New Crystal Fakes To Keep An Eye Out For

December 11, 2018 Yep, we’ve got more crystal fakes to talk about today. Looks like this problem is becoming more and more prevalent. Get Educated about Crystal Fakes One of my greatest joys is investigating and researching possible fake minerals and then teaching our Crystal Family about what’s popping up out there, keeping us educated so we can avoid the confusion that comes along with misrepresentations and crystal fakes. This way we can all make informed decisions when adding specimens to our sacred collections. The three I'm going to discuss today aren't what I would classify as a misrepresentation; these are straight up Crystal FAKES. If you feel passionate about this too, please share this post in any way you prefer. (***There are some.Keep Reading

Amethyst Healing Properties, Correspondences + Meanings

November 13, 2018 Let's talk about Amethyst healing properties, correspondences, and meanings. This is going to be a really comprehensive geological & a metaphysical conversation about probably every kind of amethyst you can think of, every kind you've heard of, including everything I know about amethyst. Question of the Day: Was Amethyst your first crystal? Yes or no? Please go ahead and answer this in the comments at the bottom of this page. Oh and I've put together something special for you today!  Click below to download my Amethyst Latte Recipe and let me know once you make this luscious gem of a concoction. 🙂 Amethyst Amethyst is a really popular mineral because we all love the beautiful, striking purple color, right? For many of us, it's usually our.Keep Reading

3 More Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting to Work with Crystals

October 30, 2018The conversation continues, and today I'm sharing a few more things I wish I'd know before I started to work with crystals. (Did you miss my first blog on this topic? Click here). This was a popular topic and you wanted to know a few more things to avoid pitfalls, wasting time, energy, and money. So here we are! And you know, just like everyone else I made a ton of mistakes when I first started to work with crystals. I've since then done research, worked through a lot of stuff, gathered data for my clients and students, and this information can save you a lot of time, and energy, and of course money with what I'm about to share with you.Keep Reading

Empath Everyday Survival Guide: Crystals + Secrets for Sensitive Souls

October 16, 2018 I'm so excited to bring this to you, because I recently did a poll on YouTube, asking what you guys wanted to hear about most and the topic crystals to help Empaths was high on the list. We're going to cover Empath Everyday Survival Guide, (but if you're brand new to crystals you might be interested in reading this first).  This blog is all about crystals and secrets for sensitive souls. The goal is to avoid emotional hangovers, exhaustion, and sensory overload. Plus you can grab my Free Recipe for Negativity Neutralizer Spray. I'm right there with you guys.
  • When you're with a lot of people, do you feel like you have no shield up between you and them? Or.Keep Reading

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