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How do the BIG Gem Shows Compare?

Is a trip to one of the BIG Gem shows on your Bucket List?

Well, we’ve got something special!  Team HM member Lisa breaks it down in a video for you in her Gem Show Comparison.

gem show comparison

But first, here are some pictures from the Tucson and Denver Gem Shows — because it’s really all about the crystals, crystals, crystals! Right?

Gem Show Comparison Quartz towers for days in Denver

For the love of quartz! One of the most abundant and admired crystals, clear quartz is literally a rock star.  And I’ve got a blog post that talks all about it – click here to read more about quartz healing properties, correspondences, and meanings.

Gem Show Comparison Huge Smokey Quartz Earth Keeper Crystals – Tucson Gem Show

Just look at the size of these Smokey Quartz Earth Keepers above! What do you think is the size of the energy torus on those babies?

Gem Show Comparison Basking in the crystal vibes — Team HM’s beautiful Lisa D’Arrigo at … Read More

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Crystal Healing Summit Interview 💎🎙️💜

This Crystal Geek Extraordinaire’s got another interview for you! I’m bringing you an in-depth conversation with Saralee Hofrichter for the Crystal Healing Summit!

crystal healing summit

I’m passionate, and I’m nerdy, and I’m owning it!

Let’s talk about Crystal Healing

Our interview was about … you guessed it,  Crystals!  And we talk about SCIENCE!  💃

Saralee and I had such a great conversation (it’s really more like a class! 📚), and you might learn a thing or two, including:

  • How do Crystals Grow? 
  • What are Zircon Crystals?
  • What about Crystal Formations and the Subway Garnet? 

Click to watch the video below.

What are the other big takeaways from the Crystal Healing Summit?

  • How does our current world situation affect the world of Crystals?
  • Is there an energetic shift happening? Check out my blog post Crystal Meanings | Are they Reliable?
  • What’s a Galactic Void? And what about Cosmic Rays?
  • Is it Angel or Angle?
  • What are my crystal picks to support you right now?

We’re going in deep here, crystal family! I hope you enjoy this Crystal Healing Summit interview!

What did you think? Can you spend some … Read More

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Rose Quartz Comes in all Colors of the Rainbow? Blue Rose Quartz

blue rose quartz

Let’s talk about new fakes + misconceptions in the market recently, specifically around Blue Rose Quartz.

If you’ve been struggling with working with your crystals effectively, knowing how to avoid misrepresentations, fakes, and CONFUSION will make you much more self-assured.  Avoiding the “Fakes”, mistakes or misrepresentations will turn that struggle around —

and keep you from wasting time with fakes that don’t even work or may not be what you think it is. No wonder you’re not getting consistent results!! Buying into this stuff ends up wasting your energy and a ton of money too.

I can’t say it enough…

I’m so grateful to our Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner students who bring this stuff to my attention! (That’s how I keep my finger on the pulse of this crystal misrep-stuff.)

It’s been my gig all along this crystal journey — to point out that there seemed to be a bit of an info-gap in our crystal community on some good, solid, easy-to-understand data regarding this sort of thing.

Being a former science department head, having studied geology at the Masters’s level, and being … Read More

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Rediscover Who You Are: Become a Manifestation Queen!


I’ve got another live interview for you with Brenda Kiss, and it’s a good one!  👑

Rediscover who you are:  Become a Manifestation Queen

Our interview was on … you guessed it,  Manifestation! 🔆 AND we talk about the power of mobilizing knowledge into action and transformation! 

Brenda and I had a super fun  crystal talk  + discussed all things crystals and manifestation, including:

  • How do Science and Crystals come together? 
  • What is a Crystal Grid?
  • Manifesting with Crystal Grids
  • Sacred Geometry as the language of the Universe

Manifestation Queen

Click to watch the video below.

What are the other big takeaways?

  • What are the Keys to Manifesting?
  • What role does Gratitude play?
  • How do Crystals work?
  • How can you build your confidence in Manifesting your Goals?
  • How does working with Crystals elevate your Consciousness?

I hope you enjoy this crystal live interview!

So, what did you think? What are you working towards Manifesting in your life, and how are you gonna do it? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Crystal Blessings,

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