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The Most Powerful Techniques to Reprogram the Subconscious Mind (with Crystals) – Morning Routine

Reprogram the Mind with Crystals

Today, we’re discussing how I work with crystals to reprogram my subconscious mind with my morning routine.

Rather than leaving it all to chance,

or to the stars…

don’t get me wrong, those things are great (and I’ll touch a bit more on that in a bit) BUT

I like to Reprogram my Subconscious Mind

so I can orchestrate my life the way I want to — no matter what the stars may have in store for me… or Mercury retro. Is that a control issue?

I’m sharing what I do and what works for me so you can empower yourself; of course, tweak and adapt where you like.

By doing this, I get to enter this beautiful coherent field state of consciousness where just about anything is possible. It tends to change everything for the better in your life.

You get into that groove where everything just seems to be going right.

You feel great.

It tends to influence everything else because of its natural higher amplitude.

In physics, we call that a phase transition.

A small teeny tiny % […]

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Want to Meet Team HM? We’ve got some CCP’s and ACM’s

Today we’re going to talk about some of the members of Team HM. I’m like a proud mama duck over here!

As you may know, I started out flying solo and sharing videos on my YouTube Channel (you can read about my crystal journey right here and here), but once the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy started in 2010, it grew very quickly and it was crystal clear that I needed a solid team to make this all work. Now, the team has grown and HMCA has over 2000 Certified Crystal Practitioners™ around the globe, in 48 different countries. Pretty cool!

Team HM lovingly answers your support questions, assists with tech issues, plans the logistics of a new elective or class, works behind the scenes on my livestreams, takes care of our website, and assists our students in our FB groups. I admit it, I have the best team! They’re smart, organized Type-A team players who run things behind the scenes because even though we can get a little woo-woo around here, I’m […]

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How I Make a High Vibe Margarita (with Crystals!)

High Vibe Margarita

This was an Instagram Story that I posted a while back (you are following me over there, right? @HibiscusMoon).

I wasn’t going to post this here on my blog or use it as content —

but you DEMANDED the recipe… with links! I mean, I get it… who wouldn’t be into a glass of hi-vibrational zesty, citrusy, salty, and delicious crystal-infused goodness in the middle of summer?

High Vibe Margarita Recipe Comin’ Right Up!

So, wherever possible, here in this blog post, I’ve linked to the EXACT brand of whatever that I use:

When you subscribe to my newsletter, you also get to grab/download the quick recipe pdf that includes your links (as requested)! Just enter your name and email below (which signs you up for my bi-weekly newsletter) and it’ll be delivered right to your inbox. 🙂

Now, I try to make everything I ingest as high vibrational as possible by:

  1. somehow infusing crystal energy into it — one way or another
  2. going organic whenever possible
  3. and trying to make it even healthier by bio-hacking the heck out of it!

Because I’m a geek […]

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Crystals: How They Work — the full + FINAL break down! PART 2

Crystals - How They Work how do crystals work

If you didn’t already watch part 1 of this mini-series, go do that right now — so you’re all caught up!

In this part, 2 we’re gonna cover:

  • How are the healing properties of a crystal determined?
  • Why are we influenced by the energy of crystals?
  • What about the programming of a crystal?

How are the healing properties of a crystal determined? How do Crystals work?

Well, part of it is determined by what elements is it made out of? In the video above, I used a little amethyst right as an example. In it, we have silicon dioxide; silicon and oxygen (aka quartz). There’s a little bit of iron thrown in too. That’s where you get its beautiful color. (I dive deeper into crystal color here.)

Then we have its crystal system, which happens to be tetrahedral in its geometry; how its molecules are arranged. Again, we have the specific light frequency that you’re seeing; which is the violet light frequency.

All of these things plus the […]

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