Are crystals alive?

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Are our beloved crystals ALIVE?

Are there living “entities” in crystals?

Do they have consciousness?

Are they having a life experience?

Is it like a conscious being, the crystal itself?


My opinion is that, yes, they have a form of consciousness. It may not be in the same way we experience or understand that but, yes.

We may even apply some sort of “consciousness” to all matter…

“there is a quality of life and intelligence to all matter. The living universe.” ~ Giordano Bruno (1548-1600), cosmological theorist, philosopher, mathematician and poet, burned at the stake due to his controversial views and heresy. 🙁

In fact, number 1 of the 7 Hermetic Laws is this: Hermetic Law of Mind; all is mind and everything is energy. That’s the very point I’m trying to drive home here.

Now, I come at this from a very scientific point of view & background due to my analytical mind, education & former work. I’m always looking for the how and the why and then I really like to focus in on the available science that may back up my theory & find the common threads… because it gives my thought process a cultural backbone… plus, when I teach this shizzle to my students, they LOVE that science-assist because it gives them such super-confidence in explaining this stuff to others. Yeah, Baby!!

It’s what I do…PROUDLY!

What’s really cool is that different scientists of various disciplines are starting to see the light, coming into this powerful collective consciousness where many are starting to question and play with the idea of…what makes something ALIVE?

And it can even lead to the even bigger question that astrophysicists are always asking,  “OK, where is that God particle? Where did life come from? Where exactly did life spring from?”

I feel that studying crystals along with their geometry is the key to understanding the science of the cosmos! Of EVERYTHING!

If you study crystals you’ll realize that they effortlessly express beauty, form & consciousness in a geometric way. I teach that this method of communication may be THE PREFERRED universal method of communication.

If we take a look at the evidence for how the first DNA strand (a sacred spiral) came into existence – that spiral seems to have actually evolved from a crystal prototype or an actual crystal itself!  – more specifically actually a clay-silicon-included crystal. (Silicon is a basic ingredient of quartz.) Silicon actually grows in a spiral.

It grows in a spiral.

So does DNA.

Apple don’t fall far from the tree, huh?



Magical Patterns and common threads.

BTW, quartz in clay giving rise to life is detailed quite scientifically in this book if you care to get geeky with it (as I often do):

What I think is really cool about that… many scientists are coming to this conclusion: about a crystal giving rise to what we usually define as “life”. The fact that there’s now evidence backing this up makes me supremely happy because I have a strong inner knowing that’s where all “life” sprang from (on this planet at least): CRYSTALS.

It really kind of makes sense, right? From a crystal.

Explains that close relationship, attraction & resonance so many of us have with them!

So where do we draw the line?

The line where you say… this is life and this isn’t?

Like, for instance, the universe seems to be conscious in & of itself, or the multiverse I should say.

Where are you going to draw that line and go “this is alive and this is not” ???

I mean, we can’t even agree among scientists what defines life exactly. We can’t even agree there because it seems like crystals also fit into that definition and they go, “Yeah, but no, obviously that’s not life,” or viruses fit into that definition and they will say, “Oh, but that’s not life.”

Why? Tell me “why not”.

So it gets really muddied up there & I feel like anything that is energy, (which is freakin’ everything), has consciousness. And then where do you draw the line where that consciousness becomes individual or apart from or a part of “the one”; the collective consciousness? Oops, that’s a whole other rabbit hole there! *climbing back out & back on topic*

Are crystals alive? Let’s see where our crystals measure up, shall we?

Right now the general consensus in science regarding what makes something a “living thing” are these criteria:

  • complexity
  • access some sort of food for energy
  • ability to grow
  • ability to reproduce
  • ability to evolve in order to survive changing conditions

BTW, crystals do indeed consume various forms of energy present in a supersaturated solution in order to form. What in the heck am I talking about? Check out my old YT video here where I explain that and I tried to capture the actual action of crystal growth on camera (something really hard to do). I think I did a pretty good job!:

The idea of a crystal being able to evolve in order to survive its changing environment may be foreign to some. But to those of us who’ve worked with crystals or even just had several in our collections for some length of time may have witnessed this over time. 🙂

So many of you come to me with stories of your crystals changing all the time and I’ve witnessed it too!

Even in the science lab, crystallographers have noted a crystal submerged in sea salt gaining more clarity; evolving to survive changing conditions.

