Recent Mercury Retro and Eclipse Aftershocks | Crystals that Can Help

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Cosmic Energies at Play Once Again

We’re going to talk about recent Mercury retrograde and eclipse aftershocks and crystals that can help. I thought this was a good topic because I’ve been going through some aftershock activity myself. How about you?

So, have you been through the wringer recently? Feeling like you can maybe use an ally on your side for some mood stabilizing to keep you even kilter?

Last eclipse season ended on Aug. 11. Yet it seems to be leaving these rippling shock waves in its wake. I and many other people are in cleanup mode right now. Relationships changing, ending with people, not just people, entities, companies, lots of shakeup going on. Maybe things you totally didn’t expect or things that you had an inkling about.

Then Mercury went direct on August 18th, but we’re still in the post-retro shadow until September 2nd.

I used to not even pay attention to the retro shadow. Big mistake. Lesson learned!

Wrong! This is the first time that I really got a kick in the pants to say, “Uh-uh, no. You’re not in the clear just because you’re in the shadow.”

Also recently, I talked about different cosmic events that are happening that could be contributing to this energetic shift.

I know in listening to others; I’m not alone in this. Many of us are in transition right now with a lot of things. I’ve spoken, like I said, recently about those cosmic energies and how that’s changing us and everything around us, our solar system, Mama Earth and even our crystals!

This is an opportunity to just reset and rebuild things, right? It’s an opportunity not only for change but for growth in the right direction.

Remember to just take a deep breath, put it into perspective. Reassess the situation, make a solid plan, surround myself with the right crystal allies for me at that moment and move forward.

You might find you also need some obstacle breaking. Then put that into place. I have a blog about that too.

Lithium to the Rescue!

Today I’m focusing on lithium-bearing minerals and crystals. Yep… talking about the element, lithium. You’ll find out why in just a sec.

You might also find there’s a scientific reason behind why you might be especially attracted to these lithium bearing crystals right now. We’ll get to that in a bit.

2 reasons for the current high demand of this element: 

  • Demand for lithium batteries. You see, lithium holds a large amount of energy potential. It can produce a lot of electrical current relative to its size. That makes it ideal for small batteries. Think about it, where do we use small batteries? In all these devices we’re now all using all the time, right? In all our new technology.
  • Demand for the pharmaceutical industry; to treat various types of different mental conditions like bipolar disorder, different types of psychoses and for general mood balancing. Maybe it’s due to that high electrical energy potential that makes it an ideal mood stabilizer.

My 3 Choices for Most Effective Lithium-Rich Crystals

  1. Lithium Quartz

lithium quartz emotional healing

This crystal is a very lilac-mauve-y color (caused by inclusions within the quartz of various lithium-rich minerals).

This crystal invites in a calm energy, helps to improve mood, to relieve anxiety, assists with emotional healing, while also quite helpful with general balancing of our mood.

2. Lepidolite

A lithium-rich mica; the word, “lepidolite” comes from the Greek word “lepidos”, which means scales- referring to its scaly appearance due to flakes of mica. BTW, mica is a type of sheet silicate that forms in distinct layers or sheets… and it’s what’s responsible for lepidolite’s beautiful iridescence, high shine, and translucence. You can visibly see the mica flecks or sheets in most pieces of lepidolite. 

lepodolite emotional healing

Rob Lavinsky, – CC-BY-SA-3.0 [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

This mineral is also known for aiding with emotional healing, aids in mood balancing, improves mood, relieves anxiety, promotes rest and peaceful sleep. In fact, I keep this piece right by my bedside. And when I was really having trouble sleeping I used to have a lepidolite crystal grid under the bed.

3. Kunzite

A lithium aluminum silicate, a pink-lilac lithium-rich mineral also known as “spodumene” is known to assist with emotional healing, matters of the heart, relaxing, mental rest and general balancing of moods.

COLLECTION TIP: Lithium demand is really high right now. Pharmaceutical and tech companies are mining lepidolite and kunzite by the literal truckload! Because of that, the prices are high now. And going up. You’ll see this reflected in the cost of kunzite and lepidolite. In fact, the prices are expected to at least double if not quadruple within the next seven years. If you want a collection tip from me from me: Invest and stock up now in lithium quartz, lepidolite, and kunzite. If you’re going to wait, the price is just going to keep going up and up.

