7 Reasons NOT to Slap Together Your Crystal Healing Education

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New Course Supply Kit
First off… because so many of you have been asking about it; here’s the new school supply kit for the upcoming Fall term: check it out here!

In this week’s livestream we discussed why you shouldn’t (or perhaps you SHOULD) slap together your crystal healing education all on your own…

Constant Evolving and Improvement
My Certified Crystal Healer Academy has really grown up over the years.

Started this baby back in 2010.

With the help of my cherished Team HM, I’m so proud to see how it’s matured into an extraordinarily successful PLUS well-known go-to crystal healing resource.

You know, to create what’s considered by many the “gold-standard” crystal healing certification takes constant research, planning, contemplation, effort, passion, commitment + energy all dedicated to the success of our Crystalline Cohort graduates.

It’s a beloved job that’s never done.

This is a constantly evolving organism that needs continuous care, which I’m more than happy to give. I’m continually investing in myself to learn more so I can bring that to my academy.
No part of the HMCA is static. I’m confident in saying that we provide a ROCK-solid education and I’m committed to our students… happy to do it!
My Certified Crystal Healing Course has been providing confidence and igniting transformations for almost a decade now! Once again, we just did a complete overhaul and upgrade to our student portal making the course super simple to navigate and be the best it can be for our students, giving them a first-class learning environment.
Not into Slapping your Crystal Education Together? What to Do Right Now
Review the 7 points I’ve just outlined in the above livestream.

Does “Slapping Together” your crystal education sound like it’s for you? Maybe it is! Then go for it. I did it!

But if it doesn’t…

then don’t keep wasting money on a little class here and yet another stack of books, not knowing where you’ll eventually land.

If you’re ready to get it all figured out once and for all, while fully understanding and being able to explain the science of how crystals work to others (confidence builder!) then make the commitment to have someone properly and efficiently guide you.
Get on the Interest List
If you’d like to approach these sorts of crystal topics from BOTH a scientific yet metaphysical perspective with ME teaching you in my Certified Crystal Healer Course, then get on my Interest List here. We’ll be opening registration for my Live Coaching Round and the last term of 2019 very soon!

Crystals as Living Beings | Are Crystals Alive?

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So, what do you think regarding crystals… as living beings?

Are our beloved crystals alive and conscious… just like we are?

Crystals as Living Beings Resources
Many ancient teachings and cultures, especially those of aboriginal tribes teach that crystals are alive.

I feel quite strongly that the Earth, the Sun, Milky Way Galaxy, even our entire Multiverse is also alive and I’m not alone in that belief …many academics and scientists are on board with this notion.

Did you know that the core of our very planet is a single humongous iron crystal… presenting itself in all its Sacred Geometric glory as a dodecahedron??!
More links to explore on this topic:

  • Life’s Working Definition: Does It Work?
  • Harvard Essay Abstract: Defining `Life’
  • Physicists Create Crystals That Are Nearly Alive
  • It’s (Almost) Alive! Scientists Create a Near-Living Crystal
  • Video: Is the Universe Alive?
  • My Classic Blog Post: Are Crystals Alive?

Show Notes
During the Livestream, I did an unboxing for the new school supply kit for the upcoming Fall term. If you’re interested in that kit you can check it out here!

If you’d like to approach these sorts of crystal topics from BOTH a scientific yet metaphysical perspective with ME teaching you in my Certified Crystal Healer Course, then get on my Interest List here. We’ll be opening registration for my Live Coaching Round and the last term of 2019 very soon.

As always… if you’d like to debate if crystals can be or are alive OR have something to add, you know I’d love to see your comments below.

Many Crystal Blessings!

The Ethics of Collecting Crystals

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Last week a few viral articles made their round online on the topic of the ethics of collecting crystals: ARE ‘ETHICAL’ HEALING CRYSTALS THE ‘NEW BLOOD DIAMONDS’? and Do You Know Where Your Healing Crystals Come From?

This week I’m going to discuss my take on this whole situation.

My Blog Posts Related to the Ethics of Crystal Collecting

  • Old blog post I wrote in 2012 (quoted in some of the recent viral articles): Is Crystal Collecting Ethical?
  • And then in 2016: Lapis Lazuli | The New Blood Diamond?

