How to Make a Crystal Grid to Manifest your Desires

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…(LOL!)

…actually it was right here in the Milky Way Galaxy and it was just a few years ago when I got real clear with my future goals for my sacred crystal biz. I wanted it to be my full-time gig & I wanted it to GO BIG!
Once I knew where I wanted to go I knew I needed to push my dream through with powerful energy!
I knew with every cell in my being that this is what I needed & wanted to be doing.

I wasn’t so just a year previous. But then…all of a sudden… it was all I could think of!

It was surely what I’m meant to dooooooo.

I knew from past experience that just doing visualizations wasn’t going to cut it & although I try to keep the negative speak & thought patterns at bay, I’m not always perfect with it. It’s hard! Especially when those around you tend to drag you back into old habits. We get so easily caught up in it.
So, of course…CRYSTAL GRID to the rescue!!
Let’s get into how to make a crystal grid…

So, first I jotted down notes of crystals that I had that would give me the career, business mojo, powerful punch I was looking for:

  • orange calcite
  • citrine
  • peridot
  • pyrite
  • quartz for amplifying 

I gathered up a green cloth & green candles…the green color has the frequency of abundance.

I laid it all out & was thinking it through.

I narrowed it down; my large quartz point, Big Baby in the center surrounded by orange calcite & citrine. The peridot in matrix at the front & amplifying the whole thing with small quartz lasers.

I also decided to change out the cloth underneath with my green flower of life grid silk. KA-POW!!

I mindfully put everything into place & also added a few photos of things that reminded me of what life would be like once my sacred crystal biz was in Full Swing! Schwing!!

And here’s a close up of my beautiful babies!!!

In this photo you can see Big Baby has a baby of it’s own…growing right inside & whose pointed head sticks out & is pointing right at the peridot. This is why I really wanted something right here at the base of the center piece. This is some strong mojo cooking right here. 🙂

And yes, my Sweet! This crystal grid worked it’s POWERFUL magic!

If you’ve been with me a while, you watched it happen right before your very eyes as I documented all of it. Shortly after creating this grid I left my full-time teaching gig as a Science Department Chair b/c my biz was busting out at the seems & I had to make that decision.

Nice decision to have to make, right? My biz grew quite rapidly actually & with such ease & vitality. PLUS…it’s all been such a sheer joy for me! (Well, most of it!)


So what would you most like to build a crystal grid for? Please share it below! Put it out into the Universe & let the energy start flowing. How are you going to make it happen?

If you’d really like to learn all the nitty-gritty on how & why crystal grids work, I wrote a best-selling book on the subject. You can check that out here.

I get asked all the time about the grid silks I used to have made & sell. I no longer condone the use of silk that is not cruelty free & here’s why (if you agree with that please share that report). I have since found a much better alternative using cotton & are sewn by sustainably employed single moms in the USA & contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty for single moms & their children! You get 4 so you can decorate them for various grid purposes!! Here you go!

If you need some more specific direction or just really like this post, my Crystal Grid Templates Package includes this grid & many others. Get to dreaming BIG & manifesting your desires!

Happy Twinkling Manifesting!!

P.S. Did you find this helpful? If you’d like, please share it so others can benefit too. I’m so grateful to you!