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7 Places to Use Crystals in Your Home – where to place crystals

The energy of your home is critical. But do you often wonder: WHERE to place crystals to maximize their power and potential?

where to place crystals 

The environment we surround ourselves in is extremely important and crystals can really help us out with this.

About ten years ago, Yale conducted a study where it was proven that if you simply held a warm and comforting cup of coffee rather than a cold one, it caused the test subjects to treat people in a more generous caring manner. So essentially, if we don’t take control of our environment, it takes control of us!

I’m going to take that Yale study’s concept a bit further (because I’ve experienced it for myself and have witnessed it for so many others!) and say that crystals can and DO influence our environment and, therefore, our behavior and well-being in a beneficial way; whether you’re holding, wearing them or keeping your space infused with their energy.

If you simply enjoy just gazing at crystals — then crystals are allowing you to thrive. Of course, many of us know that much more […]

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How to meditate with crystals – a simple guide

How to Meditate with Crystals - A Simple Guide

Oh yes, we read the books and they’re great for telling us what this or that crystal is good for. But do they tell us how to do a crystal meditation? The actual how-to?

I always teach my students, I find the BEST way to make that connection and know what crystal works BEST for YOU is to do your own researching and work with it.

One way to work with your crystals is by regularly meditating with them; we’ll get to exactly how I like to do that in a bit… (and stick with me here b/c I’m going to tell you how you can get a free crystal meditation gift I have for you)

Don’t say

“I can’t meditate”

You just need practice, the right guidance, and a crystal to get the most out of this practice and I’ve got some guidance for you today that anyone can use to get started…. Even if you “can’t meditate”! 😉 The ripple effects of meditating extend out into many important areas of my day and life — we’ll get to that.

Just promise […]

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Charging Crystals Under the Full Moon – UPDATED!

charging crystals under the full moon - crystals full moon

Thanks for hanging in there with these lite-blog post versions. Today’s is all about charging crystals under the full moon.

In a few weeks, we should be back to our usual here — but in the meantime, we’re rollin’ with it.

Hope you are too!

Today, we’re covering:

  • Why I feel a monthly crystal “Full Moon cleanse” is NOT necessary
  • Can you put your crystals out during the Full Moon when it’s cloudy? Or when you can’t see the Moon?
  • How about if it’s raining or when there are freezing temps outside? Is that crystal-safe?
  • Can crystals still receive lunar energy benefits through a window?

Crystals Under the Full Moon Resources

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How to Make Shungite Water – Most Potent + Pure Elixir!

shungite water

Again, we’re a bit light on the words for shungite water here this week —

but I’ve got some good resources to share with you!

Why Drink Shungite Water?

To quickly summarize…

it purifies water and has anti-bacterial properties. If you really want to get into the nitty-gritty of that, I detailed it out for you in my Ultimate Guide to Shungite blog post. 


shungite water

Items Needed to Make Your Shungite Water

  • 1 preferably tumbled well-washed Noble/Elite Shungite (about the diameter of a quarter) – if you can’t find tumbled you can go with natural, just be careful that it doesn’t break off into little pieces
  • 1 glass or glass jar
  • drinkable water (preferably free of added toxic chlorine or fluoride)
  • a straw is a good idea (as expressed […]
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