the flame & it will cont. to smolder & smoke) in a fireproof safe bowl, dish or shell like an abalone shell. 

Allow the smoke to waft around & smudge the space.

Some like to use a feather or a ceremonial fan to control where the smoke goes a bit, like into tight corners & to help spread the smoke around.  It also helps to keep the smoldering sage stay lit.

NOTE: You can use a gem elixir smudge spray if the smoke from burning sage will bother you or isn’t appropriate in your work place (cuz it’s not).

C’mon, do you want to be caught standin’ there with your burning sage & smudge fan with the smoke alarm blaring & the sprinklers going off in your work building?

Didn’t think so.

7.  Sound Clearing – We can easily use acoustic energy to restructure the energy of our space (it’s all about sound vibrations). Very easy to do!

You can use any sort of high amplitude (loud) acoustic instrument, but I prefer to use something that’s pleasing to my ears:

  • tingshas
  • crystal singing bowl
  • Native American drumming

There are many more options than this. Take your pick! You may also choose to put on a CD or a sacred space music station like this one.

8.  Let Mother Nature in – open up the windows & grow indoor plants.

Mother Nature induces negative ions & that’s a GOOD THING for our spaces. So as much as possible allow nature into your space!


9.  Feng shui your space

I am no feng shui expert but I do believe in the powers of inducing the correct energy into your space through the proper placement & alignment of objects. For this I’m going to refer you to a good source to get you started.

And lastly, I’ve got a FREE Crystals and our Sacred Spaces eKit to help you pull all these elements together. In it, you get tons of sparkly inspiration on creating a sacred space all your own.

If you haven’t picked yours up yet…you can do that here.

How Often?
I’m usually asked how often we should do these things to keep our spaces sacred & energetically tended to.

My feeling is you can never do too much of it…but if I had to give you a guideline, I’d say shoot for once/month. And if something has occurred in your space that has made you feel uncomfortable or bad in any way then do something right then to raise the vibes.

Are you gonna try out some or all of these tips & raise the vibration of your space?  Do you feel the difference?  I know you will! Share your experience in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,

Detailed Manifestation Ritual for Summer Solstice in 7 Steps

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The natural rhythms of the earth & auspicious days in the cosmic cycle are excellent times to cultivate new or deepen & renew our manifestation rituals.

While our Western World Gregorian calendar places January as the start of our New Year, ancient & Earth-based cultures actually consider the vernal equinox to be the true start; and for good reason.

The spring equinox represents a time to plant seeds & manifest. It’s a time of fertility, growth, and new beginnings!

But when the Summer Solstice is upon us, as it is today in the Northern Hemi (Winter solstice for you in the Southern Hemi), we usher in a time to develop & grow those intentions that we planted at the spring equinox.

Summer is a time of lush abundance & growth. 🙂
Right now is the time of reaping rewards, harvesting and manifestation energy, Baby!

And it ain’t just for farmers. 😉
Crystals for Summer Solstice
Here are a selection of crystals I like to use to vibe up with the very specific energetic frequencies of Summer Solstice:

  • sunstone
  • pyrite
  • citrine
  • amber
  • tiger’s eye
  • sulfur

Notice a theme there with the stones?

Yes, I’m very intentionally choosing stones from a specific light frequency (aka color) to align us with the correct energies for solstice time….like this shiny natural pyrite cube.

Summer Solstice Ritual
Here I’ve outlined the steps in my own potent summer solstice manifestation ritual:

