3 Tips for Shaking off Crystal Critics and Boosting Your Confidence

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Today we’re talking about three tips for shaking off crystal critics and boosting your confidence.

Question of the day:
Do you feel that you are crystal confident?
As in,  I got this, I can talk to anybody about this. Just say yes or no in the comments below.

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Three Tips for Shaking off Crystal Critics

So let’s go ahead and start talking about my three tips here today.
 1. Defending your Passion for Crystal Healing
Do you ever feel like sometimes you need to defend your passion for crystals and just your general interest in crystal healing powers against people who try to belittle it or when there’s a lot of skeptics around?

Perhaps you’ve all seen this by now, but there was a recent comedy skit that came out and it went viral on Facebook with the metaphysical online community and beyond.

The skit made me think about this topic again. It’s about a woman who walks into a crystal shop and she’s talking to the crystal shop owner. And the shop owner’s displaying all the stereotypical behaviors and catchphrases and quirks and the person who comes in is like, “Oh my God, this is wacko.”

I think it’s hysterical.

However, if you’re sensitive about that sort of thing or might take offense to it, then it might not be your cup of tea. But I think it was quite a laugh. Because we need to be able to laugh at ourselves, right? I mean this person was way over the top with the metaphysical stuff and you know very judgey of the person who came in.
Humor yes, but also Fuel for the Fire?
But you know this sort of comedy can also really feed the skeptics.  If you’re a hardcore skeptic you might see this and say “That’s what I’m talking about right there. That’s what you’re into, you wacko.”

That adds more fuel to their fire. It kind of gives us that are into crystal healing a bad rap overall as a group, especially if you don’t know how to see the humor in it.  And it can be hard if you don’t know how to defend why you love crystals along with how and why they work so well for many of us.

Because that’s why we’re all attracted to them because we know inherently that they do work.

When you’re able to defend it against people who belittle, or make fun of it, you’re better able to laugh at that, and you feel more confident about the whole thing in general.

So maybe it’s chicken or the egg kind of thing or maybe that’s why I can laugh at it. Then there are many people who do not care what others think at all, and that is wonderful, that’s it, doesn’t affect them, at all. I love that.

However many of us are affected by what others think of us. I’ve got a very good reason why that is, it’s actually hardwired into our brains. It’s an instinctual thing. I’ll explain more in a bit on that.
The bottom line is that we fear others aren’t going to take us seriously.
Are you Hearing this?
That’s a big fear and there’s a good reason for that fear.  Whether you have this fear or not, you may be hearing things like:

  • What is all this crap?
  • How much money did you spend on all these rocks?
  • None of this stuff works, when are you going to learn?
  • Why are you so gullible?
  • Wow much have you spent on all these rocks?

Does that sound familiar?

Or do you have new ones that you’ve recently heard that you’d like to share in the comments below (I like to hear this stuff from you so share with me!)

Does it make you question your crystal fascination?

Does it kind of shake your crystal confidence?

And if it does, I totally get it, because, I’ve been there, I’ve heard it all.
Reptile Brain
I’ve told this story before, but I’m going to tell it here because it makes sense with this whole topic:

One time I went to the doctor’s office and the doc was using the stethoscope and probing around and checking, looking for my heartbeat and I forgot to take the rocks out of my bra. I’d have rocks in my bra, I know I’m not alone. And I forgot to take them out.

She had a complete and total poker face while I told her that “Oh, those are my crystal companions for the day’s energies that I wanted to infuse into my electromagnetic field.”  And she was just, mm hm, you know, went on to the next thing.

Did I sense negative judgment or was that only my perception?  I don’t know but it triggered my ancient reptile brain.

So let’s take a quick detour. This picture shows the limbic system in your brain. It’s called the reptile brain.  So this picture shows your whole brain, obviously, and the base part of your brain, is the ancient reptile brain, and we call it that because this limbic system, (just under the cerebrum), is the extent of what a lizard has for brain function.

