Tattoo Saga

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Ah, the story of my tattoo. It used to be a small one…for about 8 years. Then I wanted more. I wanted lots of color! I loved it while it was going on. Session #3 was the best.

Then the last session happened and I gave too much creative freedom and I am not happy with the blue and red outer shading.

So now I am getting the parts I don’t like lasered off. Its a long invasive process. Let this be a lesson to anyone. This is after session #1. I now wait 12 weeks for my body to slowly break down the ink and carry it away with my waste products.

Biggest Full Moon of ’09

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This weekend will give us the largest full moon of this year. Another perigee moon like last month’s. It’s when the Moon’s eliptical orbit is closest to the Earth. They only come around about once or twice a year. So this Full Moon should be another special one.

Stevie Nicks: Undercover Witch?

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First and foremost…..I LOVE her and just think its a fun topic.
Do you think Stevie Nicks is a witch? She denies taking it seriously and just using “witchy ways” to add to her stage persona. However, I have followed her for a while and find way too many undercover, and subtle references as well as blatent ones to believe that she doesn’t take it somewhat seriously. Why bother with the extremely subtle ones if its all for stage persona? For example, there are certain lyrics in “b-side” songs that most have not heard and never will. Just wondering for the fun of it. Wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts on it.
Just wondering. Not that it matters.