Living in Alignment with Your Life’s Purpose

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Hi Crystal Hottie!

I’ve got another “Crystal Healer Interview” today! Yes, more fresh, new & inspiring crystal perspectives from others that are living & breathing this crystal path.

And just in case you’re not familiar with what exactly is goin’ down…these Crystal Healer Interviews allow me to introduce you to crystal healing from another perspective (other than my own). So we’ve got a few Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healers & Advanced Crystal Masters who are so generously sharing their stories with us. 

Well, I’m excited to let you meet super-cute, ambitious & talented HMCA Advanced Crystal Master, Ryelle Eterna of

Today’s message is about living in alignment with your life’s purpose.

Ryelle shares with us some amazing ideas she’d like to realize in the future: think “uber-lux-crystal-spa-experience”! Plus, a warning about working with moldavite.

And Here’s Ryelle …

What crystal has had the biggest effect on you?
Moldavite has had the biggest effect on me lately.

A few years ago, I purchased a raw piece…didn’t affect me at all. Then earlier this year, I felt called to work with moldavite again. I purchased and started wearing a faceted moldavite and diamond pendant and the combination of these two high vibration crystals really worked on activating my energies and clearing out my throat chakra issues. WARNING: I would limit wearing the pendant for only a short period of time because keeping it on too long would result in my throat getting really sore and raspy; almost to the point of losing my voice! [{Insert from me, Hibiscus} I also warn of working with moldavite too much in this blog post].
Since working with that combination, so many synchronicities of new-found knowledge, meeting like-minded people and connecting with guides started to occur!
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What is your most favorite crystal in the whole wide world and why?

By Parent Géry (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia CommonsI first learned about it in the Book of Stones when I was taking the my Hibiscus Moon courses. I consider this crystal my favorite because of tugtupite’s properties of tenebrescence and fluorescence, and the metaphysical stories centered around it being a mineral aphrodisiac!

I fell in love with this crystal without even being able to touch it in real life. I even wrote about it in my blog a while ago to plant the seed of hoping to own this crystal one day.

For a while I searched for the perfect tugtupite piece, but I couldn’t find just the right one.

Then one day while visiting a gem show, I found the perfect sized pendant and it was love at first sight!

I even grabbed a few extras to put in my shop in case others were interested in experiencing this crystal’s energies. ♥

After working with tugtupite for a bit now, I also consider it my current fav because of my attraction towards crystals from Greenland (like Nuummite). Also, since this crystal “lights” up with sunlight and UV light, I feel like it’s energetically working on different dimensions and auric layers that are not seen with the human eye. I think of it as my multi-dimensional spectrum crystal!
What do you think made the biggest difference to you on this crystal-path?
The expansion of conscious awareness in how I live my life and how I interpret my current reality.

Introducing crystals into your life can bring on a paradigm shift where you start to live more in alignment with your spiritual purpose and the veil of 3D life starts to dissipate. I believe a greater understanding of your purpose and your life experiences start to unravel once you entrain your body and subtle body with the positive energies of vibrational tools…like crystals.

{Here’s a video of Ryelle on a rock-hounding adventure!}:

What are your BIG DREAMS now that you’re an ACM (Advanced Crystal Master)?
My biggest dream would be to create an ultimate crystal healing spa that involves all things crystal and includes color, sound and light therapies…that uses crystal charged, healthier water alternatives instead of harmful chlorine and fluoridated water. It would be a dream to have a spa like this aligned with a positive energy ley-line that has an ocean view amidst nature with beautiful weather!

I would also love to one day perform healing retreats in beautiful tropical locations. It would be a dream to allow people to heal, relax and rejuvenate during their vacation time. I envision a retreat with crystal healing sessions, nature hikes, organic vegan menus for detoxing, yoga, sun and star-gazing, meditation, dance, water activities  and body/massage treatments!

Our society is so programmed to work so much, that we are so disconnected with our inner selves and don’t have enough time to nurture ourselves. Creating a healing retreat where people can raise their vibration, consciousness levels and heal at the same time would be a dream come true!
What do you love most about working with crystals?
What I love most about working with crystals is when you work with them for a while and then start to feel their vibrational effects.
The energy crystals exude can bring such profound experiences!
I feel everyone should experience the feelings that crystals can bring. For some it takes time, and for others, the effects are instant.

Another reason I love working with crystals is the feeling you get when you find the right crystal by using your intuition and connecting with it. It’s like finding a long-lost soul mate or treasure!
Do you have any advice for anyone who is considering this path?
Believe in yourself and follow your intuition.

Don’t feel pressured to have to purchase every type of crystal on the market. I was overwhelmed at the amount of crystals out there at the beginning of my practice and would sometimes fall into the hype of what everyone else was trying and using. Different crystals have different vibrations, just like how people are different and have their unique energies and personalities. What may work for one, may not work for another.

I believe you should tune into your needs and observe your energetic reactions, your intuitive gut feelings and dream messages, to see what crystal calls out to you and what you are strongly attracted to. I believe those crystals will be most beneficial to your healing, conscious awakening and energetic make-up. Then once you become more sensitive and intuitive to subtle energies, apply these practices to your clients’ healing.

Ryelle’s Bio: Ryelle is certified as a Hibiscus Moon Advanced Crystal Master and Usui Reiki Master. She is the owner of Crystal Rock Star where she offers crystal healing jewelry, mini crystal grids, gem meditation body oils, distance healing sessions & intuitive crystal services. Check out her website at: You can also connect with her on Facebook at:


Hibiscus again here…

Thank you lovely Ryelle for sharing your personal sparkly journey with us & all your wonderful crystal insights!

If you resonate with anything Ryelle has shared with us here please leave a comment below. :)

Crystal Blessings,

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Topaz is a smart cookie, you know!

I get a lot of questions about Himalayan Salt Lamps:

What’s the big deal about these Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Do they really do what everybody says they do?


So the major thing that Himalayan Salt Lamps “do” is that they induce negative ions into your environment. (We’ll get to that in a moment).

I have 1 in my sacred crystal studio here. He’s super heavy & pretty darn big…he’s comes up to my knee:

I really like to have a salt lamp in just about every room of our home (2 in the bedroom; we have one on each of our night stands on either side of our bed.)  My husband, Frankie & I really enjoy having them in our home due to how they restructure the energy of our environment. :)

Now, salt is a crystal; halite to be exact & it’s well-known for its cleansing, purifying properties. It is a very “soft” mineral (only a 2-2.5 on the Mohs Hardness scale) and is extremely water soluble so don’t wet your lamp to clean it off…ever.

SCIENCE GEEKERY: Due to the nature of salt & its ability to draw moisture out of a substance, if you live in a high-humidity climate your salt lamp may “sweat” a bit. Keeping your lamp lit helps  prevent the sweating due to the heat from the bulb or candle.

They’re great to have in a sacred space or anywhere you want to pump up the number of negative ions in a space….and that is something you’ll want to do.

What is a negative ion?

Basic idea of an atom. Image author: Fastfission at en.wikipedia

GEEK ALERT!!: A negative ion  is an atom  where the number of electrons whizzing around the outside is more than number of protons in the nucleus, giving the atom or molecule a net  negative electrical charge. Got it?

Most agree that the negative ions generated by a salt lamp happen via the photoelectric effect (the salt lamp emits electrons when struck by light).
Now there are things in nature that are much better & more efficient at putting out negative ions than salt lamps; like mountains, waterfalls, beaches or forests. Ionic minerals such as Tourmaline also produce them!

Geeky factoid: Very old growth forests have higher negative ion output than a newer forest or a man-made planted forest. They put out thousands & thousands of negative ions.

Those are the spaces you want to be in.

Then there are the times,  if you’re in an office or a home that always has its windows closed & no plants or doesn’t have much connection to the outdoors when you have very little or no negative ions.  Like those offices that are considered “sick buildings”, where you can never open the windows. You can never get fresh air.  Where there are UV lights you know blinking away down at people all day long. YUCK!

Those areas usually have zero negative ions but an excess of positive ions.

So what’s the big deal about negative ions?
Who cares? Who wants more “negative” anything? Sounds like a bad thing because I’m saying “negative ions”, right?

Well, It’s not a bad thing at all, Chick Pea. 😉

Negative ions are actually something that we need to help balance ourselves because we are bombarded with positive ions, especially from the electronics we’re surrounded by all day long.  Having more negative ions in your environment actually has beneficial biochemical effects for us.

The goal is to have a balance of both negative + positive ions. Not an overabundance of positive ions…which is how many of us now live.

We want to have those negative ions within our space because it helps increase certain hormones in our physical body that actually benefit us in lots of ways; like Serotonin.  which alleviates depression if you’re Serotonin levels are balanced. It’s also been said that a healthy balance of negative ions can:

  • relieve stress
  • boost your energy
  • boost your immune system
  • balance the air quality in a space by reducing dust, pollen & bacteria

Obvious benefits right? Things that we’d like to have :)

Some salt lamps use electricity to light their glow & some use candle light. The bulbs used to light them from within are very low-wattage so I’m not concerned with the amount of EMF emitting from them and you can insulate the wires with an EMF blocking material if you’re concerned about being too close to them.

Now like I said before, Himalayan Salt Lamps do produce negative ions, but they are not like mega-producers. Nature is your BEST source! So, it’s most beneficial to use them in an environment where you are really cut off from nature. Where you just don’t have a better option & can’t get a lot of energy from outdoors.

And of course, use them wherever you just want the space to feel clearer, more fresh, closer to nature or to create a more serene sacred retreat space for yourself.

In my space I can open up lots of windows. I also have big sliding glass doors that I can open up & be one with the outdoors.

I love to have that energy coming in.  But the salt lamp helps to really boost it.

And the bigger the better.

Topaz is a smart cookie, you know! Our animals always know.
Evidence! Evidence! Give Me Evidence!
Himalayan Salt Lamps  have been tested by negative ion measuring devices by various labs. Although the test results vary, many results show that they do produce negative ions, but not much.

Yeah, but  they produce something and I feel that something is better than nothing!

And many of us do feel the differences & that is better than any lab test for me b/c the lab tests are so very limited in WHAT they can measure.

Overall, I enjoy having the lamps in my space & encourage using them in a space along with waterfalls and other things like that, that can also help boost the negative ions in your environment. Go for it!

Do you use Himalayan Salt Lamps in your space or around your home? Do you feel the benefits? Let me know in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings!



P.S. If you’re looking for more ways to help create sacred space for yourself, have you checked out my FREE Create Sacred Space with Crystals eKit? You can download it now!

Crystals for your living space & can I squeeze into an amethyst crystal?

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Crystal blessings everybody! I have another crystal question that I want to go over for our topic today.

This one says,

“Should there be a certain set of crystals or a “crystal mix” for rooms like your living room or living space?”

I think that it’s not a “should”, but there are definitely things you can do to make your living space feel more comfy; more vibrationally aligned with the type of energy that you’re trying to bring in to a living room or great room living space.

Usually, that kind of room is a room where everyone likes to hang out, several people will gather for anything & so you want it to be a space that has good energy within it.


You’ll want to choose crystals that can radiate their energy in all directions

or you want to choose very large crystals

…or you can do both.

And I say “large”, b/c in this instance:

yes, size does matter

For ease of doing the video, I brought ones that were sort of on the smaller side, so I could hold them up for you. But larger crystals would be even better!  Because the energy torus…

THIS, below, is an energy torus…if…like…you could actually see one with the naked eye. (I do teach you how to “see” it on our Certified Crystal Healer Course, btw!)

So the energy radius extending outward around the crystal depends on the size of the crystal, so, if  it’s a little itty-bitty cluster, it’s not going to have as much radiating energy coming off of it. Get me?

In my vid above, you can see a really pretty clear quartz crystal cluster &  you can see that the points go in all different directions. So when you have crystal points that are natural, you can envision the energy is strongest coming off of the tip, so all these tips going in different directions are going to send energy out in all different directions. You can see why that would be a good thing in a space where there’s people coming in from all different directions & a lot of people hanging out in one area.

Then, in the video I show you apophyllite w/ stilbite. There are some clear apophyllite, green apophyllite, very light green–sea-foam green, and there is some peach stilbite in it too. Look at that, isn’t that beautiful? What a gorgeous baby!

These may  look like clear quartz points, but in the photo below you can see there are 4 facets instead of 6! See how it looks like a square?

Well, anyway…clusters of these are great for a living space too.

Next in the video, I discuss & show my amethyst geode that I have here in my sacred space and those are great for living spaces as well. Large geodes like these are wonderful for radiating good amounts of energy into a space & really making the space feel good.

Both Topaz & I try to squeeze ourselves into this baby as often as possible!

Can I squeeze into an amethyst crystal? (WTH is wrong with me?!)

And try as we might, we haven’t succeeded yet. Although Topaz has gotten pretty close. Oh…and I’m pretty certain that if we did manage to squeeze into it we’d shuttle off to an amazing freakin’ worm hole that would whiz us right passed the fifth dimension, representing all the possible alternate realities, & finally spit us out into an alternate universe where we’d both be called to explore the infinite itself as an interface between interconnectedness & potential!

…and this is how it would look (scene from one of my favorite movies…Contact):

How’s that for an adventure!!?

Sorry for that little tangent…

If you also have a healing space, sacred space where you bring people in for doing crystal healings, Reiki work, energy work, or anything like that, it’s great to have pieces like those discussed here today.

