Meet The Team

Victoria's HMCA Headshot

oria, Director of Operations

Victoria runs the day-to-day operations for HMCA, working alongside Hibiscus Moon and managing Team HM to execute all of the programs, courses, and initiatives.

Victoria lives in Central New Jersey with her husband and daughter, spending as much free time as possible doing family activities. She loves traveling and absorbing new cultures. An avid non-fiction reader and podcast listener, Victoria is constantly looking for ways to improve the business and self. Growing up with a reiki father, she was raised to be a believer in the powers of the universe and harvesting energy through the regular practice of yoga and meditation.

Favorite Crystal:

Hidden Talent:
Planned her 75-person wedding in under 2 weeks – vendors, venue, dress and all!

Topaz Panina Meow Meow,
Team Mascot

Topaz has excellent cuteness skills & helps inspire Hibiscus Moon as she works by just being present. It’s quite a job! She effectively communicates with others using only body language & purring along with the occasional meow.

Topaz has her own crystal wardrobe of charms, but usually favors wearing her Tiger’s Eye pendant on her collar.

Favorite Crystals:
Amethyst (bet you thought it was Topaz)

Hidden Talent:
Helps heal lower back spasms by laying on top of a mini BioMat (filled with amethyst) over the lower back & purring loudly. Quite an effective healer, this kitty!

Alissa, Customer Support & Registrar

Alissa is our go-to customer support person. She also verifies & processes graduate requests, organizes records, verifies grades, prepares grad certificates, checks on assignments and keeps our student records organized…ensuring our students have everything they could possibly need to be successful.

Alissa lives in upstate New York with her amazing & supportive boyfriend and her two furry babies (one big cat and one tiny dog). She is a Usui Reiki II Practitioner, Tarot Reader and lover of nature. She adores her family, reading, learning (about any & everything), hiking, traveling and playing tennis. Alissa is ready, willing and able to help the planet and its inhabitants in any way she can!

Favorite Crystals:
Selenite & Tigers Eye

Hidden Sparkly Talent:
Has a knack for crafting! If left unsupervised, she will craft until the cows come home!

Audrey, Community Manager & Crystal Coach

Audrey manages our Facebook group communities by engaging and supporting our growing crystal community. During term she is also one of our beloved Crystal Coaches for our Crystalline Cohorts.

She’s not all business and marketing though! She lives near the shores of a large Texas lake, with her hubby, 2 beautiful girls, and fur-babies. She is also well versed in alternative healing methods as a yogi, RN, Reiki Master, and Certified Clinical Master of Aromatherapy. Audrey loves nature and often works barefoot by the lake.

Favorite Crystals:
Fluorite, Labradorite, Amethyst

Hidden Sparkly Talent:
Audrey is a talented artist who loves to create mixed media art and even accidentally sold a few pieces.


Angie, Curriculum Specialist & Crystal Coach

Angie is on hand to help mentor & guide all our Crystalline Cohorts

While class is in session, Crystal Coach Angie is on high alert inside our Cohort Crystal Cave answering any questions our students ask. She’s on hand to help mentor and guide all of our Crystalline Cohorts.

Angie Yingst is a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Tarot Reader, Writer, and Sacred Artist. Angie’s lifelong passion for crystals and metaphysics and her dedication for knowledge brought all her seemingly divergent interests into one path of healing.

Favorite Crystal:
Black Tourmaline

Hidden Talent:
Once wrote an entire novel in a month.


Vicki, Crystal Coach

Vicki joined Team HM as Crystal Coach and she’s on hand to help mentor & guide all our Crystalline Cohorts. While class is in session, she’s on high alert inside our FB group answering any questions our students ask.

Vicki is a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master and a Master/Teacher of Angelic Reiki, Cosmic Gaia Reiki(R) and Usui Reiki. She is also a Conscious Channel for the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Elementals. Her spiritual journey has been filled with crystals, meditation, guides and sacred communication. All which have lead to profound knowledge, healing and the desire to serve.

Favorite Crystals:
Herkimer Diamond, Smokey Quartz and Chrysocolla

Hidden Talent:
Recently returned from a Soul Journey, communing with the Goddess, the Fae and Ancestors in Avalon, Glastonbury UK

Markos' HMCA Headshot

Markos, V
irtual Assistant

Markos helps with handling the team’s administrative and technical needs to make sure the crystal wheels of HMCA keep turning smoothly.

Markos is a Jersey Boy who grew up in a big, loving, Greek-American community. He has a varied professional history, with roles ranging from administration in startups, the performing arts in NYC, and management for a cruise line. When not working, you can find Markos making music, pursuing his graduate degree, performing his heart out, spending time with family and friends, and taking long walks along the Mystic River.

Favorite Crystals:
Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire

Hidden Talent:
Singing, songwriting, acting, and performing for audiences in over 30 countries

Lisa's HMCA Headshot

Lisa, Content Manager

Lisa helps the team to prepare and publish content and classes and all the things that need editing, writing, and proofreading.

Lisa lives in the Rocky Mountains with her family and dog Luna. In addition to writing and editing, she is a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master, Certified Aromatherapist, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Master. She loves traveling the world, learning about new places, cultures and ancient ways, always on the look-out for crystals and oil treasures to bring home and share.

Favorite Crystals:
Moonstone and Amber

Hidden Talent:
Finding Four Leaf Clovers

And here’s our Company Culture Statement:

Hibiscus Moon, LLC is a heart-centered company who’s mission is to share the knowledge, wisdom, fun and science behind working with crystals while radiating abundance, transformations and philanthropic efforts worldwide.