What is Advanced Crystal Master® Certification all about?

Have you developed a craving for the “how + why” of crystal energy work — a craving for the SCIENCE that the Hibiscus Moon Certification has become known for — but want to take it further?

Then you’re certainly in the right place!

With Advanced Crystal Master® (ACM®) certification, you’ll become super-skilled with crystal energy work, the language of minerals, your spirit, and the Multiverse itself!

Dig into the Crystal Topics That Matter the Most to You!

This is a Master Level Certification for becoming a confident, science-infused, cutting-edge Crystal Practitioner while allowing you to custom design your area of crystal-concentration + instruction.

Interested in becoming an Advanced Crystal Master®? — my next-level offering for the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner® Program

With ACM certification, you get to go even deeper with the science (a cornerstone of the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy), further enhancing your confidence while also becoming even MORE proficient at delivering transformative + highly-effective crystal protocols!

Becoming an ACM® allows you to deepen your understanding and exploration of crystals through your choice of topic-specific electives.

Learn about what matters most to you — personally and professionally.

Want a more profound crystal practice, want to reach more people, exude even more crystal-confidence, and become that go-to crystal expert?

On your ACM journey you’ll:

  • dig ever-deeper into the world of crystal energy
  • master new levels + techniques on your own chosen crystal path
  • inspire major growth and transformation within yourself + then radiate that forward to others
  • transform your clients + yourself with new techniques and further advanced crystal energy methods 

Advanced Crystal Mastership is an intense, unique, and in-depth crystal learning experience. It’s perfect for those who will not settle for anything less than reaching their full potential!

You’ll learn invaluable tools, hands-on practical exercises, and crystal energy protocols for awakening + self-discovery that you’ll be able to implement immediately (both for yourself and to share with others).

ACM is for you if you’re ready to EXPAND your knowledge + take it to the next level. By becoming an Advanced Crystal Master® you’ll be joining an exclusive assembly of crystal-energy-workers like no other while evolving your crystal practice, allowing you to unearth even more of the physics + metaphysics behind working with crystals.

How it Works

Course Graduation Requirements and Prerequisites

  • You need 12 credits to be eligible to graduate as an ACM
  • You must be a CCP graduate in good standing of our Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner Course in order to apply for ACM graduation
  • You must also satisfactorily complete your choice of 2 ACM final assignments (details and additional info on the final assignments can be found in our student portal (or email us!))
  • The final step is to submit a $75 graduation application fee to cover admin/verification/logistics involved in grading and determining grad requirements

The required classes and selected choice of assignments are required to help round out your ACM education, ensure the integrity of the Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master Graduates and bring you to an elevated level of professional competency.

Build your own Adventure!

ACM Certification involves a series of class elective choices so you can personalize your ACM journey with a specific area of concentration.

Classes currently available for ACM graduation:


  • Have you graduated the Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Practitioner® Course in good standing?

  • Have you earned at least 12 credits in Class Electives?
  • Have you completed the ACM Final Assignment?
  • Are you ready to submit your ACM application fee ($75)?

If you answered yes to all then you’re ready to submit your application for ACM.
❤️ Way to go!

Apply Now