5 Healing Stones for Your Toolbox

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Recently I was asked an excellent crystal healing question:

If you could only have 5 healing crystals in your toolbox, which would you choose?

Five?! Whatchya trying to do to a girl?

I’m trying to turn out some serious Crystal Junkies over here! 5. Pfffft~!

Heeee! All kidding aside…you do want to build up your crystal collection slowly & purposefully & we don’t want you breaking the bank while doing it. So, I’ll be good & stick to 5. 😉

I usually like to choose crystals/stones that are easy to find & inexpensive. We have so many to choose from so why not make it easy?

1. Green Aventurine

For physical healing, vitality & good health, green aventurine is my go-to stone. Its also a heart chakra stone & a must have for most ailments. These pictured here are on the light side…aventurine comes in many shades…can be dark, light to in between.

2. Apache Tears

For times of grief, apache tears are good emotional supports & healers. A type of black obsidian, apache tears are beat-up looking & usually not smooth (as black obsidian is) due to their violent creation (being thrown in volcanic eruptions). Grief can follow divorce, a break up of any relationship or death of a loved one. The soul needs to heal, as may the body. Apache tears can help with that.

apache tear

Here I’m holding an apache tear that I was putting into a grief mojo bag.


3. Pink Calcite

From Peru, pink calcite can be either opaque or transparent & is often confused with rose quartz. Its a great stone to have around for over-all health & emotional well-being. Its also great for physical tissue repair & being a heart chakra stone, it works very well with any heart issues.

pink calcite

Photo by my man (he’s not really “MY” man…but he’s da Crystal-Photo-Taking-Man…ya know?) Rob Lavinsky of irocks.com


4. Black Tourmaline

Since so many health issues point back to being ungrounded, I feel its ULTRA-important to have the Big Daddy of grounding in the house: black tourmaline. This stone has the unique ability to transmute energy & help any being to ground & connect back to Mother Earth, alleviating so many health issues. Make sure if nothing else, you have some of this around.

black tourmaline
5. Amber/Copal

Lastly, amber (technically not a crystal or stone due to its organic nature) this is a great stone for good emotional hygiene. It chases out depression & melancholy with it’s sun-shiney rays. Often sold as “amber”, copal is not technically the fossilized, hardened resin that is known as amber, but rather an immature recent resin/amber. Copal is the same thing, just not as old and the names are often used interchangeably. Even so, copal can still be very old dating back to the Tertiary period, 65-2.5 million years ago! The commercial value of amber is related to its scarcity, age, inclusions of extinct species & durability. True fossil amber is more valuable than copal & very, very expensive in comparison. We don’t need the super-amber version for our purposes here as both copal & amber have the same healing properties. 🙂

Amber/copal is a wonderful healer, stimulates metabolism, physical energy & energy flow or chi within the body’s energy meridians. Good stuffs!


Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy! Right?

crystal healing

What are your fav. healing stones that you could not do without? Please post in the comments below so we can all share!

Deep Healing Sparkly Love,

hibiscus moon

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  1. I couldn’t agree more about the black tourmaline. I am finding that lodestone/magnetite has been very helpful to help ground me further in a rather ungrounded Los Angeles. I love rose quartz. Would also want clear quartz. And finally, a recent go to stone is lepidolite. With that said, this list would change a bit. I guess I can only agree on 5 at a time. 🙂

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  2. My top 5 are: chrysocolla, amethyst, lapis, turquoise and angelite. The angelite is a rather new addition for me. Before that I probably would have said moldavite or larimar. It’s hard to pick just 5!

  3. I only have two of those! Happy to read about the other 3. Somewhat new to collecting and learning about crystals, but went with my instincts..Rose Quartz,Green Aventurine, Amethyst, Tigers Eye and Black Tourmaline.

