Excited yet also a bit SAD 😥 about 2022

I’d like to tell you a story…

But before we get too deep in, a kind request: first, I want to just encourage you to read this entirely, as I discuss some huge changes coming to HMCA. I promise all your questions will be answered, so hang in there.  

When I first set out on certifying Crystal Practitioners twelve years ago, I knew that graduating from Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy (HMCA) needed to mean something… it needed to hold weight and have integrity and merit. That’s how my academy and our thousands of CCP graduates worldwide have earned the well-trusted reputation we have.

I didn’t need to do it that way. 

I could have made it easy for all involved from the very beginning and drop all the extra work needed. Thousands of more people would be certified as “Hibiscus Moon CCPs” if I had chosen to “dumb it down” and made it uber-accessible.  

But I wouldn’t. 


My soul would never let me do that. 

I value our course and HMCA way too much. I feel integrity and accountability are necessary and must be in place before someone gets certified by my academy.

So doing things in this way has NOT been easy, especially as we’ve grown so much over the years; in both graduates, the student body, and our team to keep it all running as I thought it should. Over the last twelve years, HMCA has been on an ever-increasing incredibly rapid expansion. I thought these were growth “spurts” that would slow up at some point…

but no, we’ve been on a steady growth incline all the way. No letting up in sight. 

Although, HMCA has been a beautiful miracle and unconceivable gift that I’ve been blessed with —

due to being stubborn in my vision for certifying others as CCPs, things started getting complicated. Most of my time is spent managing the logistics and the team (as wonderful as they are) instead of staying in my zone of genius and doing mostly what I love to do: teach about crystals. 

I tried getting various business coaching and different ways of managing it all, but ultimately, although we successfully grew HMCA… at the height of our success, where we are now —any way I slice it, it remains complicated; lots of moving parts. 

My inner knowing reminds me that I was destined to create HMCA and take it to where you’ve helped me take it (Co-creation at its finest!!) But the complexity and management side of things is not my forte, nor is it my passion. Teaching about crystals WAS and always will be! 

My intuition, signs, and messages from the crystals are showing me a different path and I fully trust, as I always have, my intuition. I know I was put here to give birth to HMCA and the legacy that will live on beyond it. HMCA is indeed my baby and you are my legacy. I’m so proud of all our fabulous CCPs and ACMs out there currently multiplying the effects out into the Universe.

I’m also so grateful for Team HM (a beloved team of A-players most of whom sprung up from HMCA and are graduates themselves!!) who naturally evolved around this whole dream to help support us all! But I’m once again, (Full Circle) listening to my intuition and my spirit which has been telling me it’s time for me to get off this magnificent rocket ship. 

This is the hard part for me…

I know we had somehow harnessed lightning in a bottle with HMCA. It’s obviously making lots of impact on so many around the world, and here I stand ready to let it all go despite future students and current ones clamoring for more. 

I had spoken to my team about this… the fact that I knew there were people out there still waiting for their perfect time sometime in the future to take this course and also that HMCA had become a being unto itself with its own spirit — I sort of felt like I was abandoning my baby at the top of its game and leaving people behind with an unfulfilled dream.

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy’s success allowed me to give back in the biggest, boldest, dreamiest ways than I ever thought I’d be able to do!! Together, we’ve been able to support so many fantastic charitable works over the last twelve years. Over that period, we’ve allocated just under a quarter of a million dollars to various worthwhile causes. I’m so proud of that! 

CCP WaitlistYou could say that Team HM and I currently have a massive hit of an Academy on our hands (considered the gold standard by many) with thousands of successful grads all around the globe and many clamoring for more after we close our virtual doors each term. We’re essentially going out on top, I’d say.

But the success also caused anxiety and stress, taking me away from the thing I do best. Through my dependable crystal meditation practice (that I clung to for support and clarity), I realized the more still I am, the more distinctly the crystal guidance was coming through. The answer became clearer and clearer as well-defined guidance from the Universe. 

This has been a huge and tricky choice that I’ve been sitting with for a year. I KNOW something new is emerging from me, a new level of service, but I got divine confirmation that I must end what I’m doing now to clear the space first for this new way of serving to come through. 

I’m not willing to put my mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional health at risk any longer so I’m going to bravely and happily step into a new river of uncertainty and service. 

The gist of the spiritual message I got (specifically from Jocelyn, my large rose quartz sphere): 

“Take a long break. Then simplify, drop what doesn’t feel good + fun, go into your heart, stay out of your head and you will HEAL.”

So, I’m in this place now where I’m making those changes and it’s going to take right on through Dec. 31st, 2022, to complete this cycle. 

