CCH Grads Living Their DREAM!

For years now, our Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer graduates have been telling me how realizing their full potential & working with crystals in our course completely changed their lives! We decided to share just some of their SPARKLY experiences through a growing collection of videos with you. ♥ Go HMCA!!


See how some of our CCH alumni are living out their big dreams since graduation!

Anna Silver
This course absolutely transformed my life by giving me a blessed career I never would have dreamed of and setting me on a whole new amazing and prosperous path!!!

Debbie Hardy
Hibiscus Moon gave me all the confidence and tools I needed to be successful. More and more opportunities are coming my way every month and I know this is just the beginning. Thank you HMC for everything, words are not enough for the gratitude I feel.

Rev. Brian Glenn
Took the course while homeless (unbeknowst to us!) & is no longer homeless, but starting his own biz! Dropped 100 lbs! plus found stability & friendships. He’s also now a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master!

Chelsy McAllister
Our course allowed her to share sacred intimacy & deep connection with her husband…all through crystals.

Jo Dean Poirier
Has come out of her shell, has received clarity in moving forward, 1st 1 in her small town now working as a Certified Crystal Healer.

Treana Schwab
A massage therapist & Reiki Master who’s amplified those practices with the science behind crystal healing, achieving amazing results with her clients.

Emily Willen
Explains a deep lesson she learned regarding black tourmaline.

Joy Howard
A nurse & Reiki healer who’s increased her Reiki treatment effectiveness with crystals & what she has learned in this course.

Elisa Kitt
A totally heartfelt video about learning profound lessons about love. ♥ She’s also now a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master!

Angie Yingst
Experienced profound changes, didn’t realize how interested in the science of crystals she was, has since opened a sacred crystal biz & was immediately busy!! She’s also now a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master as well as a Crystal Coach on our Sparkle Team.

Mary Oquendo
This course gave her the supreme confidence to open the area’s first Wellness Center for both people & animals! She’s also now a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master! In fact, she has the distinction of being the very first one.

Joseph O’Connell
Found a supportive group of Crystal Cohorts within our Crystal Cave, now venturing into a whole new career of vibrational healing. He’s also now a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master as well as a Crystal Coach on our Sparkle Team.

Marie Claude Fraser
Our course greatly assisted her with her Reiki practice & allowed her to share her passion by integrating it with her art sculptures.

Patty Held
A school teacher who has taken healing & understanding to a whole new level with crystals & even uses them with her students in the classroom.

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