  •  Go to your sacred space. Doesn’t need to be elaborate…just any space you can be quiet in, that is special to you & allows you to focus on the task at hand; surround yourself with crystals, summer flowers, music & diffuse some essential oils. OR you can do this outdoors: perhaps in your backyard or by the ocean or in the mountain air. Infinite possibilities!
  • Energetically clear the space you’ll be using.  You can do this easily with sound acoustics. That’s my favorite way… using a rattle, drum, crystal singing bowl or any musical instrument which calls attention to the beginning (and later, the ending) of your ritual. You can also sing or chant to do this.
  • Set your intentions for this ritual with a list. Since this is a time of development, growth & lush abundance, I try to set intentions related to that.
    • Is it time to grow your savings account? Grow your business? Increase the number of friends you have or a time to develop your education & learning or do some self-development? 
    • Write your 3 manifestation intentions down on a small piece of paper so you can refer to it. Be sure to include a specific timeline & be as clear and precise as you can but keep it about YOU.
    • (A gentle reminder: No manipulation of other people’s personal will as that’s something I never recommend).
  • Get Focused. First hold the special crystals you’ll be using for this ritual in your hands & then focus on the natural rhythm of your breath. Allow yourself to begin to breathe more deeply, filling your lungs all the way to the bottom taking the deepest breaths you’ve taken in a while & then squeezing all the air out of your lungs. Notice how your body responds.
  • Visualize each item on your list very clearly. Notice every detail. Imagine it happening through your feelings & senses. Do the same for your next 2 intentions.
  • Put your verbal energy into it & declare it to the Universe. While still holding your crystal(s) out loud and with energy say,  “And so it is!”…or some variation; Aho! Amen! So mote it be! …you get the picture.
  • End with sound acoustic vibration to seal the deal.  Again using your preferred method: rattle, drum, crystal singing bowl, etc.
  • Want more?

    You can take all week to still work with the energies of the Summer Solstice as we’ll still be in the vibration & energies for a few more days & you can take that time to go deeper.

    Once a year at Summer Solstice, I offer my Summer Solstice Meditation eKit where I go over specific herbs & essential oils you can use to further amplify the power of your crystals… along with a guided video meditation & detailed summer solstice ritual and a bunch of other goodies all bundled up in my Summer Solstice Glitter Bundle!

    Happy Sparkly Summer Solstice to you!

    What’s missing in college – Crystals?

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    OK, can I get a little academic with ya & geek-out this week? Again? OK, I’m gonna.

    I think– as a former anthropology undergraduate student (my major was actually Biological Anthropology with an emphasis in Primatology. Aren’t you glad you asked?)LOL!… Okay, so, I was saying, I really feel there was 1 thing that was really missing from that major. What the heck does all this have to do with crystals? You’ll see!

    At the time I was in college in the early 90’s there were 4 different disciplines that fell under the Anthropology umbrella(maybe it’s still that way, IDK):

  • Biological Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Social Anthropology
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Then, like I did with my major, you can drill down even further & get into 1 specific aspect of it so I focused in on the primates; they are such loves, aren’t they? Gorillas are my favorite, favorite, favorite!!! But, okay, I digress. I do that a lot.

    So, I always felt like there was this deep, cavernous hole of missing info in the Cultural Anthropology sector of it. What’s this gap, you say? It’s the whole study of non-modern cultural tools. Many different societies are studied in these disciplines & a lot of them non-Western, because those are the ones that are most unfamiliar to us here in the Western world. The professors & books would talk about the ancient customs & then in the social anthropology aspect of it; how that morphed into modern ways of being & their different hierarchies within the societies, whether their matriarchal or patriarchal & all that kind of sort of stuff.

    [caption id="attachment_11071" align="aligncenter" width="461"] A modern Urku Shaqui of Peru. (photo credit: Ajor933) Notice the stones in his headdress.[/caption]

    But, we never really got into the tools that native or indigenous cultures (people with a close tie to Mother Earth) used unless we were talking about in the archaeology part of it; looking at the tools in that way from an archaeological aspect. We never got into the medicine man & the shaman & specifically what they do, their roles & analyzing their tools (some passed down for generations…the history there!!)…and the drumming and of course, the crystals. Ahhhhh, there it is. See? I told ya. 

    But, sometimes I’d catch a glimpse in a photo or movie and see the crystals being used. Of course, I’d perk up! *urrrgh?* But no juicy info was to be had.

    Crystals. Especially quartz crystal. Quartz plays a very important role in a lot of these tools used for ceremonial or ritualistic purposes. I kept seeing them but I never heard them spoken about once, — when I say “spoken about”, I mean really taught about. Sometimes it was briefly mentioned in the academic books, but it was basically just lightly brushed over or just mentioned as a quick aside.

