We were absolutely blown away by the number and depth of entries!  Year after year when we wonder how it could get any better, you guys blow it out of the water.  Thank you for sharing your powerful stories and putting your hearts into this!

We’ve been doing this scholarship giveaway since the summer of 2011 and I’m so happy to share that this year we have four winners. ❤

This was a difficult decision, narrowing it down to four. Every single entry was magnificent. Truly.

Team HM and I are blessed and honored that you allowed us into your lives, to witness your vulnerability and to hear your story.  We hope you’ll all continue to aim high and shoot for the stars!

Certified Crystal Healer Course Scholarship Winners!

Based on our rules and criteria, here are our fabulous winning scholarship recipients in no particular order:

Alyx Fischer


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Anne Ritter

Jessie Bishop


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Moving Forward

For all who’ve entered but were not selected, please consider doing these 3 things (my goal is to strive to help others in many ways and be someone who enables others to help themselves)

1.  Please join our Crystal Community and me in congratulating our winners. Our collective support, love, encouragement and good vibes will greatly assist them in making their big dreams a reality (while also reflecting back to you & assisting you in creating the same for yourself…law of attraction in action!) ♥

2.  Feel and KNOW down to your core that you are an amazing being and that you possess all the gifts, talents and abilities to live out all of your dreams …this was just the tip of the iceberg of a mega message-transmission to the Universe. Don’t stop here, don’t stop now. Keep on Truckin’! If you can dream it, then you can rock it!

3.  Now, go watch or look at your entry again. Re-absorb some of that fantastic brilliance and dazzle that you’re made of.  Listen/read all of the amazing things you said you’d do and bring forth if you won. Don’t let those dreams die.  They deserve to breathe, live, be fed & be deeply cherished. They’re your precious babies. Ask yourself what’s stopping you from doing all of those things right now? Don’t let anything get in your way of making your crystal healing dreams a reality.

If you truly feel in your heart that this course is part of your path, then make it happen. If this is not possible for you right now, then choose to do what you CAN do – keep tuning into to my blog here and my Newsletter, working with your crystals, reading crystal books and eat glitter for breakfast … because you deserve it!

***If you ARE a winner, please email us here as soon as possible.   We’ll need to get you set up in our private Crystal Cave,  give you your first crystal assignments and the school supplies list in preparation for the first class on March 9th! ♥ We’ll make sure you’re fully taken care of well before the course begins. 🙂

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and participation. I’m so grateful for you!

Namaste and much love to you all,

Hibiscus Moon

P.S. Because we’re getting many questions about it, for more info on registration for my Certified Crystal Healer Course, head over here.

And take note:   I’ll be holding a Live Open House on February 19th at 1 PM eastern time, on my Facebook Page. So, mark your calendar and join me!

If you have any questions about our 2020 registration, please don’t hesitate to email us here.