Lizards, snakes, the reptile brain, if you’ve ever had a reptile or worked with reptiles, I did quite a bit, they’re very simple, emotionless beings. And the reptile brain is called that because their brain is in charge of just six things. We call them the six Fs. Fight, flight, food or feeding, fear, freezing up, and fornication. You thought I was gonna say something else, didn’t you? 😉

So these are the basic things, it’s really root chakra stuff right, basic things.  But the limbic system is much more powerful than we give it credit for. Yeah it’s basic stuff but it’s supremely powerful because it goes the furthest back. It’s the part of our brain that has the most ancestral lineage going all the way back.

Back to the story with the doctor, that was uncomfy for me at the time, (yeah, even for me), my reptile brain was alive and well. And I’m not saying it’s eradicated all together now, but alive and well back then and I even find it difficult today to explain why I don’t like to talk on a cell phone.
Resistance and Negative Energy
If someone asks me, “Exactly why don’t you like talking on the cell phone, don’t like to use it so much, or have it around you all the time”, I will get into all the nitty-gritty and the science and all of it. But if no one’s asking, I don’t want to come off as preachy.

Now, if you asked about it, or you’re reading my blog that means you’re hear for it, you asked for it, you’re gonna get it. So it’s so much easier to discuss our crystal passions with someone who obviously is receptive and wants to learn about it.

But when they’re not receptive to it, or you have a feeling that they’re not receptive to it, how you explain yourself in those situations is not exactly our idea of a good time… because again, it’s hardwired into us, it’s usually met with resistance or a tinge of ridicule and that’s perceived as negative energy by our reptile brain.
Realize it or not, we instinctively try to avoid those situations at all costs.
So it’s not weird and you’re not considered, like “oh my gosh, you’re so not awake.” if you’re thinking, you have no confidence around this stuff.

Tip number one is to ignore your reptile brain.

Something really unconscious like certain scents can activate certain parts of your brain and spark an intense emotion. And our conscious mind isn’t aware and doesn’t process right away why that is. That’s our reptile brain taking over when that happens.

We have a primal-fear response to anything that’s perceived as disapproval.  Our ancient reptilian is hardwired in auto response to avoid any negative judgment being made on us.  We want to avoid getting kicked out of the tribe so to speak. Being shunned by the clan, that’s basic root chakra stuff coming up.

Yes, we can learn to move past this and rise above it but it takes consistent work.

As a side note, I’ve found that once we get past the hardwired fear and ancient auto response we can show the courage to just be who we are and defend our stance.  The real me is often welcomed with open arms by people you would never expect to welcome it.

So my advice is just own it.

Understand and realize it’s reptile-brain stuff and just own it.

Once people know it’s safe to talk to you about crystals you’ll be surprised how many people come out of the woo-woo closet themselves.  I had lots of experience with this while I was still a science teacher working in the public school system.

For those of you that don’t know, I used to be a science department chair for 13 years. I have lots of experience with that.

Perhaps you think that people in the academic community would be very closed off to this sort of thing but when it’s last-resort time, many would come to me to ask what crystal work they could do to remedy their issue.
2.  Find a Solid Community
This is important. Now some of you are loners and maybe you’re like, “I don’t need no community.” and that’s fine. But even for us loners, of which I am one, once in a while it’s nice to have that solid community along with you, along for the ride.

We all want to feel like we belong to the tribe, right?  We just discussed that, so that no one feels vulnerable and like nobody’s on their side.

Being in a group of other like-minded people who are also nuts for the crystals can be so empowering and supportive because they’ve all going through the same stuff as you and you get to pool resources and information and join forces with them and collaborate on stuff.

We need each other because being part of a community also gives us confidence and strength in our beliefs.

This may also mean that you may need to spend less time or remove yourself completely from hanging out with people who are holding you back and won’t accept who you are.

Besides the truly infinite and immeasurable value of having a community is the fact that you get that built-in motivation, built-in inspiration, and accountability partners when you need them. Without that support system in place you’re going it alone.

It’s hard to go it alone even if you are a seasoned loner, 100% alone. Just to let you know, in my Certified Crystal Healer Course, in addition to your peers and the alumni, you also get reliable mentors I’ve put in place to coach you through. And that’s absent when you go it alone.

