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Do you Have What it Takes to be a Crystal Practitioner?

So, you’ve heard about working with crystal energy or thought of what it would be like to be a go-to crystal expert or maybe a crystal practitioner. But before diving in too deeply, some worry if they have what it takes.

Do you have what it takes to be a crystal practitioner

I mean this world of being a crystal practitioner… it’s not meant for everyone.

Or is it?

Does it mean you’ve gotta have some sort of innate special talent? I don’t feel that’s the case.

Some of you are letting your potential go to waste because you don’t feel confident with your crystal “abilities” or ready enough.

Now, even though I’m the founder/teacher here at HMCA, I’ve seen SO many come through our doors with more natural talent in their little pinky than I have in my whole body!!! But they NEVER would have realized it if they hadn’t stepped through the portal and been given two things:

  1. the permission they felt they needed
  2. some well-deserved confidence

Imagine what we all would have been missing out on if they hadn’t taken the all-important first steps.

crystal [...]
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Fakes, Fakes + More Crystal Fakes

crystal fakes

More Crystal Fakes!

I’m so grateful to my Certified Crystal Practitioner students who bring this stuff to my attention. (That’s usually how I keep my finger on the pulse of this crystal fakes stuff.)

Sometimes I see some questionable things at a gem show… but these days, it’s usually a student pointing out something suspicious in our private community.

One thing that’s evident is that, unfortunately, the artificial mineral/gemstone market is on the rise.

Several years ago I noted that there seemed to be a bit of an info-gap in our crystal community on some good, solid, easy-to-understand data regarding this sort of thing.

Informing our community on this topic has become yet another passion of mine. Being a former science department head, having studied geology at the Masters’s level + being a crystal author and the founder of a Crystal Practitioner Academy with a relatively large following gives me a good reason + platform to educate about crystal fakes. Right?

So, I feel it’s my duty — and I’m honored to be given the opportunity and privilege to serve in this way.

My goal is to educate our crystal community on […]

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Top 5 Most Popular Crystal Blog Posts of 2020

Popular Crystal Blog


Today I’ve got the Top 5 Most Popular Crystal Blog Posts of 2020 for you! Our Crystal Family flocked to these gems 😉 and I’ve listed out and linked to all of them right here!   Maybe you’ve read some of these… but then again maybe you’ve missed a few and want to check them out!

Come on, let’s dive in.

Top 5 Most Popular Crystal Blog Posts of 2020


1.  Even More Crystal Fakes

Popular Crystal BlogTopping the list for our most popular crystal blog is Crystal Fakes!

Informing you all, our Crystal Family, on this topic of crystal fakes and misrepresentations has been a passion of mine for some time now and I’m HONORED to be given the opportunity and privilege to serve in this way.

My goal here is to educate our community on what mineral fakes are currently making their rounds so we can all make intelligent buying decisions.

Keep reading here:

2.  What Crystal Gets Rid of Negative Energy

Negative EnergyThe second most popular […]

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Moonstone Healing Properties, Correspondences and Meanings

Moonstone is a favorite and very popular crystal. It’s one that many of us are attracted to for its trademark blue flash.  Everybody loves that inner sparkle right?  Today, we’re going to talk all about moonstone’s healing properties, correspondences, and meanings.


Although Rainbow Moonstone is so gorgeous with that flash, it’s certainly not the only type of moonstone. AND, it’s technically NOT moonstone as it’s commonly referred to it in the trade. We’ll get to that in a bit here.

While it might be the first one that comes to mind because we are most familiar with seeing the rainbow variation in jewelry, there are many different kinds of moonstone and it can get a little confusing… But no worries because as always, I’ve got your back!! We will geek-out on the geology below.

So, first, let’s talk about moonstone’s metaphysical properties.

Moonstone Properties + Correspondences

Moonstone is all about:

  • Lunar Energy
  • Water Connection
  • Goddess Energy
  • Divine Feminine Energy
  • Intuition

It’s ideal for allowing you to tap into your intuition more efficiently.

Moonstone, as the name implies, helps you tap into lunar energy and feminine qualities as the crystal […]

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