VLOG: Bisbee 🌵 Turquoise Mining ⛏️ District

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This is SPECIAL exclusive content here on my blog just for those of you on my email list who let me know that you were interested in seeing our fun little side trip to Bisbee, AZ. We always like to do an offshoot side trip while out in Arizona for the annual gem show to take advantage of our time there by seeing something unique and different each year.

Sorry, it took 6 weeks to get this ready for you. I spent a bit of time editing this up. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Bisbee Turquoise Mining District

Here are a few links in case you ever decide to head out there… which I HIGHLY recommend!:

Thanks for joining Frankie and me! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and/or hit me up with any questions you may have.

Crystal Blessings,


Comments 29

  1. That was amazing, thank you so much for sharing!! 😊👍🏻💗 I appreciate all of the helpful information that you offer and being an avid crystal and mineral lover, when I discovered your site, it was like a dream come true. Thank you again so much!

  2. OMG!!! That video is Amazing! I feel like I went to the mine myself! Because I’m extremely claustrophobic I don’t think I’d be able to do that trip myself. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the western music accompanying it! IT WAS JUST GREAT!!! Thanks so much for sharing this. I’ll watch the others soon but I wanted to comment asap and say THANK! Love all you do for us! Crystal Blessings!!

  3. That was the coolest video!!!! I loved the inside scoop and traveling with you guys! Sooo many beautiful sites! Thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. It made me feel like I was on the trip with you. Beautiful!!!

  5. That place looks so awesome! My family and I love taking gem grubbing vacations. This year we’ll be in Franklin,NC looking for Rubies and anything else mother nature allows us to find.

  6. Love this video! My 6 year old son and I watched together and now he won’t stop asking me to take him here so he can “go mining” lol xx

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Going inside the mine was a fun time. I also love Bisbee! Your video reminded me of the Turquoise Hunt there that I attended which is sponsored by the Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum. I highly recommend that if anyone visits there. Thanks for sharing your trip…it was fun!

  8. This was Great 👍🏼. Thanks for sharing 😊. It looks like I’m headed South for a road trip🌵! Thank You 🤗

  9. My daddy was a anthracite coal miner in Pennsylvania and I LOVE going down in those mines! My husband and I got to tour the Bisbee mine two years ago – really enjoyed seeing it again. Thank you for sharing, I love all that you do.

  10. My dogs name is Bisbee.. Now it is Bisbee Turquoise lol I loved this video and would love to go there.

  11. You’re awesome thankyou 🙂 So love this VLOG … Talk about putting a smile on my turquoise face! Beamee Bisbee Boostermee

  12. I loved this little video! Many of my family members were miners in the Telluride, Colorado area and the Leaverite was a new one on me! Thanks for that laugh first thing this morning.

  13. Thank you for sharing. Is the Bisbee torquiose very expensive. Also when you went into the mine did you sign a disclosure so that you did not bring anything out of the mine with you.
    How does the crystal react with the copper as how does it mould together without some form of separation. Does the copper cause toxicity.

  14. Thank you for sharing this amazing tour. It is great to see MOTHER EARTH treasures so close,
    at least for me .

    Where I live you can find turquoise stones from Eilat..

    Thank you

  15. Wow! How Very Awesome this would be to see and experience! Hopefully I will be able to go to Tucson next yr! Would love to see the Bisbee Mine at the same time!!!
    Thank you for really putting a bee in my bonnet! Crystal Blessings!

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