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OK, if you’re a winner, please be certain to email me with your email address no later than April 27 to claim your prize by using my contact form. The Winners are:
From the Blog Comments (I’ve posted to the winners in the comments below):

From Facebook (where possible, I’ve posted to winners pages as well):

YAY! Doing giveaways ALWAYS  makes me super-giddy, a sure fire mood-lifter!!! Plus I’m celebrating b/c we’re putting the finishing touches on my GINORMOUS Gem Elixir eKit. I hope to be releasing that later this week!!!!


  • 2 winners will get a gorgeous & sparkly crystal runes set carved of A quality tumbled stones. I have one made of rose quartz & one of clear quartz, comes with a pouch & instructions
  • 5 winners will get the Crystal Grids Template Package for powerful manifesting
  • 1 winner gets free registration to our LIVE Crystal Therapy for Prosperity & Abundance Class on Tuesday, May 1.

OK, here’s how this works Party Peeps!

There are several ways to enter:

I’ll be drawing the 1st 4 names from the comments below. Just tell me why you’d like to participate in the Crystal Therapy for Prosperity & Abundance Class on Tuesday, May 1.

The remaining 4 winners will be chosen from the comments to my post on my Facebook Biz Page. Go there & LIKE my page & comment on the GIVEAWAY post to increase your chances. 🙂

I’ll post all 8 winners at here 6PM EST on Wed, Apr. 25 so don’t wait! You must check the blog here to see if you’ve won.

8 Winners!!! Woohoooo!! Good Luck to all the Crystal Hotties!!! (geez, can I get any more excited?)



PS. If you’re wondering what the Crystal Therapy for Prosperity & Abundance class is all about on May 1 @ 8PM EST. Mwaaaah!

Comments 55

  1. Since I am already attending the class, what I will say is that YOU are the Crystal QUEEN and anything you teach is always informative, fun, educational and Sparkly! <3

  2. I want to win the free abundance & prosperity class because everyone could use more of these in their lives and I want to be able to attract it myself instead of just waiting for it to happen!

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  3. I would really benefit from winning this class as I have been trying to get out of “the bottom of the barrel” so to speak and would love to know how to bring some abundance and prosperity back into my life!

  4. I would LOVE to join in on the Crystal Therapy for Prosperity & Abundance session for several reasons. Since I was young, I’ve been attracted to stones and crystals and now that I’m a witch and I realize why I’m attracted to them, I want to expand my knowledge. Second, my husband was recently in a bad motorcycle accident, and I want to help bring good vibrations our family’s way. Blessed be! )O(

  5. I would like to enter your contest Hibiscus Moon because I am a new learner and would be ever so grateful to get one of the prizes from you. I love your youtube channel and I hope to be chosen.

  6. I would love to attend the live class because I could use the knowledge acquired during the class to help myself and anyone I know to be more prosperous and abundant! I love working with crystals and desire to learn as much about them as possible. Thank you very much for the opportunity to enter to win such fantastic prizes! Any would be infinitely appreciated. Lots of Love and Light!

  7. I just typed this out several times from my phone and kept getting cut off and lost mycomment. I am on my daughter’s computer now because mine died and I need to replace it. I really need to be in that prosperity and abundance class because I am trying to maintain my positive attutude, my life line.

  8. I would love to win because being in the crystal healers class has been amazing and I know the prosperity and abundance class will be outstanding, so what would it take for me to recieve all this knowledge and incorporate it into my life. <3 crystal blessings Woohoo

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  9. I would love to win any of these giveaways because I am SO interested in crystals and I really want to learn as much as I can. I’ve been (without understanding) making grids years before with regular stones in my yard without knowing why – just because It made me feel good or strong and safe. Then I discovered Hybiscus Moon and said “Wow, there is more to this than I ever knew” I’ve been hooked ever since and need to learn more!!

  10. woo hoo! Love crystals, free stuff, and learning. I’ve been learning about crystal healing for not quite a year now. I’m learning new stuff all the time. Problem is, i’m a broke college student and have no extra money for classes, books, whatever. I would love love love to win something and help me further, especially if it has to do with prosperity and abundance. Who couldn’t use a bit more of that in every aspect of their life?
    Love and Blessings!
    Earthriver (aka Angela)

  11. I would love to win the abundance and prosperity class because I’m finally getting my life back on track and I would love for my future to be full of abundance! (And I need some crystal help getting into med school!!) <3 you always!

