8 Crystal Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

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In our crystal practice, we may have collected many various crystal tools for this, that or the other. Next thing you know you have a ton…but I find that there are a select few that I end up using most often. I call them my Go-To Crystal Buds. I’ve mediated with them, have a closer bond with them & seem to pull them out for working with most often. they’re like my Inner Circle Crystals. 😉

So, how about  a behind-the-scenes look at the crystal tools that I use most often?

My 8 Top Crystal Buddies

1. Big Baby – if you’re familiar with my blog, you’re well familiar with Big Baby. This is my large natural clear crystal point that I often use as the center crystal for many of my powerful crystal grids. He’s perfect for focusing & then amplifying my intentions.

crystal grid

Big Baby

2. Big Mama– Again, if you’re a regular, you know Big Mama Rose Quartz Chunk-a-Lunka is a staple in my Love Grids. I usually use her in a grid where I send loving, compassionate healing energy out to many all at once. She’s my 18.3 pound-er from the South Dakota Badlands National Park & was gifted to me by a very special client. She’s glorious, isn’t she?

Big Mama

Big Mama

3. Amethyst pendulum – After messing around with an old washer & chain as a pendulum since the early nineties I finally felt I was due for an upgrade about 7 years ago & gifted myself with a very simple amethyst pendulum on a sterling silver chain that I keep in a purple little pouch. I’ve developed a good reliable relationship with it & its never steered me wrong.
4. Selenite massage wand– selenite is a very useful tool for working with chakras & sealing up energy (which we teach all about in my course). This wand is polished & finished with a rainbow fluorite tip. Its even great for just rubbing on the temples & relieving headaches. Good medicine.

My trusty amethyst pendulum & selenite wand hangin' out.

My trusty amethyst pendulum & selenite wand hangin’ out.

5. Sacred Healing Rattle – this guy is incredible for breaking up the energy in a space or area in the energetic body. I made with my own hands & energy of bamboo & buffalo hide. I’ve outfitted him with green aventurine & clear quartz to make this an even more effective healing rattle.

My hand made sacred healing rattle

My hand made sacred healing rattle

6. Rose Quartz Buddy- This little baby’s been with me a long time…through thick & thin, ups & downs. And he’s always gotten me through. I usually keep him by my bedside as I often use him during before bed reflection time or even to fall asleep holding on to. I usually use it when in need of some heart medicine & consolation. A trusty little rock, this one.

7. Auralite 23 Wand – This wand was a gift and I’ve had it about 2 years now. I often use it conjunction with my Rose Quartz Buddy or just on its own. Its home is also by my bedside as I often hold onto it while relaxing or getting ready to fall asleep. Its a good go-to piece when I need clarification on something or a creative spark. Sometimes I also use it to direct energy towards my head for headache relief.

My auralite 23 wand & my rose quartz buddy.

My auralite 23 wand & my rose quartz buddy.

8. Bedroom Amethyst Druse – this plus-sized gorgeous gal is a deeply colored Uruguayan amethyst cut from a druse geode interior. She lives in our bedroom to bring a calm stress-free energy into the room while also radiating the correct vibrational frequency for dream time & serene sleep.

My bedroom amethyst druse

My bedroom amethyst druse

My BIG DREAM is to get everyone using crystals to help bring about positive change + to heal. We CAN do this!

Super Sparkles to you today!!!

signature4 Certified Crystal Healer E Course Begins March 1!!

P.S. Please share with us all below what crystals you can’t live without!!

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  1. I can’t seem to live without my moonstone. It’s just a small tumbled piece, but that’s cuz I don’t know where to find a bigger one. Websites I’ve gone to find one are always sold out. Moonstone seems to calm my nerves and makes me a bit less bitchy while I’m going through my menopause. I don’t wish menopause on anyone! I’d rather have my period back! Moonstone also helped with those times as well. Would love to know more about moonstone.

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  2. I absolutely love moonstone too! I feel really connected to moonstones and think they are soooo gorgeous. Actually I think it’s really neat how certain crystals will reach out to certain individuals… Like the beginning of a lifelong friendship:)

  3. I’ve got a couple crystals that I couldn’t even dream about not having. I have a flat piece of Tigers eye that is my everyday traveling companion, and then I have my twin point dark purple amethyst which was one of my first crystals and has been my buddy ever since. And the one that I work most with is my Jet palmstone. I go everywhere with this thing, it even is my cuddle-buddy at night. It helps me relieve my migraines and also helps me stay grounded while meditating and doing past life work. I don’t even like to go anywhere unless he’s in my hands.

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  4. I use my black tourmaline pieces daily to help with grounding, and I love to wear my lapis lazuli earrings and citrine pendant, especially when getting ready to do healing work, They give me love and help me feel confident and focused….love ur blog and all the emails you send out!!!!Ty!

  5. Oooh, these are all beautiful! I mostly work with smaller stones and jewelry right now, but I’m starting to get itchy to bring some larger crystals into my life. Your newsletter is always such an inspiration. I learn so much from each one. Thank you!