    [caption id="attachment_11070" align="aligncenter" width="250"] Mayan priest performing a healing(photo credit: Bob Makransky http://www.whatismagic.com)[/caption]

    All these questions I had & no one to answer them…at least not in most universities from the research I did at the time. Not even a book (but if you know of a book…PLEASE post it in the comments below b/c I think I speak for many whan I say we’d love to read it!!) And I’ve been out of undergrad college for a long time so maybe some of you whipper-snappers can tell me different. Now that would be a DELIGHT!!

    Even now, I try to do my own research & I’ve found some but I’ve also found that these stories surrounding the Stone People are closely guarded. And most likely, rightly so. But there are even entire courses dedicated just to the pyramids of Giza, so I propose this!:

    We need a new course or 2 under the Anthropology umbrella. Okay, universities, are you listening? A course where you really delve into & explore things like rituals, ceremony & the important tools, crystals, medicine bundles, etc. used in those rituals & ceremonies. What is the drumming is for? The trances that they go into. Why? The contemplation periods, the vision quests, medicine wheels & the tools used alongside with all of these things. What’s the history behind it?

    That would be a dream come true! Wouldn’t it?? Or is it just me?

    Then, you could follow it up with optional field trips. Traveling to go visit the surviving societies in different countries, participating in their rituals. *If they are welcoming to this sort of thing.* Students could come & participate & perhaps for 1 or 2 to apprentice alongside a medicine man, a shaman. I know many an anthropology student has done that with other roles. Of course, this would all rely on the indigenous community being willing, because sometimes they’re not & that’s totally understandable.

    But this would allow those who were interested to learn where the practices really came from, the legends behind them, how they use the tools, why they use them, what they’re used for & the crystals would be a big part of that because it is a big part. How interesting would that be?

    Okay, so, that’s my thought for the day.

    What do you think about this idea? Maybe you could teach it! Please share below! 🙂

    Super Crystal Blessings to you,



    7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Working with Crystals

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    I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for quite some time b/c I, myself, love to read about about other people’s ‘mistakes’ when learning something new. This way I can learn more from a different perspective while also avoiding those common pitfalls. I’m always a champion for efficiency…why reinvent the wheel? That’s always extremely valuable for me so I hope this blog post of my personal crystal experiences does the same for you.

    Since I’ve already written or chattered on about several of these topics in the past I’ll put lots of reference links here if you’d like to dig deeper on that specific topic. OK? 🙂

    And lastly, let me preface this post by stating (as I always do) that this is what I’ve found to be true & what has worked for me. I don’t claim anything to be “right” or “wrong”. If you’re doing something that contradicts what I say & its been working for you then KEEP ON TRUCKIN’, Lima Bean!
    7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Working with Crystals
    1. How to Cleanse
    When I first began getting into the metaphysical side of crystals, most of the info I scoured said I needed to cleanse my crystals of “their former absorbed energy” in some way. There are many proposed methods on how to do this. And for a long while,  my favorite method was a 7 Day Salt Water Cleanse. Then I discovered sound acoustics & I’ve never turned back. Its so much easier & practical while being physically safe for all stones, no matter their hardness. Here’s a vid I did explaining more on that:

    Crystal Energy Cleansing using Sound: How To Cleanse Your Crystals

    2. Cleansing is not necessary as often as some may think but is required for ALL crystals
    The books I read in the beginning & the crystal-chats I’d have with others lead me to some dogma that had me thinking the crystals needed to be “cleansed” at every turn; every full moon, every time I used them for anything, if someone else touched them or even looked at them the wrong way. After working with crystals & stones extensively I don’t feel this to be true at all. It doesn’t have to be a BIG production. Sure, I do agree that at times it is very necessary to re-tune your crystals but much of this is what I call the “Sparkly Pomp & Circumstance”. 😉  C’mon…you know we totally get off on all the formal ceremony schist that can surround working with crystals.

    This also ties into the idea that there’s also some very stubborn glittery dogma that says certain special crystals NEVER need re-tuning (cleansing) no matter what. I don’t feel that’s the case either:

    Do All Crystals Need to Be Cleansed?