  4. My top five :blue aragonite , clear qtz, Amazonite, snowflake obsidian, amethyst/smoky qtz .. It’s really hard to choose just five because crystals rule 🙂 I can think of five more just as easily…

  5. Hi There!
    Stones in my healing kit are:
    Aquamarine – for its ability to connect the healing energies with the client’s energy bodies, so the healing continues after the session. Also, a “water” stone, aquamarine assists with emotional issues.
    Green Aventurine – for its ability to relieve pain as well as deal with heart issues and, like most “abundance” stones, it also helps with circulation.
    Black Tourmaline – for its ability to ground, as well as transmute anger, both from self and others.
    Selenite – for its ability to assist with alignment and bringing in more light! In conjunction with smoky citrine, I use selenite to assist people release that which no longer serves them. Without the smoky citrine, selenite will bring forth that which needs to be released, but the session can tend to be emotional and weepy (bring tissues).
    Smoky Citrine – For its ability to ground energy (especially those releasements [is this even a word?] brought up by selenite) as well as the citrine, which wants you to be happy. I find that the citrine in combination with the smoky quartz is energetically softened, somehow. Citrine by itself can sometimes feel like “you WILL be happy!”.
    I personally wear quartz in combination with other stones on a daily basis, but if I had to have only 5 stones in my healing kit, this would be them.
    Love and peace your way, Diana

  6. Only 5?! You’re killing me! xD

    1. Natural Citrine
    2. Fluorite
    3. Celestite
    4. Sulfur Crystal (You heard me!)
    5. Rutilated Quartz

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  7. I love my Rose Quartz, Pink Opal, Moonstone, and Hemitite. My coworker rolled her eyes and laughed at me because I said I loved my mombo rose quartz then picked it up and kissed it. But everytime she comes in my office she picks it up and holds it and lets out a big sigh. LOL!

  8. I love that you picked my fave Crystal as your 1st one. It’s my number one too. I usually wear one, I have a nice cabochon as a pendant, or a bracelet of 10mm green Aventurine beads around my wrist. I also have a beautiful pendulum, in front of my computer. My second would be Clear Quartz Crystal. Apart from being able to programme it to work only for me….my large Twin is at present in my Abundance Crystal Grid, as the centrepiece, surrounded by Clear Quartz points and Citrine, I only had 3 Citrine, so added a piece of Green Aventurine as well, to balance it out. I also have a Healing for the Peoples of the Earth grid, with my large Selenite Tower as the centrepiece. I also love Rose Quartz….have my large piece in front of the computer, and she also goes with me to Market to help me out with readings etc….I have a 3 inch chunky Clear Quartz that is helping me in the same way. At present I am keeping a piece of Snowflake Obsidian & a beautiful Apache Tear as my grounding stones on my desk, they also keep away my dear partner from interrupting me when I’m in full creative writing mode!! Labradorite is my next fave, I have a Labradorite Crystal Skull, He is very helpful, & is overseeing the Abundance Grid as I write…I just get such a loving and exciting feeling when I’m around Labradorite….it really stimulates my energy…4th would have to be Amethyst….I have an orb, several raw pieces, several of which are located at points around the house to keep it/us protected & safe…I love the calming energy of both the Rose Quartz & Amethyst…well, I thought that was 4 , but I think that may have been 5..You place such restraints on us HB…there are so many I could choose….I have lots of Selenite, too, seems to like being near me…I got 2 new babies yesterday, from a stall in my local shopping Centre (Mall in your language, methinks) there was a big bowlful of Crystal tumblestones, I just wanted to pick it all up & take it home with me!! As I poked my finger about, looking for a new little one, I saw a lovely Clear Quartz, with inclusions, and then a Flash! fo rainbow, and there winking at me was a lovely little Amethyst….with a rainbow in it….I cleansed them overnight in the light of the waning full moon….I can feel their energy now, lo lovely.I think I’d better stop talking now…lol…
    So.., Green Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Labradorite,and can’t pick a 5th, sorry, Citrine or Selenite. Equal 5th….I have so many Crystals in my house, hard to pick just 5, sorry….I’ll stop talking now…thanks for listening….I like the ones you picked too, must try & see if I can get the Pink Calcite here in Australia, and the Copal. I have been sorta looking for a larger piece of Black Tourmaline, mine is very small, & I can’t currently locate it, either…I told you I had
    heaps !!
    Love & Light
    Silver Angel9

    aka Sylvia Crystal kisses from Sydney, Australia….

