Announcing our 2019 Certified Crystal Healer Course Scholarship WINNERS

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We were absolutely blown away by the number and depth of entries this year.  Thank you for sharing your powerful stories and putting your hearts into this!

We’ve been doing this scholarship giveaway since the summer of 2012 and I’m so happy to share that this year we have four winners. ❤

This was a difficult decision, narrowing it down to four. Every single entry was magnificent. Team HM and I are blessed and honored that you allowed us into your lives, to witness your vulnerability and to hear your story.  We hope you’ll all continue to aim high and shoot for the stars!

Certified Crystal Healer Course Scholarship Winners!

Based on our rules and criteria, here are our fabulous winning scholarship recipients in no particular order:

Debbie Ruxton

Betty Shadoe Jones

Steph Pittman

Marzipan Lili

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My Crazy 😜 Grandmother has been raving about the usefulness of gem elixirs for years 👵🏻 Linda Ferraro 👓 💋 is helping me with my submission for the 2019 #HibiscusMoon Certified Crystal Healer Scholarship by Marzipan Lili #HibiscusMoonCCH #HMCA #CrystalHealing #Scholarship #Giveaway • • • • #rosequartz #comedy #theatrebackground #silly #geodes #witnessprotectionprogram #characters • • • For as long as I can remember I have loved stones and rocks. In 2015 when I first discovered Hibiscus 🌺 Moon 🌙 I just knew I had found my tribe of people!! I was living in New York City, struggling to be an actor, as a sensitive soul with a healing spirit. Ever since I stumbled onto the website, I have followed the blog and used crystals to enhance so many areas of my life—yes, truly in mind body and spirit! • • • For my birthday last year, I treated myself to the combo of crystal grids/sacred spaces package and the tips totally changed my life. I had just given birth, had to move (again!) and having this practical wisdom around saved my sanity—oops! I mean, soul 😘😜✨💮🔮🙏💎 • • • • As a Reiki Teacher Apprentice with @christine_eartheart 🌸 this opportunity would be an amazing gift to learn even more about energy work, and ways to give clients and future students of mine, another easy way to manifest love, success and joy!! • • • I have every intention to bring this along with me when I become an RN. That is my big dream—to help Reiki become even more mainstream in the United States! I hope that you enjoyed the character that came from my struggles, and that sharing my heart gives me a seat in the course. I would be truly honored!! 💜🙏💕💮

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Moving Forward

For all who’ve entered but were not selected, please consider doing these 3 things (my goal is to strive to help others in many ways and be someone who enables others to help themselves):

1.  Please join our Crystal Community and me in congratulating our winners. Our collective support, love, encouragement and good vibes will greatly assist them in making their big dreams a reality (while also reflecting back to you & assisting you in creating the same for yourself…law of attraction in action!) ♥

2.  Feel and KNOW down to your core that you are an amazing being and that you possess all the gifts, talents and abilities to live out all of your dreams …this was just the tip of the iceberg of a mega message-transmission to the Universe. Don’t stop here, don’t stop now. Keep on Truckin’! If you can dream it, then you can rock it!

3.  Now, go watch or look at your entry again. Re-absorb some of that fantastic brillance and dazzle that you’re made of. Listen/read all of the amazing things you said you’d do and bring forth if you won. Don’t let those dreams die.  They deserve to breathe, live, be fed & be deeply cherished. They’re your precious babies. Ask yourself what’s stopping you from doing all of those things right now? Don’t let anything get in your way of making your crystal healing dreams a reality.

If you truly feel in your heart that this course is part of your path, then make it happen. If this is not possible for you right now, then choose to do what you CAN do – keep tuning into to my blog here and my Newsletter, working with your crystals, reading crystal books and eat glitter for breakfast … because you deserve it!

***If you ARE a winner, please email us here as soon as possible so you can start settling into our private Crystal Cave, grab your Welcome Email, your first assignments and getting your school supplies ready for class 1 beginning on March 4th! ♥ We’ll make sure you’re fully taken care of well before the course begins. 🙂

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and participation. I’m so grateful for you!

Namaste and much love to you all,

Hibiscus Moon

P.S. Because we’re getting many questions about it, for more info on registration for my Certified Crystal Healer Course, head over here.

If you have any questions about our 2019 registration, please don’t hesitate to email us here.

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  1. I am so excited for the winners! The universe will work through you all to make our world a better place! Congratulations! Rock it people!
    Lisa Swigart

  2. Congratulations! You all have amazing things in store for your future. Let this be your jumping point for the fantastic things to come.

  3. Congratulations. Wishing you all well for your studies. I bet your all so excited about the opportunities this will open up for you.

  4. sending blessing to all of you. Very much enjoyed watching your videos, and hope you will continue to use your gifts in the best of ways.

  5. Congratulations all you beautiful people! Take it all in! Have fun. Learn. Spread love and wisdom. And May the force and positives vibes always be with you! 😘 can’t wait to take this course someday soon!

  6. Hello Beautifuls!
    I just want to shout out and thank you all for supporting me with good vibes for the Crystal Moon Scholarship Contest.

    I did not win the scholarship. But I gained some valuable insight about myself.

    Fear of rejection has kept me from a lot of things. Doing this contest was a big step out of my comfort zone. Judgment and Rejection..yikes, but my desire to win was stronger, so I went for it!

    I knew in my heart without a doubt I was going to win. I told everyone I knew I won! Well, you know as you read this I didn’t.

    Then something interesting happened, my soul asked me what’s the lesson here? What do you feel right now? Well….pondering that I discovered that the major emotional melt down that typically showed up to take charge never surfaced.

    I felt disappointment, but I did not feel rejection, judgement, pain, or suffering. That’s huge for me.

    I did not feel unworthy or ugly, I didnt feel like the girl that was not picked for a team, I didnt feel like a dork, and I did not feel embarrassed.

    Feelings and emotions like that used to live in my body, and they would show up whenever I stepped out of my comfort zone, when ever I followed my hearts desire.

    I know it’s a side effect of the energy work, the chakradancing, the meditation, the gentle yoga, the self development and instrospective work I’ve done. Amazing!

    Instead I felt joy for the women who won. I felt honor being a part of such an amazing group of women. I felt proud of myself for completing the task at hand and putting it out there for the world to see.

    I’m going to take this class, registration starts this week for the people on the waitlist, thats me! I’m going for it.

    And I learned something else…if you truly believe in what you want to accomplish, 100% believe, then your disappointment is temporary, nothing to hold on to, because your spirit will drive you to find a way to accomplish your dreams if you continue to follow your heart.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS to the scholarship winners of the 2019 Hibiscus Moon Certified Healer Course!!! Sending all of you Reiki Love and Light wrapped in a Crystal Shield in order to keep your focus on your studies!!!

    Namaste and Crystal Hugs,

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