Vibrational Frequencies

These are all, you’ll notice, delicate mauve-ish, lilac colored stones.

That color mirrors their specific vibrational frequencies; their precise energy. Kunzite and lepidolite, actually often grow together and are the two most popular choices for mining lithium ore for the reasons mentioned above.

Now, I do feel there’s a biological reason behind why you’re attracted to certain minerals and gems. When you’re intuitively called to a particular mineral it can actually mean that your body is in need of more of it. Or in need of the elements within it; on a physical/bio-level. Your body is trying any way that it can to attract and entrain you with that vibrational frequency and bring it into your auric field.

If you’d like to explore that topic further I have a blog post here all about that.

Just like lithium can recharge our batteries and our devices, the minerals that contain it can recharge your auric/energetic battery as well.

I hope I’ve given you some crystal choices today to help navigate any sort of chaotic energy shift. If you have some others to recommend or more info on lithium-rich minerals in general, please add to the comments below! I’d love to hear from you.

Crystal Blessings,

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  1. I have never been into Astrology, and the only way I know the little bit I know is because of learning about crystals. I haven’t put too much stock into it, but August has been hard. HARD. I’m on a self-imposed no crystal buying this month, fortunately I have a small lepidolite worry stone.

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      1. I’m hanging… just hanging in too many directions!!! LOL – I’ve also been drawn to a great deal of quartz and smoky citrine during this recovering time too — not that I haven’t picked up some other crystals but the majority is swing towards quartz. Must be amping up the other “players” here. LOL

  2. Hi, I just encountered a bump in the road. Found myself putting a beryl stone on top of a larger crystal. For some reason it cleared up the confusion. Simply amazing!

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  3. I got into Lepidolite when my cousin was diagnosed with bi-polar. Then, a few days later I found out that my BFF’s daughter was having problems too and I just so happened to have an extra with me. I stocked up on it since then. I have one beside me on my bed that sometimes slips and I wake up seeing it under me. No wonder I have a hard time getting out of bed when that happens. Haha.

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      1. Hello, thanks for this information. I decided to bring in a 55 pound piece from the patio into the house for safe keeping. 🙂

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  4. Hi Hibiscus Moon! I’ve been wearing lepidolite on me and keeping it under my pillow since the weekend. Just felt like I needed it. 🤷‍♀️ Well that explains it, lol! Your always so on point! Rock on Glitter Queen, lol! 💜💫

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  5. Thank you for reminding me about the crystals. Yes the retrogrades have brought out a lot of feelings very deep. The crystals are very balancing. peace n love x

  6. Ugh!!!! Things have really been um…”trying” to say the least!!!! I have numerous pieces of lepidolite, and even some with tourmaline!! Pink and green tourmaline! What I found was (for me, anyway!!!) the Lepidolite caused me to not rest well, and the Lithium Quartz caused me to feel drugged in the morning😢 I now have amethyst and moonstone, and blue calcite by my bed and that seems better. Is that a weird combination??!!! I also use my own aromatherapy blend. But I think…..I’m gonna try the pink kunzite!!!! Thank you for this!!!!

  7. Ohhh!! BTW, I never got all the emails but certainly woulda realized it was a techy glitch!!!! Sorry that happened!!!!! And thank you!!!💖💖💖

  8. Customers ask all the time at my shop for stones to help with anxiety. These are the top 3 I recommend, and I also mention the lithium aspect. I tell them lithium is “the frequency of calm.” And yes, feeling the post-eclipse/retrograde shockwaves here for sure! Sending hugs to all.

  9. Christine Frederick, labradorite is seriously my go-to. Even before I really knew much about crystals (not that I know a ton now!) I’d been collecting labradorite because I felt drawn to it.
    Amethyst definitely, I have that everywhere. I’ve been very into selenite lately and I would really like to get more fluorite and tourmaline.

  10. Hi HM 🌸 just finished watching a few of your shows and love the info as always . Thank you so much . I went into Planet K where they had a little phamphlet on the crystals that they actually had there . Pretty cool , small crystals but inexpensive of course . I got a couple ! Very happy . Just really digging all of this and so glad I decided to get into it ! Crystal Blessings 🌙 Bonnie Jean

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