Some Science Behind Crystal Healing

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Crystals can & do heal animals & plants in just the same way they do us.

topaz smile Some Science Behind Crystal Healing

This is my sweet Topaz kitty sleeping with her favorite healing amethyst! ♥

You know I SUPREMELY enjoy teaching how science & metaphysics agree with each other (I get so excited when I find new ways that it dovetails together!!!)

I adore showing how science is now finally catching up to metaphysics.

“Science and religion are not enemies. There are some things that science is simply too young to understand” (quote from Dan Brown’s book Angels & Demons).

Oh, at times, we can be so enchanted by how “clever” we think we are. We tend to think that we have power or dominion over “lesser” kingdoms; such as minerals, plants & animals. That kind of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth.

We are in fact, ONE with everyone & everything. Science is now coming to terms with this. Exploring their way through, just now stumbling upon what the Ancient Ones & Shamen & Trees & EVERYTHING has been trying to tell us all along.

Y’know, we are relatively short-lived (on an evolutionary scale) as a species. Think of how long alligators & sharks…& bacteria have been around basically unchanged!! So, exactly how successful are we?

We’re so easily energetically-influenced, partly due to our emotions & partly due to our mainly non-crystalline structure. Unlike crystals, our body’s vibrations can move out of its dominant oscillatory rate (DOR) so very easily when we experience any type of stress. We’re also made of many varying oscillatory rates as our organs & even cells have all their own DORs.

Animals are affected to a lesser extent than we are (because they are more connected to Mother Earth), but do succumb as well. Plants, even less so.

Actually, since we (as humans) are all connected & influenced by everything, including crystals, our easily-influenced DOR makes it so that just about anything can mess with our energy field & leave its mark! Makes sense, huh?

finger Some Science Behind Crystal Healing

Kirlian photograph of a human fingertip showing the electromagnetic discharge around its edge. Photo Credit: GARION HUTCHINGS/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY .

Think about it. This can go either way….feeling serene & calm b/c you’re hangin’ with a nice chunk of rose quartz & then immediately feeling anxious & blech b/c someone just entered your environment in a brooding mood. Ever experience that?

Crystals are geometrically perfect from their exterior all the way down to their atomic structure…fractals.

Quartz crystals SEM Some Science Behind Crystal Healing

Microscopic Quartz crystals under and electron micrograph. As above, so below. Photo Credit: Science Photo Library

This geometric perfection makes their DOR very STABLE. So when we work with a crystal, we can rely on its stable vibrational frequency (for the most part) & we will naturally entrain with it.

The abilities to heal & vibrate at the correct frequencies are already present within the cells of any living being’s body, just waiting to oscillate with the correct frequencies!!!

Why not give those living bodies the good vibes they crave? Whether, you’re a plant, animal, bacteria or human, the vibes will do their thing. icon smile Some Science Behind Crystal Healing

leaf3 Some Science Behind Crystal Healing

Kirlian photograph of a leaf showing the electromagnetic discharge around the edges. Photo Credit: MANFRED KAGE/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

Does this resonate with  you? Post a comment below! Please share. I love to discuss this stuff!!

Would you like to learn more? Perhaps even become a Certified Crystal Healer? We delve into these topics & SO MUCH MORE in my classes, Crystal Hotties!

Wishing You Coconuts & Crystals from Sunny S. Florida!

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Linda j Lewis

Thanks for all of your amazing information! It would be interesting to have a ‘stressed’ person be photographed by Aura or Kirlian, then again after holding a nice soothing crystal, rose quartz or lithium qtz and a few deep breaths…how would these fields change…


Hibiscus Moon

Hey Linda! That’s been done. I’ve seen several tests offered by various people. Its very interesting indeed!!



This was a fantastic post! I learnt so much from it. A really important part of my crystal practice and collecting is learning the science behind it. That means a lot to me. So thank you for this!
One day I would love to do your crystal healing course. Do you ever run them during July or August time? (I’m a student so time is short).




Honestly, a simple google search will show you that this is NOT science based. Believe what you want to believe, but don’t go around calling it science. There are NO peer reviewed studies showing that crystal healing has any benefits other than a placebo effect. Nothing wrong with the placebo effect, but just stop calling these things science. There is no such thing as the DOR. JUST GOOGLE IT, you won’t find anything. Does that seem like a scientific fact? If you think I’m trolling, I’m not. I wanted this to be true, I really did. I wanted to come here, and see sound science of why crystal healing works. Instead I found some made-up pseudoscientific stuff that doesn’t hold up to five minutes of googling. The only reason I’m sort-of ok with you charging money for people to learn this is because you probably are helping some of them, whether through the placebo effect, or just to give them a silly hobby.



Thanks for your reply. That helped a lot actually. Having looked into the sources you suggested, I am intrigued and will do further research. My only suggestion would be to cite these sources at the end of this article, and perhaps adjust wording to be more scientific (though I do understand you’re writing for a certain audience. But all the same…). Also, about your comment that one needs funding from a company or individual to do research – Not so, many Universities will fund grad students/professors who have sound, solid hypotheses, even if they might be controversial, or “only” beneficial to public health/safety rather than corporations. Thanks again.


Hibiscus Moon

Sidney, I’m so glad you’re pushing me to substantiate here. It benefits us all! Yeah, I know I should cite sources but its the one thing that I detested about completing my graduate studies. I’m a free-being now & choose not to do it. I could do the community a great service by doing that but that would shoot all the JOY out of blogging for me, then I wouldn’t do it at all. Hope you understand that. As for the later part of your comment, I love Dr. Gerber’s take on it (this applies to University research as well since I am very familiar with the out-casting that occurs when an academic so much as mentions studying an alternative healing method) & I will cite here (from his book Vibrational Medicine, p. 23): “Many alternative-medicine studies are unfamiliar to the mainstream medical practitioners, who vehemently claim there is no good evidence to substantiate the effectiveness of practices like psychic healing (ed note: or crystal healing). One of the reasons why most doctors have never read about alternative healing studies in their medical journals is because there is a Catch-22 associated with vibrational healing research. The Catch-22 is that an established medical journal would never publish anything of a controversial nature without references from another established journal.Since no one is this controversial field can get anything into the orthodox medical journals to being with, there are obviously no sources of credible references to quote. There fore the medical journals are safe in their ivory towers of scientific dogmatism.”


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