Gem Elixir eKit

What If You Could Manifest All Your Goals, Desires & Dreams all while Creating Your Own Gem Elixirs?

How would you like to get to creating some UBER-powerful crystal potions for just about ANYTHING?!! Work the sacred science of imbuing water with the built-in energetic blueprint of crystals.

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I gathered up all the most powerful techniques to create a most gorgeous eKit, My Sweets! It’s filled with over 100 pages of SPARKLY eBook, recipes, planning pages + videosto help you plan, create, set your intentions & manifest the most AMAZING Gem Elixirs EVER! 

GEM ELIXIR = Potent Medium for Personal & Planetary Growth!

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  • Get just the right mojo going for you…all while you have FUN creating & experimenting with crystals!
  • Are you eager to give gem elixirs a try, but just not sure how to go about it? Or how to make them more powerful?
  • Does your manifesting need a powerful PUNCH?
  • Create laser-focused elixirs for any area of your life — money, health, relationships, happiness
  • Have FUN creating with crystals while you express your unique creativity!
  • Learn a new skill & recipes you can use to create your own Crystal Elixirs & make money from your true gifts!!
  • Powerfully use the energy of crystals & become your own Shaman to help yourself & those around you!

This eKit will give you the precise direction you need. AND its all available for immediate download!!!! That means, like, right now. Download, watch the videos, print it (or not) & go. :)

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Gem Elixirs help to focus your intentions on your dreams, enacting positive change all while making working with crystals more affordable & practical. From 1 crystal, you can make a truckload of other items! And this eKit will show you exactly how.

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You’ll learn precisely how to prepare, create & amplify elixirs & then potentize them for maximum effect!

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Create gem elixirs for ANY purpose — money, health, relationships, happiness. Your eKit will allow you to dive right in to the untapped power of communicating your dreams to Source Energy & MANIFESTING with clarity!….& with these tools, you can learn to do this in the most efficient & powerful way.

The eKit is Jam-Packed with:

  • a GORGEOUS 73 page pdf eBook bursting with tips, ideas, sparkly photos & SUPER-simple step-by-step instructions & creative ideas along with the science to back it up to help you dream bigger!!
  • 7 private how-to videos made just for this eKit!!!
  • Step by Step Planning Checklist
  • Planning Sheets to organize & inspire you: print up as many as you need
  • Journaling/Inspiration Sheets to get clarity on what you want to create & how to make it happen
  • Gem Elixir Recipe Cards: print up as many as you need

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The Videos:

  • Crystal Baths
  • Programability of Water, Homeopathy & Labeling
  • Amping it Up!: how to rev up the energy in your elixirs
  • Gem Elixir Mojo: special touches I use when creating elixirs
  • Gem Elixir Step by Step
  • Mermaid Hair Gem Elixir Recipe
  • Lemurian Gem Experience: a recipe
  • How to Make Negativity Neutralizer Spray Part 1: details on making your own
  • How to Make the Negativity Neutralizer Spray Upgrade Part 2

Specific Recipes For:

  • Lemurian Gem Elixir
  • Rose Quartz Healing Elixir
  • Gem Elixir Oils
  • My Signature Negativity Neutralizer Spray Smudge
  • Citrine Hibiscus Soda Pick Me Up
  • + ideas for so much more!!!!

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Let’s get to creating & making CRYSTAL-SOAKED DREAMS come true with Gem Elixirs!! If you have any questions, please let me know.

Sparkly Crystal Blessings!