One that I forgot to bring out in the video was a sphere. Spheres are obviously not natural; they’re cut & polished into a perfect ball & so the energy is going to radiate, again, from all angles.
Meet my lapis lazuli sphere:

It’s nice to do a sphere when you have a stone that just doesn’t grow in natural points (like lapis lazuli), because I really prefer the energy that comes off of natural points…when possible, b/c they naturally grow that way from the Earth.

So, anyway, having a stone polished up into a sphere allows its energy to go off in all different directions. If you’re looking for the energy of lapis lazuli and you want to radiate that into a large space having a sphere is really nice.

And again…the larger the sphere, the more energy you get, because the size does matter.

Do you have any special large crystals hanging out in your living space? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings!


Should Some Crystals NEVER Be Together?

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Crystal blessings everybody!  I am back to doing videos. I decided to just do a pared-down format like I had talked about in my newsletter. It’s just easier to crank them out this way and we’ll give it a go and see how it goes.

A little while back, I asked for some more crystal related questions so that we could have some content to answer in these videos. One of the ones that I pulled for today was really interesting. I sort of keep getting the same question of variation on this:

“Are there any crystals and stones that should not be put together or in the same room because they negate each other or it’s too much power in one room?”

There are a lot of ways that you can go with this.

Sometimes people think maybe there are combinations that should never go together because it’s somehow a bad combination.

I don’t feel there are any bad combinations of crystals out there that should just never be put together.

But then … the person asking added this…”because they negate each other.”

I do think that some crystals will cancel each other out; not in a bad way at all, but like sending a confusing message to the universe as far as which vibrational frequency, because there are different frequencies you’re trying to entrain with.

The example I always give is carnelian which is a stone of energy:

It’s a stone that really helps to boost energy.

And the other stone in this combo I like to talk about is blue lace agate.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate does the exact opposite of what carnelian does. It calms energy down.

So if you were to put these 2 together in a combination of any kind, like maybe you were making a mojo bag or a crystal grid that would be really confusing!
You’ve got to ask yourself what are you trying to achieve here?
Do you really want to calm things down or do you want to boost the energy?  That might be a combination, (in fact I’ve noticed it myself), that would cancel each other out.  Some people may not realize it.

For most people, those are the types of energies you’re going to get from these stones. I say most because it’s not the same for everybody. But if those are the types of energies you’re getting from the stones, putting them together just willy-nilly is going to cancel them out.

Yes, there are combinations that will negate each other. But I don’t think that there are any bad combinations.

And then this person also added another component to the question … “or maybe too much power in one room”.

I actually go into this topic in this video:

Some people are extremely sensitive to crystal energies so too many crystals in one space may be too much for you. I’m not one of those people.

I have tons of crystals around me. I have some behind me. I have some in front of me. I have some by my bed & it doesn’t affect me that way. But you may be one of those people that it does affect that way. So if it does, then you’re going to want to remove some of those crystals from your space. So that’s a really kind of an individual thing.

Have you ever noticed a situation where you’ve put some stones together & you can tell, you know intuitively that those energies ain’t gonna work? Tell us about it is the comments below!

Crystal Blessings,

Are you an Introvert? The 5 Best Crystals For Introverts

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Are you

Are you an introvert?

What most people think of as an introvert is a hermit, someone who’s very, very shy, who never wants to speak to others. And definitely NOT someone who’s putting themselves out there on the Internet in blog form, video form, newsletters what have you….like I do.

So many people would look at me & what I do & think I’m definitely an extrovert, right?

Well, they’re wrong.
It’s all about Energy, Baby!
So what does introvert/extrovert actually mean?

Swiss psychiatrist, C. G. Jung used these 2 terms a bit differently than how many of us may use them, but his explanation makes the most sense to me.

So, most of us think of an extrovert as being very sociable & outgoing. And an introvert is often thought of as withdrawn, quiet & shy

Jung, on the other hand, described these terms as a way to measure the favored way to direct energy:

  • EXTROVERT – prefer to focus your energy outwardly, to the outer world & to other people, you get an energy boost from being around others, energy gets zapped when you spend too much time alone.
  • INTROVERT – prefer to focus your energy inwardly, on your inner world, you get an energy-suck from being around people for long periods of time, need to be alone to recharge your battery.

Now, before you clearly label yourself as 1 or the other, know that most of us usually  lean more strongly towards 1 or the other, BUT we’re all some sort of a mix of both:

“There is no such thing as a pure introvert or extrovert. Such a person would be in the lunatic asylum.” —Carl G. Jung

One thing I’ve found is that many of us Crystal Hotties (& those who enjoy crystals or consider themselves light workers of any sort)  consider themselves to be introverts.

Would that be you?

Yep, I’m very much an introvert,  even though I may seem very much out there & come across as quite social. This introvert-stuff seems to be a common thread that runs through a lot of us in our community.

Yes, I’m rockin’ & marketing an online business as an introvert. Seems impossible, right? Actually, I’ve also noticed that those of us that do enjoy putting ourselves out there online; putting our faces out there, our writing out there, making ourselves vulnerable online….can be quite the opposite & very introverted in our private lives.

Sometimes, even the online stuff can get to be a bit much & you just need to take a break. I’m currently on a month-long social media fast. As much as I love interacting on there, I also feel the need to take that break…lovin’ the time off.

Currently posted on my Facebook Page. ‘Tis the Season!

As far as my private life goes, I definitely would label myself as a hardcore introvert.

Oh my. If you asked my neighbors [heehee] they would think I’m a total anti-social hermit introvert. Maybe it’s a balancing effect of being so extroverted online. I just know that when I’m home, I feel like it’s my sacred-sanctuary-safe-space. I really need to pull in my energy when it comes to my private life. So I don’t feel comfy going out there & mingling with all the neighbors on the sidewalk & sharing all kinds of personal stuff.

Another wacko-doodle quirk about me?…I also like to know when someone is coming over for a visit. It’s like I need to prepare myself energetically. And the longer the visit, the more prep time I need.

When I’m at a live event, I make certain to keep to my break time boundaries in place (alone time & retreat to some place quiet), b/c if I don’t, then I can’t give my full energy to the teaching or event.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a hugger, I like to mingle, take photos & laugh & meet with peeps at these events. In fact, I love it! So, this does not mean that we introverts aren’t completely enjoying the company and the event itself.

It just means that an introvert simply can’t handle as much of it or for as long as an extrovert can.

So, although, I’ll probably have a great time, afterwards I would be drained for DAYS….until I figured out how to mange my energy.

I also feel like my everyday life needs to have certain boundaries & restrictions too so I can feel comfortable & safe. I even have really strict boundaries about [I’m laughing right now typing this]…when I will answer the phone or look at texts, where voice-mails can be left, when I talk to my friends & family on the phone.

Yes, I know, I know!! I’m kind of weirdo like that & I OWN IT. Definitely introverted in that way.

For a long time I used to beat myself up or have lots of shame around how I am….until I realized WHY. #IntrovertSideEffects

My close friends know these things about me, make fun of me (I’m totally OK with that b/c it DESERVES being made fun of) & accept me with all my quirks. Family? They may not be as easily accepting, but they deal. You know how that goes. 😉

When I’m traveling or when I’m out & about running errands I usually don’t just strike up random conversations with people unless something really strikes my fancy or the person looks like they really need that in that moment. Mostly because small talk doesn’t interest me in the least. I love deep meaningful introspective conversations. Can you imagine striking one of those up with the checkout person at the store that you’ve never seen before? Hey, it can happen. *shrugs shoulders*

I’ll often times send people energy,  that I don’t know, that I feel look like they need it. Heart-centered energy. So it’s not like I don’t have any compassion or I’m not thinking of these people or anything, but small talk is like a slow drain on my energy.

I’ll go out to local energy healing events, classes & things, but I won’t make a huge effort to go out & find a whole bunch of new friends and say, “Hey, I’m Hibiscus Moon. Crystal Blessings!” So if you ever see me at anything like that do come up and say “Hi”. I love when people do that. Don’t feel like this is laying down a barrier, but people might be surprised that I’m not out there with a billboard on myself being an extrovert in my every day life, b/c of how non-shy I am about promoting online.

One thing that I know helps me in keeping my energy balanced as an introvert is working with crystals. I’m not talking about wiping out the introvert tendencies completely.  I feel they are important & serve a vital purpose.

For me, the goal here is not to become more extroverted. Instead, I prefer to nurture & support what we know works for an introvert; like needing time alone to recharge & neutralizing energy that could be felt as harmful.
1. Gold

Any sort of gold jewelry will work so this is a very practical mineral to work with. Gold comes in really handy for introverts b/c it has a very bold, strong & masculine energy so if you know you’re going to be in a social situation for a long period of time you may need a Golden Boost. Or if you feel your energy starting to wane & be depleted, maybe you can eek out another hour or so by tapping into your gold-energy. It’s great for amplifying & stimulating what energy you have left to make it last just a bit longer. It’s also great for giving you the stamina you need to navigate through a social situation that’s starting to wear on you.
2. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline’s supportive energy is an all time favorite for being a sort of shield while purifying & transmuting any energy that may feel negative to us in any way. So I usually try to wear my black tourmaline jewelry, carry some in a pocket. And b/c this stone is great for purifying us of anything that feel toxic to us, I may also work with it when I’m done with an event or situation that may feel energy-depleting to me.
3. Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz is another go-to fav. for these sorts fo things. It’s a champ at transmuting negative-feeling energies and for strengthening you to be able to last the energy-depleting situations a little longer. It’s practically interchangeable with black tourmaline so it really just depends on what you have at hand and what your preference is.
4. Clear Quartz w/ Indicolite inclusions (aka Blue Quartz)
Blue Quartz available from Use my coupon code HM10 for 10% off.

This crystal will allow you to be emotionally balanced while you are in the company of others. It allows you to make meaningful connections with others & will help you to shift your energy so that energy leaks aren’t happening before they should. Just be sure to monitor the amount of time you’re in the company of others & take regular breaks for alone time as needed.
5. Mahogany Obsidian
Mahogany Obsidian available from Use my coupon code HM10 for 10% off.


This gorgeous obsidian is perfect for helping those of us with Introvert-Shame (me! me! me!) simply get over it! It’s great for shifting our energy around this so it’s a good stone to work with on a regular basis or to create a crystal grid with for the purpose of dissolving that shame. We Introverts have nothing to be ashamed of!

Now, in the midst of the Holidays, you may need these tips more than ever so I hope you find them helpful. If you have some others you’d like to add to the list, please share them in the comments below for our Crystal-lovin’ Crystal Hottie Community!

Crystal Blessings!


Can You Sense & Feel Crystal Energy?

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Why are some of us so sensitive to crystals & others don't feel anything at all? Are you doing anything wrong?| Hibiscus Moon

So, some people can handle crystals all day long…and feel nothing.

And some people can walk into a room of crystals and have to run out b/c they say the energy is too overwhelming.

Why are some people so sensitive & others don’t feel anything at all?

A student of mine asked me this question:

Q: A used a stone on my client. They then purchased the same kind of stone used during their healing session, and although it became warm and made their hand tingle during the session, when they got home to use it- nothing happened.

What happened?

Also a similar situation came through on my public voicemail:

A: In the 1st situation, it was most likely the energy work you were doing in conjunction w/ the stone that made the impression on your client. This can’t always be felt but your client obviously did, so don’t discount the work that you yourself are doing in collaboration with the crystals! 😉

I’d say to them, “Forget about what you felt this or that time. How does the stone make you feel in general, overall, over time?” and go from there.

Now, having said that, the stones don’t always “do” or “say” the same thing every time we work with them.

That would be boring, right?

Think of it as a relationship or a conversation.

If you or a client did perceive that energy once…that’s a gift!! Doesn’t mean it will be sensed or picked up on each & every time. Some never feel it at all, ever….doesn’t mean it isn’t happening again right now.

Keep in mind that crystals “communicate” via vibrational frequencies & sometimes we don’t sense what’s happening b/c we, on the other hand, usually just depend on our 5 common senses. But vibrational frequencies can “communicate” in so many varied ways that we’re just not evolved to perceive (most of us anyway).
The 5 senses we’re used to keep us trapped in a very limited “reality”.
Think of what’s going on around us that most of us cannot perceive outside of our 5 senses (though there are the lucky minority)...including from our crystals. The crystals are doing their work; whether we’re picking up on it in that moment or not. Just like radio frequencies are flying around you right now, but you can’t perceive them, at least not without a radio receiver. Doesn’t mean they’re not there, right?

There’s so much more data going on out there (including from our crystals) that most of us don’t have the ability to pick up & receive…doesn’t mean it’s not putting info out there! 😉 

Can you sense the energies from your crystals? If not do you believe it’s working anyway? I’d love it if you tell us your experiences in the comments below.

Crystal Blessings,



P.S. If you haven’t seen my vlog on sensing crystal energy & your looking for some tips, take a look at  The Insiders Guide to Connecting with and Sensing Crystal Energy!

Crystal Characteristics Secrets Revealed

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It’s Crystal Q&A time!

Today we’ve got a sparkly one for ya, with a call in question from Tess looking for guidance on a very special crystal.

She asks:

“How can I use & get the most out of a Quartz Crystal that I recently purchased?”

Watch this vid for my answer:

To be crystal clear (hee heee), there is no incorrect way of working with your crystal. 

