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I need your help in deciding what to stock up my Etsy store with next. I go crazy when I go to my crystal/stone connection. I start running around everywhere saying “oooo, I like this” “oh this is calling to me” ” oooo,sparkly” like a chicken w/ my head cut off. LOL. Don’t get me wrong. Its tons of fun. I love it! That’s why I deal with rocks, crustals and stones. I am a born rock hound, through and through. As a science department chair I have a special lab that I get to select and purchase from so I know I was meant to do this.

So , I need some focus and direction here. If you were going to buy 2 stones, crystals or related items what woudl they be and why? Not to worry…this is not a hint or promise to purchase anything! I just need your honest openion and feedback to help me make my next purchase for my shop.

Would you like larger clusters? What kind? Hwo about spheres? These are black amethyst, BTW.

Those seem real popular right now. How about a stone pendent? What type of stone or crystal? More points? Fluorite seems very popular right now too? Selenite? Hmmmmmmm? What?

Thank you so much for your input. It is greatly appreciated. If interested in viewing my Etsy store, you can click through on the Etsy banner ad on the right. 🙂

In Business :)

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I told you I had something brewing away for a while. My Etsy shop for selling stones and crystals is up and running. Yay! Wooooohooooo! I am very excited to start this venture on the Corn Moon. 🙂

Hibiscus Moon’s Etsy Shop

View on the Afterlife

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Just my 2 cents here…feel free to debate, comment or disagree. I totally enjoy conversations like these even if they’re online. As long as it stays civil, I do not mind disagreement in the least because my beliefs are never set in stone and although they may be right for me, they may not be right for all. My beliefs morph and change depending on new ideas and new information that may come to light. So please do comment on your thoughts! Again, this was prompted by a YouTube response that I made and another blog response that I kind of edited and merged and thought…”hey, this belongs on my blog”.

As far an afterlife and what I believe in…I believe in a collective consciousness (or unconsciousness). Science is starting to actually prove that such a phenomena actually exists. This was presented to me as I learned about Quantum Physics, String Theory, the postulating of various scientists such as Werner Heisenberg,
John Stewart Bell and Richard Feynman, etc. I think that we can and do tap in and out of the collective consciousness at any time (while physically alive or after)…going forward, backward, experiencing anything, all and nothing all at the same time. I think this is what accounts for deja vu and can explain why some very gifted psychics can see certain things. What I’m not too sure about is whether we experience the “afterlife” as an individual entity or does our “soul/spirit” or energy merge with and become part of a greater entity and lose our individual perspective? I’ve always wondered about that.

As far as what the afterlife “looks” like, I don’t think our energy will experience things in the “afterlife” with the same senses we use here in our physical life. So I don’t think we will actually be “seeing” in that way, but I do think it will be all about perfect and absolute love. What do you think?