Pretty Sky Viewing

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Tomorrow night will be another Venus-Moon conjunction. Yes, we had a spectacular one with the crescent moon in December, but this one is special too. Our beautiful crescent Moon will be mesmerizing-ly close to Venus.

Why is it special? Venus is at maximum brightness, being twenty times brighter than Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. It can even cast subtle shadows on the ground! All this from the reflection of the Sun’s light on the planet. For North Americans, the Moon and Venus will look to be very close together. Much tighter than in December. And, to top it all off, the Moon and Venus are both in their crescent phases.

You can view it immediately after sunset. Enjoy the show.

Stevie <3

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OK, I love Stevie. And I have posted before that I believe she’s an undercover witch. This is an old video but….she all but admits here and says in not so many words, “I am a White Witch, not a Black Magic Witch”. Would anyone care to discuss after watching this? This is my idea of totally mindless and frivolous blogging, but I love my Stevie. 😉

BTW, I have my Fleetwood Mac tickets all set for April. Waaaaahoooo!

Chakra Cleansing and Energy

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Thanks to the wonderful article that SunTiger wrote, Easy Chakra Rehab, I was inspired to do some further practice with my amethyst pendulum.

I have worked with my pendulum for years after first hearing about it in ’92 from Deepok Chopra. I have never gotten further than practicing swinging it with my mind and asking it yes or no questions. I’ve always known that it was capable of so much more and after reading Sun Tiger’s article I grabbed DH and we followed the article to the letter.

Initially, to warm up I did some energy work by visualizing a powerful energy ball between my hands. I often do this before or after meditating. I have only ever used the energy ball with myself. This time I centered the energy ball over DH’s navel and he felt the energy ball pressing on his abdomen every time that I pushed it down. In turn, I felt the pressure pushing back on me from his breathing! This was so motivating.

I then proceeded with the Easy Chakra Rehab that SunTiger detailed. I discovered that he had a blockage in his root chakra which made sense to me. We followed the article’s instructions and I was successful at removing the blockage. I re-checked all the chakras again and they were all cleansed. I was so excited that this worked. I hope DH is open to trying this on me. I want to be cleansed too. We’ll see. I will be trying this out on my friends next. So excited. 🙂 Thanks SunTiger.

Minty Mermaid Cold Cream

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Making a mess in the kitchen again! I made up my favorite cold cream. Its luxurious and moisturizing for removing my make up. I use straight olive oil for removing my mascara and this for the rest of my face. A year or so ago I went from oily skin to medium/dry skin and this concoction does the trick. It glides off my make up and dirt from the day while super-moisturizing my skin. The aloe soothes and helps cut the oils and the mint helps to tone my skin. I follow this with witch hazel to tone my skin afterwards. These are my ingredients:

1/8c (or a bit more) vegetable shortening
1/4c aloe vera gel
1 tsp olive oil
2-3 drops peppermint essential oil

I warm the shortening until it melts then remove it from the heat. Let it cool for a couple minutes then fold in the aloe vera gel. Add the olive oil and keep stirring slowly for a minute. Finally, I add the peppermint essential oil then jar it. My label isn’t cute but, it’s just for me.