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    2. Hi, I just loved all that you said about your crystals. I am a beginner, and am visiting Australia soon.Melbourne and Brisbane. Could you recommend any place where I can get these crystals please? Would love to hear from you. I am in India.

      1. Andrea, Hi, there are heaps of places you can buy Crystals in Australia, but would you believe, I get mine (the smaller ones) from the US….from Healing Crystals.com…sorry HM…XX
        Before you come, just Google Crystal wholesalers in Brisbane, Australia….it will give you lots of choices….pity you’re not coming to Sydney! The best place to buy from are really Gem shows, & some of the smaller Mind,Body Spirit shows….the larger ones are a lot dearer, as they charge so much for the rental for the sellers…you would have to Google these….
        Hope you enjoy Australia, I’ve been here since 1968 & I just love it….even in a big city like Sydney….would like to live more in a country setting, but I’m very grateful to be where I am…Good luck and safe journey, Andrea….xx

  9. My fav Crystals are :-
    AMAZONITE for creativeness,

    AMETHYST for spirituality ,
    SMOKEY CITRENE for happiness
    CLEAR QUARTZ for clarity of ones mind
    And finally SPIRIT QUARTZ(cactus quartz) for peace and harmony .

    Crystals blessings to everyone !!

  10. I have to go with – Banded Amethyst – headaches, sleep etc. Hematite – swellings and fevers, and grounding energies. Clear Quartz – the master healer and magnifies all other crystals, Citrine – energy, depression and finally, Iron Pyrite – breathing difficulties. 🙂

  11. I could not pick just five. But, I cannot do without clear quartz and kyanite. But, I love them all. My new favorite is a beautiful deep green serpentine from Washington State, gorgeous.

  12. This was lovely, thank you! It got me to thinking.. My personal favorite right now is labradorite! If I could only have 5 in my tool box though I think my 5 would have to be clear quartz because it is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier, rose quartz for unconditional love and infinite peace, citrine for happiness and joy, amythest for calming and headaches, and an apache tear for grounding and comfort in times of grief ❤

  13. 1. Clear quartz
    2. Red jasper
    3. Rose quartz
    4. Blue kyanite
    5. Green Fluorite
    Loving the Jaspers at the moment!
    Much love!

  14. My ‘HIGH FIVE@ are:
    Tourmalinated quartz…for clearing and deflecting any negative energy from your aura
    Dianite (Blue Jade)- lovely calming destressing energies after any nastiness
    Green calcite – also calming and promotes peaceful sleep and relaxing
    of any stomach-type ailments
    Fancy Jasper – a pocketful helps you just get on with things when you are overcome by too much on your plate and can’t cope
    Cacoxenite – helps you transcend all daily/earthly/mundane concerns and see things from a much higher/spiritual perspective
    Namaste X

  15. AHH …I needed them all today … Apache tear,
    and of course JET,
    my Angelite to connect with my guides
    and my new fave phantom quartz very cool energy in that one!!
    five was hard whew!!

  16. Hi and thanks!
    I’m a beginner (at 60) and with so much choice and info on the net, I find your personal choices very helpful. I have a son with severe brain injuries, and my interest and belief in healing stones began with searching for ways to help him.
    lapis lazuly, amethyst, rose quartz, and clear Chrystal have been my first to become clear about.
    I will keep checking this thread to see if you have have a good one for brain cells. He is already a miracle survivor but needs much recovery.
    My personal favorite stone, don’t know why yet, is amazonian.

    1. In 2009, I was riding a bicycle and hit by a car. I sustained multiple injuries, including Traumatic Brain Injuries with active bleeding, and was left with a variety of disabilities and chronic pain. I learned to walk and talk again and have pretty well been on my own when it comes to recovering my faculties. I have become certified in many modalities that helped my situation by leaps and bounds knowing others need the help too!

      Lately, I have been attracted to Hematite stained Amethyst, Green Opal, Ocean Jasper, Peach Selenite, and the fifth would be Auralite23 with all the inclusions (I won’t purchase any that aren’t confirmed to have at least 17 of the 23 identified components in the Auralite). In the past, I couldn’t do without my moldavite, rose quartz, clear quartz, or phenacite. Five is REALLY hard but those are my current go to stones.