When you’re already strongly guided to purchase a certain crystal, use your intuition, Baby. Any personal guidance that you receive or inherently know, will be correct. Go with it. :)
Manifestor Quartz:

  • If you have a manifestor quartz crystal, as Tess describes in the video, then this type of crystal is REALLY GOOD for MANIFESTING!
    • You can work with this crystal in meditations to birth new ideas
    • Perfect for Crystal Grids & giving and extra boost to your grid intention
    • Can help boost your creative flow
    • Or anything else that you’d like to grow more of in your life!

Phantom Crystal
Next, we talked about a “mirroring crystal inside the quartz”, which is possibly a Phantom Crystal.   This is a ghost image of a crystal growing inside the larger crystal. These images are imprinted in the crystal as it’s growing!  So cool!  I talk about Phantom Crystals in more detail in this video here

Rainbow Crystals: 
Then there’s the sparkly Rainbow Crystals which are really well suited for relieving depression.  Here’s the video I made  on that subject here.


Hope you enjoyed this Crystal Q&A and learned something new about crystal characteristics.

Do you have any crystals that you work with that have these special characteristics? or others? Let me know in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings!

How & Why Crystals have Healing Properties

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Ah, THIS is the question I’m asked to defend over & over. And I love doing it! So let’s talk some crystal energy science, shall we?

“Why or how do crystals help heal us either physically, emotionally or spiritually?”

My fav way to answer this question is to show how science & metaphysics agree with each other. YES, you read that right…I said “agree with each other”…as well as discuss all the ways that science is now finally catching up to metaphysics.

“Science and religion are not enemies. There are some things that science is simply too young to understand.”

~(quote from Dan Brown’s book Angels & Demons).

Oh yeah, us humans…we think we’re so superior. We tend to think that we have power or dominion over “lesser” kingdoms, such as minerals. Don’t we? However, when we  compare the 2; humans are relatively short-lived & quite vibrationally unsteady, therefore easily energetically influenced due to our emotions, which are simply energy, you know.

I get much deeper into this in my course, but we can do a pretty good summary here. See, our body has a dominant (or average) vibrational frequency which is not very stable…in fact, it’s quite easily influenced. That frequency can get out of whack when we experience any type of stress. Actually, since we are connected & influenced by everything, including crystals & stones, our unstable vibrational nature makes it so that anything can interact with our energy field & can leave its mark!

Well, I’ve got GREAT NEWS for you:

The abilities to heal or change your perception of reality & vibrate at your desired frequencies are already present within the cells of your body just waiting to vibe up with the correct frequencies!

I promise not to bore you with too much physics! But a teeny little bit will really help you to understand the reasons why the crystals and stones work. (I couldn’t help but to sneak a bit of that in here. Forgive me?) There’s another reason why I want to push a bit of physics in here; it has been noted that knowing “why” something works really boosts the effectiveness of a process’ abilities. And we like that!

You’ve heard this before:

Where thought goes, energy flows. Quantum physics has proven this. Our conscious thoughts directly influence the actions of subatomic particles. In fact this is the whole premise of physics’ famous Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle (yes, this existed before Breaking Bad & Walter White…let’s not go there or you’ll wake up my dormant yet WILD addiction to that series). So the seemingly harmless act of OBSERVING or THINKING about the subatomic experiments influences the velocity & outcome of the particles! Yeah! I know!

So, see where I’m going here?

Simply by observing or thinking we are quite literally creating our own reality & perceptions with our thought patterns. (Hang on…I’ll get to the crystal again in a sec!) It’s important to realize that our entire physical universe is made up of pure energy & vibration. In fact, Einstein determined that energy & matter are actually 1 in the same. E=mc2, Baby! Translated into reg. human speak this means that energy equals matter (multiplied by the speed of light…don’t get too hung up on that part…that’s a little mathematical trick).

So crystals are matter which equals energy. And crystals have vibrations just like everything else does.  See…here are the crystals. 😉

Different forms of matter & energy vibrate at different vibrational frequencies. These different frequencies depend on different things like the crystal’s specific molecular composition, size, thickness & color (light frequencies).

What actually makes a crystal A CRYSTAL is that its molecules are arranged in a fixed, regularly repeating geometric pattern. Since they are so geometrically perfect, they have the lowest possible state of disorganization & easily maintain their base frequency, unlike us. So they have the unique ability to entrain the energies around them.

Now, let me say it again here (I’m always saying this but I feel like I cannot say it enough);  crystals & stones are tools & supports & work best if they’re not left to do all the work all by themselves. The person needing the support needs to put their intentions towards their goal. Where thought goes, energy flows. Or as the Buddhist message says, “Reality exists only where we create focus.”

Stones & crystals can make this work so much easier.  They act as the guides, tools that support & amplify your clear intentions. Of course, if you cannot resonate with this information & think this will not work for you then that is, most likely, exactly what you will manifest. (I have seen some exceptions!)

Just remember, Lima Bean…your intention & your intuition are the most powerful factors of whether crystals & stones will work for you!

Your Turn: Help me to encourage others to look to alternative healing & lifestyle methods! Throwing some science at them usually makes the most stubborn sit up & listen. Please share this blog post about to spread the word & then share your story in the comments below!

Crystal Blessings, Sparkle Face!

Does My Crystal Not Want to Work with Me?

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Anoint crystals

So maybe you’ve experienced this…

You try to wear or work with a crystal but it keeps getting lost or falling off & or it even breaks. Multiple times. Is this a message for you?

What does this mean?

Well, this week I answer this common question for a Crystal Hottie my new BFF; it can mean several different things.
Does My Crystal Not Want to Work with Me?

As I discussed in the vid, it can mean:

  • maybe this is the wrong time for you to be working with this stone, timing is off (to test this out, try working with different crystal pieces of the same exact type)
  • It may just need to be vibrationally recalibrated. It needs a re-tuning (what some call “cleansing”)
  • It’s not ever going to be a vibrational match for you

I also mention some things you can try to prevent these sorts of things from happening:

  • Ease into working with the new stone more slowly or more gently than trying to force yourself to wear it all day long right off the bat (meditate with it for 5-10 min./day first, then try sleeping with it in your pillow case)
  • Anoint (aka consecrate) the piece before wearing it; this is a sort of little ritual prayer you can do to really create a vibrational bond & make the piece your own. I recommend doing this only after your pretty certain (from doing the above step) that this is a good vibrational match for you at this time. There are soooo many ways to do this, but a simple method is to do this in your sacred space (if you need ideas on how to create a sacred space grab my Free eKit here) take a tiny drop of anointing oil, essential oil or holy water (check that the stone’s Mohs Hardness is a 5 or more so as not to damage it) & rub it on the piece while stating a favorite affirmation or prayer. Then leave it in your sacred space for 7 days
  • Re-tune it when you notice anything funky happening. Here’s that video of mine where I teach about retuning crystals

This was a really fun question to answer + a got a new BFF out of it! 😉

I’d love for you to also call me up on my voicemail set up just for this purpose…video Q & A time!! I can’t guarantee it but if you have a good question I just may feature it in an upcoming video. Plus I love to hear your voices & connect with you in that way.  :) *Please note: this voice mail is not checked regularly & is not a way to get in touch with me or my Sparkle Support Team. You can do that on our Contact Page.*

Then…if you have some other tips or stories to share here in our Crystal Hottie Community, please tell us in the comments below. I love that we can all learn from each other.

Remember to always choose your crystal or gemstone jewelry by intuition. Your heart & inner knowing is usually right, so learn to tap into that, Sparkle Bomb. You can never really go wrong there.

Last but not least ~  share this blog post with your friends. I love to get this info out there far & wide with those who “get” energy & love to work with it, not against it. ♥

Namaste & much love to you!


P.S. If you’re interested in enrolling in my Certified Crystal Healer Course, you can find out more + get on my Wait List here.

Peridot Paradise

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On my recent Hawaiian Travels I caught hard-core PERIDOT FEVER!!

Before going, I already knew that it was on my hot list since I was going to 1 of peridot’s most enchanting birth places but I had no idea that my respect & love for this crystal would deepen as much as it did. This trip introduced me to the magic & spirit of aloha & peridot is now so much a part of that for me. ♥

Find out why in this week’s featured video. In it I discuss:

  • Peridot’s scientific & metaphysical qualities
  • Chakra alignments
  • It’s volcanic roots
  • Unicorns, Curses & Magic Green Sand…yep, you read that right
  • My signature spitting at the end (I’m not proud of that. What’re you gonna do?)

Peridot Paradise

Here’s that other video I refer to in the video. 😉
A Challenge to You: What 1972 TV Show did I make reference to in the video? Please post your answer (or guess!) in the comments below! Also, please tell me about your experiences with peridot.
I could not stay away from this spot…visiting almost daily, finding endless peridot embedded in the cooled lava rock.

Amongst the peaceful green sea turtles sunning themselves on a deserted beach as I searched & made piles of peridot in the sand. We all just went about our business of being…in paradise 1 friendly guy inching his way up to my hubby, Frankie.

Close up of the green peridot sand

I hope you enjoyed this “gem of a video”. Yes, cheesy, I know.

Handfuls of Magic Green Sand!


P.S. If this sort of stuffs is really tickling your fancy-schmancy, perhaps you’d like to learn more? My Certified Crystal Healer Course, which delves deep into science & FUN behind Crystal Healing, will be enrolling again this spring. Want in? For more info & to get on the waiting list click here.
P.S. If this sort of stuffs is really tickling your fancy-schmancy, perhaps you’d like to learn more? My Certified Crystal Healer Course, which delves deep into using crystals with the chakras (+ so much more!), will be enrolling again this spring. Want in? For more info & to get on the waiting list click here. – See more at:

Ten Crystal Blog Posts ~ Hidden Gems

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I know you don’t read every single blog post I put out.

Perhaps you’ve missed quite a few or maybe you’re totally new ’round here. So, I made a list here of some crystal blog posts that were quite popular or were spurred by frequently asked questions. Some of these posts also may have gotten buried (especially when I was churning them out quicker than people could read them) but might really ring your bell.

Check ’em out:

  • Will my crystals still be powerful if they faded in the sunlight?
  • 8 Crystal Tools I Couldn’t Live Without
  • Can you prepare foods &/or medicines using crystals & stones?
  • Escape from Stress by Using Crystals for Stress Relief
  • What does it mean when your crystal disappears?
  • Charging Crystals Under the Moon
  • How to Use a Pendulum to Find Anything
  • 4 Crystals to Improve Dream Recall
  • Crystal Myths Debunked
  • 4 Totally Rockin’ Ways to use Crystals for Fear and Anxiety
  • I hope you found a hidden gem there among the bunch!

    HUGE HUGS & BIG Spirit Blessings!

    Does Solar Activity Affect Us?

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    So, this solar pole flip energy stuff has some of us really flipped out, right?

    As I discuss in this week’s featured video there’s nothing to fear because we’ve all done this before. The flip we’re in now is only the 4th observed since tracking began in 1976.
    Does Solar Activity Affect Us? & Crystal Porn!

    The Sun’s magnetic field flips regularly every 11 years at the peak of each solar activity cycle…when the Sun’s internal magnetic dynamo reorients itself. We’re not sure exactly why this occurs. Scientists predicted the flip would occur now & say it should be complete by December.

    Think back to late 2000, early 2001. Do you remember anything significant happening? That’s when we had our last flip.

    What’s happening now is that the sun’s magnetic field has weakened, eventually dying down to zero point before ramping up again with an opposite polarity. So, north is south & south is north. Flip-flop!

    It’s important that you know, Lima Bean, that this is not a disastrous event.

    BUT scientists do acknowledge the reversal will have ripple effects throughout our solar system, as it always does. So, there’s a lot of solar activity & what we call space weather headed our way during this event.
    Reflecting on what I mentioned in the video, re: solar activity & earthquake correlation…check out this email sent out by EarthSkyNews last Saturday morning:

    Does it affect us in any way?

    YES. Every electromagnetic field in our solar system, including our own, is influenced to some extent & we can feel these effects on multiple levels.
    Symptoms of the increase in space weather:

    • Feeling’ tired
    • Floaty
    • Autoimmune disease flare ups
    • Allergy symptom flare ups
    • Cranky
    • Dizzy
    • anxiety
    • Spaced out
    • Overly emotional
    • Uncoordinated
    • Lethargic

    Please note: This is how these events effect most people, but not everyone will be effected in the same way. Some people actually get highly energized…it all depends on our individual vibration.

    REMEMBER…no need to worry…we’ve done this all before. And here, I’m sharing with you some tools to make these transitions that much easier.

    • Staying in heart center…Remember, we’re all going through this together so be understanding
    • Focus in on the energy of our local stars, the Moon, and, of course, our Sun. We’re a part of this whole system. Lots of moving parts.
    • Crystal work with Black tourmaline, my go-to stone for this. Hematite is also great! In fact, I have what I call My Sacred Grounding Trio: black tourmaline, smokey quartz & hematite. Blizzard stone is another great one for balancing energies & uber-grounding.
    • Do lots of Earthing (check out that book!) Earthing is absolutely amazing! Get barefoot & go outside!!! The Ultimate in Grounding. Your feet are meant to connect with Mother Earth! That’s why animals are so well grounded & in-tune. They’re always barefoot!
    • Working on your root chakra. Many of us have an unbalanced root that needs our loving, caring attention.
    • Nourishing root-based foods (carrots, potatoes, shallots, etc.)
    • Touch therapies (massage, aroma-touch therapy, etc.)
    • Unplug & try to get away from electronic EMF’s & electro-pollution
    • There’s more on my other post here


    • If you’re really into learning about how the Sun’s activity affects & has affected humanity & the Earth you can totally geek out with this DVD; Solar Revolution.
    • Subscribe to SuspiciousObservers YouTube Channel This guy understands the data & the hard science & encourages you to do your own research, which I love!!
    • Up to the minute spaceweather reports & media

    So, Sweet Pea…tell me: have you been feelin’ it? How’ve you been doing? Any tips to share? Please do so in the comments below.