Not to mention you can build fabulous, amazing new friendships that spring up from a community like that. It certainly doesn’t have to be my course’s group, there are many out there. On Facebook alone there are face-to-face live groups you can join.
Join a Group
Be mindful.  Don’t go out and join a bunch of different of groups at once. This will spread you too thin and you won’t be able to get the most out of any of the groups. Try to find a group, either in person or online, that has these three things going for them.

Here’s what to look for:

  • You want mentors who are supportive.
  • You also want members who are supportive, I’m sure you know how to figure out if they’re supportive or not. The group should offer motivation and inspiration.
  • The group holds positive vibes. They take this seriously with an active moderator.  Zero tolerance for gossip or negativity.
  • As I said, it can be an in-person group that meets regularly or a virtual online one.  You can even make one up on your own, but there’s lot of them out there already. Finding a group like this does wonders for allowing you to be you; encouraging you to grow to your full potential.

    Additionally it builds crystal confidence; working with your crystals and knowing you have this like-minded, high vibe tribe, who has your back.

    Of course, we make sure that my group has all that and more in spades.
    3.   Back it up with Science
    I have a healthy amount of confidence discussing crystal healing.  I know that’s because I can explain the science behind how and why the crystals work.

    And it’s not just for me, I’ve heard this again and again from our over 1,600 graduates now. That this is where their confidence comes from.

    Still, science isn’t always the end-all, be-all.  Science doesn’t prove everything or anything but that’s another topic of debate we can get into. 🙂 Despite what some might think there always remains some uncertainty. Science never, 100%, proves anything.

    So no, not everything should need a scientific explanation. Nor does everything have one, there’s so many things that don’t have scientific explanations and yet they exist. Crystal healing is one of them.

    But like it or not, in today’s world, in our society, science is king. Scientific explanations hold mega value.

    Being able to explain something scientifically pulls a lot of weight, that’s why people love to get some science in with their metaphysics. I know, I know, this is exactly why my Certified Crystal Healer Course became so popular right away because there were no other courses doing that and so many people came in and it was like,
    “Oh my gosh, science with the crystal healing, this is exactly what I need!”
    Because again, being a former science teacher and science department head, I can provide that in spades.

    Science is the backbone of my course.

    When it comes to explaining crystal healing to others, especially if they’re skeptics, I think we just throw some science at it, and that usually get them to sit up and listen. It opens the door for a skeptic with respect, a respectful door.
    Need Help?
    I can help you with tips number two and three. Plus I’ve seen number one, which is ignore your reptile brain, come naturally, as a result of providing the science and solid community to my students in my course.

    Not to say that you can’t achieve those things on your own without taking my course, you most certainly can. Put your mind to it, put your energy into it, and put your energy towards that goal and you’re going to manifest it.

    But if you do want my help, and you want me to help you along on this path as your teacher, registration for my course is open to the public now.

    If you’re thinking about it, get in now, because tuition is going to be increasing, because we have to do it, by $500 for our fall term. So if you’re thinking about waiting for it down the line, now is your time and registration’s only open for a short time.

    If you’re not on the waitlist and you’d like to get on right now go to hibiscusmoonjoin.com.

    I want to wrap this up by giving you two of my favorite quotes to think on all this stuff.

    And this is a quote by Arthur Schopenhauer. He’s a German philosopher and he said:
    All truth passes through three stages: One, first, it’s ridiculed. Two, second, it’s violently opposed. Three, third is accepted as being self-evident.
    And isn’t that true? Isn’t that how all new truths come to be?

    One more brilliant quote from my favorite physicist, Nassim Haramein, he said:
    We are still in our infancy of exploring and discovering our local environment.

    There are people alive today who when they were young were told the universe was many, many times smaller than they’re being told today.

    Perhaps this progression will only accelerate when we prove the universe we are in, is only one of an infinite number of other universes in the holo-fractile graphic multiverse.
    He’s so deep, I love that guy.

    I find getting defensive and negative (as we tend to do because of our reptile brain),  gets us nowhere.  So let’s forget that reaction. Same with clamming up from lack of confidence. It actually feeds the skeptics.