  17. Yes, Black Tourmaline is a must! I also love Smokey Quartz, Moonstone, Citrine and my favorite Rose Quartz that fits so perfectly in my hand. Also a piece of natural Turquoise that I recently purchased really vibrates for me. A nice specimen of Stilbite that has such a lovely soft energy that I could never leave out. Ok, I will stop I have so many that are special to me.

    1. On the Super Seven, have you tried an Auralite23 yet? I started with the Super7 and went to the Auralite as it felt more potent than my Supers. Thoughts?

  18. Its very hard (almost impossible…lol) to pick 5. I kept thinking, if this was an emergency situation, which one of my crystal buddies couldn’t I leave behind? Well that was no help as I couldn’t pick one (of the hundreds), which was replaceable. So…I went to plan B 🙂 A while ago I created a set of cards of all the crystals I have in my collection, whether it be jewellery or a natural piece, I just wrote the name on a piece of cardboard and placed them in a container. You see, I was conducting an experiment – I wanted to see if what I chose to wear or work with on a particular day, would match the card I pulled out (while blindfolded). Well I decided to use my cards to pick my 5 🙂
    1. Rainbow Moonstone – activates all the chakras, brings optimism, vitality (life force) and inner peace.
    2. Seraphinite – Not only does it allow us to connect with our angels, but it also helps us to self-heal, bringing us wholeness, strength, courage – ‘I am, I will, I can…’
    3. Pink Morganite – because it is attuned to Universal Love, Divine Love.
    4. Clear Quartz – because basically, what can’t it do 🙂 love, love, love it.
    5. Smoky Quartz – because this grounds me like no other and protects me on all levels.
    Well…that’s my pic and don’t I feel guilty for not including all my other crystal buddies…lol I didn’t realize just how hard it was to choose 🙂
    Blessings to everyone!
    Bernie xx

  19. Wow, what a delightful list! Was thrilled to see Pink Calcite on there. It’s my absolute favorite stone and I always have a piece on me where every I go. Black Tourmaline’s never done anything for me though. My favorite substitute is medium-brown Smoky Quartz 😀

  20. My Go To stones are citrine, stones with natural holes, amethyst, blue lace agate, and rhodonite. This is because a lot of the medicine bags I put together are for people who have been abused.

  21. I sleep with a Lepidolite massage wand. It calms and warms me up in bed and it helps me to a restful sleep. I am found of rose quartz and a all chakra stone necklace I hold to meditate. I meditate with other stones as well and hold them to their area of connection on the body, citrine, serpentine, garnet, and green adventurine . I wear amethyst when I feel I need protection, a rose quartz in my bra close to my heart when I want extra love to shine through me. I wear an aquamarine ring that I feel connects me to my son and father to keep them near.

  22. I’m a Pisces I have a Clear quartz, Amethyst one that I bought at Cumberland falls in Ky…Brown one and big Selenite plus a Crystal Awareness book that my friend gave me as a christmas gift.
    I would love to have them all.

  23. Hematite – keeps me grounded and close to the mineral element
    Amethyst – rarely am I without a wearable, I resonate strongly with this stone
    Picture Jasper – focus is so important to me, this stone has really brought this power into my life
    Peridot – from both a heart centered and abundance/gratitude perspective, this stone is a vibrational blessing
    Clear Quartz – well, so much can be done with this high Mojo beauty, how could I leave it out? Programmable, talkative, listening, healing, manifesting, leading…holy mother of crystals bat man!

  24. My top 5 crystals have to be:
    Clear quartz
    Smoky quartz
    Green aventurine
    Tiger eye

    Don’t know a lot at all about crystals, but I’m interested which is a gud start!

  25. Clear Quartz is absolutely my go-to stone. It’s my “first love”, as I became fascinated by the idea of a transparent stone way back when I was in a science class in second or third grade, and saw a photo of a quartz crystal. (Good thing I didn’t see a picture of a diamond, as that particular clear stone is a lot more expensive than Quartz!)