    Stay safe, hang in…we’re in this together! Mwaaaaaah.


    P.S. If you did want to sign up for notification of when my Etsy Shop will open for the Crystal Trunk Show, please make sure you’re subscribed to my newsletter!

    Can Moldavite be TOO Powerful?

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    Are there crystals that are just “too much” for us to work with? Perhaps some that we’re just not ready for? Like moldavite?


    Yep, it’s known as a “high-ascension” stone.

    What does that mean?

    High ascension stones are known for having powerful metaphysical properties & energy that are very easy for most to connect with…even for those of us who are usually dense to the energies. They are known to have a strong connection divine energies. Since these crystals & stones usually resonate with the higher chakras, working & meditating with them can be quite intense. So, that makes the idea of these stones very appealing.

    But are you READY FOR IT?

    I think you’re really gonna want to watch or listen to this video. It’s a sizzling-hot topic. 😉 You’ll see why I said that when you watch the vid!

    I also give you some gentler crystal alternatives to start off with. :)

    After watching, please join in on the convo in the comments below.
    Can Moldavite be TOO Powerful?

    Here’s that blog post I refer to in the video.

    I can’t wait to see your comments! I would love to hear your story about how moldavite (or other powerful crystals) have affected you. Specifically, I’d love to know:

    • What’s your experience working with high ascension crystals?
    • Have you ever worked specifically with moldavite? What did you get from it?
    • What’s your FAVORITE high-energy crystal?

    I also hope this post doesn’t scare you off of moldavite or other high ascension stones. Just take it slow & steady…work up to it & see how you do & what they can do for you.♥

    Please also share this with your crystal-lovin’ friends so they don’t have to deal with the fiery chest-burn. That sucker was HOT, let me  tell you!

    Crystal Blessings, Lima Bean!

    How Do We Know What Energy Crystals Have? & Pendulums

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    Have you ever wondered…

    • How Do We Know What Energy Crystals Have? Where did we get this information from?
    • What Causes a Pendulum to Spin when we ask it a “Yes” or “No” Question?

    If so, this exactly what we’re talking about today in my video!
    How Do We Know What Energy Crystals Have? Where did we get this information from?
    I discuss specifically where most of the popular crystal info comes from & what it’s based on. I’ll also reveal how to find out how each crystal will work best with you individually. Here’s a tip:

    Tweet it out: When working with a new crystal, it’s best if you can remove all previous bias. @HibiscusMoon1

    What Causes a Pendulum to Spin when we ask it a “Yes” or “No” Question?
    Does it tap into Source Energy? Are you actually moving it? Yep, we’ll discuss that!

    I also go over a very  important point about working with a pendulum to get your most accurate results.

    *Would you like to leave your own crystal question for me? Just click here.*

    So, have you faced these same questions? If so, what answers did you come up with? Do you have the same or a different point of view? Some juicy tidbit that I’ve left out?  If so, I’m really excited to hear your perspective on this.

    Leave a comment below & let me & the rest of our Crystal Hottie Community know your personal experience. Many times, some sparkly nugget of wisdom you share could make a profound revelation to someone else in our community, no matter how obvious or insignificant you think it may be. :)

    Thanks Bunches, as always, for reading, watching & joining in.

    Now go have a SPARKLY day, Sweet Pea!

    How to Begin Working with Crystals and Stones

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    I’m often presented with this question:

    “I LOVE crystals! I’ve been collecting them since I was a kid & I just know there’s something more to them but I don’t know how to get started with working with them on a spiritual level. How can I do that?”

    Here’s what I suggest, Crystal Hottie.

    Grab a few crystals or stones that you’re intuitively drawn to. Just start with 3 & don’t think too long on this.

    Your 3 fav’s….go get ’em now!

    Now, you’re going to choose 1 of your 3 stones to meditate with for just 5 min.  If you’ve never meditated before, I just mean relax your body & mind & hold your crystal. You can hold the crystal in your hand or place it on a chakra or you can place it in front of you where you can gaze & focus on it. Just be w/ it. Go ahead, try it now.


    After your mediation, try to keep that stone by your side…whether it’s in your pocket or at your bedside, could be under your pillow or worn on a pendant.

    Now, you’re going to do this with the same stone for about 4 days in a row.

    Did you notice any messages, sensations or themes during that 4 day period? Any little lesson, special dreams, feelings, sensations or even direct messages coming through during your meditation?

    Your intention + intuition are the most powerful factor in determining what crystal works best for you personally.

    Some more tips to make this more pleasant & effective:

    • Remember when doing this to just work with 1 stone at a time so messages don’t get muddied up
    • If you can ramp up your meditation time to to 10-15 min. sessions that would be even better
    • Choose total silence or meditation music in the background but make so there are no outside distractions
    • Light incense
    • Light a candle
    • Have a designated sacred space or altar to do this work

    After you’ve done this, you’ll have a great foundation to work from. You should know those 3 little stone babies pretty well & will have created a strong bond with them. You can choose to continue this with a few more stones if you like or start experimenting with the ones you’ve figured out so far. Use them in medicine bundles, use them with body layouts, in a crystal grid or just hold them when you feel a need for that special mojo that you’ve tapped into.

    By the way…there’s an excellent side effect to this crystal exploration…STRESS RELIEF. Oh yeah!

    Above all, be grateful for these insights & connections and so many more will come to you, Lima Bean. :)

    Pretty simple, right?

    Crystal Blessings to you on your journey, Crystal Hottie!


    P.S. If you’d like to dive deeper, perhaps you’d interested in my Certified Crystal Healer Course.


    7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Working with Crystals

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    I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for quite some time b/c I, myself, love to read about about other people’s ‘mistakes’ when learning something new. This way I can learn more from a different perspective while also avoiding those common pitfalls. I’m always a champion for efficiency…why reinvent the wheel? That’s always extremely valuable for me so I hope this blog post of my personal crystal experiences does the same for you.

    Since I’ve already written or chattered on about several of these topics in the past I’ll put lots of reference links here if you’d like to dig deeper on that specific topic. OK? :)

    And lastly, let me preface this post by stating (as I always do) that this is what I’ve found to be true & what has worked for me. I don’t claim anything to be “right” or “wrong”. If you’re doing something that contradicts what I say & its been working for you then KEEP ON TRUCKIN’, Lima Bean!
    7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Working with Crystals
    1. How to Cleanse
    When I first began getting into the metaphysical side of crystals, most of the info I scoured said I needed to cleanse my crystals of “their former absorbed energy” in some way. There are many proposed methods on how to do this. And for a long while,  my favorite method was a 7 Day Salt Water Cleanse. Then I discovered sound acoustics & I’ve never turned back. Its so much easier & practical while being physically safe for all stones, no matter their hardness. Here’s a vid I did explaining more on that:

    Crystal Energy Cleansing using Sound: How To Cleanse Your Crystals

    2. Cleansing is not necessary as often as some may think but is required for ALL crystals
    The books I read in the beginning & the crystal-chats I’d have with others lead me to some dogma that had me thinking the crystals needed to be “cleansed” at every turn; every full moon, every time I used them for anything, if someone else touched them or even looked at them the wrong way. After working with crystals & stones extensively I don’t feel this to be true at all. It doesn’t have to be a BIG production. Sure, I do agree that at times it is very necessary to re-tune your crystals but much of this is what I call the “Sparkly Pomp & Circumstance”. 😉  C’mon…you know we totally get off on all the formal ceremony schist that can surround working with crystals.

    This also ties into the idea that there’s also some very stubborn glittery dogma that says certain special crystals NEVER need re-tuning (cleansing) no matter what. I don’t feel that’s the case either:

    Do All Crystals Need to Be Cleansed?

    So my stance on this 1 is that our crystals & stones don’t need to be re-tuned as often as some would lead you to believe, but I do feel they all need it at some point. None are exempt.
    3. There may be several names for the SAME stones
    Sometimes a stone has a formal geological mineral name while also having a more well-known name. For instance, spodumene is AKA kunzite. Or ruby, sapphire & corundum are all the same thing. There are many others which time & experience will expose you to more & you’ll just start to absorb this stuffs. Some good crystal reference books will help with this as well. (I’ll reference a couple that I always recommend below.)

    But to make matters even more confusing, we now have some people choosing to actually trademark already known minerals (or special sub-varieties of that mineral) with a more metaphysically-pleasing name. Here are just a few examples of that:

    • Azeztulite™ = quartz masses w/ various inclusions
    • Zultanite™ = diaspore
    • Sacred Seven Stone™ = Cacoxenite Amethyst
    • Infinite™ = greenish grey serpentine

    Now we all know that trademarked names are used all over the place like so much toilet paper but no one is FORCED to use them if they choose not to. Like, I call my toilet paper just that or I can call it “Charmin”. Totally up to me, right? I personally see no reason for these names to have been glammed up & trademarked. Since it just makes matters confusing for us all, I refuse to use the trademarked names to refer to minerals that already have a proper name.

    Yep, I chose to ignore & KISS: keep it simple, Sweetie!

    4. Most commercially available citrine on the market is heated amethyst

    Yes, that pretty orange glittery stone is usually not the REAL DEAL. But I don’t feel that it cannot be used as citrine, so please don’t toss it out! I recently did an extensive blog post all about this here.
    5. When shopping at a gem/mineral show no woo-woo talk!
    So, I’d get to the gem show with my shopping list & reference book in hand (The Crystal Healer) & could be heard across the entire row of seller’s calling out to my hubs:

    “Look for one with a record keeper on it. I need it for my third eye!”

    Yeah….not a good idea.

    Some of these mineral dealers have finely tuned woo-woo sensing radar & when they spot 1 of us in the crowd their eyes glaze over. You’re there trying to make deals & its just not working out. Now you know a possible reason why.

    Be sensible & don’t gave yourself away. Just for today, take off your Stevie Nicks shawl, put away your fairy necklace or your Namaste T-shirt (*hey! I love that stuffs too…but sometimes it benefits us to keep our super-hero uniforms under wraps*) . You know… make yourself blend in with the other Regular-Joe mineral collectors. And “Hush!” with all the woo-woo speak. The whole point of going to these shows is to hunt for the stones with the cool metaphysical bells & whistles without making it obvious that you know about that side of it so you can get them at a good price. So don’t blow it! I recently did a blog post with other shopping tips here.
    6. Most crystal healing books say the same thing over and over
    Yes, I do have more crystal books than I care to admit. That’s b/c in the beginning I was ravenous for the info (as I’m sure you were or are too)…until I began to realize that much of the info is repetitive (& then some of it conflicts) Now, I’m very selective with the crystal books I buy. I feel its good to have a couple highly recommended crystal reference books on hand & then get in there & work with your stones & find out what they really do for you personally. No book can ever tell you that.

    I do have two books that I highly recommend to all my students if you don’t already have one that you really love:

    And…in this video I go over my personal book recommendations in detail:

    Crystal Healing Book Recommendations

    7. You don’t have to memorize every crystal & what it does before you start working with them
    At first, I thought:

    “Oh, I’m not ready yet”. I need to learn more & see if there’s a perfect crystal for this or that before I actually do anything.”

    Eventually, I got tired of waiting & began meditating & using my crystals. Doing that made me wish that I had started the whole process sooner.

    Listen Crystal Hottie, there is no perfect method, stone or time to begin your crystal practice. you don’t have to wait to take a course or be certified or read all the books on the subject. My best advice here is to just dive in & start working with them. Just get to it! :)

    Sparkly Blessings!



    P.S. Do you have any tips to share with us? Please post them in the comments below.You know we love talking crystal-shop ’round here.

    Crystals for Mercury Retrograde

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    Ahhh, Mercury Retro. Its become such a popular excuse that I began hearing it from my teenage science students (while I was still teaching science in the classroom) as an excuse for not turning homework! Whaaaa?

    Seems the idea has become pretty popular.

    Heck! When you’ve found it defined in the Urban Dictionary you know it’s grabbed a hold:

    “A three week period in which the planet Mercury appears to be in backwards motion. During this time human beings experience many adverse effects, such as memory loss, loss of time, loss of items, loss of virginity, loss of common sense. As for technology many unexpected glitches occur during this time, such as software crashes and emails getting lost ”

    OK…wait…what? “loss of virginity“? *shaking head*…moving on.

    Before I get into the crystals, let’s discuss what this all means & where it comes from (except for the “loss of viriginity”…I’m not touching that 1).
    First…let’s talk retrogrades

    Oh…how I love to talk about space!! Science class in session!!

    Retrograde refers to a planetary orbit around the Sun is seemingly going opposite of ours here on Earth. It’s like watching someone riding a merry-go-round from 1 fixed point. If you were just watching them from very far away (& had no idea what a merry-go-round was) it would seem like the person you were watching was traveling forward then backward then forward again.

