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Which Chakra needs Balancing?

Introducing Part 2 in the Chakra Series:  Which Chakra needs Balancing?

Click here to read Part one:  The Science Behind Crystal Chakra Healing.

So after learning about the science behind the chakras, you might wonder…

How do I know which chakra needs balancing?

Luckily, there are several ways to identify which chakra needs balancing. 🌀

There are four primary ways that I share in my teachings ❭❭─❥─➣

1. Take a Chakra Test

There are several chakra tests available online (you can do a quick search and turn up many).  Here are a couple of options you can try right now:

It’s amazing how reliable this resource can be if you use a good one!  Take note of your results and grab a crystal that corresponds with that chakra to help restore the flow and bring it back into balance.

2.  Glaring, Physical or Emotional Issues

If there’s a striking set of physical ailments or emotional issues, sometimes you can pinpoint which chakra is imbalanced due to the condition.  Keep in mind, though, that you’re looking for a syndrome of … Read More

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Go Live with Hibiscus Moon💎 Instagram Interview

I’ve got another great crystal live interview for you, and this was so much fun!

I met up with Kathy Banegas of the Healing Gem and was interviewed for her Instagram Live.

crystal live

I’m such a crystal nerd!

It was super fun to meet up with Kathy – and talk crystals, teaching, and science!

We had a wonderful chat + discussed all things crystals, including:

  • Crystal Grids
  • Do you need to memorize all the crystal properties? 
  • Or should you go with what your gut is telling you?
  • What are some of my favorite crystals that I can’t live without?

Go Live with Hibiscus Moon

You can listen on Instagram here.

or click on the YouTube video below.

What are the other big takeaways?

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The Science Behind Crystal Chakra Healing

Let’s jump in and talk about crystal chakra healing and balancing.

Crystal chakra healing is a powerful way that you can work with your crystals. It’s really easy and has lots of benefits.

crystal chakra healing

Note: there’s so much to share with you on this topic! So, I’ll be writing this as a 3 part series. 🙂

In this blog, I’ll break the How and Why with some science thrown in! Let’s go!

The Science behind Crystal Chakra Healing

We’re going to talk about the seven main chakras. Although we have more chakras than the seven main ones, these are the most well-known. The seven main chakras are the major portals or energy hubs on our body and include the:

  1. Root
  2. Sacral
  3. Solar Plexus
  4. Heart
  5. Throat
  6. Third Eye
  7. Crown 

crystal chakra healing Distance chakra healing is a component of my Crystal Practitioner Course.

Each chakra has a corresponding color associated with it. Starting at the Root chakra straight up to the Crown chakra, the colors are really easy to memorize because they follow the color of the rainbow, which always follows the same order:

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Diving Deeper into Crystals🎙️💎 Podcast Interview

I’ve got another great podcast for you!  This one was seriously fun!  I met up with Ann Marinho and was interviewed for her Let’s Get Spiritual podcast. The topic was:  Diving Deeper into Crystals.

diving deeper into crystals

It was super fun to meet up with Annie and Ashley.  I just love co-creating with my students and Annie got her Certification from my course… How cool is that! 😎❤️ She’s one of us!

We had a wonderful chat + discussed all things crystals (and personal!) including:

  • What’s the story with my name – Hibiscus Moon?
  • What got me into crystals?
  • Did crystals help me enhance my intuition?
  • Where have crystals made a tangible difference in my life?

Diving Deeper into Crystals with the Let’s Get Spiritual Podcast

You can listen on Spotify here.

or click on the YouTube video below.

And, if you want to have some fun, I’ve got a free crystally download for you today >>> Want to learn how to make Crystal Water? Say what? Yes!  It’s super simple to do this and a great way to incorporate crystals into your everyday habits.  Just submit your best email and name … Read More

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