How Carnelian is Bringing “Sexy” Back

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In the crystal world, there’s no other crystal that embodies “sexy” better than carnelian: pure sexy energy!

Does this sound like you these days?

  • tired & drained? 
  • poor social skills?
  • deny yourself of pleasures?
  • lack of passion, enthusiasm, excitement?
  • lack of creativity?
  • fear of change?
  • frigidity and/or fear of sex?

Then this is the stone for you!

**Watch my vid here for several to-die-for juicy Carnelian specimens!***

Hey! Are you needing a boost of energy?

Need some Sacral Chakra Balancing? Oh, I’ve got just the thing for you today!

sacral chakra

Sacral Chakra is all about juicy creativity, creating life, creating art…creating anything at all. 

Putting anything into manifestation-creation mode is all about the Sacral Chakra; very watery, juicy, fertile energy.


And carnelian is our ideal stone to help enhance and/or balance our sacral chakra. It entrains us to the vibrations of physical & mental energy, creation energy!

In fact, if you’re needing energy or vitality of any sort, Carnelian really helps boost that.

It also amplifies our creativity energy; that “take-action energy”. Or if you are just physically tired, you could use a boost of Carnelian energy.

Carnelian is a somewhat translucent, yet vibrantly colored Micro-Crystalline Quartz (aka chalcedony). Click here if you’re not sure how to pronounce that. 🙂


It’s a quartz (silicon dioxide), but it doesn’t grow in the shape of the usual 6-sided Hexagonal Quartz shape with a point, b/c it’s what we call “Micro Crystalline”, meaning that there are teeny-tiny crystals there, but you can only see them under a microscope.  They’re micro; very little, little, mini mini.

It’s usually a deep succulent orange color, getting its color from iron impurities in the quartz. It’s most often a solid (slightly see-through in spots) orange, but it can also be banded like my GORGEOUS Jumbo Jupiter Polished Madagascar Carnelian Sphere below here. *Yep, go ahead & wipe the drool off yer chin.*


CAUTION…Science Lesson Up Ahead!

I have to tell you about this; the other day somebody said, “Oh you pronounce ‘Silicone’ so funny.  You say ‘Silicon’ instead of ‘Silicone’.”

As a former science dept. chair, I cannot resist this teachable moment!

Silicone and silicon are 2 different versions of silicon, the element.

Silicon dioxide is quartz.  Just to give you a little chemistry lesson; silicon is a pure element; 1 molecule of silicon is made of just 1 atom.  A molecule of quartz has 1 atom of silicon + 2 atoms of oxygen = 3 total atoms in 1 molecule of silicon dioxide (quartz).

Silicone (with the “E”) refers to a synthetic silicon compound not found in nature of 2 silicon atoms + 1 oxygen atom mixed with something else to make it a polymer, so it’s different from silicon. Hence the different pronunciations.

I know I’ve gone too far here for a crystal healing blog, but I just cannot help myself on certain topics!

Back to Carnelian-Fun-Stuff!


When you see layered colors like in the above stone it may also be referred to as an “agate”… due to that translucent banding.  Someone may wonder, “Well, isn’t this Fire Agate and not Carnelian?”

Yeah, it could be named that way. It’s only just a name. I’d say if it’s mostly orange then I would tell you it’s proper carnelian, but even carnelian in its “purest form”, you usually see a bit of white.  The white is just areas of quartz that did not get the iron inclusions.

This one time…

Let me tell you a quick little carnelian story: I left my fav little carnelian tumbled behind in a bowl of Carnelian at an event that I was hosting.  Eeek!

We were doing a Sacral Chakra Circle, and I brought a whole bunch of carnelian stones to give out to the participants.  I had brought my own personal carnelian stone to charge up some carnelian Gem Elixir water that we were using to make Sacral Chakra Smoothies  & using for various exercises.

My personal stone got mixed up in the bowl with all the other carnelians while someone was helping me clean up & I left this 1 behind at the end of the event.

The next day I realized it was missing. 

I was like “Oh My, I’ve had that one stone for so long. I hope nobody took it.  I hope it is still there!”

I went back & sifted through the bowl & there was a whole bunch of them to look through.  The person there was like,  “You are never going to find yours. Just take any one.”

