Special Order Crystals

This is where the Crystal Hotties come for top quality special crystals with AMAZING energy.


I hear it over & over again from my crystal clients; the energy they feel from the crystals I supply them with is THE BEST. These special babies usually never make it into my Etsy Shop because they sell too quickly; they’re big & beautiful & vibe-ing!

But…we all know it’s not me...its the crystals making people so happy. I just know how to pick ’em. :) I have years of experience curating & investing in top quality pieces. There are certainly reasonably priced & affordable crystals out there, but these are not in that category.

Scroll down to see some of what’s currently available & for instructions on how to order. :)

No, my prices are not cheap.

That’s because much care, time & energy has gone into hand-selecting my unique specimens, not to mention they cost more for me to purchase them due to their quality. Totally top-shelf packed full of Crystal Goodness. These babies are an energetic investment. I often turn down many specimens b/c they just do not meet my high expectations & standards. You’re in for a serious treat, Crystal Hottie!

Ask my clients!

Click here for a play-list of videos my crystal clients have taped over the years. My special order crystal shopping service is for the crème de la crème of crystals. All the feedback below is from my Etsy Shop where I have over 1,000 individual 100% positive feedback comments. Yeah, I’ve been at this a while & consistently deliver. :) Check it out.

Current Special Order Videos + Crystals:

Sorry. None for sale at this time.

SO! Interested?

Here’s How It Works

All prices above include Free Shipping & Insurance on pieces over $250. If you don’t see it listed or it’s crossed out, its already sold.

If you desire 1 of these babies & you live in the US (sorry I can no longer do International Shipping), here’s how it works:

  1.   Enter your PayPal email address (in the form below)
  2. Include exactly which piece(s) you want (including the time in the video)
  3. I will invoice you via PayPal. First pay, first get. *Please be certain you have access to that email address & that your PayPal physical address is up to date.*

Special Order Crystal Form

**If by chance 2 people want the same item & both happen to pay, of course I will fully refund the person who paid 2nd. Also, know that PayPal fully protects you as the buyerSorry, I cannot do lay-away plans & cannot ship outside the US.**

All orders paid for by Wed. @ noon EST will ship on Thursday morning. I ship once a week. :)

If you are not familiar with purchasing from me & are not comfy with this, I completely & totally understand. Any unsold items will be eventually be sold in a 3 day Etsy Trunk Show.

So let me know if something here is calling to you & Many Crystal Blessings!!

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P.S. Please don’t get mad at me if someone else snatched up a crystal before you. It happens & there’s nothing I can do. These guys are exceptional pieces & usually move pretty fast. You just know when a crystal is meant to be with you!