    If we want people to hear us, the music needs to be pleasing, right? Otherwise they’re going to slam the door and leave. But I also really secretly love it when you can just smack them skeptics around with some science.  I absolutely love it. It’s just a little thing that naturally happens, it’s kind of funny, but done respectfully always, so let’s keep it like that.

    Now, tell me in the comments how can you action one of these three tips TODAY?

    Crystal Blessings,

    Announcing our 2019 Certified Crystal Healer Course Scholarship WINNERS

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    We were absolutely blown away by the number and depth of entries this year.  Thank you for sharing your powerful stories and putting your hearts into this!

    We’ve been doing this scholarship giveaway since the summer of 2012 and I’m so happy to share that this year we have four winners. ❤

    This was a difficult decision, narrowing it down to four. Every single entry was magnificent. Team HM and I are blessed and honored that you allowed us into your lives, to witness your vulnerability and to hear your story.  We hope you’ll all continue to aim high and shoot for the stars!
    Certified Crystal Healer Course Scholarship Winners!
    Based on our rules and criteria, here are our fabulous winning scholarship recipients in no particular order:

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    Betty Shadoe Jones

    Steph Pittman

    Marzipan Lili

    Moving Forward
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    1.  Please join our Crystal Community and me in congratulating our winners. Our collective support, love, encouragement and good vibes will greatly assist them in making their big dreams a reality (while also reflecting back to you & assisting you in creating the same for yourself…law of attraction in action!) ♥

    2.  Feel and KNOW down to your core that you are an amazing being and that you possess all the gifts, talents and abilities to live out all of your dreams …this was just the tip of the iceberg of a mega message-transmission to the Universe. Don’t stop here, don’t stop now. Keep on Truckin’! If you can dream it, then you can rock it!

    3.  Now, go watch or look at your entry again. Re-absorb some of that fantastic brillance and dazzle that you’re made of. Listen/read all of the amazing things you said you’d do and bring forth if you won. Don’t let those dreams die.  They deserve to breathe, live, be fed & be deeply cherished. They’re your precious babies. Ask yourself what’s stopping you from doing all of those things right now? Don’t let anything get in your way of making your crystal healing dreams a reality.

    If you truly feel in your heart that this course is part of your path, then make it happen. If this is not possible for you right now, then choose to do what you CAN do – keep tuning into to my blog here and my Newsletter, working with your crystals, reading crystal books and eat glitter for breakfast … because you deserve it!

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    If you have any questions about our 2019 registration, please don’t hesitate to email us here.

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    This may push you outside of your comfort zone, but this is just the 1st very important step towards committing to your dreams and desires. This is telling the Universe YOU ARE READY!

    Good luck to you!



    Manifest Money, Prosperity and Abundance with Crystals

    Hibiscus Moon prosperity 91 Comments


    Today we are going to talk about how to manifest money, prosperity, and abundance with crystals.

    What do you want to manifest an abundance of this year? Post in the comments to fill in the blank
    I want to manifest an abundance of _______________.
    Here’s a cool little thing that team HM whipped up for us.  If you’d like to get my top crystals checklist with a little breakdown of each of the crystals plus a crystal grid template for manifestation, click below!

    I’m always talking about action around here. We don’t want just to collect info and then to do nothing with it right?  Because how effective is that? Completely ineffective without action.
    Money, Money, Money
    Fair warning up front, this topic may trigger some of you. How do I know that? Because it used to trigger me.

    Someone would start talking about manifesting money, and this topic would trigger me big time.  Back in the ’90s, they didn’t use the words manifestation or trigger,  but trigger is the right word for what I’m talking about. So, fair warning if you think this is going to push your buttons and you’re all “why is she talking to us about money?” Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space.

    Now I’m not necessarily talking about money. When we’re talking about manifesting prosperity and abundance, we can talk about prosperity and abundance of a lot of different things. But a lot of times it does mean money. Does that push your buttons? No judgments if it does because like I said, it used to push mine.

    I have this quote right above my desk from Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor.

    Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this space because it affects our manifestation.

    I know this from personal experience.

