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It’s been a while since I’ve done a video like this … and I’ve noticed these have become quite popular now…for people to do “monthly favorites”.

Personally, I kind of waffle back & forth on if I should do one of these again OR not.

It would be great if you could definitely let me know in the comments  (down at the bottom of this page), what you think… if I should do more of this? If this is sparkly enough for you?  Also, if you have recommendations for other stuff I should check out, please share with me!

First Favorite!  You know it has to be a crystal to kick this off right?


My favorite crystal right now is Papagoite, and I just finally got a hold of some.:D

This is a difficult mineral to find, much like Ajoite.  You may have heard me go on and on about Ajoite being very difficult to find in a recent blog post, They both come from the same area; the Messina mine in South Africa, but Papagoite is even more rare than Ajoite!

I’ve just recently got two pieces;  … Read More

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9 Signs You May be a Crystal Hoarder | Part 1

Have you seen or heard of that show “Hoarders“?

OR perhaps you know of some hoarders in your life.  Some of us have family members or loved ones that just popped into our heads, right? 

Crystal Hoarder Part 1_FI

OR…are you getting that little niggly feeling that perhaps YOU might be a Crystal Hoarder?

Hey, it’s OK if you are…many of us get that feeling. I know b/c I hang with a pretty crystal-obsessed bunch of which I may be the worst obsessor of them all. 😉

OK, I know I like to joke around…but this is serious shizzle here. Watch this …

Sharon could be me

…she could be you.

It’s not comfortable to think about but yeah, she’s one of us Crystal Hotties!

**Sharon, if you’re reading this…you are loved, you’re one of us & we’re here to support you.**

I know from experience that it can be all too easy for this passion of ours to take on a life of its own and before you realize … Read More

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How to Get What You Want with a Crystal Grid

One of my most popular past blog posts is How to Make a Crystal Grid. People tell me they refer to it again & again.

This all started when I started doing crystal grid videos showing everyone how I did them & how well they were working for me. I mean you could see it all unfolding as everything I gridded for happened & played out. I documented for all to see.

Because of that I’ve been asked to:

  • show my process in more detail (blog, vlog, etc.)
  • then teach a class on it
  • then write a book about it
  • then I built my entire Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy around it!

So to say I have MUCH RESPECT for crystal grids & what we can do with them is an understatement! But there’s another important ingredient to add to the mix; CLEAR INTENTION. I speak about this all the time but I felt the need to really emphasize that here in a blog post b/c peeps are still asking me “How do I get what I want?”

Tesla Can Help You GET What You Want

“If you … Read More

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Whine & cheese & not a thing about crystals

Today, I figured I’d blog about what I’ve been up to business-wise…off the crystal-beaten path for a bit.

In some recent videos on my Crystal Channel, I mentioned that I wanted to do more professional looking videos, needed to soup up my camera & make better quality crystal videos, being that crystals are such a visual thing. I really felt I wasn’t doing them justice.

So that entails better lighting & a really good camera…using a tripod to get away from all the shaky, jerky movements. I also needed better sound quality so microphones were on the list too. I figured I’d get a few different options, try them out & then return what I wouldn’t be using.

Here’s my latest video explaining how that went…with bloopers @ the end.

Whining vlog & not a thing about crystals

[youtube g2Yomu-b2c4 nolink]

BTW, I have NOT aborted the mission!

It takes a lot more than some fancy-schmancy techy junk to scare me away! It might be scary, but I will face it. 

I will be persistent. I just need to find the right set up for me. Right now, I’m trying out video taping directly from my iphone5 with the lapel microphone & a … Read More

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