    Now, I can write about this here but really the best way to “get it” is to SEE it & since I don’t have my planetary orbit model here in hand, I’ll let StarWaders show you (works really well for visual minds):

    Now Mercury isn’t the only planet to go retrograde. The other planets do it too & affect us as well. Mercury probably is the most well-known b/c it’s so close to the Sun & has the shortest orbit to travel so it ends up zipping round so quickly (hence those little wings on the depictions of the Roman God Mercury) that we end up with about 3 Mercury Retros a year, more than any other planet. No worries…we’ll get to the crystals for Mercury Retrograde soon.

    Disclaimer here…I’m no astrologist. That is not my area of expertise at all but I do know the usual associations made with Mercury Retrograde; probably due to its speediness, Mercury is known as the messenger governing over communication of all sorts, which includes technology. This tiny planet is also known to influence travel, merchants, thieves & be a mischievous influence over all those things too.

    So when is Mercury Retrograde? I always check here & I make sure to avoid all the items mentioned below (especially when embarking on something new) unless I’ve taken the correct precautionary measures.
    There’s also a Mercury Retro  app for that! Heeee!

    • Androids
    • iPhones

    The Usual Mercury Retro Warnings to Be Aware of

  • No contracts! This is time that we’re supposed to avoid making any serious plans or agreements of any kind, no important meetings or legally binding documents.
  • Be careful to communicate extra clearly during this time & throw in some extra patience, clarity & attention to detail during this time. Choose your words carefully. If you’re a Type A personality like me, now’s the time to let your Freak Flag Fly! It will benefit you for taking the extra time & energy to check the details.
  • Be extra wary of all technology; emails & texts included. Stuffs seems to get lost, freeze up or just generally go berserk! Take the time to make sure that important stuffs did indeed get through.
  • Make sure you & your other party are interpreting everything clearly…even in face to face convo’s. If you’re reading something more complex than usual & it’s important, make sure to read it over again & then have someone else double-check it for you.
  • Flip it Around
    So all this sounds like a stressful time, doesn’t it? But it really doesn’t have to be at all. In fact, you can a flip your attitude about it onto its head!

    I prefer to take this time to s-l-o-w it down. I try not to take on something HUGE at this time & not to release or launch a brand new program or course. I find this to be a GREAT time to restructure or reorganize something, do some gentle & supportive personal work. Re-Do Time & take your time. Laid back + zen; simply  renew, revamp & redo!

    As I always try to remember to remember myself…the only thing we have control over is our own reaction to whatever may occur. I choose how to respond. My applied energy & the energy of my created environment will entrain the energy within me & that of  the energy of my current situation (& possibly that of the people involved in it too!) So what can we do?
    Crystals for Mercury Retrograde
    Here are some crystals & stones you can work with pre, during & post Mercury Retrograde:

    Emerald – will help smooth communication & organize activities & plans

    emerald on quartz

    Blue lace agate – helps improve clear calm communication

    Blue Lace Agate

    Fluorite – balances thinking, improves concentrations, organizes thoughts; any color variety will work

    green banded fluorite

    Amazonite – harmony in communication

    amazonite (photo credit: Rob Levinsky of

    Aquamarine – enhances clear communication

    Mercury Let-Go Rx
    If you find yourself getting all stressed out by classic Mercury-Retro mishaps, remember to switch gears & use some of these ideas for letting go. If you have these tools ready to go when Mercury comes round to play the mischievous messenger, you’ll be able to think clearly in your zenified state & calmly resolve any possible disruptions or hiccups.

    • Letting Go meditation from
    • Whip up a Mercury Let Go Gem Elixir Spray using an elixir from one of the above mentioned crystals (use a gem chip or 2 in the spray as well) along with a few drops of some relaxing organic essential oils such as lavender or ylang ylang (need a little guidance on how to do that…check out my eKit here)
    • Write an affirmation on a slip of paper  like “This is a time of renewal,  review & revitalization” or “I am calm, cool, clear, & focused” & tuck into a little pouch with a few of the above stones. Mercury Retro Mojo Kit to the RESCUE!!

    So, its OK. You’ve got this, Lima Bean!

    Sparkly Blessings!



    P.S. If you have a particularly funny, crazy or just interesting Mercury Retro story or a good tip for us….please share in the comments below!

    4 Totally Rockin’ Ways to use Crystals for Fear and Anxiety

    Hibiscus Moon anxiety, Crystal Grids, Crystals, Gem Elixirs, healing, love 9 Comments

    Fear & anxiety can be debilitating. I know. So are there actually crystals for fear and anxiety?

    It can not only stop you from being productive but can stop you in your tracks, unable to just do your normal everyday activities & even roll you backwards in life.

    These are some stones you can use along with some techniques I’ve found work very well for me as well as for my students.
    Go-To Crystals for Fear and Anxiety
    Rose Quartz – love is the opposite of fear & this stone embodies the love vibration;  excellent for calming, love, kindness & compassion. If you’ve recently had any fear revolving around emotional drama, fights, chaos, confrontations this stone will truly help to comfort your heart chakra. In addition, it helps you with self love which is great for dispelling fear.

    Blue Lace Agate – this stone is well-known for its centering & calming vibrational frequencies & works really well for reprogramming your thoughts & reactions to calm & positive ones…just what you need when you’re overcome by fear & may not be thinking rationally. A throat chakra stone, blue lace agate allows you to speak your mind calmly & clearly to get you out of those fear-inducing conflicts or situations. Anxiety be gone!

    Black Tourmaline – known for its ability to transmute & “cleanse” energy. So if you’re perceiving energy (the situation) to be negative, this stone is great for bringing it right back to neutral. It’s a powerhouse for that! Here’s a video I did on this:

    Black Tourmaline for Purification

    Chrysocolla – this stone has a very feminine & soothing vibration. It gently calms your heart chakra when its beating with fear. It will also give you more confidence when you’re gripped with fear when having to communicate to others your needs or when you simply need some security in social situations of any sort. Its a great one to keep in your pocket when doing any public speaking. 😉

    Nirvana Quartz – trust will help you to overcome fear & this stone is the 1 to help you with trust while learning to accept & love yourself fully. Here’s a video I did a couple years back on this unique sort of crystal:

    Crystal Healing with Nirvana Quartz

    Fear-Busting Techniques

    • Crystal Meditation – hold 1 of the crystals listed above, 1 in each hand (they don’t have to be the same kind) comfortably while you listen to one of these excellent (& free!) meditations: this one or this one. Let go…you’re going to be fine.
    • Anti-Fear & Anxiety Gem Elixir – create a gem elixir using rose quartz & blue lace agate (my eKit here shows you how to). Then mix these ingredients together:  1 tsp gem elixir, 1tsp lemon juice, 1 tsp organic ground ginger, 1/2 tsp organic raw honey. Chug a glass 3x/day. I tweaked up this recipe to come up with the 1 I’ve given you here after someone suggested something similar, telling me that is an old Indian Standby known for revving up your digestive energy, which in turn, calms down your mind’s energy. Made sense to me!! Plus, scientific research (ooooo, you know I had to throw some of that in here!) has shown that honey balances unstable blood sugar brought on by anxious stress & fear, lemon juice helps to lower your blood pressure & ginger calms the stomach. SNAP!
    • Fear-Chasing Mojo Kit – arm yourself with a little pouch that carries some fear-calming scents like bergamot & lavender (either in the form of an herb, essential oil or both then amplify those vibrational energies by adding 2-3 tumbled stones of the above listed.  This little mix will send calming frequencies to your brain’s fear & anxiety center headquarters molding a new calm reality for you.
    • Calm, Trust & Love Crystal Grid – you can whip up a grid made just for counter-acting fear & anxiety. I suggest using nirvana quartz, rose quartz & chrysocolla just for this purpose. If you need help on how to create & work with a crystal grid, I have a good blog post here or you can check out my book on the subject. 😉 *I gave it some thought here about mentioning so many of my items for sale in this post but I do happen to have several products that can help here & thought about not mentioning them  thinking I might come off as too pushy but then I realized I wouldn’t be doing my part in serving by not telling you about them. And you have a choice….I’ve given you some free or low-cost options here too* So…I also have this Crystal Grids Template Package that includes a Banishing Anxiety Crystal Grid Template. 😉

    Now you should be all set to handle whatever comes your way, Jelly Bean!

    Peace, Rainbows + Crystal Sparkles!



    Is Your Citrine Real or Fake Citrine & Does it Matter? “Fakes” Series: Part 4

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    citrine sphere3

    Crystals are remarkable & glorious gifts from Mother Earth. Aren’t they?

    And we all love citrine. But do you know if your citrine is real or fake citrine…and should you care?

    Some crystal peeps prefer their crystals to be all natural; as they were found in Mother Nature, in the raw.

    Others may be drawn to the beauty of crystals that have been enhanced in some way but they may be totally unaware that they have been artificially altered. Maybe the crystals have been molecularly bonded, irradiated, tumbled, cut, polished or even heat treated in a lab. Now, I’m saying “lab” in this post for ease & flow but often times the heating we’re talking about here isn’t done in a lab at all. It’s usually done in a dusty warehouse by the miners themselves; no lab coats or anything. Just keepin’ it real for ya. 😉

    Lab-heated citrine seems to be a soar spot with many. So much so that over the years as I received many questions about it I’ve created a few videos to talk about the topic & show some examples. (See below for vids).

    Sometimes when people find out that much of the citrine on the market isn’t an Mama Earth Creation, they may go into  a mini-panic, thinking that they’ve been duped or that their heat-treated citrine is totally  useless. Not so…IMHO. But more about that in a bit.
    How to tell the difference
    It’s not always an easy task but let me give you a few pointers. If its heat-treated citrine, the color will be most  concentrated at the tips but white at the bottom (see photos below).  Also heat-treated citrine will be sort of crumbly & break apart easily since heating the stones at the temps necessary does seem to weaken the stability of the crystals.
    Natural Citrine
    Natural citrine points from the Congo. Notice their generally uniform smokey, champagne or honey color to them. Congo natural citrine usually comes in these nice elongated points & often have babies & hematite around its base where it was attached to the rock matrix.

    This is a natural citrine with a classic point shape and light tea color throughout the crystal.

    This piece is an amazing feat of geology! Here you see a double terminated penetrator twin that got fractured during its growth process & self healed while turning into a natural golden citrine only above the fracture! AMAZING & have never seen anything like it!
    Heat-Treated Citrine
    Heat-treated citrine from Brazil is usually amethyst (sometimes smokey quartz) that’s been baked. This piece was broken off of a large amethyst geode then heated to get this tell-tale baked orange color at the tip with white bottom.

    This photo demos another common baked citrine formation, the druse. This darker deep honey-colored ice tea hue is known as Madeira citrine. Then you can see a sharp border which then goes white.
    How do They Do It?
    Mother Earth naturally creates citrine with her geo-thermal heat source; from within the mantle (her deluxe gourmet geo-kitchen!) by heating amethyst or smoky quartz (both are SiO2 (quartz), just as citrine is).

    The Earth can also produce the deep brown citrine, aka Madeira citrine. This is more rare than your usual lighter honey or white wine colored natural citrine. Actually, all types of natural citrine are considered relatively rare. They’re no where near as bountiful as amethyst so they can get be hard to find & a bit pricey. Be prepared.

    When we lab-heat citrine we’re simply mimicking what Mama Earth does. You usually begin with a poorly or lightly colored Brazilian amethyst. Then you heat it in a kiln to over 900°F (482°C). If you want it to go dark yellow or to red-brown (Madeira color) then you go up to 1022-1040°F (550-560°C). Some smoky quartz can turn citrine color as cool as 390°F (199°C).
    Ain’t this the interactive classroom?? My favorite kind. Crystal Hottie Shayla read this blog post w/i hours of it posting & got to experimenting in her lab kitchen & showed us how it’s done. Thank you Prof. Shayla for sharing this with us & your quick work! *bowing down* Check out her results:

    Is it Still Citrine?
    Yep, yep, yep & I feel that heated/baked crystals & stones can be worked with very effectively. Heating the stone at these temperatures simply changes the color but doesn’t change its molecular structure & again, IMHO, as long as a crystal’s molecular structure hasn’t been altered, I feel that the crystal will still have the effective healing qualities.In addition, the stone’s color (light vibrational frequency) has now been changes to that of natural citrine’s. Its no longer of the violet frequency, its now in the orange or yellow frequency. So its going to resonate that energy now.

    Is Your Citrine Fake or Natural? Part 1

    That being said, I do think that heat treating or enhancing a crystal can reduce this frequency & effectiveness since it does weaken the stone some, but it doesn’t totally burn out its potential healing effects. So, no need to replace your citrine at all.

    Citrine – Fake or Natural, Part 2

    Whether citrine is heated artificially or naturally, it’s still often commercially classified as citrine. Remember, this artificial or natural heating is not enough to change the molecular structure of the crystal so it’s still SiO2. I feel the healing properties are still those of citrine, but on a lighter scale.

    To me, lab heated citrine’s properties are not similar to amethyst’s or smoky quartz’ at all. Through much experimenting of my own as well as that of my student’s & clients, baked citrine’s properties align perfectly to my solar plexus chakra; its energetically stimulating, it helps with financial issues & it helps us to be more confident. Now, if you’re looking for a piece that’s just going to go BAMMM!  in these precise areas, then I’d advise you to go with a natural citrine, for sure….its energies will be much more powerful.