Oh no.  They didn’t understand. I was like “No, I am going to find mine.  I know my Carnelian!  This specific one.”

I don’t know all my tumbled stones this well, but this specific 1 has certain markings on it & I would know it anywhere.  No matter what!

Here he is…


You may think all tumbled carnelians look the same, but I’d know this little guy out if a pile of thousands in a hot second! 😉

I’d know those specific markings anywhere; result of meditating/working with it often over the years. A trusted friend indeed. #CrystalBonding

Oceans of Juicy Crystal Blessings,

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  1. Hello Hibiscus Moon!
    Love your videos and crystal information. Wanted to share a carnelian project I did; actually, the first time I ever worked with carnelian. I read that it worked well as a blood purifier, as well as that it was a good energizer as you mentioned, so I knitted small carnelian beads into a hat for a young girl who had leukemia. It is such a beautiful crystal and is a favorite of mine to this day.
    Best wishes,

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  2. Thank you for the lovely gift. It’s crazy but right now, I’m having issues with my sacral chakra and have been looking for information about it, and what do I see? Your email in my inbox! It’s just synchronicity! I’ve been following you for some time now and have bought some of your ebooks. But didn’t even think that this synchronicity will be so accurate! Thank you once again! And I thank God and the Source and Universe that connects us all.

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  3. I know what you mean about knowing YOUR Carnelian anywhere! I have tow pieces like that, one is a very deep orange with what looks exactly like a dark sunspot on it, like when looking at the sun through the fancy sun-viewing telescope. The other is much paler, almost more yellow and has the distinctive shape of a shield. Each is very different not just in look, but in feel as well and yes I would know them anywhere!

    By the way, I had come across something a while back about how some carnelian is dyed. Can you share more about that? Thanks!

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  4. Hi from across the pond! 😉 this post couldn’t have come at a better time for me – beautiful synchronicity – thank you!
    As im deaf though, I can’t access your audio meditation – any chance of a written transcript, pretty please?
    I also struggle with your videos as they’re without captions 🙁
    Love the blogs tho – im an avid reader!!

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  5. My two daughters gave me a present over thirty years ago. It was a silver bracelet with a carnelian stone. It is my most precious stone. I bought earrings to match.

  6. Hi!
    I just want to say: Thank You So Much for little gifts like this!!! I’m a 54 year old college student with a VERY tight budget, so little things like this mean a lot! I always look forward to getting the next Hibiscus Moon Email! Bless You!

  7. How thoughtful of you to offer this gift. I’m eager to learn more about my carnelians–which I’ve been a tad leery of, because I believe working with them will be demanding!

  8. I understand recognizing your stone. Many of the crystals in my home have been with me for years and are thought of in the same way I think of cherished friends. They are always recognizable when one truely looks. Carnelian is sometimes classified as a Blood of Isis crystal and is steeped in ancient lore. I have recomended its use in gem water with success for
    child birth and feminine health issues.

  9. Wow! I haven’t listened to the meditation yet but the PDF is awesome! I LOVE it and I can’t wait to get the time to listen to the audio!
    Many thanks to you Stephanie!
    Blessings to you as well.
    Mary <3

  10. Thank you for this post and for all the light you shine on the world. Your cheeriness has helped me, via your videos, during some very difficult times.

    I have a beautiful ‘fire agate’ Carnelian pebble. I wish I could add a photo. Due to ‘stuff’ I could certainly benefit from a Carnelian boost, so I am keeping mine gorgeous piece close today. Thank you for the download too, I feel very drawn to the orange right now x

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  12. Hilarious how you explained the different pronounciation – made me think of “Jo science!” from Breaking Bad since you posted it on FB the other day 🙂
    A big Thank you for the e-kit – I’m looking foward to going through this! Blessings to you from Germany, Claudia

  13. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I love the quick reads! Soaking it all in like a sponge. I love carnelian energy! I giggled at your title here, “This One Time…”. I was waiting to see ‘at band camp’ in the article, lol. Sorry, had to go there cuz I know you have a sense of humor ?

  14. I got a carnelian for my husband when he was undergoing treatment for prostate cancer and recovery. He has been cancer free for five years now.😍

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