    So my stance on this 1 is that our crystals & stones don’t need to be re-tuned as often as some would lead you to believe, but I do feel they all need it at some point. None are exempt.
    3. There may be several names for the SAME stones
    Sometimes a stone has a formal geological mineral name while also having a more well-known name. For instance, spodumene is AKA kunzite. Or ruby, sapphire & corundum are all the same thing. There are many others which time & experience will expose you to more & you’ll just start to absorb this stuffs. Some good crystal reference books will help with this as well. (I’ll reference a couple that I always recommend below.)

    But to make matters even more confusing, we now have some people choosing to actually trademark already known minerals (or special sub-varieties of that mineral) with a more metaphysically-pleasing name. Here are just a few examples of that:

    • Azeztulite™ = quartz masses w/ various inclusions
    • Zultanite™ = diaspore
    • Sacred Seven Stone™ = Cacoxenite Amethyst
    • Infinite™ = greenish grey serpentine

    Now we all know that trademarked names are used all over the place like so much toilet paper but no one is FORCED to use them if they choose not to. Like, I call my toilet paper just that or I can call it “Charmin”. Totally up to me, right? I personally see no reason for these names to have been glammed up & trademarked. Since it just makes matters confusing for us all, I refuse to use the trademarked names to refer to minerals that already have a proper name.

    Yep, I chose to ignore & KISS: keep it simple, Sweetie!

    4. Most commercially available citrine on the market is heated amethyst

    Yes, that pretty orange glittery stone is usually not the REAL DEAL. But I don’t feel that it cannot be used as citrine, so please don’t toss it out! I recently did an extensive blog post all about this here.
    5. When shopping at a gem/mineral show no woo-woo talk!
    So, I’d get to the gem show with my shopping list & reference book in hand (The Crystal Healer) & could be heard across the entire row of seller’s calling out to my hubs:

    “Look for one with a record keeper on it. I need it for my third eye!”

    Yeah….not a good idea.

    Some of these mineral dealers have finely tuned woo-woo sensing radar & when they spot 1 of us in the crowd their eyes glaze over. You’re there trying to make deals & its just not working out. Now you know a possible reason why.

    Be sensible & don’t gave yourself away. Just for today, take off your Stevie Nicks shawl, put away your fairy necklace or your Namaste T-shirt (*hey! I love that stuffs too…but sometimes it benefits us to keep our super-hero uniforms under wraps*) . You know… make yourself blend in with the other Regular-Joe mineral collectors. And “Hush!” with all the woo-woo speak. The whole point of going to these shows is to hunt for the stones with the cool metaphysical bells & whistles without making it obvious that you know about that side of it so you can get them at a good price. So don’t blow it! I recently did a blog post with other shopping tips here.
    6. Most crystal healing books say the same thing over and over
    Yes, I do have more crystal books than I care to admit. That’s b/c in the beginning I was ravenous for the info (as I’m sure you were or are too)…until I began to realize that much of the info is repetitive (& then some of it conflicts) Now, I’m very selective with the crystal books I buy. I feel its good to have a couple highly recommended crystal reference books on hand & then get in there & work with your stones & find out what they really do for you personally. No book can ever tell you that.

    I do have two books that I highly recommend to all my students if you don’t already have one that you really love:

    And…in this video I go over my personal book recommendations in detail:

    Crystal Healing Book Recommendations

    7. You don’t have to memorize every crystal & what it does before you start working with them
    At first, I thought:

    “Oh, I’m not ready yet”. I need to learn more & see if there’s a perfect crystal for this or that before I actually do anything.”

    Eventually, I got tired of waiting & began meditating & using my crystals. Doing that made me wish that I had started the whole process sooner.

    Listen Crystal Hottie, there is no perfect method, stone or time to begin your crystal practice. you don’t have to wait to take a course or be certified or read all the books on the subject. My best advice here is to just dive in & start working with them. Just get to it! 🙂

    Sparkly Blessings!



    P.S. Do you have any tips to share with us? Please post them in the comments below.You know we love talking crystal-shop ’round here.