    So if your panties are in a bunch about this, please be mindful of your energy (and your energy includes the comments), be careful. Just keep an open mind, if nothing else, and you might have some food for thought when we’re done here. We can agree to disagree, that’s cool, but just keep an open mind and listen and see what you think at the end, okay?
    Attracting Abundance
    To attract an abundance of anything, not just money, you need to have cleared your mind, your mindset, of any old thought patterns you might be holding onto that tell you-you don’t have enough.

    And you might not even realize that these thought patterns are there. But they’re sneaky little suckers, and they hang out, and they cling. Perhaps you won’t suspect it, but there they are. They’re telling you that you don’t have enough or there isn’t enough to go around, or you’re never going to succeed or that you lack in some way.

    And I say, YES, we can work with crystals as tools and supports to adjust that mindset. Work with them as allies. Our goal in working with crystals is to attract what we’re seeking; to manifest. Like attracts like, right.
    Redefine Your Thinking
    First thing’s first, we have to redefine our way of thinking.

    When I say the words:

    • success
    • prosperity
    • abundance

    What’s the first thing that comes to mind for you?  What’s the first thing that pops into your head? First feeling or emotions?  Those are very telling.

    For a lot of people, if you just hear the word success, prosperity, abundance, and like I said, it doesn’t always mean money but for a lot of people that equals money.

    Now here’s another question and I want you to put the answer to this in the comments.
    How does it make you feel when you think about money?
    Sometimes people feel worried. Some people just automatically feel negative. Other people feel great; they feel positive.

    Some go “Ooh, let me go check my bank account right now, see how I’m doing,” because they’re on, maybe for the New Year they’re on a mindset of, I’m going to save, I’m going to be good about that. I’m going to create little envelopes and such.

    So, see how you feel about that. Feel into it. And we’re going to work on a little mindset change here.

    What do you think of this one?

    Money can’t buy happiness.

    You can just think about that one and mull it around. What does that bring up? Is that something you’ve heard all your life or maybe your parents used to tell you that.

    I’d like to give you another version.  Here’s a different one to think about:
    Happiness can buy money.

    Think about that.

    Happiness is energy. It’s a currency, an exchange of sorts that we’ve invented.  Money is something we created as a means of exchange.

    Happiness is an energy and a currency, an exchange as well.

    Think about happiness as energy and currency and so is money. But it’s an exchange of energy. So let’s incorporate this thought into our new abundance mindset that we’re working on here.

    And this abundance mindset is a really important step if you want to work with crystals to attract abundance. You can do all this work without the crystals but believe you me when you have a support of your crystal tools you’ll see it requires less effort.

    In physics, the definition of a tool is something that allows you to do the work with less effort. And it does require less effort when you work with the crystals.

    So when you’re able to cultivate and nurture happy, positive energy about money you’re naturally going to make yourself more attractive to it.  This includes (and I know this one well), not hating those who have more money than you do, or seemingly appear just to acquire it more easily than you do.

    Again, how do I know this? Because I’ve seen both sides of that coin.

    I’ve been super poor. Not able to scrounge up enough coins to do my laundry down the hall at the apartment complex I was living at and get my uniform cleaned so I could go to my work as a waitress. And sometimes I went to work with it dirty ’cause I didn’t have enough quarters to do the laundry. I was eating stale bread and drinking a Diet Coke for dinner. Stale bread, Diet Coke. That was one of my meals, often. Waitressing my ass off, working double shifts, working three jobs at a time, while curling my lip at what seemed like comfy people that I was waiting on.

    I did my job well. I did my job really well, and I knew how to get the tips, but to a certain extent, I wouldn’t do certain things. Let’s not get crazy here. But those people didn’t do anything to be hated on. But I just did because they were able to go out to dinner without a care in the world, that’s what it seemed like to me.

    That was the story I was telling myself in my head, and they were enjoying themselves, and they were dressed well, and they were driving a nice car, and they seemed to be doing well, and here I was, working like a dog, putting myself through school, working tons of jobs. What a mindset I had. And I was attracting more and more of the same because that’s the mindset I was in.

    As long as I stayed in that cycle, I was going to continue to attract more and more of that, and I did.