    Types of Citrine for Crystal Healing

    Let me end by saying that I feel that your intuition should always be your first guide. If a stone or crystal works for you for a particular purpose then don’t let anyone or anything that you read or hear change that for you. For certain people, certain stones may work very well while not work for others no matter what is said or written about them. Keep on truckin’, Crystal Hottie!

    Just as in quantum physics, the scientist doing the observing actually influences the outcome & properties of the subatomic particles being observed. So, basically, if you believe it to be so, it simply is, on a subatomic level. Why should it be any different on a super atomic level? As below, so it is above, right? Let the crystals that you know work for you continue to do so…if you believe it to be true, it simply is. No panicking over heat-treated citrine, OK? If it worked for you before, it’s still going to continue to do so…unless you think it won’t.

    Continue to enjoy your crystals and stones, heat-treated or not.

    Ooodles of Crystal Blessings!

    Oooodles of Crystal Blessings!!P
    P.S. What do you think of heat-treated citrine? Like it, hate it, who cares? Let me know in the comments below!

    BTW…like this sort of stuff? Then grab your FREE handy downloadable Crystal Fakes 40 page Reference eBook!

    This is the EXACT eBook you need in order to navigate the gem shows, crystal shops & eBay, get the REAL thing & get what you pay for. Don’t get scammed or duped into buying FAKES!

    Click here now to download your free copy!

    What does it mean when your crystal disappears?

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    So what does it mean when a crystal disappears? Just up & goes AWOL?

    • Sometimes people will find their crystals later & it will be completely unexplained. Like the crystal manifested itself in a little bag that was locked up somewhere in a safety deposit box – something really, really wild, like that…& it’s completely unexplained. Unless of course you had amnesia & don’t remember doing such a thing. 😛
    • Or sometimes, the crystal is found by someone else in a different place entirely; not even in the same vicinity.
    • Or sometimes you never find the crystal again – its just up & left. It’s gone. It has disappeared, never to be heard from again.

    This is a very common question I get asked on a fairly frequent basis and there are a few ways to answer it.
    ANSWER # 1…(and the most logical aka “blue pill”) is you misplaced it
    …and when you find it, you’ll go, ‘Oh! Right, that’s what I did with it. Totally forgot about that.” Or you’ll find it in some place like a vacuum cleaner – accidentally got sucked up.

    Now let’s talk about the illogical explanations because they’re more fun!
    ANSWER # 2: manifested elsewhere (here we go down the rabbit hole! aka “red pill”)
    This is a story or explanation that I have heard passed down from generation to generation.

    I’ve read about it in books.

    I’ve heard it from spiritual teachers.

    I’ve heard it from my Native American mentor.

    And I’ve experienced it.

    I give this explanation a lot of credence. It says basically that the crystal’s work with you is done. It manifested itself (or perhaps you manifested it) in your plain – in your vibrational reality when you needed it. But now that you no longer need it, it has manifested elsewhere. We might develop attachments to things, but I feel these vibrations know when they’re needed elsewhere.

    One teaching that I think is interesting enough to share here…& 1 that I’ve been taught by a few a Native American mentors that their belief (this is not speaking for all Native American teachings or tribes) is this:

    Stone People (crystal beings) know when we need to be done with that particular stone’s vibrational frequency. And that the crystal beings have the ability to easily change time & space “teleporting” into another dimension. That they can flash in & out of existence. Off into other dimensions, parallel universes, plains of reality…

    This sounds like I’m talking about Quantum Physics here, right? B/c that’s what Quantum Physics’ is all about, Baby! Quantum physicists have proven that on the sub-atomic level, that’s exactly what particles are doing; flashing in & out of existence. *I always wonder where they go exactly.*

    And I feel that there’s a fractal relationship to everything – a holographic explanation to everything. What I mean is…if that’s what’s going on – on the sub-atomic level – then that’s what’s going on with the macro level – our level – or what we perceive to the be the macro level anyway.

    Is it reality or is it a perception? Hmmm? Well, I feel that there aren’t any exact boundaries to that. Reality can flow into perception & vice versa.

    So what I’m getting at is that it seems that crystals have the ability to do this quite easily – flashing in & out of existence…but there’s an “a” & a “b” scenario here:

    Scenario a. If it’s flashing in & out of existence like quantum particles do, then you may see it again…as it comes in & out of your perception…or your reality– you may see it again – it may disappear again – you may see it again & so on. It may reappear in some place entirely different.

    Scenario b. The crystal’s work with you is totally done. That means, it’s going to leave & be gone for good. You’re not going to see it again – not in this reality anyway. And then there may be little bit more to this story; being that someone else needed it more than you so it manifested into their reality. That seems to be quite a comforting because, hey, if I don’t need that crystal anymore & someone else needs it more than I do, I’m more willing to let it go:

    “Okay, I don’t have that stone anymore. It makes me feel good to know that it’s with someone who really needs it.”

    You don’t want to feel like that crystal went to waste in any way. And I don’t feel like any crystal ever goes to waste even if it shattered into a million pieces on the floor – b/c that’s what naturally happens in the rock cycle, isn’t it?

    If a human never touches a crystal in it’s entire existence & it exists the entire time underground – within Mother Earth’s crust or & then gets crushed up in some geological process or melted & goes back to into the mantle –  into the rock cycle – into magma & no longer crystal or stone for the time being- just being recycled – just like everything. It’s like the water cycle, the carbon cycle – there’s a cycle for every element & every thing that exists really. Everything is part of a cycle, absolutely everything.

    There’s a cycle for us – &, of course, there’s a cycle for crystals.

    As above, so below, as within, so without – holographic existence, Crystal Hottie!

    You got to love it. Namaste,

    How to use crystals to attract abundance

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    crystal grid

    One of the most popular classes I used to teach is 1 in which we learned to use crystals for abundance attraction, using the vibration of certain crystals to manifest more prosperity + abundance.

    But before we even start looking at the crystals we have bust out of our old mindset & get into the right 1.

    New Abundance Mindset Comin’ Right Up!
    Firstly, abundance & prosperity isn’t always about mula. It can mean acquiring enough of anything when their’s a lack. But many do tend to think of “money” when they think of “prosperity & abundance”.

    We all know money isn’t the end all, be all. We know money can’t buy happiness, right?…but happiness CAN buy money!!!

    Yep, it’s true. Your happy positive attitude about money can totally attract it to you. But if you hate those who have it & have icky feelings about it then it’s really not something that will ever be attracted to you. Is it, Sweet Pea?

    And if you keep thinking that you’re in need of money & that’s why you’re reading this blog post….that’s exactly what you’re gonna get.

    You’ll continue to “NEED MONEY!”

    So, I feel it’s necessary to first get into the mindset of already being grateful for the prosperity & abundance that you already have. Before you even have it! It’s like quantum physics baby. There is no timeline so let’s just throw that out the window. Just flow with it & all the while remember to always be thankful for all the blessings, large & small…even the itty-bitty ones. We all have them. The very breath you’re taking now…be grateful for that. :)
    My Morning Ritual
    I’ve made a habit of being thankful every morning upon waking, before I even get out of bed. No matter what’s going on in my life or what occurred the day before. No matter what…I do it. I sit up & while doing my neck stretches, I try to think of all the lovely things in my life that I am thankful for. I visualize them & feel the warm fuzzies & then I send those energies love.♥ I mentally say “thank you”. I also sometimes have my hands in a particular mudra while doing this…and sometimes my kitty Topaz joins me in my lap along with a crystal that I keep by my bedside. Lately it’s been a lemurian wand that I love.

    Habits like these are extremely attractive to abundance. Abundance really likes to hang around that sort of energy.

    Be forewarned though. I know from past experience that just doing visualizations doesn’t always cut it for everyone & although I try to keep the negative speak & thought patterns at bay, I’m not always perfect with it. Its hard sometimes. Especially when those around you tend to drag you back into old habits. We get so easily caught up in it.

    So, when this happens, it’s time to bust out the BIG GUNS…
    CRYSTAL GRID to the rescue!!
    My official definition: a crystal grid is a geometric pattern of energetically aligned stones charged by intention set in a sacred space for the purpose of manifesting a particular objective. My specific objective for this grid was to grow my sacred crystal biz to the point that I could leave my day job as a science teacher.

    Did the grid work? Ha! Worked like a charm & I’m going to tell you exactly what I did it, step-by-step:

  • I jotted down on some little post-it notes names of crystals that I had on hand that would give me the career, business mojo, powerful punch I was looking for; orange calcite, citrine, peridot, pyrite & quartz for amplifying.
  • I decided upon the Flower of Life as my grid template
  • I then gathered up a green cloth & some large 9 day green candles in glass…the green color holds the frequency of abundance.
  • I laid all out all my supplies around me and just sat among them thinking it all through.
  • I then put everything into place and also decided to add a few photos of things that reminded me of what life will be like when my desire became my reality
  • This recipe was PERFECT. It worked like a charm. I’ve since tweaked the grid to align to my new goals.
    Feng Shui & Crystals
    A few years back, I intuitively placed a large Amethyst druse in my bedroom’s back corner. I later learned that in Feng Shui this very corner is known as the “Prosperity” corner in your home! Feng shui also says that the color purple (as in amethyst) is the color that nurtures wealth & prosperity. Who knew? My higher self guided me well, huh?
    Abundance Ritual
    Here’s an easy + quick little ritual that you can do & 1 that my students love! It allows you to shift your own personal prosperity energy anytime! Ready to give this a try?

    OK, Let’s do this

    • You’ll need 1 tumbled stone each of citrine, pyrite & jade along with a little pouch to carry them in, preferably a green or gold colored pouch.
    • Next, you write this affirmation on a small piece of paper & slip that into the pouch with the stones: “I attract & gratefully receive prosperity, abundance & success in my life.”
    • Carry this pouch with you everywhere for 1 full week & whenever you remember to do it, pull out the crystals, hold them in your hands, state the affirmation & then follow with a quick 5-10 minute meditation or relaxation time, allowing yourself to vibrate with your abundance crystals, visualizing & being extremely grateful for the prosperity that is already on its way straight to you!
    • Try to do this 1-2 times every day for 1 week. You’ll be amazed at the changes in you & magical prosperity flow that you’ll set in motion.

    These exercises will allow you to get rid of self limiting beliefs about yourself, setting you you on the path of forming new powerful beliefs.

    It’s so empowering when you discover just how powerful you are! You’ve this amazing ability to consciously & purposefully create exactly what you need in your life and…crystals are handy-dandy tools & supports that make the whole process so much easier + FUN! Simply by creating these new empowering beliefs, you’ll more easily identify stuffs that’s been getting in the way. You’ll also intuitively recognize & vibe with attitudes & energies that attract abundance. How nice!

    Crystal Blessings Lima Bean!



    P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about how to use crystals to attract abundance take a look at my Attracting Abundance & Prosperity with Crystals eKit here.

    When are you ready to heal others?

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healer, Crystal Healing, energy work 26 Comments

    May I address something? This “something” has been poking at me for a little while so I just need to get it out.

    Something that I’ve been hearing come up more frequently with my students?

    Its this whole thing about some people feeling like this:

    “OK, I’ve taken a class, completed a certification, received a certificate…I may even have several different types of healing modality certifications under my sparkly belt…but I’m still not ready nor prepared to heal others. Who am I to heal others?

    and–by the way, I don’t feel certification is necessary at all, yeah even though I am the founder of an Academy that certifies peeps! I go over my views on that in this interview I gave a while back w/ a few other cool chicas.

    Some people are born healers and may know it & they’ve got the confidence that goes along with it and…more power to you. I love that.

    Some people feel like they can they can teach themselves & learn it all on their own & they become extraordinary healers!

    What I’m saying is, I don’t feel certification is a necessity, nor that it’s for everyone-we’ve talked a little bit about that before.

    So why bother with certifications & academies & the whole she-bang? That’s b/c a lot of us- and this is just human nature, Lima Bean- a lot of us like to have a foundation, a lot of us like to have steps to follow. We like some kind of–not that I deliver formulas at all, but some kind of a format.

    And hey, I love it too! That’s why I love to teach & I love to build curricula & I just freakin’ love this sort of thing. I’ve been a teacher my whole life.

    So this whole thing about:

    ‘Okay, I’ve got all these certifications, I still don’t feel like I’m ready to be a healer. I still don’t feel like I’ve mastered it. I still don’t feel like I’m ready. I still feel like there’s so much more to learn before I should be out there healing other people. I still feel like I have so much to heal within myself before I can go out there and heal others.’

    That is just plain bullshiz! Yeah, I am calling bullshiz on that. Get over it. Get over it.

    That’s what I say to that because, hey, guess what?

    None of us are perfect.

    Even the highest ascended masters & Source Energy itself have some imperfections, and if we’re going to wait around for all of us to become ascended masters, to get people out there healing & helping other people, then…Frick!…none of us are going to benefit from any of it.

    And by the way, I don’t think being a healer-my students know this; they know this well– being a healer is not a one way street.

    It’s most certainly a two way street.

    So, when we call ourselves ‘healer’, it’s really a misnomer. We just use that to give a label because, as humans, we also like to have labels so we can compartmentalize things & know what everyone is talking about. So that’s a good idea. But you are a healer as well as the ‘healee’-yeah, that’s a weird word-but when we are healing others we are also receiving healing in return.