And, of course, as a crystal-lover, you know that crystals grow and change. This is how we get crystal formations such as these (be forewarned the videos I’m linking to below are OLDIES…but goodies!):

Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

A Fine SELF-HEALED amethyst/smokey quartz Brandberg specimen! Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

(Check out this adorably  fat and chunky Arkansas double terminated quartz with baby!)

double crystals alive

Yes, indeed… parts of a crystal can break off during its growth process and become a new growing crystal itself, demonstrating that they do indeed reproduce by getting a form of energy nourishment direct from Mama Earth. The actual scientific study of crystallography immerses you in this stuff and allows you to really appreciate that crystals are most certainly a “living thing”. (That’s my opinion of course and not all crystallographers will agree with me but I venture to guess that many would).


The BIG difference here is that crystals, being millions or some even billions of years old, take a VERY LONG time to do these things so perhaps because it doesn’t happen quickly enough for us to notice & perceive the changes, many of us simply think it doesn’t qualify. 

…well, crystals can pretty much do all that listed above (maybe not in the same way we do… but THEY DO!), so if that’s our definition then we better include crystals as “ALIVE” or revise our freakin’ definition of what a living thing is!

So yeah. Ask the question… is a flame or a hurricane alive? Mama Earth herself?

Keep in mind that many ancient teachings & cultures, especially those of aboriginal tribes teach that crystals are alive. In addition, they believe that the Earth itself is a living breathing entity.

BTW, I feel quite strongly that the Earth, the Sun, Milky Way Galaxy, shit…our entire Multiverse is also alive & I am not alone in that belief…even many academics & scientists are on board with that one

This idea of our planet being a living being is an ancient one.

It is said that Atlanteans totally believed our Earth was alive, a being unto herself, that indeed possesses many of the hallmarks of being “alive”; even responding to the stimuli of our actions or the cosmic actions she’s bathed in. In turn, knowing this, the Atlanteans “fed” Mama Earth with good stimuli by creating sacred Earth communication spaces made up of crystal and stone circles built for the specific purpose of strengthening our planet. Perhaps this is connected in some way to Native American medicine wheels?

[INSERT STAR WARS GEEKERY HERE] I mean… after all, Kyber crystals are alive. Seriously, George Lucas seems to be really tapped in and in touch with some ancient Atlantian knowledge to have come up with the Jedi teachings, storylines, backstories, etc. Fellow Star Wars geeks will feel me here on this, right?

And what is, Mama Earth, anyway but the single largest crystal we know of? (I dive deep into this concept with my students in my Certified Crystal Healer Course.

Did you know that the core of our planet is a single humongous iron crystal… presenting itself in all its Sacred Geometric glory as a dodecahedron??!



“Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation. All things have a frequency and a vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

In this great music video, even scientists Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson (whom I both HIGHLY respect!) ask…

“Are crystals alive?”

Put your dancing shoes on because you’re gonna want to get up and shake your booty to this!

Let’s ask questions… beyond the horizon…

Late scientist, inventor, and author, Itzhak Bentov (whom I again… highly respect) is quoted as stating,

“We may at first have trouble trying to visualize a rock or an atom as a living thing because we associate consciousness with life. But this notion is just a human limitation; a rock may also have difficulty in understanding human consciousness.”


And for those of you who would love to dive deeper, want more mainstream scientific backing for this topic I’ve presented here or are simply looking to geek out on this shizzle here are some links to explore:

And… if you’d like to approach these sorts of topics from a scientific yet metaphysical perspective with ME teaching you in my Certified Crystal Healer Course, then join me over here! We’ll be registering VERY SOON!

Have your own thoughts on this subject? Please share below in the comments! I’d love to hear others’ opinions. 🙂

Living Crystal Blessings,

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  1. Just wonderful to read, I agree 100% and it’s comforting to know that others feel this too.
    Thank you beautiful lady.

    Really excited to enrol on the course (we’ll I hope I get to anyway). Love and light. Ran xx

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  2. You are amazing and inspiring and i would be deeply gratified if you would look at photos of my crystal collection and tell me what thoughts you have.

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  3. I grew up in the Church and I am just now starting to “grow up” spiritually. I just wanted to share something that the Bible says about crystals that made me look again…..
    “Even the rocks will cry out… when the Son of Man appears”. I can not remember which verse but it says that. Maybe we are starting to see that the rocks really do cry out. We could go down a long road with that discussion.
    Thank you for sharing crystals with us. I am just beginning to awaken to the truth and I came across your site for a reason. 🙂

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  4. I would absolutely consider crystals to be alive. They are born, they grow, they heal, they speak (in frequency). Mine occasionally leave me and find new owners. Lol. I think there are many aspects and uses for crystals that we have yet to discover, or re-discover. (The ancients I think had a much better understanding of them than we do, but we’re getting there). Every single piece of mama earth has a purpose and function, much like the insides of our bodies do. Can you say that your heart is alive? I would consider it part of my life force. This is the way I think of crystals. A part of the earths life force that has a life force of its own. As above so below. CRYSTALS FOR EVERYONE?