  12. It would be crystalicious to participate in the Crystal Therapy for Prosperity and Abundance class to assist me in manifesting financial independence from my energy healing practice so that I can take more trips back East to see my family more often and so that I can “save” my mom who is going through some financial challenges right now. Would be so exciting to add another dimension to my relationship to crystals! <3

  13. I really really want to take this class because I so badly want to learn more about crystals and how I can work with them to get to know them and feel how they work! I want to learn from the best too!!! Thank you, thank for this opportunity! I hope I win!!!

  14. Hello Phanie!
    I am excited about this contest! I want to enter and I want to be the winner because I have been a collector since I was 3 years old! I started collecting crystal, stones and rocks when I was 3. I love them all……it is exciting when I find a new stone to learn about….it is like finding a new friend, don’t you agree????
    Thanks for adding me…..
    In crystal hopes and dreams……
    ~Tuesday Wells

  15. Hi, Hi Hibiscus, the lovely Jennifer here….I would love to win thus chance to be a part of your abundance and prosperity class. I would love to win it as well but don’t pick me. I feel you have already given me the best gift ever…..positive energy and Elixirs!!!! Anyway, I want to let everyone know that these classes are definitely worth all the money that you pay for!!! Hibiscus is the best teacher ever!! You will not regret taking any of the classes. I will pay for the may 1 class so that someone else may have the chance of winning!!

  16. I would like to win the prosperity and abundance class so that I can learn how to bring these energies into my life as well as share the knowledge and experience with those who share my daily life. Goodluck to everyone who enters this awesome contest. 🙂

  17. So very perfect! What would our lives be like without these amazing gifts from the Earth!!?? I would love to start reading Runes and these are as good as it gets!! Thanks Crystal Sister!! xx Jessica

  18. Twitter: Dawnkm
    I would love to take your class because I have a connection with stoes since I was little. I was always picking up a stone and putting it in my pocket. Love them!

  19. My original rune set I had a few months past shattered completely in a previous reading for a friend. I had to throw the whole bag out. I had them for many years too. I don’t have any funds to replace them since I am unemployed (but according to the uncle sam I’m self-employed since I do odd jobs just to make ends meet). I’d love to be part of the LIVE classes (hell even the certificate classes would be nice but I’m drowning in student debt as it is). It be nice to start over. Can’t wait for the book to come out btw. Namaste!

  20. I LOVE LOVE LOVE crystals!!! I taught Special education for 10 years and when I almost lost my babyat 10 1/2 months, who is now disabled, the first thing I went to was my crystals. I am no longer teaching. I am hoping to start a career using crystals. My son is slowly healing and I believe he has been wowing the Dr.’s becuase of my work with crystals and stem cell therapy! I really want the abundance coarse to help me earn some more money to help my dreams come true!!! Crystals rock my world! xo

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      1. I saw that I won and sent a reply message, but never heard back! I hope it isn’t too late! Thank you so much and I am so happy that I won. YAY! Crystal Blessings!!!!

  21. I would love ♥ to win the free class because I can’t afford it… We are having really harsh days since january with my husband.
    I come regularly on your blog to check the news and everytime, I visit your classes pages…
    Light blessings! And thank you for this giveaway ☼

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  22. I would love to win the benefit of attending the “Crystal Therapy for Prosperity and Abundance class” so that I can put all of the recent bad times behind me and start fresh with the aid of a talented teacher and subject matter that speaks to me.

  23. The other classes that I have taken from you have been fantastic….I’m sure this is just one more wonderful chance to learn some tools that will enhance my use of crystals.

  24. I would love to take part, and I’m very curious. So what’s holding me back? I don’t really know. I have an absolute adoration for crystals (and I’ve had it my whole life), and I’m very curious. Maybe I just don’t know which class to take.

    I think this would be a very good class for my first time (it sounds very good).

  25. I would love to take the Crystal Therapy for Prosperity & Abundance Class to learn more about Crystals and how to use them!

  26. I’d like to take the course because I just finished taking your intro to crystals live class. I was very happy with the class and the information that I received so I’m eager to take another class with you. I think everyone has some type of block surrounding money – and I’d love to use my new found crystal knowledge to work with prosperity and abundance. I think it would also be a great tool to use to help my family and friends as well.

  27. I would love to take the class because I just started a new home business and would love to learn how to get it going with an energetic boost using crystals.

  28. I saw this page and thought, Wow, I would love to win a crystal prosperity class. I do love crystals!! I cant afford to pay for a class like this so I thought I would post an maybe win one. I could use some extra cash some how and this would draw prosperity to me more easily.

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