    It’s a 2 way conduit to source energy. We’re giving & we are receiving; and sure as heck we need it. We need that healing just as much as everybody else does. I know I do!
    So please, please get over this notion, Sweet Pea. Do not wait until you feel that you are perfectly ready–

    • all your chakras are balanced
    • you are perfectly healed
    • you do everything wonderfully well
    • you don’t do anything wrong
    • you’re in heart center 100% of the time
    • and– oh, forget it!!

    It’s unattainable.

    So please, get out there, share your gifts, and heal other people…and be healed. :)


    Crystal blessings!

    Crystal Myths Debunked

    Hibiscus Moon cleansing, Crystals, energy work 47 Comments

    My auralite 23 wand & my rose quartz buddy.

    Crystal myths? Well, every interest has its fair share of myths, legends & misconceptions. Right? And I’m in no way trying to say my way is the only way or the right way but just giving you some food for thought here with this post. So, ready to do some crystal de-bunking?

    My auralite 23 wand & my rose quartz buddy.

    Now you know I love a good mature intelligent debate that stirs up a little controversy or just makes us THINK. Perhaps even debunks a few myths. I love to stir the pot with a pinch of controversy as long as its all in fun & no one gets their panties up in a wad. Its this sort of thing that gets peeps talking, reveals new info & sometimes I even let go of old beliefs for newer & better ones. I have no probs being flexy like that. No dogmatic buy-ins from me.

    So let’s tawk!
    I would like to discuss the concept of Charging or Programming of stones.

    I often get asked by those new to crystals….

    “I just got some new crystals. How do I cleanse, charge & program them now?”

    Cleansing? Yeah, I’m all for that. I feel we may (or may not) need to reset the base resonant frequency of the crystals, depending on where they’ve been & energies they’ve encountered before we met up with them so why not be safe rather than sorry? Doesn’t hurt the crystal so we might as go ahead & cleanse it just to be safe.
    There are many ways to cleanse your crystals

    • sunlight
    • salt water baths
    • let them site in dry brown rice
    • run under flowing water
    • sit in flower petals
    • cleansing breaths
    • sage smoke smudging

    Some of the above methods are safe for the crystal & others aren’t, depending on many factors. My new favorite method is safe for ALL crystals &  I discuss just how to do that here in this older video of mine:

    So, do we really need to charge up or program our crystals?
    Yes, I touched on this in a recent video but I’d like to dive in a little deeper & open it up for a Crystal Hottie discussion b/c I’m sure there are viewpoints I haven’t looked at this from & many ways to see it.

    I mean if we believe that certain crystals can help with certain things or have a set of certain properties why would they need us to program them? Oh we’re so enchanted by how clever we think we areso now we’re going to tell the crystal what to do for us? Peee-shaw!

    *BTW, I’m purposely pushing buttons here.*

    I feel & teach that crystals have their own sort of pre-programmed properties due to there unique vibratory signature; a result of many things including their elemental make-up & specific environment that Mama Earth chose to cook them up in. I also feel that although this vibration can get temporarily knocked out of whack under very special circumstance, it’s not easy to do & it’s temporary.

    So…again…does a crystal need me to tell it what it’s good at & how to do it? I think not.

    For example, I decide I need to use spirit quartz to help heal some OCD tendencies…do I need to tell the crystal this, program or charge it in some way? Or is it already programmed in its energetic blueprint? I take a simpler more practical approach  & feel the scenario later is the case.

    I really love the whole idea, concept & theory of a crystal energetic blueprint  or morphogenic field as its been coined by its biggest proponent, Rupert Sheldrake. According to this theory, there is a sort of etheric instruction booklet for how certain organisms (crystals are also lumped in here according to Dr. Richard Gerber) will look & behave once fully formed. If you really want to get into this shiz ( & BLOW YOUR MIND) here’s a great vid where Mr. Sheldrake summarizes what this morphogenic field is all about. I really feel that’s what we’re dealing with here with our crystal buds. So, for the most part, I’ll just sit back & allow them to do what they were cosmically programmed to do, thank you very much.

    Although, I do teach in our Advanced Course how to program clear quartz crystals for special cases, this isn’t something that is always necessary & I don’t feel the program will have staying power anyhow so its something that will continually needs to be re-freshed. I’m also backed by science in sticking with quartz on this  due to its particular molecular structure & specific properties.

    Clear quartz

    For the rest of the crystals…I leave it up to Mother Earth to do the programming. I think she’s pretty much got that process down pat.

    So what do you think? I’m a big girl…I can take it! Just keep it mature & respectful please in the comments below.

    Super Sparkles to you today!!!

    Crystals + 2013 Eclipse Energies

    Hibiscus Moon energy work 5 Comments

    OK, time to do an updated eclipse post for 2013. I already let 1 lunar eclipse slip past us so time to get on it! And we can totally use crystals in tandem with these eclipse energies (I prefer to stay safe & just stick with the lunar energies on this as I’ll explain in a bit here).

    Solar eclipse during totality. Photo credit: Luc Viatour /

    We still have 4 upcoming eclipses in 2013 to look  forward to. Those of you that have been following me for a while know that I love to ride those cosmic Mama Earth energies & I also like to layer various types of energies together of similar frequency…enter the crystals!
    So here’s the 2013 Upcoming Eclipse Tour Dates:

    2013 May 10: Annular Solar Eclipse – This type of eclipse happens when the Moon is a wee bit closer to the Sun leaving a bright ring of light around the Moon (the corona). Solar eclipses can only appear during a new moon & in the day time. This means that you are working with new moon energy (this is said to be great for BIG cleansings, purging, ending things & letting go). Good time to clean out closets & such. This sort of eclipse has less amplitude than a Total Solar Eclipse. If you feel good about that then work with it & give it a go. Click on the link for a NASA map of where you need to be to see this event. Crystals to Work with: herkimer diamond, sunstone, citrine, stellar beam calcite

    citrine druse

    2013 May 25: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – much like a Partial Lunar Eclipse but has some unobservable differences (points of contact) & not too striking to look at, but the slight energy boost is there none the less. I view any sort of Lunar eclipse as a really powerful Full Moon! High amplitude, no doubt. For me, the Full Moon is a time to be grateful for what the last lunar cycle has brought about & to take a look at my plans & evaluate any necessary changes for the next cycle. Lunar Eclipses are a good energy to bring about change. (Click above for NASA maps) Crystals to Work with: moonstone, fluorite, selenite


    2013 Oct 18: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse – same as above

    2013 Nov 03: Hybrid Solar Eclipse – this event is a cross between an Annual Solar Eclipse & a Total Solar Eclipse. This happens b/c the Moon’s shadow touches upon Earth’s surface at some points, but falls short others. Yeah, this is mega-powerful energy here! Lots of banishing energy. Again, I feel the energy is too loco for my liking so I just appreciate & notice.

    If you’re on the East Coast of the US, you may have a view of a partial solar eclipse early Sunday morning. Go here to find out how it will look in your area or if you’ll be able to view it & what time.

    Click here for Eye Safety tips during a Solar Eclipse.

    Think of it…the Sun, the Moon & the Earth are in perfect alignment with each other. The energies are STACKED, Baby! (Click above for NASA map) Crystals to Work with: sunstone, citrine, pyrite, sulfur

    Sunstone aka oligoclase. Photo by Ra’ike

    And no worries if you can’t visibly view some or any of these eclipses…its not necessary for its energy to still be able to affect you. Which is great, b/c its very difficult to catch an eclipse, especially a Solar one! The effects of eclipse energy on us has even been scientifically tested. (Click on that only if you’re GEEKY!)

    But we don’t need all that scientific mumbo-jumbo, do we? When you’re in-tune w/ Mama Earth you can just FEEEEL it. If you’re not feeling it…that may be because you need to get out there, barefoot on the Earth & get grounded & connected.

    Just as I teach with crystals, any energy that is High Amplitude (meaning it carries a whopping lot of energy) can interfere with the dominant osciallary rate (average vibratory rate) of an object or being. So does an eclipse qualify as High Amp? I give that a big HELL YEAH!

    With me so far?

    Since I don’t feel confidant working with the super-HIGH magnitude energy of a Total Solar Eclipse (I don’t think I’ll ever be messing around with that) I pretty much leave that be & just honor & respect by watching from afar.

    I do, however, like to work with Lunar eclipse energy since those can make for some supremely special edition potions difficult to replicate!

    Total lunar eclipse
    Here are just a few things I like to do/create for a Lunar Eclipse:

    • Concoct special Gem Elixir blends
    • Crystal Grids
    • Program a special crystal

    Are you planning on working with the celestial energies? We’d all love to hear what you’re up to so please comment below. :)

    Crystal Blessings, Lima Bean!



    P.S. If you’re interested in working with energies in the form of a Gem Elixir, you may be interested in checking out my Gem Elixir eKit; click here to check that out.

    Wouldn’t it be SPARKLY?

    Hibiscus Moon Crystal Healer, Crystal Healing 1 Comment

    …to be a Certified Crystal Healer? Oh yes, it would!

    Enrollment for the Certified Crystal Healer Course closes in just a week next Tues., April 30we officially begins on May 1st!

    There’s a lot of recent buzz around using crystals for bettering our lives & we’re right in the middle of it. Did you catch Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy being mentioned in this article in the latest issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine? Oooooo, major excitement around here about crystal healing being being used more & more frequently in the holistic & healing arts.

    We’re an Approved Provider for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. That means through this program you’ll be receiving quality instruction of the highest standards & even earn 18 CE’s if you’re a massage therapist, reiki practitioner, yoga instructor or body worker. Click here to learn more.

    BUT…you don’t have to already be licensed in anything at all to become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer.  This is definitely the place to be! This isn’t an academy that’s super-stuffy & serious…though it is super smart!

    So, would you like to start a wonderful & exciting career helping people to improve their lives using crystals?
    Here you’ll find a place that you can call your glittery home with classmates who may become lifelong friends (has happened too many times to count) in our sparkly community of Crystalline Cohorts. Take a gander at our FAQ’s & peruse all the goodies here.  This course isn’t for everybody but if you find that this Certification is really calling to you then consider enrolling with us today. There isn’t much time left.

    This course will CERTIFY you & teach you the SCIENCE behind crystal healing, while still keeping it fun. Believe me, its fun!

    What’s In It For You?

    • Boost your CONFIDENCE in working with the crystals by learning the science behind how & why they work
    • FINALLY learn how to ROCK Mother Earth’s gifts as an energy healing tool & support!!
    • Satisfy your love of crystals, fill your spiritual love cup
    • Help yourself + others all around you to improve their lives using crystals!!
    • Reap the Ohhhm-azing benefits of spiritual healing, grounding, being happy + joyful
    • Increase your intuition + perception
    • Create a wildly successful career as a creative spiritual person
    • Earn GLORIOUS income doing something you absolutely LOVE

    What Does This Course Include?

    • 10 pre-recorded video webinar-style classes (each approx. 90+ min.), which you can download to your computer or device & watch at your convenience (from the comfort of wherever you like!!) All course materials are to be downloaded by you (no physical stuffs will be sent) & are yours to keep FOREVER & EVER. Click here to view a class sample!
    • 10 mp3 downloads; 1 for each class so you can choose to listen to the classes too (learning reinforcement) while driving, working out, whatevs!
    • An auto e-course that guides you through week by week
    • Ooooodles of class resources
    • FUN suggested ohhhm-work assignments
    • Auto-graded class quizzes for each class
    • 1 year membership to our private social networking website/forum (The Crystal Cave) exclusively for students (Crystalline Cohorts) in the program; a community of Crystal Hotties to support you & to create friendships with for life.
    • 1 on 1 Q & A support with me for the entire 10 week course in our Crystal Cave Forum
    • Kind & loving tech support whenever you need it
    • BONUS: Live Internet Monthly Crystal Hottie Q & A Video Sessions for an entire year, a value of $660!! (recorded in case you can’t attend live)

    The course consists of incredibly in depth, experiential, profoundly informative yet FUN (wooohooo!) online classes taught by me, Certified Crystal Master & best-selling author, Hibiscus Moon, all from the comfort of your HOME. Participate any time of the day, according to YOUR schedule. Take classes & get CERTIFIED virtually, from where ever you are on this beloved planet.

    Learn more + enroll right here… I’d love to help you start a wonderful & joyous career helping people to improve their lives using crystals!!….and having so much fun while doing it!!

    Many Crystal Blessings!! Mwaaaaah!

    My Wand ~ a Guest Blog Post by Tia Johnson

    Hibiscus Moon amethyst, Crystal Healer, Crystal Healing, Crystals, energy work, interview 5 Comments

    Today, I proudly bring to you another in our series of Crystal Healer Interviews from 1 very dedicated & prolific Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer, Tia Johnson…on top of everything else she does (read her bio below) she has her own freakin’ Radio Show! Yeah! OK, here she is with glorious beautiful self… ENJOY!

    It’s not so much that we pick our crystals, but it is the crystals that pick us!

    Just as in the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, the wand chose Harry!

    While in Ollivander’s Wand Shop, Harry Potter gave a few wands a flick of the wrist, but there was that one particular wand that was a ‘match’ for Harry.

    Well, this is how crystals work with us!

