Crystal Grids Template Package

Have you tried The Secret, visualizations & similar exercises but just can’t get the focus or the right mojo going for you?

This Crystal Grids Templates Package will give you the precise direction you need. Included 10 Specific Templates ready for immediate download! That means, like, right now. Download, print it (or not) & go. $27

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Manifest All Your Goals, Desires & Dreams all while Creating Your Own Gem Elixirs.

Work the sacred science of imbuing water with the built-in energetic blueprint of crystals. Filled with over 100 pages of SPARKLY eBook, recipes, planning pages + videos to help you plan, create, set your intentions & manifest the most AMAZING Gem Elixirs EVER! $47

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Attract Prosperity and Abundance with Crystals eKit

This profoundly powerful eKit will teach you how to use crystals as energetic tools for powerful manifestation. You’ll discover how to be a prosperity + abundance magnet while learning practical techniques to focus your attention on your dreams & desires. These are techniques you’ll use in your life over & over again to totally turn your habits, beliefs & abundance energy around for the better! $97

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Crystal Grids Book

Have you heard of crystal grids but wondered what they are, what they’re for, how they work? My best-selling book will explain all that & more. Outlined with clear, basic instructions on specific grids and their use. Using science as our platform, you’ll explore the “hows” and “whys”.

This book will open up a whole new world of manifesting using the power of crystals.

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Crystal Grid Fabrics and Other Items

Ethically made crystal grid flower of life fabrics, t-shirts, mugs, crystal meditation journals & more!

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Recommended Products

Find links to many of the products that I recommend in my courses. These are products that I have personally used & HIGHLY recommend.♥

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Just some benefits of the BioMat:
· Provides a high demand add-on service for professionals
· Reduces stress, fatigue, anxiety & promotes relaxation
· Reduces inflammation
· Eases joint pain & stiffness
· Provides warm, soothing pain relief
· Alleviates migraines & tension headaches
· Reduces allergy symptoms

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