Some people have told me I am crazy. Others told me I should be grateful for my “first-world problems.” Others have told me they should be so lucky to have such “complications”! So that made me feel guilty and I realized that’s another place where the anxiety and stress were coming from. 

But I don’t see it that way anymore. I’m listening to me. 

So, after twelve delightful, cherished, incredibly enjoyable, and fulfilling years PLUS thousands of students and over 2500 successful grads in 54 countries around the world (it’s been a total honor to connect with so many of you!!), it’s time to close the virtual doors of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy (as of the END of this year) and instead open up completely to the infinite possibilities! I 100% KNOW it’s time for me to take a new path and eventually move into a new level of service.  

THIS IS SO LIBERATING + EXCITING for me!! I know with total certainty this is my path and I’m in complete vibrational alignment.

Taking on a new reality entails fully letting go of the old one. So, this ain’t no fake “Farewell Tour” (I’m looking at you Cher, KISS, Elton. etc.) —

but truly, this is the end of me certifying our CCP’s and ACM’s (there is a possibility of me licensing out my IP so the opportunity can still exist for you to get certified as a Hibiscus Moon CCP). After someone else suggested it to me… I’m still learning what that even looks like — not guaranteed and honestly, not what I’m focusing on at the moment. But I do LOVE the idea of the legacy continuing. 

Nothing changes for my students who are registered now or who’ve already graduated. I’ll just no longer be accepting new Certification students after 2022.

Instead, I’m currently zeroing in on finishing up with a fantastic final year for all involved and then winding things up neatly for HMCA, my beloved and incredible Team HM, and our adored students. 

After that, I’ve decided to hit “pause” on any opportunity (or crystal-related idea) that may come my way for a FULL year before reassessing the situation and seeing what’s calling to me most as I feel into this new path.

You all might forget about me in a year. And I’m OK with that if that happens. 

Hell, I’ve been doing an annual 2-month sabbatical for years now against everyone’s advice!! All I know is, for now, I’ll decide what feels right, what I’m called to after one year, and then go from there. 

So many of our Crystal Family have been involved since day one. I call you our “OGs”. I’m so grateful to every single one of you; OG, brand new, or somewhere in between. I thank you for letting me be a part of this journey and catalyst with you. 

It’s been a pleasure, honor, and privilege to have so many of you come through our virtual doors interested in mastering crystal energy and influencing me to co-create a body of work with you that will now live on forever!! I fully appreciate how special and unique it’s been to be able to co-create and teach my body of work, so you can continue to share the power of crystals with so many others.

I don’t mean to be a pest but just a friendly reminder: please make the effort to read through this entirely before emailing or PMing us with ANY questions or comments about this topic, since I will have probably already answered it here. And if I have answered your question, our auto-response will simply be to refer you back here again. Thanks for understanding that we just don’t need our communication channels clogged up with unnecessary questions. That’s the whole point of me writing this to you.  

As a card-carrying Capricorn, I’m a lover of firm boundaries so I may as well pop these in here just in case…

My All-Important Boundaries:

  • If you need further clarification on anything, please first take the time to thoroughly re-read this all the way through. 
  • If you email us with a question already answered here, we’ll just send you the link to please conscientiously re-read this.
  • If you have any complaints or negative comments about any of these decisions, of course, you’re entitled to have your feelings but please do not email or PM us to tell us about them nor can you post them on any of our social media properties. You’ll be wasting your time and energy as it will simply be deleted (and blocked if appropriate). We don’t need to know, and I’m not going to interact with that energy. Neither is my beloved Team HM going to be subjected to it. I’m proactively protecting our energetic hygiene here. Thank you so much for understanding that. 
  • If you don’t want to ever hear from me again, know of my teachings, or my book because of these modifications, that’s A-OK. All you need to do is unsubscribe, not buy, or not follow. No hard feelings. All in love.

Important stuff for our students to know:

  • Your new graduation deadline is Dec. 31st, 2022
  • Access to the Crystalline Cohort FB Group will end at the end of this year: Dec. 31st, 2022
  • You’ll be able to still access all course and class materials in our student portal, as usual, on Ruzuku

The Upshots/Benefits to you!