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  5. I thought my crystal was, maybe, a fake – I thought, at first, the colour was fading and posted a comment on its changes on your blog about fakes.

    My piece of ametrine quartz is a deep purple with brownish orange interior. Originally, it was fairly opaque or cloudy, over the past 6 months I noticed the crystal becoming clearer – it is now very clear, still a deep purple with many mirror like reflections and just one cloudy streak.

    The clarity started in the centre of the quartz – I used this as a focus for meditation, this was how I was sure that what I was seeing was not my imagination – I can rotate the crystal for views on all sides now, except one (where the cloudy streak remains).

    I feel rather blessed – in a spiritual way, I do not follow any formal religions, I have no doubt the sparkling gem that lives with me now, would’ve cost a lot more if it had been as clear when I originally bought it.

    I cannot say this for sure about my other crystals – this is why ‘knowing your crystal’ is very important. It is too easy to think something has changed when it hasn’t.

    I am still amazed, having a science back ground myself, I understand the conditions and time it takes for a crystal to form, to see a crystal change literally before me is extraordinary.

    I am so grateful to have somewhere to write about this experience – it is not something you go around telling everyone.


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  6. Hey Hibiscus, i throughly enjoy reading your blog’s, i whole heartedly agree, I too watch my crystal friend’s change n grow as I evolve with them lol that’s what I tell my partner ? and they too do leave me and move on spreading their joy but in having said that I do feel like you they are alive and when you asked the question “Is fire alive and Tornadoe’so hell yeh fire breath’s and the same with a tornado ?? your writing’s are fascinating, if I was in your part of the world I would most be a student but anyway life goes on and hopefully in the near future we can help our crystal buddies to heal this universe ? n light crystal blessing’s.

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  7. This is a wondeful post, and I absolutely agree that crystals have a conciousness. I communicate with mine all the time, not necessarily using words, but sometimes I talk, they send messages other ways. I love your resources and thought I’d ask if you’d seen the NOVA show that was recently aired? My husband DVR’d it for me. The Minerals Behind Modern Life–it also poses the theory that all of life arose from a crystalline beginning. Fascinating and validating.

    I too hope to join your course~ I’ve been working with crystals for years and would love to get certified in your course. 🙂

  8. ,Love your work ! Do you know of the research done by DrHarry Oldfield ? His imaging technology has filmed white blob like entities moving in and around quartz and other crystals- it is estimated that at least 10% -15% crystals have this silica based life form residing in them .The Icelandic people call them Steiner folk or people of the stones. Keep it the great work. BILL X

  9. Yes, they are beings, how to describe them isn’t in our vocabulary, YET! There is energy there, energy equals life.
    When a new stone asks me to bring it home, I consider it an honor. I am the caregiver for a living being, until that being wants to travel elsewhere. One just found me today, on my Mothers carpet, a person who does not have any stones in her home. And it’s still winter here.
    So yes, they have conscience, they have energy, they are alive.

  10. I’m at a zero on most of this, but I am a digger and I know crystals and they absolutely have healing powers. It’s like using devining rods to find water. It’s not spiritual or witchy, it’s completly to do with minerals, magnetic fields and knowing how to use it to your benefit. I straightened out to coat hangers and used them to find a pvc pipe 7′ down in the ground that Char Meck engineers had given up on. It took me about two minutes.

  11. Hi Hibiscus

    I really enjoyed that post and the timing was spot on for me.

    I am planning a stone circle in a certain part of my garden and I love the thought of it helping Mother Earth. Can you tell me if there are any specific crystals I could include in it (even small ones) that would be especially good and healing for the earth? Many thanks xx

  12. Hi Hibiscus , Interesting article , Just as children love their Teddy bears & fill them full of love ,and when the child is heartbroken the Teddy bear gives them back their love . So too with crystal`s :- the crystal will attune our Love — Chi , Prana or Magnetic Frequencies to the frequency or wavelength that the crystal was destined to manifest . I met my Reiki Master friend Sheila 2 years ago and instead of becoming Reiki attuned , overnight I became ” Crystal – Crazy ” . I have had experiences of -feeling & seeing the individual spirit of certain crystals that have manifested to offer me their help . The path continues . Blessings from Paul

  13. Thank you for this post and great quotes! I love how you like to include science in many of your explanations and blog posts. More science, please! (I don’t shy away from big words. ?) I think for many of us, having a scientific grounding and explanation helps to give it validity to something we already intuitively know, but gives us the foundation to validate it with others. Thank you! Peace and blessings!

  14. Funny! My daughter and I were Agate hunting on the beaches of Lake Superior last week and she said to me “Mom, I feel like all of these rocks have souls.” Coming from the mouth of a 13 year old girl❤

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