Hey Crystalline Cohorts ~ Welcome to your Pre-Term Ohm-work page!

I’m so glad that you’ve taken the leap and joined us for the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner Course. I hope you’re as excited for yourself as I am for you!

You, being here… reading this now, means one more person on Mama Earth doing what they’re meant to and called to:

connecting with crystals on a deeper level, making a difference, a real impact, making transformations, and finding fulfillment along the way!

Have all your School Supplies? Here’s a handy School Supplies Checklist pdf. Please look that over so you’re well-prepared and have everything you’ll need.

As the Spring term gets closer, you’ll be invited via email into our private Student Portal where you can watch the Orientation Video, get a feel for the place, and get comfy before our official first day of class.

Before we get to the course start date in March, I’ve got some fun Pre-Course Assignments listed below (and more coming! We’ll email you each time a new assignment is released) along with some self-check quizzes to help you prep for this amazing crystal journey.

In the meantime, I want to help you stay grounded (you’ll learn more about this in the course too) and practice exquisite self-care, so I wanted to share my blog post called How to Meditate with Crystals. Crystal Meditation helps us connect with our crystals and is something that you can use during your studies and after for your self-care practice. Speaking of which, you might want to check out my blog  – or do a google search with ‘hibiscus moon’ plus your crystal topic of interest, I have TONS of blog posts at your fingertips – and even if you’ve been with me a while I’m sure you haven’t read them all! 🙂

Enjoy and I’ll see you soon!

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Pre-Course Assignments

1. Your first assignment is to read my book Crystal Grids: How and Why they Work in its entirety… it’s a short quick read {no quiz for this assignment}. You’ll want to have this assignment completed by the time we get to Module 3 (Working with Crystal Grids).