ANNOUNCING: 2012 Energy Healers Conference ~ All free!

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What’s that saying? April Interviews bring May Illuminations? Something like that…

So! A big Energy Healers Conference!! I wanted to do this to bring tools & support to so many that need help like this in their lives…to those that need it right now…all from Glorious Teachers teaching us big huge incredible insights on Energy Healing of all sorts!!!!

I spent all of April interviewing the most incredible list of energy workers/healers/teachers & have put together a most exciting event for you, Crystal Hotties!! It’s been quite the undertaking to put this baby together. But after I realized what’s come of it & what its yet to come of it, it really clicked with me how important all this work is!! A miracle has happened here.

Miracles happen when you give just as much energy to YOUR DREAMS as you do to your fears. I actually try to give a lot more to the dreams. And here we have the proof! A MIRACLE.

What Is It?

Its a FREE online conference that you you get to attend from wherever you are & at whatever time is BEST for you!! I wanted to make it super easy for you to show up b/c we all need BIG MEGA-DOSES of some good nurturing energy healing of all kinds.

So from the April Interviews that I’ve been working on for you….I’ve cooked up the:

2012 Energy Healers Conference

100% FREE


Begins Monday, May 28

Learn to flow your energy to manifest Health, Wealth, Creativity + let your own personal brand of spirituality FLY!

We’re going to be learning from the best here + being gifted with bonus freebies (oooooh, some really exciting stuffs there!)….all at no cost to you!!

The Conference is online & recorded so you can attend when the time is right for you & everything is free! Just show up +  give yourself what you need.

Here’s our amazing list of speakers:

  • Barbara Biziou – teacher of practical spirituality
  • Susun Weed – teacher of herbal medicine for women’s health
  • Dr. Laura Koniver – The Intuition Physician
  • Marie Flora Peterson, Charming Pixie Flora – spiritual empowerment Coach, psychic & everyday pagan
  • Jacqueline DuBois, The Moon Mother – energy worker supreme &  founder of the Mother Moon Pagan Monastery
  • Lynn McKenzie – The Prosperity Alchemist
  • Natalie Hill – teacher of EFT tapping techniques
  • Gina Rafkind – anxiety buster
  • Melanie Wallace – frequency carrier of the One Ascension energy field
  • Ashley Leavey – teacher & crystal healer
  • Nancy Windheart – animal intuitive
  • & me, Hibiscus Moon – teacher & founder of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

Here’s the Event Trailer!!

I am so deeply grateful to each of these lovely ladies for being so generous of themselves. They’ve poured out their knowledge for us, shared actionable items & even gifted us with free goodies too!! You’re gonna just LOVE this!

Each day, you’ll get the featured workshop/interview from the speaker of the day sent directly to your email for you to nourish yourself when its convenient for you.

So You Ready To Join In?

It’s going to be so amazing, energy-shifting & life-changing. You’ll see! 

We Can’t Keep This All To Ourselves

I know many of us are in NEED of this sort of thing right now. I know this will be helpful to so many people. There’ll be deep healing, profound realizations, transformations, illuminations, tips of all sorts, energy healing of all types & HUGE opportunities for so much learning + changing + A-HA moments!!


Not just for 48 hours, but for whenever you need to tap into these tools again & again. Why? Because many people are waking up, feeling uncomfortable right now & many need to learn these tools + info available to them. And as many peeps as possible need to know that these things are out there for them to tap into!!!

Let’s help all needing to heal, who want to be happy, who need to be more creative, who need to attract more abundance. Everyone deserves to know that these tools are out there…available to them + then they can decide to pick & choose from those items that resonate with them most.

So in order to share & let as many people as possible know about this, would you please help spread the word around? Miracles happen when you give MEGA-energy to your dreams. I’m placing my energy here b/c its a big dream of mine that people everywhere learn to tap into the magnificence of themselves. Will you also give a little energy to that?

I want this conference to be HUGE!! And I know with your help, we can achieve that!

Let’s Make Certain That Everyone in NEED of This Medicine Gets It!

So after you’ve signed up, will you please share, share, share about this Conference?? How?

Facebook it, Tweet it, YouTube it & talk, talk, talk about all the gifts & tools available to us all!

I’m also so very grateful to you for helping to share this with others!

BIG SPARKLY ENERGY WAVES of healing + abundance + love!!! Thank you!



P.S. Here are some SUPER-easy ways to click & share!

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Also!! Make sure you join in on the conversations on the Energy Healers Conference Facebook Page!!

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