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This sacred crystal biz o’ mine makes me so blissfully happy. And my creativity has been through the ROOF as of late. I’m coming up with crystal ideas like a glorious sparkly field of flowers growing everywhere!

But this is also not good for getting current goals & projects completed.

My last business-focused crystal grid did so well I decided to do a more focused 1 to get my creative-brainiac state more zero’d in on narrowing & completing projects at hand …then moving on to the next fun project.


So with that focus in mind, here’s my latest crystal grid:

crystal grid

Crystal Grid Components:

  • The whole grid faces South. Native American teachings tell us that south is all about manifestation
  • A Flower-of-Life grid cloth (yes, this is a silk one, which I no longer carry)
  • My grid centerpiece (the Intention Antennae) is “Big Baby”, my personal clear quartz intention transmitting crystal.
  • Under the centerpiece I have personal pictures & an affirmation
  • A gold mojo bag from a prosperity & abundance ritual I did not too long ago (contains some money, an affirmation, a citrine tumbled stone & a cinnamon stick)
  • The pendant you see wrapped around everything is an authentic Maori Toki, hand-carved Jade piece with a carving that harnesses Good Luck,  Strength & Power. It was a gift from Michelle, our Tech Princess. She lives in New Zealand. 🙂
  • Next I surrounded the grid with tumbled pyrite cubes. Pyrite is a stone that has a big male manifestation push while also good for anything having to do with business
  • Around that I placed rainbow fluorite cubes. Fluorite is a great stone for decision-making & concentration.
  • Around that I used clear crystal quartz lasers to push you the intentions & help amplify
  • Then I wrote an activation affirmation that I use when activating or freshening up the grid

As I write this, I’m thinking up more ideas to further focus & tweak this grid.

The 3 crystals I’ve used here in this grid are all from the cubic crystal system. If you’ve read my book on crystal grids then you’ll know that I like to use stones from the same system to ease their energetic communication with each other & to Source Energy. I feel the message is so much more clear (less static & interference) when its done this way. So the message is sent out to Universe UBER-clear.

I hope this grid also helps spark some creative focus in you! Let me know if it does.

Many Crystal Blessings,

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  1. Wow! I love it! You’ve got me thinking that i might need to be even more specific about exactly what i am manifesting. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. wow, I learn something new everytime you show one of your grids. I didn’t know you could attach a mojo bag or pendant to the center crystal in the grid… also didn’t know to have the grid facing south! This is a gorgeous grid Stephanie, thanks for sharing it. Love the classes too, even if I’m a little behind.

  3. WOW!!!! This is amzing 🙂 I love crystals and will definitely build my own manifestation grid and let you know what the universe sends my way.
    Thank you for sharing your divine wisdom with the world!

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  4. I have to recommend Hibiscus’s rose quartz crystal grid (can’t remember what it is really called !)because I have heard my friend is coming back in 14 days!! Exactly what I wanted

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  5. I thought Manifestation Grids were to be set up facing magnetic North by using a compass, as magnetic north is changing a little all the time. ?? Please clarify! ?? Thanks! — love your site, newsletters, & videos!!! So helpful and a great blessing!! Thank you! 🙂

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  7. I also have a Toki from New Zealand! Made specifically for me by my friends Maori Priest. Wish I could include a picture, it’s just lovely.

  8. I struggle with it all, because I need it, but I do not belief it works like that at all.I do not belief that we can have what ever we want in life and create what we want for our self’s, if we came here to do something else. Like to learn about how it feels to suffer and be Squeezed on several levels at the same time Which I do. It’s not hard to uplift the mind, but if nothing happens after 15 years and it’s still the same thing. Then it takes away your inner light and makes you depressive. All the nonsense about asking your guardian angels for help. They will not help if it’s not in the cards.So good luck with what ever you wish for.I hope it’s in your cards.

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