    Have you ever been attracted to a particular crystal and can’t explain why besides the fact that you find it to be beautiful?  I can guarantee you that it is more than just the looks of a crystal that draws you in and captures your attention! This is what happened to me when I purchased my first crystal wand!

    My crystal wand, pictured below, consists of my two favorite crystals, clear quartz and amethyst!

    However, I have to mention that this was NOT my ideal wand. Before I became a Certified Crystal Healer, I didn’t completely understand how crystals work. What I did know, at the time, was that I wanted an awesome and mysterious looking wand to use for crystal healing.

    Per my awesome formal crystal training I now know that:

    •  Crystals are vibratory tools that vibrate at different rates
    •  Crystals align our chakras, change frequencies, and promote emotional and physical healing
    •  Wands are great to use to direct energy
    •  Clear quartz crystals are amplifiers


    Little did I realize at first glance of the wand that I was already being healed!

    There were two other crystal wands on display in the glass case, but my crystal wand was already sending out ‘the vibes’ that I could instantly feel.

    I just could not stop looking at this wand, as if I was hypnotized and I could hear it say, “Purchase me.”

    Since I was looking to increase my healing abilities and gaining more wisdom about all things spiritual, I actually purchased it because it felt right and my two favorite crystals made up the wand!


    Here’s what I have learned:

    •  There’s always a master plan
    •  We may not always see that master plan, but if we just follow our intuition we will not have regrets
    •  The crystal wand attracted my attention because the crystals were vibrating at a frequency that I wanted to achieve: increase healing abilities-clear quartz amplifies and gain spiritual knowledge-amethyst promotes understanding of sacred knowledge
    •  Working with the wand has proven to be very beneficial for me and my crystal practice
    •  The crystal wand definitely chose me!

    Based on my experience, I can say that working with crystals is a calling. The crystal path chose me! I didn’t fully understand why I had to purchase the wand, but there was plan in motion.
    So, ask yourself some of the following questions:

    •  What path am I on now?
    •  What’s the background story of that path which has lead me to this point in my life?
    •  Who can learn from my experience?
    •  Is it a path that involves me getting training?
    •  How have I changed from when I first started the path?
    •  What’s the overall message?

    BIO: Tia Johnson is the intuitive healer and creator of The Violet Sanctuary Spa, LLC.  Tia is an attuned Reiki practitioner, Gateway Dreaming™ Coach, certified by Denise Linn, Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer and ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER®, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. She is the author of the forthcoming e-book, To Be Goddess: Every Woman is a Goddess; Discover Your Domain In Which You Reign Supreme. She has been gifted with the metaphysical since early childhood and fascinated by dreams and their meaning. You can learn more about Tia at

    Thank you Tia! Wasn’t that inspiring? I’m certainly all amped up now. *Where’s my wand?*

    Abundant Crystal Blessings!



    P.S. If you’re also interested in becoming a Certified Crystal Healer we’re currently enrolling now for our course beginning on May 1st! Click here for info.

    Charging Crystals Under the Full Moon

    Hibiscus Moon cleansing, Crystals, energy work, moon 17 Comments

    Did you see this recent video I did where I answered some common moon-crystal related questions about charging crystals under the full moon?
    In it I cover:

    • Why I feel a monthly Moon “Cleanse” is not necessary
    • Can you put your crystals out when its cloudy?
    • Can you put your crystals out when there are freezing temps?
    • Will crystals still receive Moon-Benefits through a window?

    Watch the vid & find out! :)

    Charging Crystals in the Full Moon?

    Many Sparkly Moon Blessings to you,



    P.S. Did you know that enrollment is open for our Certified Crystal Healer Course beginning on May 1st?

    Win a FREE Scholarship for the Certified Crystal Healer Course!

    Dawn Martinello give away 101 Comments

    During our last team pow-wow, we decided that we’d kick off this next Certified Crystal Healer registration with another Scholarship Contest! Yes!! We will be offering 2 sparkling seats to our next course which begins on May 1st.

    Just like last time – you must be absolutely clear about the rules because if you don’t follow the instructions to the letter, your entry will be disqualified. Are you ready to get your sparkle on?

    Here are the rules:

    1.  Create a video that is no more than 2 minutes long (seriously…not 1 second longer) telling us why you want to become a Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer & how you’re going to use your certification to spread the love around.
    2.  Upload your video to YouTube, make it public, including all the info listed below so we can find it.  Make sure you copy & paste the next bits verbatim:
    Your Video Title:  Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer video by YOUR NAME
    Your Video Description must include: – Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healing – The Science and fun behind Crystal Healing
    3.  Leave a comment below with a link to your YouTube video.  You must do this in order for your entry to be valid.
    4. The deadline to enter is 11:59pm EST on Tuesday April 9th, 2013. We’ll announce the winner here on Friday April 12th.
    5. My sparkly team & I are the judges & our decision will be final. Our decision is subjective & will be based on originality, imagination, heart, soul, and inspiration.

    6. Bonus points for every social media share you do (within the limits provided)!!
    7. You must be at least 18 years of age.
    8. Pretty please know that if you don’t follow ALL the rules mentioned above or if you email us to see if we received your entry it will be disqualified.



    Spread the word about the Scholarship giveaway on Twitter and Facebook & you’ll earn yourself some sparkling love. You can share up to 3 times per day & you can use any wording you want – but it must have the hashtag #winHMCCH and a shortlink to this post. Here’s some sample tweets to get you started:

    • I want a free seat at Hibiscus Moon’s Certified Crystal Healer Course! #winHMCCH
    • Good luck to all, but this scholarship seat has my name on it! #winHMCCH
    • If I win a scholarship in the Hibiscus Moon Crystal academy, ice cream is on me! #winHMCCH
    • I’m getting my sparkle on with Hibiscus Moon in May! #winHMCCH

    What makes a winning combination?

    Originality. Creativity + imagination. Soul inspiring. Social Media sharing + following the rules precisely.

    Good luck to you, Lima Bean!



    P.S. Since many of you are asking, The Certified Crystal Healer Course enrollment opens on Wed., April 10 for our May 1st course!! Wooohooo, gettin‘ excited.

    8 Crystal Tools I Couldn’t Live Without

    Hibiscus Moon amethyst, chakras, Crystal Healing, Crystals, energy work, healing, love, stress relief 16 Comments

    In our crystal practice, we may have collected many various crystal tools for this, that or the other. Next thing you know you have a ton…but I find that there are a select few that I end up using most often. I call them my Go-To Crystal Buds. I’ve mediated with them, have a closer bond with them & seem to pull them out for working with most often. they’re like my Inner Circle Crystals. 😉

    So, how about  a behind-the-scenes look at the crystal tools that I use most often?
    My 8 Top Crystal Buddies
    1. Big Baby – if you’re familiar with my blog, you’re well familiar with Big Baby. This is my large natural clear crystal point that I often use as the center crystal for many of my powerful crystal grids. He’s perfect for focusing & then amplifying my intentions.

    Big Baby

    2. Big Mama– Again, if you’re a regular, you know Big Mama Rose Quartz Chunk-a-Lunka is a staple in my Love Grids. I usually use her in a grid where I send loving, compassionate healing energy out to many all at once. She’s my 18.3 pound-er from the South Dakota Badlands National Park & was gifted to me by a very special client. She’s glorious, isn’t she?

    Big Mama

    3. Amethyst pendulum – After messing around with an old washer & chain as a pendulum since the early nineties I finally felt I was due for an upgrade about 7 years ago & gifted myself with a very simple amethyst pendulum on a sterling silver chain that I keep in a purple little pouch. I’ve developed a good reliable relationship with it & its never steered me wrong.
    4. Selenite massage wand– selenite is a very useful tool for working with chakras & sealing up energy (which we teach all about in my course). This wand is polished & finished with a rainbow fluorite tip. Its even great for just rubbing on the temples & relieving headaches. Good medicine.

    My trusty amethyst pendulum & selenite wand hangin’ out.

    5. Sacred Healing Rattle – this guy is incredible for breaking up the energy in a space or area in the energetic body. I made with my own hands & energy of bamboo & buffalo hide. I’ve outfitted him with green aventurine & clear quartz to make this an even more effective healing rattle.

    My hand made sacred healing rattle

    6. Rose Quartz Buddy- This little baby’s been with me a long time…through thick & thin, ups & downs. And he’s always gotten me through. I usually keep him by my bedside as I often use him during before bed reflection time or even to fall asleep holding on to. I usually use it when in need of some heart medicine & consolation. A trusty little rock, this one.

    7. Auralite 23 Wand – This wand was a gift and I’ve had it about 2 years now. I often use it conjunction with my Rose Quartz Buddy or just on its own. Its home is also by my bedside as I often hold onto it while relaxing or getting ready to fall asleep. Its a good go-to piece when I need clarification on something or a creative spark. Sometimes I also use it to direct energy towards my head for headache relief.

    My auralite 23 wand & my rose quartz buddy.

    8. Bedroom Amethyst Druse – this plus-sized gorgeous gal is a deeply colored Uruguayan amethyst cut from a druse geode interior. She lives in our bedroom to bring a calm stress-free energy into the room while also radiating the correct vibrational frequency for dream time & serene sleep.

    My bedroom amethyst druse

    My BIG DREAM is to get everyone using crystals to help bring about positive change + to heal. We CAN do this!

    Super Sparkles to you today!!!

    P.S. Please share with us all below what crystals you can’t live without!!

    Escape from Stress by Using Crystals for Stress Relief

    Hibiscus Moon anxiety, Crystals, stress relief 5 Comments

    How To Use Crystals for Stress Relief
    We all experience stress from time to time. No one’s immune from it, especially not in our Western culture.

    Its when we let it spiral out of control that stress may become too much for our bodies to handle; bamboozling our health. Stress causes energetic imbalances. If those imbalances aren’t dealt with, released or redirected that energy becomes denser & begins to manifest as poor health, injuries, inflammation, etc….in essence it’s saying:

    “Oh! You’re not going to pay attention to this? Well, let’s just sideline your ass.  Now,  you have no choice but to deal with it. How do ya like them apples?”

    Why let it get to that point, Chick Pea? Especially when taking care not to get to stressed out is such an enjoyable pure-bliss-out experience in the 1st place?

    Having a tool box of  stress relieving tools that work for you is vital to restoring your inner peace & physical health. And crystals are the PERFECT additions to that tool box.

    So here’s a useful yet practical list of ways to use crystals to relieve stress. Plus the more you enjoy your stress relief tool, the more likely you are to stick with & keep reaping the benefits of it…b/c you’ll actually look forward to doing them.

    I personally have a weekly Monday evening ritual of stress relief INDULGENCE. I call Monday my Soul-Nourishment Day & do a combo of some of the things listed below. I always change it up too so I don’t ever get bored. Its totally BLISSFUL!

    If you choose to start doing this…and I sure hope that you do, don’t ever feel guilty that you’re taking time out for yourself! As I said before…if you don’t do this, the universe has a way of forcing you to sit your ass down & deal with in the most uncomfortable of ways.So just do it without guilt but with compete knowing that you are benefiting everyone by doing it. Everyone gets to continue to share in your lovely gifts when you are happy, serene, peaceful & HEALTHY.

    Crystal Stress Relievers

    • Crystal Bath Time– crystal baths are heavenly. I include crystals that I feel I’d like to make a deeper connection with or specific ones to work a certain chakra. I’ll also light some candles, add Epsom slats and/or essential oils. Crystals + water go hand in hand. You can watch my video here to understand why:
    • Crystal Meditation– meditation allows us to learn how a specific crystal works best for us while also reaping all the amazing health benefits of meditation. Scientists have found when we meditate we shift our brain activity to different areas; brain waves in the stress-prone area of the brain move on over to the serene-calm area leaving the test subjects more happy & calm than before they meditated. Pretty powerful stuffs this meditation!! So you get to know your crystal + you get the health benefits of meditation. 2 for the price of 1! A-N-D, meditating with a crystal makes meditation easier b/c you have a tangible object as a mental reminder to keep the focus. Once you work with & entrain with your crystal in meditation, you’ll witness their powerful magic & learn to work with your stones to manifest all sorts of dreams, intentions & needs…specific to you.
    • Crystal Healing Work- Whether you have it done for you by a professional or you do this for yourself, its just a good practice & I highly recommend everyone try it & then make it a regular practice if it resonates with you. What is crystal healing work? 

      Its a ždeeply relaxing, rejuvenating, clothing on, minimal contact therapy of placing crystals & stones on the body in relaxation.

      ž  It allows for re-alignment of energetic frequencies & removes emotional & energetic blocks while enhancing soul learning, healing & spiritual growth.

      ž  It promotes good health through physical & energetic crystal entrainment.

    • Create Sacred Space- this is the fun-destress-shiz right here! Crystals have the unique & mystical ability to transform our spaces into something magically enchanted & sacred. Used in just the right way, crystals can create a retreat allowing you to breathe…& each restorative breath allows you to spiritually replenish. Crystals can create a serene environment that uplifts your spirit, allows love to flow, restores & soothes your soul & will connect you with Source Energy. If you haven’t done so already, you can grab my Free Create Sacred Space with Crystals eKit where you’ll have everything you need to create your own stress-reducing crystal haven. 

    Now, go have a Glittery Stress-Free Day!



    P.S. If you’d like a little help + guidance in meditating & getting to know your crystals, I’ve developed a convenient eKit that’s super cheap ($9.97) to help you get on with that; my Get to Know Your Crystals Ekit.