    Let me tell you a funny story… I was driving my mom’s Toyota Tercel because I couldn’t afford the payments on the car that I loved at the time, which was a royal blue Firebird, with T tops. So we had to trade cars. Could you imagine, my mother was driving around this Firebird. She was like, uh. But they were helping me out, and so I had her Toyota Tercel. I think it was an 84′ and this was in 92′, maybe.

    And so embarrassing, I went to go meet a friend at the mall for lunch, and we hadn’t seen each other for years and kinda check in on how each other was doing, and I didn’t have a lot of time, and I had to get to work, and it was in between classes and work. So I go to the mall, and I was always asking everyone about this because I was worried about the noises.

    The car had all kinds of weird mechanical things and sounds, and it always sounded like the tires were going to fall off of the car, and I would always ask “Is it possible that tires can just fall off the car while you’re driving?” No, gosh that’s so ridiculous. Well, I was in the mall parking lot, and I made a turn, and the tire fell right off the axle. I’m not even gonna get into the big long story, but it can happen, it did happen!

    I never had money to fix my car. It was just a mess. So if your attitude about money, success, prosperity, and abundance, in general, is that you’re lacking or you have this jealousy thing going around your head about it, that’s exactly what you’re going to have coming. It’s negative energy. And if your attitude is that you lack in those things, then you’re going to keep coming up short.  A lack mindset will bring you more of that.
    Turn it Around
    So one of the best things you can do is take a good step back, widen your view, and look at all the wonderful things that are happening in your life that you can be grateful for. That is something I never did back then. It’s something I do on a daily basis now.

    It can be something small. You have to start small when you’re in that place of lack mindset. You might not even realize you’re grateful for something until you examine it a little more closely. It’s one of the best feelings to realize that oh my gosh, I have all these wonderful things and I’m just sitting here wasting energy on complaining and all of this stuff. You might be more prosperous and thriving in ways that you don’t even realize. And wealthy in all sorts of things.

    But you’re focusing on what you don’t have. An attitude adjustment is the first step to turning your whole situation around.

    I love to use crystal grids to support me in whatever my next vision is. And they just do such a wonderful job. They’re so efficient at it.
    Crystal Allies
    We know that crystals have these amazing healing properties. They can be our allies in attracting money, success, prosperity, and abundance as well. Because they can be a vibrational match to that type of energy, that type of frequency.

    Here are the crystals that I’ve found to be most effective for that.
    1.  Congo Citrine
    This type of citrine is not your run of the mill baked citrine (and I’ve gone over that quite a bit recently.)

    Congo citrine is this champagne color. It can be dark like iced tea, or it can be more on the smokey side, but it’s not a very dark orange. And it doesn’t come as little geodes. It comes as a point with some smaller points around the base. This is very typical of a Congo citrine.

    It’s been known as the merchant’s stone for hundreds of years now. Merchants have been using it near their cash registers, or in their cash drawer. Some people even put a little tiny tumbled stone or a little chip in their wallet.

    Congo Citrine brings into alignment the vibrations that allow us to attract and collect money.

    And I’m saying specifically Congo citrine because to be short and succinct about it,  that baked citrine variety I feel is not delivering the goods. Let’s just leave it at that.

    Congo citrine also allows you to be also better at saving money or spending money more wisely, being a good steward of your finances, so not losing money and doing silly things.

    It’s about the solar plexus energy. So your personal power, your personal will and healthy self-confidence.

    Plus it puts you in this really happy mood. So if you’re ever feeling depressed or down, Congo citrine is going to be very, very important. When you feel happy, and in a good mood, it greatly influences positive results for you, all around.
    2.  Green Jade
    Since the stone age, people have been using green jade to bring about vitality, good luck, good fortune.  And the ancients have pointed us in the right direction with this one.

    3.  Pyrite
    Another one very commonly used for prosperity, abundance mindset is pyrite. In an ideal situation, pyrite will naturally grow into a cube.  People always ask, “Does it grow like that?” Yeah, it does. That cube is the crystals expressing their sacred geometry, their inherent sacred geometry on a macro level.

    Pyrite has masculine energy and please don’t get upset. When I use these genderized terms, masculine, feminine, people get all panties in a bunch. And we’re not talking about gender here. We’re just talking about energy.