  6. Great display of crystals. I use most of them in my everyday practice, but so far I haven’t heard about Auralite 23. Could you elaborate a little bit more on its crystal structure and properties?

  7. I love ALL of them! I have to admit that I can’t live without my Amethyst druse on my nightstand either. I love it and it helps me calm down each night before bed and sleep well. 🙂 After reading this I am also motivated to add my own embellishments to my rain stick. Perfect crafty idea for my weekend ahead!

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  9. I adore those pieces of Amethyst and Rose Quartz. do you have any idea where I can purchase one of each and how much it cost? Thanks very much for your help.

    1. Rose Quartz is abundant in South Dakota. So is Amethyst. You can call the Black Hills Institute in Hill City, SD at 605-574-4289. This is where I love to get my crystals. They have a number of different ones. They also have beautiful pendants in many crystals. The cost will vary depending on size. I’m sure they can ship to you. They are very helpful. I visit them at least 4 times a year. I live on the other side of the state so it’s a treat when I get to go there.

  10. I have a big piece of rose quartz and several pieces of amethyst clusters that i have around my home.
    my rose quartz is always by my bed, i find it helps create a serene atmosphere in our bedroom (which is also my work room) and the amethyst pieces give a wonderful energy around my home. I have many, many other pieces around but rose quartz and amethyst have always been my favourite two stones since childhood 🙂 xx

  11. My amethyst cluster, clear quartz druzy, selenite wands, & rose quartz piece are my favorites! The rose quartz is raw on the bottom half & polished at the top half, best of both worlds!

  12. Thanks so much for your newsletters, always a treat to read. My crystals buddies right now are fluorite, carnelian, citrine and tourmaline, all tucked into a mojo bag that I keep with me while I study for this college course on which I’ve embarked. Amethyst, selenite, and smoky quartz are always in my bedroom, as is my rose quartz. I have quite a few moonstones, too, which are so luscious.

  13. My must have lists changes often. Lately, I am not without a peice of lepidolite, Rainbow moonstone, Tanzanite, or moldavite.

  14. I can’t live without my Palm sized Herkimer diamond that my husband dug out of the Herkimer, NY mine for me many years ago. The occlusions inside the diamond, form the profile of one of my spirit guides. It’s priceless

  15. My go to crystals are my Big Mamma, an 18lb quartz crystal point that I am rock sitting for my bestie while she is spending a year in New Zeland; Big Kahuna, a 14lb quartz crystal point; my polished rose quartz blob that’s a bit bigger than my hand; a lavender Amethyst sphere that’s about 2in in diameter that was gifted to me by my bestie which is great for massage (she’s FANTASTIC at getting stubborn muscles to relax); Frederic which is another Quartz crystal point who is just a couple lbs; my large quartz crystal sphere which is about 6in in diameter, this one is great to use its weight for a good shoulder and back stretch. I also have a chakra cleanse crystal set that I use often; it is a set of 11 silver dollar sized “coins” made from tigers eye, red jasper, yellow calcite, green aventurine, rose quartz, sodalite, lapis, amethyst, clear Quartz, hematite, and high quality sunstone.
    Both spheres I recently used on my mom who has been suffering with back and hip trouble the last 2 weeks. She finally let me work on her so I got her on the massage table on her belly and had her hold the Quartz sphere hanging in front of her face to relieve the tension in her lower back. I placed a polished palm sized chunk of malachite for super charged healing assistance under her right around the sacral chakra, and placed my rose quartz on her left side by her heart to help with her heart hurting after being in so much pain for nearly 2 whole weeks, and I then used my lavender Amethyst to gently work the muscles in her but and hips and get them to release their angry tension. We were only able to do one session, but the difference in her is palpable. She was able to get her brace (what we call The Belt) off for a whole 2 hours after the session and was even able to sleep with it off! She had been living in the thing since her back went out and it had begun to dig into her skin so we were all very happy that her body is finally starting to repair. I know that you are a big advocate of minimal/no touch therapy, and in most situations (like doing a treatment on strangers or someone with particularly sticky energy gunk) I totally agree. I also feel like sometimes it takes some good old fashioned elbow grease to get things a moving. Luckily I am able to experiment with my crystals on my hubbie, some family members, and a handful of friends. I’ve been labeled the crazy crystal chick in my circle, which I embrace to the fullest!

  16. I always have a tumbled piece of shungite the size of a golf ball that goes everywhere with me. We are inseparable from the day we met. It protects me from absorbing too much energy from others and it helps me have a voice. I also carry my serephinite with me that has my many faces of my spirit guides in it and I like to meditate with it. There is a selenite egg that likes to be at my bedside and helps me when my neck is hurting and an indigo kyanite I wear around my neck that helps keep my energy positive and clean. These are just a few of the inner circle from my day to day. It’s amazing what we can do together.

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