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My Crystal Healer Non-Negotiables

What are Non-Negotiables?

They follow your principles, values and define what you will and won’t accept from others.

These are your deal-breakers.

When it comes to Certifying Crystal Healers, I have some non-negotiables in place that I’m a stickler for.

Crystal Healer Non-Negotiables

Sometimes it’s not so great to be so non-flexy.

Like if people make a plan with me and it ends up having to change at the last minute, oh my.

Major problema for me.

But I think when it comes to my academy’s integrity this is a great thing!

How did I get like this?

Through the rigorous process of becoming a Nationally Board Certified Science Teacher, I learned the importance and value of student critical thinking and assessment of content knowledge.

I’ve never given out grades as the “popular” teachers did. And over the last decade that we’ve been certifying as a Crystal Academy… just to make my life easier.

I’ve seen many do it, but that just goes against every grain in my being.


I believe in providing mindset assists and lots of support to get our grads to the finish line and we pour lots of […]

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Moldavite – Is it the Most Powerful Crystal in the World?

Moladvite The Most Powerful Crystal?

I’ve had people ask me if moldavite is indeed the MOST powerful crystal in the world — as it’s often touted to be.

Well, I do think it’s quite powerful… but THE most powerful?

Watch my below video for my take on that.


Moldavite is a type of rare green colored tektite; naturally formed small glass rocks formed by the impact of meteorites on Earth.

Being glass, these are not technically crystals nor minerals at all, but rocks.


Moldavite is a specific tektite found in Vltava River basin in the Czech Republic, where most Moldavite can be found. Many scientists believe this area was impacted by a meteorite about 15 million years ago.

The green color is most likely due to the iron content and possibly some olivine (peridot) from the original meteorite).


All tektites, including moldavite, are said to have a very high vibrational frequency due to their cosmic connection.

Moldavite helps with meditation and peak experiences during meditation as well as making contact with other worlds. It’s also known for:

  • […]
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VLOG: Tombstone 🤠 Mining ⛏️ Tour + 🌵 Shopping | Chrysocolla and Turquoise

From time to time I like to share some of our mining-related side trips with you.


I know not everyone is so into this stuff but my last one seemed to get a lot of comments so — even though this is SUPER-late (this was one of the side trips Frankie and I did during our last 2019 Tucson trip and it’s almost time to head out to AZ again!)… I FINALLY had the time and desire to sit down and edit the video over my recent sabbatical.

It’s a fun little hobby of mine (editing videos) but I’m certainly no Casey Neistat. 😉


We love to do an offshoot side trip while out in Arizona for the annual gem show and take full advantage of our time there. Arizona is so interesting to me with all its open desert landscapes and ABUNDANT natural mineral resources.

We’ve hit Tombstone a few times now (we absolutely LOVE the place!!) but each time we go, we get to see, learn, and appreciate something totally […]

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Even More Crystal Fakes

Even More Crystal Fakes

Informing, you — our Crystal Family, on this topic of crystal fakes and misrepresentations has been a passion of mine for some time now and I’m HONORED to be given the opportunity and privilege to serve in this way.

My goal here is to educate our community on what mineral fakes are currently making their rounds so we can all make intelligent buying decisions.

Keep this in mind: Always use your common sense. The best protection from crystal fakes is to be well-informed yourself.

And if you feel passionate about this topic too, please share this post in any way you prefer. (***There are some handy “SHARE” buttons you can use at the bottom of this post***).

Let’s dig in!


I’ve seen Pruskite along with a number of other lab-grown crystals (usually at gem shows) and they’re normally labeled as being lab-grown.


No problemo.

pruskite These are all lab-grown crystals on display at a recent gem show I was at. The circled dark red crystals sitting on top of yellow “matrix” are Pruskite.

However — recently I’ve had a number of my students ask me about […]

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