Spring/Easter Sparkly Crystal Geodes!

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It’s almost Easter so I think it’s time to for some Crystal Hottie Egg Shell Geode GROWIN’ again!!

Sound like fun? It is!
Grow Your Own Crystal Geodes!
[caption id="attachment_11732" align="aligncenter" width="425"] looks just like amethyst, doesn’t it??![/caption]

About 6 months ago I posted a photo on my FB page of 1 of my recent crystal growing specimens. You see, the Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Masters grow crystals as part of their course ohhhm-work & so I decided to show them a super-fun & popular lab experiment I used to do with my teenage science students. This version I’m presenting here is really watered down so no long essays on crystallography necessary. LUCKY YOU! I showed these off on my FB page & proceeded to get a ton of questions asking how to grow these.

I had no idea so many Crystal Hotties would get into this?

So, I filmed a how-to video & created a downloadable pdf giving you step by step instructions on how to grow your very own. (WARNING: the maker of this video has a major obsession with the TV show Breaking Bad!) 😉

I feel it’s really important to also get to know our crystals in a different way; to learn how & why they grow & just how Mama Earth cooks them up in her kitchen! And I love when Crystal Hotties post photos of their geode creations on my FB page.

Geodes can take thousands or even millions of years to grow…but this grow-your-own variation will only take a couple of days, thank goodness. This is a great activity to do with kids while also giving us a little insight into the science behind the magical geology. And you’ll end up with some drop-dead gorgeous crystals in the end! Learning can be tons o’ fun when you approach it the right way. 😉

So instead of a basket full of plain colored eggs, how about a basket full of colorful & glittery egg shell geodes?

Click here to grab your step by step pdf instructions & get crackin! (Get it??!)

Please, please, please…if you do this project will you share either your photos or video with me & the rest of our Crystal Community on my FB page or share you story in the comments below? I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!!

Sparkly Spring Blessings,