Other Articles Citing Mineral Mining Problems

  • Corrupt Jade Trade in Myanmar
  • Illegal mining of lapis lazuli fuels Taliban’s rise in Afghan province

Although I do agree that there are mining issues that exist, the main point I’m trying to drive home here today is this:
Usually, mineral specimens are collected as a by-product to ore mining where mines have been dug to get at coal, copper, aluminum, gold, etc. for other items our society seems to have no problem with.
[caption id="attachment_27960" align="aligncenter" width="749"] Lavender Pit Copper Mine in Bisbee, AZ Photo Credit: StellarD [CC BY-SA 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0)][/caption]
Check Yourself: Are you a Crystal Hoarder?
However, after saying all of that I do think that it’s extremely important that we don’t over-collect. I’ve written several blog posts on being careful not to crystal hoard:

  • 9 Signs You May be a Crystal Hoarder
  • What To Do if you think You May Be a Crystal Hoarder

Options to Collect Consciously

  • Trade: in the spirit of collecting crystals responsibly, we’re starting something new for students in my Certified Crystal Healer Course. We’re encouraging conscious crystal collecting; a way to rehome crystals not being used or we have too many of. Recycle them and save some money at the same time. See if you can create a group to trade within.
  • Mine your own: This is more fun than you can imagine!
  • Purchase directly from a small hand miner
  • Purchase from estate sales or large established mineral collections: gem shows are a great way to accomplish this
  • Conflict Mineral Info

    • The latest report I could find that ranked electronics companies was here.
    • Apple’s Conflict Minerals Report

    What You Can Do

    • Inform others about Conflict Minerals
    • Email your tech companies and tell them what you think
    • Ask questions when purchasing electronics!!!
    • Finally, vote with your dollars. Choose to purchase your next smartphone or other electric from a company that pledges to NOT use conflict minerals.

    The more potential customers who ask these questions, the more the tech companies will move to make change happen.
    Let’s Not Redirect
    Someone correctly commented in the live chat above this:

    ​”Pointing out that electronics are also an issue does NOT negate that crystal mining is also a problem! It does not suddenly make it okay!”

    Great point! Thanks for making it.

    I’m not saying that it’s OK to specimen mine via strip mining. There would be NO strip mining solely for mineral specimens. The economics of it would simply make NO SENSE. In my original blog post from 2012 here, I go over how specimen mining is a much gentler process.

    Reading this right now maybe you felt a pang of misplaced guilt when you read the title, thinking to yourself…
    “Is my Crystal Collection unethical? Am I doing something wrong?”
    But now you know what we really should be shining the light on and the problems would get corrected if people knew!

    I’m going to ask you to help to set the record straight and please pledge to get this info out there by sharing or linking to this blog in 3 places or with 3 people.  It will help exponentially. Let’s make the right info go viral; not the wrong. You came here for a reason and you’ve been given a mission. What you do with this info now is up to you.

    Thanks for listening to me rant!

    Top 7 Vintage Crystal Books

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    Click here for SUMMER SOLSTICE BUNDLE.

    Vintage crystal books?

    That is… books that are twenty years old or older. Well, see… I already have a classic blog post here listing my crystal healing book recommendations. (Wow, I wrote that blog post back in 2012.) And that list still stands for me.

    No changes.

    But, today… I have some oldy-but-goodies that are hidden little gems that I’d really like to share with you. Keep in mind, this list is, of course, my opinion and you may disagree.


    DISCLAIMER: Many of these books are out of print and may be hard to find thereby coming with some ridiculous price tag. Please don’t get mad at me if they do. I’ve been collecting these books for a long time from when they weren’t so hard to get.

    If you’re patient

    and put them on your Amazon wishlist

    look for them on eBay

    check out old book stores

    some more tips listed here

    or even Abe’s books or one of the books stores mentioned here… just chill out about when they’ll show up, add in some persistence and a grateful attitude… you’ll begin to notice that slowly but surely they’ll start appearing for you.

    Amazing how that works. 
    Top 7 Vintage Crystal Books That I Love

  • Crystal Enlightenment: The Transforming Properties of Crystals and Healing Stones (Crystal Trilogy, Vol. 1) by Katrina Raphaell
  • Crystal Healing, Vol. 2: The Therapeutic Application of Crystals and Stones by Katrina Raphaell
  • The Crystalline Transmission: A Synthesis of Light (The Crystal Trilogy Vol. 3) by Katrina Raphaell
  • Clearing Crystal Consciousness by Christa Faye Burka
  • Spiritual Value of Gem Stones by Wally and Jenny Richardson and Lenora Huett
  • Color and Crystals: A Journey Through the Chakras by Joy Gardner
  • Gems Elixirs and Vibrational Healing Volume 1 by Gurudas
  • BONUS:

    Gems Elixirs and Vibrational Healing Volume 2 by Gurudas (good add on to Volume 1 but not a must)

    Please let me know in the comments below if you think there are other books that you think should be on this list. Keep in mind that vintage means the book should be at least 20 years old. And… Click here for SUMMER SOLSTICE BUNDLE.

    Crystal Blessings!