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Take Back Your Sacred Space | (FREE Printable!)

Today I’m gifting you with that one thing that could make all the difference in your sacred space and crystal meditations.

In last blog post, I gave you a free Vibrating Seed of Life printable you can use to help with that too (+ some creative ways to work with it!)

door hanger sacred space

Sacred Space Gift

This week, it’s a “DO NOT DISTURB” indicator (aka door hanger) to others that you’re busy in your sacred space (perhaps a crystal meditation is in progress) and you need a few minutes to yourself, but stated in a very gentle way.

You may also choose to print this on card stock and then laminate it for extra durability or just go simple and do paper only. Go ahead and print extras for your friends too if you like.

Download the Printable

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printable door hanger for sacred space

How to Get […]

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Power Up your Sacred Space with this FREE Printable!

Today, I want to add in something extra special you can do to power up your sacred space.

Last blog post, I gave you three free playlists you can use to help with that too!

sacred space

How to Work with this Printable

Now, you may remember from my Free Create Sacred Spaces with Crystals eKit (you get that free gift when you first subscribe to my newsletter list), I show you how I like to create a parchment paper pouch (because I don’t like bringing plastics into my sacred crystal practice whenever I can avoid it, plus I like that I can still see through it) that houses a printed out Sacred Geometric shape that holds special meaning for me.

Then I also sprinkle various gem powders like diamond + lepidolite powders onto the sacred geo design right into the unbleached all-natural pouch. This helps to raise the vibrational frequencies in my sacred space for crystal meditation time.

sacred gem powders

I then slip the parchment pouch containing everything right into the bottom side of my meditation cushion so that I’m sitting atop these frequencies […]

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Mystical Music for your Sacred Space

I’ve got playlists for everything… even for eating dinner that makes you feel like you’re deep in the heart of old Sicily!  But today I thought it would be fun to share some mystical music, crystal-related playlists I’ve created.

mystical music

Download the Playlists

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These lists are your ticket to some peace-filled, relaxation or groove time.

This playlist includes a few of my favs for interacting with crystals or in my sacred space:

  • Sacred Space: just under 2 hours (I use this when I want to relax in my Zen Den, read a book, or just want some chill time)
  • Crystal Therapy Sesh: just under 3 hours (This playlist is, of course, ideal for crystal sessions BUT I also use it for my daily morning crystal meditations — with no singing and no piano: for some reason, I find that distracting to getting deep in with your crystals)
  • Enchanted Groove: over 1 ½ hour (How shall I […]
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How to Connect with a New Crystal

So, you just brought home a new crystal — and you want to get to know it, you want to know how to connect with it.

What’s the best way of going about doing that?

Here’s a step-by-step guide to start off your crystal relationship right!

When I bring home a new crystal I usually like to retune it (what many call “cleanse”) just to make sure it’s not bringing any extra baggage along with it. Know what I mean?

You can read more about how I like to do that here.

Then, the next thing I do is a crystal meditation with the specimen. I take at least 5-15 minutes to sit quietly with that crystal and see what kind of insights or messages I get from it — so I’ll know how that crystal will work best personally with me.

This is how I feel I get to know my crystals best. Once I have that info, then I determine if I want to take it deeper and really forge a close bond with this crystal. (I end up doing that with only about 6-10 crystals in my entire collection at […]

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