    As a side note for anyone who’s in search of Black Tourmaline, but who is not finding pieces that work for their budget: look around for Dalmatian Jasper. The black “spot” markings in Dalmatian Jasper are caused by rods of Black Tourmaline that formed within the Jasper. When the stone is cut and polished, those Tourmaline rods make the stone appear spotted. So with Dalmatian Jasper, you will have your Black Tourmaline, PLUS some Jasper into the bargain. I’d count that as a win. 🙂

  26. I have the unbelievable good luck to be possessed by a daughter, three granddaughters, and two great granddaughters. To hold my own, I require the self-confidence provided by petrified wood, precious opal, smoky quartz, aquamarine, and apache tears. I’ve also included citrine for additional emotional awareness and creativity, as well as a means to cleanse the other stones.

  27. amethyst,clear quartz,rose quartz,hemertite and citrine,i love these and use and wear often,plus others depending wot i need with them

  28. My Faves
    1: Amazonite
    I have had so many good experience with Amazonite. It is so calming and has helped me immensely to emerge from my shell and allow words to flow more easily and communicatio to become a breeze.
    2: Rose Quartz
    The Mother of all crystals. It has such a loving vibe, that no one can ignore it’s energy. I have several pieces and it has helped me to open my heart chakra and loving myself and others unconditionally.
    3: Angelite
    Such a comforting energy that dispels grief and sadness. Allows joy to flow and energy through all chakras. I just got mine today and it is having a huge impact!
    4: Labradorite
    A true psychic stone. It unveils all mysteries and leaves me deeply refreshed. I sleep with it under my pillow and find I wake up feeling energized and happy but so serene.
    5: Amethyst
    The crystal. A must have. Amethyst is so amazing a calming and balancing. For great sleeps and dreams… Amethyst connects you to the higher chakras and your soul reality.

  29. well , lemme try to choose .. :3
    1. clear quartz. just purchasing one clear quartz earrings , and absolutely loving this one – maybe because its vibration keep handle such negative feeling and thought.
    2. rose quartz. lately when I lay on the bed bfore sleep, I rub these buddies and sleep faster with no effort! the energy were just too lovely, and also gentle. 🙂
    3. my grounding stone is now dalmatian jasper (dalmation stone). its always succeed to bring back from an overthinking state or anxious feeling, to be more relaxed. also a good stone to grab after meditating w/ high vib crystals.
    4. carnelian. since im a shy person, really ..this buddy help me much to just ‘speak out’ and show other how did i feel. Didnt expect this much, but carnelian bring me so much good thingy ! 😀 xx
    5. amethyst. along w/ rose quartz, this crystal bring so much help 2 let me feel relaxed. also, the its metaphysical about psychic protection is no kidding, so im having much trust to this one.

  30. Selenite is my favorite feel good stone – it’s for protection and cleansing- when I hold it in my left hand it just makes me feel good! A friend of mine holds selenite in her hand when she feels sick or has a headache and she feels better! It’s my fav by far

  31. Selenite, Citrine, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Black Tourmaline. But I add more all the time. Been getting a few pieces of Shungite, Honey Calcite and Auralite 23. I like to keep good Chakra stones too. It really is never ending but some I get to just have because they are beautiful and I like their vibes but others I get to work with, to hold, sleep with, etc. Been thinking more about green aventurine and you put it on this list. I have a grid that has green aventurine in it. I also use green aventurine, rose quartz and amethyst in my bath with Epsom salt, lavender essential oil, baking soda. And keep amethyst in my glass water bottle. Thank You HM for sharing all the info that you do. I’ve learned a lot from you. I have a lot of books but mainly use them for reference…done I can’t find since a remodel 6 years ago. Book of Stones is one…an important one, I wish it would manifest itself.??

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  33. Hi Hibiscus Moon, my favourites are Amethyst, shown to me in a vision by my spirit guide, by putting bits of it on all seven chakras, when I was going through a tough time, spontaneous healing occurred, then Rose crystal healèd me from grief after death of loved ones, Mahogany Obsidian, this crystal spoke to me in a vision when I slept with it under my pillow and healed past life trauma, Ametrine, removed spiritual attachments in a vision, Blue lace agate as a yoni egg, healed past life sexual trauma in a vision and Black obsidian cleared and aligned all my chakras in a vision…I just love crystals awesome healers!

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