  1. 👪👫🏾 For FB Group memberships, if you have renewed your membership to the Official Crystalline Cohorts Facebook Group this year with the annual option we will be issuing a partial refund to you, so keep a lookout in the next few weeks for those funds to be back in your account. If your renewal is coming up in 2022, we will be updating the amount so you are only paying for your membership through the end of the year. No action is needed on your end, Team HM will take care of things.
  2. 🎁 To make up for slightly moving the finish line on you (even though we’re holding fast to our course promises), I’m gifting you with a massive Crystal Info Bundle slammed with 10 pieces of juicy crystal IP and education: items like the Crystal Fakes e-Book, Gem Elixir E-kit, as well as 5 separate Chakra Meditations, HM’s special Crystal Meditation Door Hanger and so much more! This will be delivered to you during the last quarter of 2022. 😀 
  3. 👩🏽‍🏫 Now, here’s something special, and a spark of FUN + glint of magic that didn’t exist before; I’ve also decided to personally host a monthly LIVE playdate with you in our FB group through Dec. 2022, ending with a Crystal Closing Ceremony! This is in addition to your LIVE weekly Office Hours with our beloved Curriculum Specialist, Angie. Do any of you OG’s remember these events with me from years past? They’re like crystal parties with our whole crystal family doing all sorts of enjoyable things such as Moon rituals, Chakra-focused get-togethers, crystal meditations, and other fun stuff! 
  4. ✨ If you’re a previous CCP student and no longer in our private FB group but would like to join us for this last year’s exclusive festivities, you can renew for $9.97/month.  Just email support@hibiscusmoon.com for details on how to get back in on the fun until we’re all done (you can easily cancel any time you like). This is going to be a Banner Swan Song year and I plan on it being a spectacularly fun time.

Possible Questions That May Come Up for You:

  1. Does this mean the school and my certification is no longer valid? Goodness, no! HMCA is still proudly accredited and students who are already in the academy will continue to have access to the content for the lifetime of Ruzuku (where the curriculum is held). CCP and ACM Certifications are valid forever. I’ll just personally no longer be accepting new certification students after 2022. 
  2. Are you shutting down your business corporation? Will Hibiscus Moon still exist? Yes, Hibiscus Moon, me as well as the LLC will still exist sometime in the future. Not sure EXACTLY what I’ll be sharing but it will be crystal-related. I’m just too passionate about it. 😉 But I will not personally be offering Certification. 
  3. What will you be doing next? After at least a 12-month decompression break, I see myself moving towards REALLY simplifying my biz, going small, unplugging lots of stuff, less automation. I may sell crystals, teach a little class, do a mining RV trip… whatever feels like JOY! Again… I’m going to be quiet for at least a year and let that simmer. But I’ll be back! 
  4. What does this mean to those of you who’ve been given lifetime access to the course and classes? “Lifetime Access” has always been defined on our website as well as Registration Policies and Student Waiver as “for the life of the program”. Fortunately, a few years ago we moved our student portal and all its curriculum to Ruzuku, and blessings of all blessings, Ruzuku offers indefinite access (for the life of Ruzuku) to your account and material…  and if you ever need tech support with anything in the student portal, their brilliant tech support is there to help you. I’m so happy I invested with them for HMCA and highly recommend them for any of you offering up courses. 
  5. What happened to no grad deadline? Well, that was a change I added to HMCA a few years ago. I was always hesitant to do it because I see the HUGE value in giving people a hard fast deadline. It keeps us from putting things off indefinitely. That “no grad deadline,” while we had it in place, was “for the life of the program”. Well, here we are, and it’s time to get ‘er done. I never entirely loved the idea of no grad deadline and frankly, I resisted it big time when my team talked me into it. They can tell you! Why? Because, even though we’ve had so many of you complete this program, I know many more of you made the effort and graduated when you knew there was a deadline looming so I’m looking forward to a WINDFALL OF YOU who’s been on hold for various reasons to graduate. The new deadline is Dec 31st, 2022.

IMPORTANT: Please stay subscribed to my newsletter as that is where I’ll be communicating with you when the time is right. (Not subscribed? Get on my email list here)

I’ll be off social media too. 

Will I eventually come back to it? 

I don’t know. 

But as of Dec. 31st, 2022, I’ll be checking out. That’s what feels right and good. My newsletter will be the first and most important place for me to communicate with you. 

LAST GENTLE REMINDER: I appreciate you making the effort to read through this entirely before emailing or PMing us with any questions about this topic. Since I will have probably already answered it here, I encourage you to please reread this before emailing. And if I have, our auto-response will simply be to refer you back here again. Thanks for understanding that we just don’t need our communication channels clogged up with unnecessary questions. That’s the whole point of me writing this to you.  

Again, I’m so GRATEFUL to you and very excited to share what’s in store for us all in 2022 with you!!! 

Crystal Blessings + see you in the next newsletter,

Hibiscus Moon signature