    There’s a polarity to energy and there’s masculine energy and there’s feminine energy. And we all harbor both, you know, whether you consider yourself male, female, or in between. Pyrite has masculine energy.

    The word pyrite has Greek origins or the root of the word, and it means fire because when you take two pieces of pyrite and you strike them together, you’ll see a spark (especially if you turn out the lights). It’s fitting, that spark energy because that’s the kind of vibe we get from pyrite. An igniting kind of energy.

    It’s a real push, explosive kind of energy and that’s what masculine energy is. So it’s a take action kind of stone.

    A manifestation stone which is all about solar energy. So, it aligns and influences our mindset with an earning mentality, and that’s what we’re looking for here.

    Additionally, it resonates with our solar plexus chakra, so it’s another one that helps with our will and self-discipline. We see a theme here, right?  Pyrite also helps to build confidence.

    4.  Peridot
    That’s a large piece of peridot in a matrix, top left in the above pic.

    Peridot influences the growth of anything. This includes your bank account.

    It’s all about the prosperity vibration, about vitality. General overall well being. It resonates with two chakras, our solar plexus again, as well as our heart chakra. Peridot is a really good one for that.

    It’s not a stone that you often see, and you’re probably going to more easily find small pieces of peridot, and that’s okay if you have a little small piece of peridot. That’s fine.
    5.  Clear Quartz
    Why clear quartz? Because clear quartz is all about amplification. It amplifies the energy of all the other crystals that you have. So if you’ve got say peridot and green jade in a crystal grid you can amplify that with clear quartz.

    Clear quartz is always an all-around great crystal to have because of that amplification ability.

    It’s also a good clarifier, so it can help clarify energies. It can make the other crystal work that you’re doing way more effective by intensifying and clarifying the energy. And little laser points are convenient when you’re doing a crystal grid.

    6. Green Aventurine
    Make sure it’s green aventurine and not yellow or the other colors. Look for green aventurine because the other colors are rarer. Yellow aventurine, red aventurine are rarer while green aventurine is very abundant.

    This one is also all about vitality, vibrancy, growth, development. So that kind of energy. Health, finances, growing confidence, growing your number of friends.  Anything you want to expand into abundance.
    Money Increase Ritual
    Let’s do a quick money increase ritual to manifest it up.

    And I know we like quick because sometimes rituals can be very involved and it takes a little bit too much time. And we’re like, oh yeah that sounds nice and you put it away, and you never do it. So this one you can do right now. You could do it tomorrow.

    This is to charge your money so your money can grow plentiful. It’s like money fertilizer!  How does that sound?

    • You’re going to take a raw Congo citrine. If that’s hard to find, then you can also go with pyrite. I like either of those two stones for this ritual. Pyrite might be easier to find than Congo citrine. If you have a Congo citrine, use it.
    • Take a $5 bill or a $10 bill (because you want to think of this as an exponential build and if you start with a one dollar bill, you can do that, but it might not be as big of an exponential build as if you used a five or a ten).
    • Put the bill out in the sun. Let it bask in the intense peak pranic energy of the sun during the peak hours. So that depends on where you live.  So maybe it’s between the hours of 10 and two, for a few hours. There’s no exact, just peak pranic energy of the sun.  Outdoors. Not in a window, not indoors. So if it’s raining and cloudy then wait until you can get to a sunny day. Put it out in the sun, put it somewhere where it’s not gonna get stolen.
    • Put that stone over the bill.  And then when it’s done, put that stone in your wallet. You can put the money in your wallet too but keep the stone.
    • You can go ahead and spend the money. Go ahead and do that but that stone stays in your wallet.

    And that’s going to bring about the energy of money and fertilizing, charging your money so you can grow plentiful.

    Yeah, I like the simple, I like the easy I like the quick, I like the practical. That’s what I’m all about with this money fertilizer ritual.

    So I hope you’ve enjoyed this manifestation blog and I hope you can do the money ritual or get to work with your crystals and create your manifestation crystal grid.  And don’t forget to post your fill-in-the-blank answer in the comments:  I want to manifest an abundance of _______________.

    Crystal Blessings,