When it comes to crystal chakra healing, you’ve already learned

And now in this article, we are covering How to Balance Chakras with Crystals

crystal chakra healing

There are many different methods to balance chakras with crystals and by no means are the methods I’ll lay out the only methods.

Just like this Ancient Japanese saying goes …

“There are many paths up the Mountain, but the view of the Moon from the top is the same.” 

Also, I want you to know that you do not need to have someone else do a chakra balancing for you.  You can do your OWN chakra crystal healing sesh anytime! I do this all the time for myself.

But, I do love getting crystal therapy sessions done by a professional Crystal Practitioner and I highly recommend it! 

That’s the ultimate!

If you’ve never had a professional crystal therapy session… click here to check out our alumni page. We’ve got over 2700 Certified CCPs in 55 countries around the world, and there just might be one in your area 🙂 Also, many of our grads offer distance healing sessions, so that’s another way to get in on the CT.  You won’t regret it.

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OK, so let’s get on with balancing your chakras with crystals.
Please note that what I’m presenting here is a very basic step-by-step method. I have not included all the correspondences for the chakras, the why’s and how’s, scientific and foundational info + all the little special nuances I get into in our  Certified Crystal Practitioner Course. But this is a good place to start:

1. Create some ambiance or sacred space for yourself where you won’t be disturbed for at least 20 min. Play some relaxing or new age music, dim the lights or light some candles (that can safely burn while you Zen out!) Burn a little incense or diffuse some essential oils, and create a comfortable spot to lie down and get cozy.

2. Lay your chosen chakra stones out by your side. Select one for each of the seven main chakras in color-coordinated order (as discussed in The Science Behind Crystal Chakra Healing). An inexpensive tumbled set works great.  Also include a grounding stone: my favorite is a nice shiny black tourmaline chunk. You can also use Smokey Quartz or Hematite. Have a glass of water nearby for later as well.

3. Lie down and place your grounding stone between your feet, just six inches below your feet; this is considered our Earth Star Chakra (technically not one of the main chakras but known as a “transpersonal chakra”). This is going to be the 1st crystal you place and the last crystal you take off

4. Then continue placing the rest of your stones, placing the corresponding stone directly over each of your seven chakras.  Reference the image on the right to determine approximately where each chakra is located. OR click here to reference a chakra chart that I recommend to my students.

5. Chakra balancing can be as short as 15 minutes, or you can go for half an hour or more. Do whatever feels comfortable for you.

The goal here is to get active with it.

Beginning with the root chakra and moving up, visualize each chakra, one at a time; each colored chakra spinning, a nice healthy balanced spin, not wobbly…all while focusing on what the chakra represents and corresponds to. You don’t want to see dark patches or heavy black shadows or a cord coming from the chakra. That means there might be some attachments, debris… or junk that needs to be cleared out.  That’s a sign that chakra needs more focused attention and remedies.

Your mental focus at this time should be on the positive attributes of that chakra. Focus on dissolving any physical problems or emotional blockages, seeing them visually dissolve away. If you’re not very visual, then feel the problems and blockages dissolving. Sense what it would feel like to be free of those attachments! Imagine what it would be like to be so happy that all those issues are gone.

6. Once you’ve completed clearing all seven main chakras, you can begin to end the session with grounding. This is a very important step, so please don’t skip it!

crystal chakra healing

I’ve written multiple blog posts on the importance of grounding; here are a few good reads if you’d like to learn more about that:

The purpose of grounding is to make sure you feel stable and centered; well-grounded to Mother Earth.

See, you might think that you feel OK, but when you sit or stand up, you may feel a little woozy and/or light-headed. So, at the end of any chakra session, leave that earth star chakra stone (just below your feet) in place for no less than 5 minutes… or maybe even 10 minutes if you’re feeling floaty.

crystal chakra healing

Also, do some relaxing grounding breaths with slow deep breathing. Then,  drink your glass of water while you’re still seated to further help ground yourself. If after 10 or 15 minutes you still feel out of sorts, pick up the grounding stone and carry it with you until you start to normalize, and you eventually will.

If this whole un-grounding thing sounds a little “out there” for you, I’ll tell you, after doing a lot of crystal energy sessions and my students telling me about their crystal therapy sessions, I’ve determined that feeling un-grounded is a very common occurrence.

The energy gets moved around a lot when we’re doing this sort of work; removing stagnant energy or blockages, energy is moving all over the place…it’s the sort of thing to be expected when we do this kind of work. But the more often you do it, the better balance you’ll be in and the less jarring it will feel each time.

It’s all a part of recalibrating your energy body, getting back to balance…part of a sound energetic hygiene plan.

Just like working out, right? Except a chakra balancing session is way more relaxing!  🙂

I hope you enjoyed this Crystal Chakra Healing Blog Series.

If you know someone who may be interested or benefit from this info, share this post with them… It might inspire them to do a self-session and experience healthy, vibrant, shining chakras! ♥

Crystal Blessings,

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